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My highschool was odd for a couple reasons. Firstly, it was an outdoor campus. If you've never gone to a school like that, here's a description.
There are several buildings that make up the highschool, different buildings for different subjects usually. Between those buildings are cement walkways, bathrooms, lunch benches with umbrellas, open grassy areas, an outdoor auditorium, some trees, a track for gym, and some basketball hoops.
It was pretty, and probably helpful for a lot of teens to not have to shamble around in tight hallways, instead getting some vitamin D by walking around outside. If you're curious, they did have an inside area for when the weather was bad.
During lunch and the morning break time, you could go anywhere you wanted to sit and relax with friends! It was nice to have a bit of freedom, walking out and about, eating where you pleased and choosing who you ate with.
That brings me to the other odd thing about my highschool.
Everyone. Fucking. Sucked.
It seemed like everyone was this hive mind, shifting from one trend to the next, one act of douchebaggery to the next, and I was the only one not in this hive mind. I didn't understand them. No one dared understand me.
I guess I was one of the weird kids, goth, emo, punk, whatever. I wore dark clothes so I wouldn't stand out. I liked edgy shit, I wasn't a heels-wearing spray tanned priss. Not adapting to basic 'pretty' stuff didn't make you unpopular, though. There were other black-clad socially awkward kids like me. But, ironically, I didn't even fit in with the other goth cliques. I was a loner.
I made a few friends over the years, most, ironically, were not originally from this school, but transferred in. It was funny, I, an outsider, could only make friends with other outsiders. Unfortunately, they always seemed to leave. I could never attain friends who stayed in one school. They always left.
I had a couple acquaintances, but by the end of senior year, I really didn't have anyone. Even during partner projects in class, I'd do it by myself. My teachers didn't even care that I was doing the work of two people by myself. They silently caught on. I was weird. I was not to be bothered. I worked by myself, but not by my own choice. I talked with no one, I was friends with no one, and no one attempted to know me. Even the few boyfriends I'd date always went to another school. Having gotten out of my longest relationship just a few months prior, I was back to little to no social interaction.
I was alone.
With our freedom of campus, can you guess where I'd sit?
A, crowded lunch tables. B, on the grass in little groups. C, Off to the side, then played some basketball. D, In the library reading/playing computer games.
If you guessed none of the above, you're correct! I sat against the wall to a quiet building, eating my lunch and doing my homework.
The first day, when I realized the tables filled up in two seconds flat, I decided to explore. I went to the building where my next class was after lunch, math, and I sat a good 30 feet away from it waiting for class to begin.
The math building wasn't very populated, being a good three minute walk away from the main tables, no one ever came over here. It was quiet. An occasional teacher would pass by, but that's it.
I liked it here. I guess.
I was just a few months away from graduation. I was so, so close. Obviously I was excited to get out of a school I hated.
Today was a particularly windy day, I had a bit difficulty keeping my papers in line as I worked/ate. Same with eating, it was getting a bit difficult to keep my wrappers from flying away.
"Oh fuck!" I gasped as one of my worksheets took to the sky. I slapped my supplies down, running after it. It only took me a few steps to grab it, thank God. It wasn't the first time I had to spring up to catch something, though.
I checked the time on my phone. 30 minutes left of lunch…fuck this.
The wind whipped at my knees as I went to sit down again. It was supposed to be early summer late spring so I had worn some black shorts, but this wind was particularly frigid.
I resumed my work, eating occasionally. Then, I saw a figure moving a few yards away.
It was my math teacher returning to his classroom, Mr. Alderman.
I smiled unconsciously. He was one of the few teachers I genuinely liked. He made math interesting somehow, and had never made me feel unequal to my loudmouth peers.
He began unlocking his door, then noticed my dark presence off against a wall. He looked up and smiled at me.
"Hi there Alice! Kinda cold today huh?"
"Hi! Yeah, it really is."
He looked down again, unlocking his door and swinging it open. He paused.
"Did you…want to come inside? I'd hate to see any of your stuff blow away, what with the fierce winds out here and all. You can wait in here for class to start."
Mr. Alderman was always nice to me, and the bitter air was pretty annoying. Why not?
"Sure, I'd love to! Let me gather up my stuff!" I scrambled to get my stuff together.
Finally, warmth!
I followed him inside, him locking the door behind us. He sat down at his desk, opening a container, probably his lunch.
I sat in my usual seat in the middle of class. I set up all my papers and my lunch, eating and working. After a few minutes, he broke the silence.
"Your birthday was recently, wasn't it? I always forget to do the class birthday thingies."
"Oh yeah, last month!"
"18 now, right? Are you excited to be an adult and have your freedom? Graduation's coming up pretty fast for you guys huh?"
"Haha, I guess so, everyone still treats me like a stupid kid though. My parents can't decide if I should be acting like a mature adult, or if I'm still too young to be on my own. Yeah, I'm very excited to graduate."
"Aha, yeah. I remember feeling that way at your age."
How old was Mr. Alderman anyways? His looks said mid forties, he was witty and quick on his feet, obviously very intelligent to be a math teacher. I had a bit of trouble discerning his age. Roughly a minute passed before he spoke again.
"I'll miss you when you graduate, Alice. It was nice having you in my class."
Well, that was unexpected. I was a bit lost for words. I wasn't the type of student to leave an impression on anyone.
"…r-really? I don't really talk much or…anything."
"That's not bad at all. You're smart judging by your grades, everything is on time, and you actually act like you care about your schooling. You don't talk too much, sure, but then at least you aren't like some of your more annoying, outspoken classmates. It's nice to have students who are polite and try hard."
I wasn't expecting any compliments today. Especially not from, well, he was definitely my favorite teacher now!
"…thank you, sir. That means a lot to me. I do try hard on my grades. I, uh, have a question. What is it you're eating? It smells really good."
"It's eel sushi. Ever had any?"
"O-Oh yeah! I have! I thought it smelled familiar." I absentmindedly put my finished lunch away and turned to my work to focus. Might as well keep up that productivity and good grades he praised me for-
"Did you want any? I think I made too much, and it's in individual pieces so you wouldn't be touching any of my germs."
I…how could I say no? I agreed and thanked him, making my way up to the front. He began pulling out a spare chair for me. He handed me a spare plastic fork, and I sat down. As soon as I was in close contact with him, I could smell him.
I love manly cologne like that…
He motioned for me to push a few pieces off to one side of his plate, which I did. I took a bite of one. I loved sushi but…damn this was really good!
"T-This is super good! Did you say you made it? You're so talented!"
He chuckled and dismissed me with a wave. "Ah, thank you. Life gets boring when you're a bachelor so you pick up some skills."
Odd, he seems like the kind of nice man who would have a loving family and be a great dad. They say you're a better teacher if you have kids since you understand the younger generations…and judging by how great he was at teaching, he should have about 10 kids.
I ate next to him happily, making idle chit chat every few minutes. This was nice. I can't remember the last time I ate with someone and really enjoyed it.
I glanced over at him. He had warm, kind eyes and a big smile when he talked about things he liked. It was always a compliment in itself for him to smile at you in class, whether you asked a good question or answered correctly. He had that effect on people.
He leaned forward to take another bite. I watched his body. Mr. Alderman had wide shoulders that stretched his button up shirt, appearing to be well built and agile. Hot- no, Alice, no thinking about your teacher like that.
He glanced down at my legs. I felt my cheeks become hot as he stared intently at my bare thighs.
"Are you regretting wearing shorts today?"
"Oh, ah, yeah," I swept my bangs out of my eyes. "I hate this time of year when the weather can't decide to be decent or not. I just want summer to come, I don't care if it's hot I just want rid of this weird weather!"
My teacher laughed, sitting back in his chair. "Weather does get unpredictable around this time of year…do you like wasabi at all with sushi? Honestly for me it's just too spicy, I only prefer normal soy sauce."
I nodded, swallowing the piece in my mouth. "I'm the same, though I took a bit of time to get used to soy sauce, I didn't like it from the get-go."
Mr. Alderman nodded. "It's an acquired taste, I'm sure. I actually have some soy sauce in my bag, did you want any?"
"Oh yes! I'd love some!" Fuck yeah, soy sauce! This was turning into a wonderful day, over just one lunch.
Sure enough, he pulled out a brand new bottle of soy sauce and began attempting to open it.
He grunted, clearly having some trouble with it. I looked on intently, and I was about to ask if he wanted help when it went pop! Oh shit, it broke! I saw the soy sauce flying free in an arch before landing directly between my legs and splashing on my seat.
I muttered a curse and stood up, rubbing my legs hoping none got on me.
"Ah crap, Alice, I'm so sorry! It was being really difficult – did any get on you? Here, let me wipe up the chair."
I told him there was no need to apologize, and he diligently tried to clean up the chair. It was a fabric swively chair, so it would probably need some cleaning spray to pull the stain out of the fibers. A dark spot sat in the middle.
"Hmm…that was my only spare chair, I'm sorry. You shouldn't sit on a damp chair…here, we can share a seat." He gently pulled my arm and beckoned me to sit in his lap, smiling. I shyly went along with it…did he really expect me to sit on him? Doesn't he understand the inappropriate implications of a girl sitting on a man's lap? I smiled back, internally saying 'ah fuck it. Who cares? We're alone.'
I carefully sat on his lap, trying to stay on the outskirts of his thighs. My attempt at modesty was thwarted as he pulled my thighs in closer to his crotch.
I got a little jolt of pleasure and cringed at myself. I should not be getting turned on by this. Yes, he was an attractive 40 something year old, but…I shouldn't think of me and a teacher. It was hot for sure but…no. It was wrong. Right?
We resumed eating quietly. The sushi was almost finished. I could escape soon. Escape? Was I that uncomfortable? I'd always had a thing for older men, though. Confident, wise, the kind that make a stupid teenage girl feel…good about themselves. Like, it had to mean you were somewhat special when a successful, handsome, intelligent man complimented or praised you, right?
That's how I had always felt, anyways. I'd always wanted a big strong man to tell me how good I was, to tell me how sexy I was and then to touch me…
Is that weird?
In the midst of my strange, fleeting fantasies of men reaffirming my self confidence, something had grown. I felt it.
A hard lump had formed, pressing against my ass. I shifted in my seat a little, curious as to what it was – but I knew. I didn't want to admit it. But I knew. I shifted again, just to double check. Yep. That was a cock.
My teacher's cock was pressed against my ass.
I felt a damp spot upon realizing this.
Oh fuck fuck fuck no. My body was taking this whole situation the wrong, wrong way. I shifted a little in his lap again. I'm getting aroused- what the fuck was that?!
Something twitched against my ass.
It took all of my self control to restrain myself from jumping out of his lap.
No no no, if I do that he'll know I felt it. I'm sure it was unintentional! It had to be!!! If I suddenly leap off him like something's wrong, then I'm the strange one who's making things sexual!
During my inside turmoil, I picked up another piece of sushi on my fork, but it bounced off and began rolling away. Fuck! I made a little yelp when it happened. I have to get it!
I stood up, leaning to the edge of the desk and slapping my hand on it before it rolled off the edge.
My fear was soon turned into a pang of anxiousness when I felt something lean against my ass. I looked back slowly. Mr. Alderman was pressing his pelvis into my ass. Before I could do anything, his arms moved on either side of me, keeping me locked in place. His left hand slowly moved up to cup my left breast, while his other moved down to slowly trace up and down my pussy through my shorts.
I started breathing heavier. Oh no, what the hell is happening-
"Tell me, Alice, do you have a warm, tight little slit?"
I shuddered, his hand kneaded my tit flesh faster. "I…uh-what?"
He leaned forward, his chest on my back and his head beside mine. He licked my cheek bone. He was so close I could feel his stubble.
I made a shrill noise and instinctively jerked back.
"I said, do you have a warm, tight little slit under these shorts? Just how wet are you, naughty girl," he said icily.
I felt a chill run down my spine. I gasped as his hand slipped under my shirt, his hot hands grabbing my fleshy tit. He chuckled as I made little noises in response to his touch.
"You wear all these baggy clothes, but I see riiiight through them. There's a feminine body under here…it should be appreciated, don't you agree? Young girls like you have such needy, desperate bodies."
I moaned as he began tugging on my nipple between his index and thumb. I quickly stopped myself, I shouldn't be moaning around my teacher!
"Sir, I don't think teachers are allowed to do…t-that. Shouldn't you stop?"
"Hm? But Alice, you're always by yourself, I feel bad…everyone needs friends, emotional support, romantic partners…don't you agree? Why don't I ever see you talking to anyone?"
"I…I'm not sure. I just never made friends here. It sucks being alone."
His breath was right on top of my ear. "I've wanted to fuck you for awhile, Alice. You're always so shy and adorable…I bet you're a freak deep down, aren't you? Or does that innocence run deep?"
My body sank down, laying almost flat across his desk, only my forearms keeping me up.
"I could feel you grinding against me on my lap, you know."
I bit my lip and stared down.
"I think you need a little release from school life. You trust me, don't you? I always thought I've been kind to you, you're a sweet girl after all. How about I pleasure you, just for a little while? The way a young woman like you deserves to be pleasured."
This was going out of control, way, way too fast. My teacher, pleasuring me? I have masturbated to that thought before- no, no. I'm a virgin, this was wrong. It had to be. Right?
"Mr. Alderman, I'm a virgin, I'm not sure it's a great idea, I don't have much experience-"
"Who said anything about experience? You don't need to have had sex before to feel like a good girl. How about I help you destress, pretty girl?"
Would it really be so bad to let Mr. Alderman…touch me? He was handsome, smart…and he cares about me.
Why not?
I rested my cheek on the cold wood and let myself be pleasured, moaning out an 'okay' for him. "Thank you, sweetheart. I promise I'll do a good job." His big hand rubbed my cunt a few more times, then moved up to unbutton my shorts, unzip, then tug them down to my ankles. I sighed as his hand rubbed my clit through my lace panties.
"Aww, I knew you had a slutty side to you. The quiet ones always do…oh, you're wet too? You really shouldn't be ruining such nice panties like this with your sloppy cunt." His fingers had found the damp spot on my panties. I moaned and nodded, agreeing. Why should I let my lingerie be ruined by my slutty pussy? Fuck, I loved when he talked to condescendingly towards me. His finger hooked my panties by the crotch, and pulled them down to my feet to join my shorts.
My right hand slipped away from under me to start grabbing my other tit. I loved feeling my tits when I was horny. I got so turned on when I'd hold and tease my fleshy globes, feel them perk up with arousal, then I'd pull on my hard nipples.
Mr. Alderman saw this.
"Woah woah horny girl, let me help." He helped me take off my shirt, and unclasped my bra for me. My perky tits sprang free, and he instantly clapped both his hands around them.
"Mm fuck, they're so round. Can't believe you've been hiding these all this time under those baggy shirts." My flesh bulged out from between his fingers as he squished and molested them. Jiggling them, squeezing, pulling, cupping – all of it made me moan obsessively like a bitch in heat. He gave them one last, hard tug on my nipples and slid his hands down my body.
"Play with them."
I giggled and threw up my hands to them at his command. I layed down on the desk, my hands locked under me rubbing and pinching my tits.
His right hand was now skillfully maneuvering around my naked pussy. He delicately stroked my outer lips.
"Completely shaved huh? And just who is this soft cunt intended for, your boyfriend?" I bit my lip and shook my head. I never did much with my scarce boyfriends.
"And this?" Mr. Alderman took his hand away, placing both on my ass and squeezing. I squealed, pushing back into his hands.
"You like having your ass fondled, little one? It's so nice and plump, I'd have been surprised if you didn't like to have it played with."
I moaned out a 'yes sir' as he kneaded my ass over and over in his hands, treating it like dough. He moved his left hand back to my tits, grabbing them from under me. My teacher's other hand slowly began teasing my asshole with his index and middle finger, his thumb circling my clit.
My mouth began moaning involuntarily as he began fingering me softly. I let my face and chest fall flat on the desk as I moved my arms back to grip my cheeks and spread my ass wider for him. He chuckled softly under his breath, forcing his fingers deeper into me. He removed them unannounced. I began moaning, upset, when he placed them in front of me.
"Lube them up for me, won't you toy?"
I sighed happily and sucked all his fingers into my mouth, swirling my tongue around depositing all of my available saliva onto him. He removed them, and placed them back where they were. His two fingers slid easily into my ass. Man, he was really good at de-stressing me! I'm so glad I agreed to this!
I began giggling again and making all sorts of incoherent girly noises as he slowly finger fucked my ass. Pleasure was spreading from my stimulated clit (all thanks to his thumb) all around my body, making my pussy especially throb with need. I desperately began humping back into his hand, wanting more and more from him.

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