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Hi, I am Rubesh here working in a software company. This is a story that happened in my real life. Once my grand ma was not well, she was bed ridden. Then we decided to have nurse at home to take care during daytime. We asked our doctor help. He suggested a woman by name Vidya. She would be ideal he said and be a good caretaker. Well we fixed up this nurse. She came the first day, mine she very pretty age may be around 26 well-built figures.

She had a pleasant face natural full bosom, seductive butts. She asked about the patient details from the doctor got the instruction of the medicine dosages, then the doctor left. My mom is in ground floor, where we had the Drawing, Dinning, Kitchen and one Bed with attached bathroom, where my mom is lying now. The first floor had one common and four bedrooms with attached bath. This lady asked a place to change her wear, showed a room at the first floor. This room is next to my room. She went in and came out dress in nurse uniform. She was amazing to look. She wore a white shirt and on top a white frock with folds down forming as a skirt to her knees, then the white stocking with her high heel sandal. At first she was with her sari blouse, she had a firm full breast. Now it was more comfortable and jiggling, when she was ascending the steps, to be frank I had a great hard – on seeing that. Anyway she was a perfect woman and caught my attention. The whole day she was very good taking care of my mother. Then I went and spoke to her about us and found that she is staying away from home in a hostel. Then that day evening she changed herself to go home. She was the same as in the morning with firm breast; she was ascending down the steps her boobs were not jiggling this time. I was wondering why? The whole night I was thinking for her and did not have a good sleep.

The next day when she came and attended to my mom’s need. I went down and said I am not feeling well. I would like you to check with my pressure. She agreed and said she will come upstairs to my room once she finishes here. I was waiting very eagerly for that angel to touch me. Then she came and asked what happened. I said I am not well. But why she asked. I said today morning I had seen one event, this lead me like this. She said she will help me to recover, all you need is just relax let me see your blood pressure, then she fixed and read saying my god why it is shooting upon. What happen she asked? Tell me please, I slowly said I was overwhelmed with desire. Then I got up from my bed, immediately I hugged her tightly, at first she shrugged then she went on to hear me speaking very close to her ears saying that today morning I saw this angel changing herself hiding in the wardrobe seeing through the keyhole. This day she came on a jean pant with color cotton top. The moment she came and stood in front to change. I noticed her breast was firm and not jiggling. She undid her pant first; I could not see her ankles as her top was covering it. She then ran her fingers along the edge of her panty and adjusts its placement. She then zipped down her top pulled it open, mine she was marvelous. I could not move my stare from hers. She reached her both the hands behind and undid her bra; she then bends forward so her boobs hung she then cupped her hanging boobs well in those bra cups and clipped it to ease herself. This was which making the jiggling motion when she was walking. She then dressed like a nurse and left attends to my mom’s need. Now this what happened. Slowly we both rise from our sitting position to standing. I caught hold for her firmly, kissed all over her face and placed one passionate kiss on her lips. Perhaps she was enjoying the moment and whispered into my ears that my crotch was hitting her belly, and it is terribly hot. She said I think from that moment you have your dick like this. She then suddenly with drew and said mind if some one spots us. Rohit you just hold this till afternoon. I will give your mom her afternoon dose with some dose for her sleep well. I will make it up then. Mine, even my Pussy is growing hot inside she said and promised to meet.

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She finished her duties and came upstairs, I was standing near the window fantasizing her, the breeze was blowing gently she came from behind and hugged me closely leaning forward reached my neck and kissing, she then bit my ears and whispered saying, your desire is to be fulfilled and I will have my Hot Pussy filled with that hardened crotch. I asked her if she had any man in it. She was waiting for a daring one like this. Mean time I could feel her warm body touching all over my back and her bosom crushing gently with its softness. Her stiff long nipples where also thrusting me. I could not bear any longer. I turned to her front she had her eyes closed and enjoying the moment. I hold her neck taking them on my palm and kissed her on her cheeks, forehead and when reaching to her seductive lips. I felt her heavy breath; her chest was moving due to it. I slowly rested my lips on hers. We were very close her bosom was on my chest her nipples needed attention it grew harder. She was mesmerized with that kiss. At once her attention diverted on my hardened crotch. She was pressing her butts in hard to feel the thrust of my meat. She then opened my flee and holding him in her both hands, said this magnificent meat would pamper any woman feeling and would make any damn Pussy hot. She went down to take him in her mouth, pushed the fore skin from the knob, and gave the knob a seductive kiss and suck. My dick sent his pre – liquid she spread them over my dick fully and started to mouth ride on him. My penis grew more out of excitement, and the knob grew reddish. Vidya asked me if I am taking any Penis enlargement, seeing his giant size. I said no, it’s all natural and this size was because of Vidya’s show off today morning. She gave a smile and was ridding hard on my cock. I was nearing my climax and gave a thud and she pulled it from her mouth and jerked me off. My load came with rich foam and hot sperm. She caught hold in her palms.

I kissed her with gratitude and said in anticipation. I was kissing her passionately and moved my both hands to open her shirt buttons to take that pair of hanging voluminous bosom. Well she said why you don’t take my aching Hot Pussy first, Rohit. I am sure you will be delighted the look of it now. I soon went down made her to sit on the sofa and to lean back so her pussy stands forward. She went as I said and I went in between her legs lifted her frock. Her white nurse stocking ended to her upper thighs the holding robes clenching with her waistband. I undid the stocking and pulled her pink seductive panty along her soft smooth stocking legs leaving her stocking undisturbed. Her panty smelled of rose fragrance, I asked how; she said she soaks with garment softener. After I made her Pussy bear, it was gracious to look. She has taken so much care that it was shaved neatly except her pussy hair well trimmed to decorate it appearance from her lower belly to head of her pussy. It was a marvelous sight. Her pussy lips had closed well without any trace of hotness. I said Vidya your pussy is great with a pink out line pussy lips. I spread her legs and watched her vagina opening for me. Mine it was a wonderful view her vagina was reddish in color with her clit in pink color. She had her juiciness traces glistering. I could make out the moment she had my dick in her mouth she had this effect. Mine this Vidya has holded all this ecstasy to fulfill me. I left my finger and slowly started to ride them. She mean time of ecstasy had opened her two shirt buttons and was pressing her bosom with an urge. She was moaning all the while and asked me to rub her clit. I reached with my thumb and forefinger and gave a gentle pinch. She could not bear the ecstasy and asked me to suck her pussy. I kissed her on that hot pussy and left my tongues swindle and made her cum. She was carried away the way it went. She said come on let me have the huge penis of your into my Pussy. Then I undid her frock it went to the floor and her shirt now she was with her bras and the white stocking. I then pressed her bosom with that garment and after few minutes when her bosom could not bear to be tied under that bra. I opened her bra and had that soft flesh to my mouth. Her nipples were so nice pointy and erect. I sucked it for a while. Mean time my penis grew again to take her Hot Pussy. She was also in great interest. She took my penis and kept at the entrance of her Pussy. I then pushed him in.

It was tremendous entering into Vidya Pussy. She was telling me he is driving me like anything. He is having a gentle hammering action when entering. I then started to rock and she was telling me that he has expanded her Pussy and touching the base of her Pussy. I took him out fully and inserted the same with gentle thrust. She was excited and cum. She then saw the watch and said it is getting time and we have to finish soon. I was nearly nearing and then came out. She was amazed when the hot sperm leaked inside her hot Pussy. She said is your groan has cooled off him. Mine he had come out in great way. She was drenched and she was also fulfilled. Then we parted with a deep Kiss.

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