No Phone, TV, Wi-Fi, or Sex Ch. 02

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tagIncest/TabooNo Phone, TV, Wi-Fi, or Sex Ch. 02

Nineteen-year-old, Jason, has consensual sex with his 18-year-old sister, Jessica.
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This is the story of a controlling, ex-whore, born again Christian of a mother and a strict, ex-military, disciplined father. This is the story of what happened to their children when their parents didn't trust them enough to give them their social and sexual, rites of passage freedoms.
Author's Note:
This is a story as told to me by Jason, a 19-year-old young, virginal man, for me to write for him. As well as he can remember, while still living at home with their mother, this was how it all happened nearly 40-years-ago. Before attending college and renting an apartment to live with his, by now, 19-year-old sister, Jessica, 20-year-old Jason, continued having forbidden sex with his sister all through college.
Taking one another's virginity, something that was shocking as it was true, they had sex, consensual sex. Breaking the house rules set in place by their father and enforced by their mother, they had forbidden, incestuous sex. A longtime boiling over with a slow, burning, uncontrollable sexual desire fueled by incestuous passion, as soon as Jessica turned 18-years-old, she had consensual sex with her brother and Jason had consensual sex with his sister.
Something they'd always remember, a sister having sex with her brother and a brother having sex with his sister was, admittedly, something that they never should have done. Yet, not feeling ashamed, guilty, or embarrassed, in the way that they had no regrets then, they still harbor no regrets now. If anything, they were both glad that it was their sibling who gently and lovingly eased them into having sex with others.
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Revised, Rewritten, and Continued from Chapter 01:
Hard to believe but after his mother divorced their father, with her a bit more lenient with him, Anne was much stricter with Jason's 18-year-old sister, Jessica. With unwed sex not permitted, as if her daughter was a virgin princess, not an easy thing to maintain, his mother kept Jessica safe from potential suitors. Hovering over her, controlling her, monitoring her, and making her daughter's life a living nightmare, Anne made sure that Jessica saved her innocence by not having unwed sex with anyone until her wedding night.
An odd change in sexual attitude when, before she was married and back when she was their age, their mother was a sexually, promiscuous whore. From the time she was 18-years-old, her sexual playground was open to all. She sexually teased men by flashing them her panties, her naked tits, and even her naked body. From hand jobs to blowjobs to fucking, she had unwed sex with every man she knew. The first one to arrive and the last one to leave a party, she earned the nicknames of Handy Annie, give Anne a man, and anyway and anyone she can.
Before she had two children, both out of wedlock, living out her sexual fantasies as if she was a hooker, she had sex nearly, every day and nearly, every night with someone new. Before she was married, she stroked, sucked, and fucked dozens of cocks and now, twenty-years-later, she won't allow her daughter and/or her son to experience their rites of passage by having sex with their friends and/or their acquaintances. Now, thinking that she's protecting them by saving them from themselves, by not allowing them a social life, she's ruining their lives.
Especially after she divorced their father, evidently, she didn't want her daughter making the same mistakes that she made in becoming pregnant and getting married at such a young age. Scandalous back then but more common now, before she was even married, his mother had Irish twins, two children within 11 months of one another. She should have aborted the pregnancies but with her a practicing Catholic, and her maternal instincts controlling her decision, she kept the babies and raised them.
She was lucky that her boyfriend, Larry, an actively deployed Marine, returned home safe from his tour of duty overseas. Had he not accepted his responsibility and married her, no doubt, having to remain living with her parents, she couldn't imagine how she would have survived raising with two babies with no job and no money, on just a high school education. Yet, in her favor, with her so uncommonly beautiful, so very sexy, shapely, and sexually skilled in bed, even with her baggage of having two small kids in tow, she was a good catch for any man.
Because of Anne's jaded, sexual background influencing her daily decisions, their mother's strict rules of not trusting her daughter to keep herself safe, Jessica seldom went anywhere unchaperoned. Not even allowed to go to the mall with her friends, other than to go to the bathroom to pee, she couldn't go anywhere and/or do anything on her own. Ready to defend her daughter's honor and reputation, as if she was the Mama bear, she was always watching over her. Jason was surprised that their mother didn't fit Jessica with a chastity belt, one with a lock and key.
Rare in this day and age of promiscuous sex, drugs, and alcohol, with neither of her children ever having the opportunity to experience their sexuality by actually having sex, they were both, innocent virgins. A rare phenomenon that's nearly, unheard of today in this day of low morals, little shame, and no modesty, none of their circle of friends were virgins. All of their friends were partying, drinking, and having promiscuous sex with one another. All of the women were drugged out whores and the men were drunken whoremongers. Everyone was having a good time having sex with anyone.
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With Jason yearning to travel, once out on the open road, free from his controlling mother, and free from her strict and unrealistic, parental control, he hoped to change his sexual status from virgin to sexually experienced. Yet, now that he was of age and able to travel, delaying college and before committing himself to four more years of study in his undecided, chosen field of discipline, he wanted to explore the country. He wanted to experience all that he had been denied by the strict upbringing of his parents. Now that he was free, he wanted to drive to California.
At the top of his list of things to do, tired of being a 19-year-old virgin, he wanted to have sex with a woman. Preferring to have sex with a woman his age, he wouldn't turn down an older woman, a MILF, especially one who had big tits, and who wanted to broaden his sexual horizons by sexually educating him. With him having not much else to do, he constantly and continually masturbated over imagining his sister and mother naked while having sex with them.
With his sister and mother having big tits, he was sexually attracted to big, breasted women. Nonetheless, still nothing more than an unrealistic, sexual fantasy, something that he knew would never happen, he wished he could have sex with his mother and/or with his sister before he left. He'd love for them to stroke him, suck him, and fuck him.
Looking more like identical, twin sisters than mother and daughter, they were both so beautiful, so sexy, and so shapely. With him sexually lusting over his mother and with him so very close to his sister, who better than to make him a sexual man than his mother and/or his sister? Suffice to write, he'd love to have incestuous sex with his mother and/or forbidden sex with his sister.
A memory he'd always cherish and would remember for the rest of his life, he wished his mother and/or his sister would take it upon themselves to take his virginity. They were always flashing him. Only, he couldn't tell if they were deliberately flashing him or inadvertently flashing him.
If ever he discovered that they deliberately flashed him, then, he'd sexually seduce them. With consensual sex between them so very forbidden, and suspecting that they were both horny and sexually frustrated, he needed one, the other, or both to make the first sexual move. He'd love nothing more than to see his mother and/or his sister naked. He'd love nothing more than for them to allow him to touch and feel them everywhere that a son should never touch and feel his mother and a brother should never touch and feel his sister.
As long as she was willing and the sex was consensual, yet, something that would never happen and something that was nothing more than a sexual fantasy, he'd love for his MILF of a mother to take his virginity. He'd love to have incestuous sex with her. As long as she was willing, yet, something that would never happen and something that was nothing more than a sexual fantasy, he'd love for his sexy sister to take his virginity. He'd love to have forbidden sex with her.
As much as he'd love to have sex with his mother, he'd love to have forbidden sex with his sister. They were both fine looking women, women that he masturbated over night and day while imagining them naked and having sex with them. His sexual fantasy was not only to have sex with his sister but also to have sex with his mother, too. Only, something that would never happen, neither one of them would ever have incestuous sex with him.
With the odds against him, he'd have a better chance of winning the lottery than having sex with his mother and/or with his sister. Biding his time, while hoping he'd get lucky, he'd have to wait to see what sexual adventures happen during his drive across the country. If he was still a virgin, then, once he enrolled in college, he wouldn't a virgin for long. With all of the drinking, drugs, and fraternity and dorm parties that happen on campus, no doubt, he'd lose his virginity his freshman year.
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Now, he wished he hadn't decided to take a year off from starting college. Yet, he decided that a better and more financially beneficial plan was to skip a year of school. Able to save some money, he'd start college next fall with his sister. The tax benefits of having two children paying college tuitions at the same time was greater than having only one child attending college. Moreover, something that he had researched by speaking to his school advisor, especially if they attended the same university, they'd be eligible for more financial aid and scholarships, too.
Further, a great way to save some money, as long as they attended the same university, instead of paying to pay for separate dorm rooms and meals, perhaps, they could rent an apartment off campus together. A great comfort to save her from worrying, his mother would be relieved that her son, his sister's big brother, was living with his younger sister while protecting her from harm by watching out for her. While imagining catching her naked coming out of the shower or coming home drunk and horny, he couldn't wait to live with his sister.
Honestly, he couldn't imagine a better living arrangement than living off campus with his sister. He couldn't imagine anything wrong with a sexually frustrated, virginal sister living with her oversexed, horny brother. A win/win situation for both, what could possibly go wrong with them living together? It wasn't as if they'd be roaming around the apartment naked. It wasn't as if they'd be sleeping in the same bed. It wasn't as if they'd be having brother and sister, incestuous sex, or would they?
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Chapter 02:
Sad to see him leave, Jason packed his bag while his sister, Jessica, sat on his bed watching him. Nothing unusual, they were always hanging out in one another's rooms while watching television, watching a movie, or just talking. No big deal, with neither of them having the modesty to wear a robe, he was accustomed to seeing his sister and/or his mother in their nightgowns. Yet, as if she fixed her hair and makeup especially for him, she sat on his bed facing him in her short, sexy, low-cut, sheer, and virtually see-through nightgown with one leg tucked beneath her.
Normally, he imagined more than he was seeing of his sister while masturbating over imagining her naked and having sex with her. With his bedroom light illuminating her as if she was his sexy, nearly naked angel, he could clearly see the size and the shape of her big breasts through her nearly transparent nightgown. Then, as if she was cold or sexual excited, her nipples erected themselves big enough for him to take notice. As he was always seeing something sexually forbidden of his mother, this time, he was seeing more than he had ever imagined he'd ever see of his sexy sister.
In the way that she was sitting, as if purposely, sexually teasing him, he wondered if she was deliberately flashing him or unintentionally flashing him her nearly naked, sexy and shapely body. Yet, either deliberately exposing herself to him or unintentionally flashing him, what did it matter? He was finally seeing all that he hoped and wanted to see of his sister.
With her nightgown hiked up to the tops of her shapely, naked thighs and her knees spread open, plenty wide enough for him to see, he could clearly see his sister's naked pussy. Having already seen his mother's naked pussy, he couldn't believe that he was seeing his sister's naked cunt. She was always walking around him, squatting, stooping, and bending without wearing panties beneath her nightgown.
Not it was his sister's turn to play the exhibitionist role. With him wanting to finger her, lick her, and fuck her, Jessica's naked pussy held his mind hostage from thinking of anything else. Suddenly, he imagined having consensual sex with his sister. He imagined giving her multiple sexual orgasms with his fingers, his tongue, and with his cock.
'Like mother like daughter, my sister has such a beautiful pussy,' he thought. 'I love seeing my sister's, naked cunt. I wish I could finger her, lick her, make love to her, and/or fuck her. If ever she made the first sexual move, I'd make all of the rest of the sexual moves. Perhaps, her showing me her naked pussy is her first sexual move,' he thought. 'Only, I can't tell if she's deliberately flashing me or accidentally flashing me.'
He continually looked at his sister's, exposed, naked pussy while trying not to stare.
'If it's not enough that I'm seeing the shape and the size of her nearly naked tits, I can't believe that I'm seeing Jessica's naked pussy,' he thought as his cock responded to the X-rated view of his sister by erecting itself. 'Perhaps, the reason while her nipples are erected is because she's sexually excited from deliberately flashing me.'
Something as shocking as it was sexually exciting, he couldn't stop staring at his sister's naked pussy and the impressions of her huge nipples. As if mesmerized by her naked pussy, as soon as she looked down or looked away from his stare, he stared long and hard enough to count her pussy hairs. The first time seeing such a prolonged and close up view of all that he shouldn't see of his sister, he couldn't believe that he was seeing his sister's, naked cunt and enough of her naked breasts to imagine the rest.
'I'll be masturbating over all that I'm seeing of my sister now, later tonight, tomorrow morning, and for the rest of my life,' he thought.
# # #
As if she was naked instead of wearing a nightgown, he could clearly see her trimmed patch of brown, pubic hair, her pussy mound, her camel toe, her pussy slit, and her dangling clitoris. Never had he seen as much of his sister's sexy body since that one-time when he unexpectedly saw her naked when he opened the bathroom door without knocking. A vision of naked loveliness, she was standing in front of the bathroom mirror naked while leaning forward with her head down and her eyes closed and blow drying her hair.
Yet, even then, he didn't see as much of her pussy as he was seeing now. Unsure if she was deliberately flashing him or unintentionally flashing him, he couldn't believe that he was seeing his sister's naked cunt. Still, since that the first time when he saw his sister naked, made him sexually want her. Just as he couldn't stop staring at all that he was seeing and all that she was showing, he couldn't stop masturbating over his sister while imagining her naked and her having sex with him.
With the noise from the hairdryer and the exhaust fan in the bathroom ceiling, clearly, she didn't hear him open her bathroom door. With the noise from the fan and the blow dryer masking her senses, totally unaware that he was standing there ogling her naked body, she never sensed his presence. For a long minute, he remained in the bathroom doorway staring at all that he could see of his naked sister.
He stared at her big, naked tits and her erect nipples. He stared at her brown, trimmed, naked pussy. He stared at her round, shapely ass and her long, sexy legs. He masturbated himself every morning and every night over all that he saw of his naked sister. Never had he seen as much of his sexy sister's naked body as he was seeing now. Whenever he was horny, while stroking his prick, he remembered her naked and imagining her having sex with him.
'I saw my sister naked. I can't believe I saw my sister naked,' he thought when he caught her naked in the bathroom. 'I saw her naked ass. I saw her naked tits. I saw her naked pussy. I can't wait to masturbate over all that I saw of my naked sister.'
Then, when she finally felt the cold draft from the opened the bathroom door, lifting her head, pushing back her long, brown, lush hair that fell in front of her pretty face, and opening her eyes, she saw him ogling her. Not receiving the reaction that he expected to receive, obviously, she wasn't as sexually aroused with him seeing her naked as he was sexually excited seeing her naked. Instead, she screamed and nearly dropped her hair dryer while covering her naked breasts with her hand and forearm and her naked pussy with her other hand.
"Jason! Get out! Get out! How dare you" she said hitting him with her hair dryer? "What's wrong with you? Don't you knock? Oh, my God. I can't believe you saw me naked. I'm so embarrassed," she said as an involuntary flash of sexual arousal passed over her face.
# # #
That was then and his was now. With her sitting on his bed while nearly naked, when she leaned forward, her nightgown top fell forward and completely open with her. With his eyes bugging out of his head in disbelief, he could clearly see down her wide opened, low-cut nightgown top. Not only was his seeing his sister's naked pussy but now he was seeing her naked tits, too. Still, he didn't know, he couldn't tell, if she was deliberately flashing him or inadvertently flashing him.
As if hypnotized by her big, naked breasts, he could see the shape, the size, and entirety of her naked tits. As if mesmerized by her nipples, he could clearly see her symmetrical areolas and her pink, erect nipples. His lips reacted to seeing her nipples as if he was a goldfish or was nursing on her big tits. He'd love to suck his sister's naked tits while fingering her naked pussy as she stroked his cock. He'd love to masturbate his sister while she masturbated him.
Between seeing her naked pussy and now seeing her naked tits, he was on voyeuristic overload. Never had he ever seen such a prolonged and closeup view of his sister's nearly, naked body. Still, unable to tell if she was or not, he wondered if she was deliberately flashing him her naked tits and naked pussy or had unintentionally exposed herself to him. He wondered if this was how she made her first, incestuous move in sexually seducing him. He couldn't tell if she sexually wanted him as much as he sexually wanted her.
'How hot would that be if my sister was deliberately flashing me her naked pussy and now her naked tits,' he thought? 'Is she expecting me to touch her, feel her, and have sex with her? Is she expecting me to flash her my naked cock in the way that she's flashing me her naked tits and her naked pussy,' he wondered?
Wanting to believe that she was deliberately flashing him, he hoped that she was sexually teasing him. Other than that, one time when he saw her naked, he had never seen as much of his sister's beautiful body. Yet, whether purposely or accidentally, she was definitely, flashing him her naked body now.

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