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This story is a revision of one I posted several years ago with the same title. All characters and events in this story are fictional.
Pulling a trailer of baled hay, I drove the tractor into the farmyard. As I passed the house, I couldn't keep from staring at the bathroom window. My mind's eye rewound to that morning's accidental encounter with Susan.
She'd been coming out of the bathroom with her robe wide open and I'd gotten an eye full of her firm body. I'd paid little attention to her doe-like brown eyes or her soft facial features. Mesmerized by her small, perky tits and flat belly. I'd stared at her dark pubic hair and the toned muscles of her thighs.
Susan seemed surprised, but hadn't looked embarrassed. She'd been kind of slow to close the robe. I wondered if it was really an accident. This was my fourth summer working on her farm. I'd never even gotten a glimpse of her body until that morning. Thinking of the sight left me semi-hard most of the day.
I tried to shrug it off as I pulled up next to the barn, shut down the engine, and aligned the elevator. Susan came from the house pulling on her work gloves.
"So, you want to stack or toss?" Susan said.
"I'll toss half then switch with you."
Susan agreed and went into the barn. I turned on the elevator, then crawled up in the wagon and grabbed the first hay bale. Susan's naked body came to mind again. The fire in my groin returned. I shook my head trying to dispel that notion.
Susan leaned out of the hayloft. "Go ahead and send them. If you see them stacking up, hold off until I catch up."
I waved and tossed the first bale on the track. I watched it being dragged up to the window and pitch off the end into the loft. I thought of riding the elevator up to the window and having a hot sexual interlude with Susan.
Oh, the things I'd do with her. First, I'd take her in my arms and kiss her lips and neck. Then I'd slowly undress and lay her back on the bales. I'd eat her hairy pussy until she squealed, then spend the rest of the day screwing her brains out.
"Hey, waiting on you. What are you doing? Is there something wrong?" Susan said.
Heat flooded my face and I shook my head, then grabbed another bale. "Sorry, got to day dreaming, Aunt Sue. Here they come." She nodded with a smile, then disappeared back inside the barn.
I tossed bales until I'd unloaded a bit more than half the wagon. I jumped on the last one and rode it up into the loft. I fell off the end and got stuck between a couple bales.
Susan laughed at my shenanigans and helped me up, but my fantasy of a wanton sexual experience didn't materialize. When I was freed from the bales she went down the loft ladder and out to the wagon.
I stacked the last bale, then slid down the ladder. I pulled off my gloves and stuck them in my back pocket. Susan met me at the bottom of the ladder. She gave me a longing look, then seemed to look through me, lost in thought.
"Aunt Sue? You want me to go get another load?"
She blinked a couple times. "Ah, yeah, that'll be good. I'll get supper working while you're in the field. There's no rain in the forecast and it's late, when you get back just park the wagon. We'll unload it tomorrow morning after milking."
"Sounds good. Are you okay? You looked like you wandered away for a minute there. I thought day dreaming was my job."
She smiled. "It's nothing. You just looked kind of like Ron for a second there. You know, when he was your age. That's all. Get going and get back before dark. You know those cows don't like waiting until after dark to get their tits pulled."
I grinned. "I already loaded the other wagon. I'll just drop this one and get back here in time for milking."
Susan flashed a wide smile. "Great. You're a little smartie pants sometimes. Back to work then."
I went to the garden hose and turned it on. I used a long drink as cover so I could watch Susan walk back to the house. The memory of her naked body combined with the very real sway of her hips brought my cock to rigid attention.
For crying out loud. Uncle Ron's only been dead two years. Down boy. This morning had probably been an accident. She didn't mean anything by it. She's mom's best friend. Get back to work, pervert.
I adjusted my package for better comfort, then went to the tractor. I jumped on and started it. I don't think Susan realized I saw her flash a demure smirk over her shoulder before letting the screen door bang closed behind her.
After milking, I went in the house, sat on the bench in the foyer, and kicked off my work boots. Susan's voice sounded far away, but the aroma filling the house told me she was in the kitchen.
"Get washed up. Supper's almost ready."
I crammed my feet into my slippers. "Sounds good. I'm starving."
I cruised into the kitchen and flopped into my customary seat. Susan poured me a beer and set it next to my plate before taking her seat across from me.
I flashed a grin. Good ole Aunt Sue, beer with supper. Of course, I'd be legal to buy it myself come fall, but getting it on the down low now made it that much better. I picked up the glass and saluted her with it before taking a sip. Susan joined me then passed a heaping bowl of potatoes to me.
"Your mom called a little while ago," Susan said.
I shoveled a big helping of spuds onto my plate. "She did? What did she want?"
"She was just checking up on you. Wanting to know how you're doing and if you're behaving yourself. She said she's coming out here later this month when she gets things at the office under control."
I really didn't want mom checking up on me. I mean, I was twenty-years-old for crying out loud. "That'll be nice I guess."
Susan laughed. "You guess?"
I shrugged. "Yeah. I mean she's mom and I miss her and all, but I kind of like getting away from her and all her rules for a while. Living at home for a guy my age can be a pain and it's totally killing my love life. Working here isn't so hot for my love life either, but otherwise it's great."
Susan raised an eyebrow.
"I mean, you tell me what you want done and leave me to do it. Mom always has to supervise. Makes me crazy sometimes." I raised my beer again. "And there won't be any of this when she's around."
"She just loves you and wants to make sure you do things right. And it's not like I let you get sloppy drunk or anything. You work hard when you're here and you deserve a cold beer at the end of the day. It's no big deal." Susan sipped hers.
I grinned at her over my glass's rim. Her shirt had an extra button undone. I stared at the shadowy bit of cleavage it left exposed. The hint of what was hidden by the fabric was more exciting than actually seeing what was there.
She caught my stare, then slowly fastened the errant button.
A flame scorched the back of my neck. Being embarrassed was turning into a full-time occupation. I took a gulp of my beer to cool down. "Sorry, I didn't mean to stare. I just noticed and I didn't actually see anything. I was just kind of surprised. Sorry."
"Surprised? Like this morning? I guess you saw it all then."
I swallowed hard and nodded. "Yeah, I'm sorry."
Susan laughed. "Sorry because you were embarrassed or sorry because my old lady body doesn't measure up to your college girlfriends?"
Sweat beaded on my temples then dribbled down my cheek. "I'm sorry I was staring. I thought you looked great this morning. I mean, you look fine, all the time. I mean, you're… Shit, this is going downhill fast." I gulped some beer.
She broke into an amused grin. "It's all right Doug. I'm actually flattered that a good-looking young man like you would take the time to stare at an old lady like me."
My cock stirred. My pulse quickened and I squirmed a little. "I think you're beautiful, Aunt Sue. I always have. You're not that old either. I mean, mom's not old and you're about the same age."
Susan's eyes glittered above her beer glass. She put down the glass. "Well, thank you." She glanced at the clock. "It's starting to get late. You've got a lot of work tomorrow. Don't stay up watching TV too late. I'm going to do the dishes, then go to bed."
"I'll help you."
Susan raised an eyebrow at me.
"With the dishes I mean."
She smirked. "Okay then."
Susan showered and went to bed right after the dishes were done. I watched TV until the local news wrapped, then I showered as well.
I had a towel around my waist when I came out of the bathroom. I paused in the hall eyeing the door providing privacy to Susan's bedroom. It was ajar just a crack.
Was that sniffling or crying? I took a silent step closer and listened. Yes, it sounded like she was crying.
I tapped on the doorframe. "Are you all right, Aunt Sue?" A moment of silence passed. I grabbed the knob. "I hope you're decent. I'm coming in."
The room was dark, but light spilled in from the hallway. Susan was in bed, covered with a sheet, her back to me. I stepped to the bed and repeated the question. She sniffed and nodded, but didn't turn to look at me.
I sat on the bed and placed a hand on her shoulder. "Most folks don't lie in bed crying when things are okay. What's wrong? Did I do or say something?"
Susan shook her head and rolled toward me. Her hip bumped against mine. She traced my jawline with her calloused fingers. "You haven't done anything wrong. You've always been a good friend and helper. I'm just thinking about the past. I should let it go, but I can't seem to."
Her movement caused a firm breast to be exposed. The small dark areola in stark contrast to the creamy white skin.
I licked my lips then moved the sheet, covering the distraction. "Is there anything I can do to help?"
Susan shook her head.
"Sometimes Mom has me rub her back when she doesn't feel good. Would you like me to rub your back?"
"No, Doug, I'm fine, thanks." She shifted a bit closer. "Do you know how your mom and I met?"
"She told me you two were rivals for the same boy in high school."
"Yeah. I was a sophomore and she was a junior. We discovered we enjoyed each other's company more than his. I wonder what ever happened to that guy."
"Is that what you've been thinking about?"
"Not exactly. I've been missing Ron. I think I'll always miss him."
I didn't know much about the grieving process, so I patted her hand, then stood. "I'll leave you to it then. Sorry I interrupted."
"Don't go, not yet." Susan sat up letting the sheet fall from her breasts. I couldn't stop myself from staring at those luscious mounds with their distended nipples. My mouth dried up and my heartbeat thumped in my ears.
"You see, I don't want a guy to come between your mom and me. I certainly don't want that guy to be you, but I've been so lonely since Ron… Your mom's not here and I've been so lonely…"
I pulled my eyes from her tits as my cock grew. I thought maybe she'd invite me into her bed. I hoped she was going there. I forced the excitement from my voice in case I was wrong. "Aunt Sue, I'm not sure I understand."
"I'm not sure how your mom would take it. She's open minded, but you're her only child. I think she'll understand… You're an adult now." Susan seemed to drift away for a moment.
I took a step closer. "You're right, Aunt Sue. I'm grown up and you're beautiful. I don't want to bark up the wrong tree, but—"
"Douglas, I'd like you to turn off the hall light, take off that towel, and make love with me."
I grinned wide enough to drive a truck through. "Really?"
"Only if you want to. You don't have to. If it makes you feel creepy or something I understand. I was just thinking it's been a couple years since… Well, you're a grown man. You're strong, and handsome, and I've been so lonely."
"Mom and I both love you. Neither of us would want you to feel lonely or sad." I went to the hall and turned off the light.
Susan flipped on the small nightstand lamp.
I returned to her. My cock poking the towel into a tent. I couldn't believe my luck. My head buzzed with excited anticipation and my pulse drummed louder in my ears. It was all I could do to keep from leaping on her.
Susan swung her legs off the bed and tugged my towel away. She set it aside before taking hold of my cock and stroking it.
My cock looked bigger in her hand than it did in mine. "It's… It's all right isn't it? I mean my—"
Susan looked through her lashes. "It's perfect, Doug. Don't worry. Hot, hard, and big, but not too big. Just the way I like them." She leaned forward and kissed the head of my cock before taking it in her mouth.
I leaned back. A moan rattled in my throat. I'd been with a couple girls before, but none of them had sucked my cock. Unsure what to do with my hands I clasped them behind my ass. Susan stroked me as her lips and tongue worked their way along my length.
My first blow job and it was from Aunt Sue. It felt so good. She squeezed my balls and licked my cock like a Popsicle. I loved the electric pangs racing through my body. A guy could get used to that sort of treatment.
My knees gave me a little tremor and the weight of my climax warmed my groin as my balls rose tight against the base of my cock. I was about to release. Sue was unrelenting as she swallowed my cock, brushing my pubic hair with her nose.
Unable to hold back, I moaned. "I'm going to come."
She didn't stop. I grunted and thrust into her throat until I was spent. My knees shook and I grasped Susan's shoulders. She swallowed every drop of my cum, then released my still hard cock and sat back a little. The night air cool on my wet, throbbing dick.
"Are you all right up there?" Susan said.
"Oh my God, that was wonderful. I've never had that done to me before. It was great. Where'd you learn that?"
She giggled a little. "I was married a long time, but truth is your mom taught me most of what I know about sex. Ron did some too, but mostly your mom."
I scrunched my brows together. "Mom?"
"She and I were pretty wild in school." A mischievous grin came to her face. "You wouldn't believe some of the things we did with vegetables during sleepovers. We'd even do a guy together from time to time. Until I got married anyway."
I stared at Susan. I opened my mouth, but no words came out. These revelations were hard to process.
She lay back on the bed displaying her wet, pink pussy peeking from the dark curly hair.
"Come on now, be a big boy. Your mom didn't get you off the shelf at some convenience store you know."
I stepped up between Susan's knees before dropping to my own. "I know, but she's mom. I've just never thought of her like… like this."
"Your mom's a woman too. She enjoys the same things most women do. Speaking of enjoyment let me feel your tongue before I go crazy."
I leaned into her sex and paused to enjoy her heady aroma. Heat rolled over my face, coming from her rather me for a change. Her pussy smelled clean and fresh. I flicked my tongue, parting her aroused lips and tasting her moisture. Faintly salty, with just a little tanginess. I loved it.
I buried my face in her pussy. When Susan moaned and flexed her hips, I slipped two fingers into her and stroked in time with my tongue teasing her clit.
She sucked in her breath and arched her back pushing her sex against me. With her feet on my shoulders, and ass off the bed, she trembled and hovered there for a moment. My fingers were bathed with her juice. I withdrew and licked them, coated in a tart treat. Susan dropped back on the bed.
She allowed a long sigh. "I'll bet you've done this before. Where'd you learn it?"
I grinned. Good, she liked it. "I've done it a couple times, but never had a woman go all the way like you did. Of course, I haven't been with a lot of girls." I crawled up next to her and she rolled into my arms. I kissed her long and hard, relishing the taste of her lips. Her tongue's texture reminded me of the skills she'd used on my cock. I pressed against Susan's belly.
Without making a conscious decision, I pushed Susan onto her back and settled my hips between her legs. My cock found her damp, velvet lips. I slipped the head between them. After a short pause to be sure I was in the right spot, I pushed into her. She groaned at my intrusion.
I conquered the urge to slam my cock into her. I moved slow and steady, breathing deep. Not wanting her to think I didn't know what I was doing, I struggled to maintain control. I concentrated on working my full length into her. She rolled her hips accepting me. She shifted her legs allowing her heels to press on my calves.
Years of teenage fantasy came to fruition as Susan's pussy enveloped my cock. I groaned at the marvelous sensations she delivered. My breathing grew loud and my eyes tried to lose focus. I shook my head, then kissed her nipples and nibbled them in time with my penetrations.
Susan groaned. "Oh, that's good. So good. It's been so long. Oh yeah, just like that, Doug."
I increased the force of my thrusting as my cock thickened and Susan matched me. Bed springs squeaked in time with our urgency. Susan's pussy gripped my cock tight on every stroke. My orgasm was coming sure as thunder followed lightning.
I held my upper body above her until my cum exploded deep inside her. I jerked to a halt, coming to rest on her chest. My breath came in gasps as my heart raced. Susan rubbed my back and sighed. Her pussy's muscles squeezed and released my cock several times.
"That's okay, Lover. That's okay," she said.
I rose on my arms. I kissed her lips then her nipples.
"No, it isn't." My cock was still semi-hard. I slid into her semen-slippery channel again. My cock returned to its full potential after just a few strokes. Susan's tunnel clung to my shaft. Making slurping noises as I pounded into her. Susan arched her neck until she was nearly looking at the headboard. She thrust her hips, encouraging my renewed efforts. The bed creaked in time with our movements.
"Oh. Oh yeah. Oh. Doug, Doug!"
Her breathing became ragged panting. She clung to me as I thrust into her with furious intent. Her orgasm surprised me in its intensity. Her nails dug into my ass as she crushed me against her pussy. She gripped my thighs with hers and gasped for breath.
After clinging to me with every limb tensed to breaking, Susan relaxed, released her nails from the flesh of my ass, then patted my behind a few times. "That's really okay now. You did a good job."
I went to the fridge. Being naked outside of the bedroom or bathroom gave me a feeling of freedom and confidence even though no one was present to see me. Besides, my number one fantasy girl had just given me my first blow-job and she'd let me fuck her. I'd become a man of the world.
I fished two bottles of beer from inside and opened them with a church key that hung on the door handle.
Susan was leaning against the headboard with my towel under her butt when I returned. I handed her a bottle and dropped onto the bed, leaning against the headboard next to her. We tapped our bottles together with a clink before taking a sip.
"I'm sorry I came so quickly. I hope I was able to make up for that," I said.
"You were wonderful, Doug. You started out a little over stimulated, but you hung in there and I can't say I've ever been more satisfied." Susan sipped her beer again then put it on the nightstand. "I know it's kind of awkward, but we need to talk about us and your mom."
"Awkward isn't the word I'd use. Laying here naked with the beautiful woman I've just made love to, talking about my mom, is weird. Not awkward."
Susan rummaged around for a second, then pulled the sheet up to her arm pits. "Okay then, we'll just talk about us to start."
"What about us? Are you done with me now? Are you going to kick me to the curb?" I tried my often-practiced, seldom successful, rakish grin on her.

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