No More Skipping Pt. 03

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tagIncest/TabooNo More Skipping Pt. 03

Dinner was silent, except for the clinking of silverware and occasional crunch of food. Salad, broccoli, and lasagna. At least her stepfather knew how to cook? Jericho finished up after Sam, and she gathered up their plates to bring to the kitchen. She rinsed the plates in the sink before settling them into the dishwasher. She bristled as he came up behind her, whispering in her ear. "Clean up, then meet me downstairs. I'm not finished with you yet."
She swallowed hard, not knowing what was to come. In all honesty, she was a little scared of the future. Her stepfather had spoken in a tone she had only heard a few times before, and she wasn't looking forward to what he had in store. Was fucking her ass not enough? Jericho inhaled sharply, standing up straight as the hair on the back of her neck stood up.
What was going on?
She didn't know, and she didn't care to find out. But if she left, she'd lose her keys for the foreseeable future. Hmm… dilemma dilemma, it wasn't fair. But did it have to be fair? No. No it did not.
But she had a choice to make. Head downstairs and keep her privileges, or disobey and risk losing it all.
She went downstairs.
Waited in the guest bedroom for him to get out of the shower. He had already cum twice tonight, but with the help of a little blue pill, he was gonna be ready for round three. Yeehaw.
Jericho let out a breath as she pulled off her pants and thong, laying down on the bed and grabbing the wand that was still lying on the mattress. She didn't know what was coming, but at least she could be prepared, right?
She allowed herself to enter the floaty realm of unfeeling, moaning as she rubbed the wand around her clit. She hummed, eyes closed as she arched her back into the sensations. It was almost too much.
But not quite. Letting out a groan, she opened her eyes just before the riding crop came down on her thighs and she yelped. "What the fUCK?!" She yelled at Sam, not knowing what he was doing. He grinned wickedly, walking up to her and catching her throat in his hand. What the fuck? She couldn't breathe. She couldn't breathe and it was all too much and not enough all at the same time. She couldn't do this, couldn't see what happened next in a story she didn't know she was writing. It wasn't fair. Wasn't' fair and it wasn't okay; what the fuck what the fuck what the fuck. "You will do as you're told, and that's that. Is that understood?"
Jericho nodded, unable to speak with his hand around her throat. Her face was going red when he let go. "Say it."
Say it? Say what? That she would do as she was told? Okay then, freak. Whatever.
"I'll do as I'm told… Daddy."
"Good girl. Now drape yourself over the side of the bed. I'm going to punish you."
She gulped, but did as she was told. She didn't like this. Was her stepfather a sadist? It appeared that he might be. Fuck. She yelped again as the crop came down on her bare ass, a resounding CRACK echoing in her ears. Mother fucker, that was gonna leave a mark. Again and again the crop came down, leaving bright red welts in its wake. Sam knew what he was doing, knew just where to land each hit. When he was finished, her entire ass was red, and he gently caressed each cheek. Jericho moaned, quite surprised by just how turned on she was. He smiled, kissing each welt, peppering her ass with light pecks that turned into soft little nips. They hurt, but just barely, her flesh still stinging from the assault.
Jer felt his breath on her rosebud and she flinched when his tongue drifted over her sphincter. Oh, wow. This was… new? She moaned, unable to stop herself from pushing back against his face, wanting and needing more of whatever it was he was doing. She had heard of eating ass before, but the idea of it had always grossed her out. But this? This was a whole new kind of heaven, holy fuck was right. "Oh, fuck yes." she groaned, pushing back harder, moaning when his tongue pushed past the outer ring and into her tight hole. It stung, her asshole still burning from being fucked earlier, but it also felt somewhat amazing? Like, nothing she had ever felt before, that was for sure.
"Oh god, yes, Daddy, yes!" She cried out, fisting the blankets and arching her back in unrivaled pleasure. It was so good! Yes! It was too much and not enough, not quite enough to make her cum. She just needed a little bit more.
Wait, had she actually called him Daddy? That was weird.
Motherfucker, why did this feel so good, it wasn't fair!
She groaned, pulling away and rolling over to look up at Sam with puppy dog eyes. "Please, Sir, please fuck me!"
He scoffed. "Bitch, did I say you could move?"
Jer swallowed hard, shaking her head ever so slightly as she begrudgingly rolled back over. "Sorry, Sir."
He spanked her, drawing a scream of pain from his step-daughter as he huffed. "Shut up. That's for not listening to me. Next time I'll spank you even harder."
Tears stung at her eyes as she nodded. "Y-yes Sir." She clenched her teeth, determined not to cry.
Sam sighed, rolling his eyes at her pain. She was so stubborn, sometimes. Not that he really cared, right now, the spanking had just been to make a point. He knew it had to hurt. It was supposed to. But she had to know not to disobey him, he had been far too lax with her. Why else would she have skipped school again?
He stepped back, undoing his belt and taking out his cock before speaking. "Alright. I feel like having my cock sucked. Get to work." It was nice having her beg him to fuck her, though, definitely. She must be really horny.
Jericho held back the grumble that almost managed to escape. She didn't mind sucking dick, in fact, she usually enjoyed it, but when she was this horny? She just wanted to be fucked and fucked hard. Complaining about it would likely bring about another spanking though, so she kept her mouth shut as she turned around. Dropping to her knees at the edge of the bed, she looked up at her step-father and smirked, holding eye contact as she opened her mouth.
He liked that.
She blinked, her tongue darting out to lick the tip before flicking over the rest of his length. Once he was coated in her saliva, she closed her eyes and wrapped her lips around his shaft. He let out a shaky breath and a small moan, his hand drifting to the top of her head as he lightly grabbed her hair. "Fuuuck." he breathed out, swallowing hard at the sight. God that was sexy, so fucking sexy. He saved the mental image for later, gently thrusting his hips as she bobbed her head.
He smiled, gripping her hair harder as he suddenly started to thrust harder, jamming his cock down her throat as she gagged. He pulled out and she coughed, trying not to puke. She hadn't been expecting the deep throat. He let her catch her breath before he coaxed his dick back into her mouth, pushing past her gag reflex until her nose was nestled in his pubes. "Ah, yeah, baby, right there. Hold it… hold it… hold it…" he held her there until she started to fight for oxygen. When he finally let her up, she gasped for air, coughing until she was red in the face. She hadn't even caught her breath when he was back in her throat, fucking her face as she tried to suppress her gag reflex. She coughed around his cock, spit dribbling down her chin as the sounds of a damn good blowjob filled the room. She gagged again, and again, and again, barely able to breathe through her nose as he used her mouth like a pussy. She was sure she was going to end up puking when he finally pulled her off his dick and up into a forceful kiss, his right hand snaking around her throat.
"You are mine, is that understood? Mine. You will be my whore to be used as I see fit until your mother gets home. Other than for school, which I will give you rides to and from, you are not to wear any clothing unless I set it out for you. You will not leave the house unless I say so. Be a good girl for Daddy and you'll get your keys back on Monday. Disobey, and I'll keep them until you've earned them back. Is. This. Clear." It was a statement, not a question.
Jericho nodded, slightly afraid at what that meant. He was on a mission, now, not just messing around. But what did that mean for her?
She whimpered slightly when he slapped her, grabbing her chin and cheeks between his thumb and fingers. "I said, is this clear?"
"Y-yes Sir. I understand."
He shoved her backwards onto the bed and she bounced, but she didn't cry out. SHe swallowed hard as he stalked up to her, climbing onto the bed and lifting her feet onto his shoulders. She was dripping wet from blowing him, her pussy glistening and swollen. He shoved his cock into her, pounding into her with abandon as his balls slapped against her red ass. He grunted, slamming into her hard until beads of sweat gathered on his forehead. She was moaning continuously, unable to think or speak as he fucked her. He shoved the wand into her hand and rolled over so she was riding his cock, holding her hips as she bounced on his dick. She shuddered, holding the wand to her clit as she moved her hips in circles.
Sam groaned, watching her fuck herself on his rod. Hot damn that was a sight to behold. She came hard, body tensing as her legs shook. His fingernails dug into her flesh as he slammed his cock into her, impaling her on his length. Jericho cried out, the tip of his dick slamming into her cervix until he came. He rolled her off of him, not ready to be done playing just yet as he grabbed the wand from her hand and the rubber cock from before, grinding the wand into her clit and fucking her with the dildo until she had tears streaming from the corners of her eyes. It was too much. She couldn't think. Couldn't do anything to stop the onslaught of pleasure and torture until he decided he was done.
She came again, writhing beneath him and trying in vain to get away. Once, twice, three times her orgasms overtook her, again and again and again until she was a useless puddle of sweat and sex and fluids. It was too much. Much too much.
He turned off the wand and tossed the dildo on the bed, standing up to look at her. "Remember, no clothes until Sunday. That's an order. Now get cleaned up and go do your homework, you have school in the morning."
It was Tuesday. Five more days to earn back her keys.
She could do this… she hoped.

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