Obsessed with Aunt Laura Ch. 07

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tagIncest/TabooObsessed with Aunt Laura Ch. 07

"So what do you think?" Aunt Laura asked.
I was still trying to process everything when we heard the bathroom door from down the hallway. In her slightly tipsy state it sounded like Rachel was having a bit of trouble unlocking the door. Aunt Laura got up from her seat and walked a few steps until she could call out down the hallway.
"Everything ok in there?" she said loud enough for Rachel to hear.
She looked back at me and shrugged.
"I gotta get better locks for the bathroom." she said before walking down the hallway.
"Quick go back downstairs and I'll message you."
I still had so many questions but I figured she wouldn't be able to answer them with Rachel around anyways, so I made my way back downstairs while aunt Laura went to rescue her trapped friend.
Once I got back to my room I made sure to close the door this time. While I did enjoy being on full display for aunt Laura, and now Rachel apparently, there was a tiny bit of unease knowing they did that without me knowing. I wasn't offended by it, I just would have liked a heads up beforehand!
"So I went up to introduce myself to Rachel. She's stunning!" I sent to Lauren.
"Was she porny?" she replied within a few seconds, almost like she was waiting for my message.
I had to stop and think before I replied. Rachel was indeed gorgeous and I was practically at a loss for words when I first saw her.
"I'm not sure! It's hard to explain but I felt something different when I saw her. She's really attractive but my first thought wasn't really a sexual one." I replied.
I didn't want to tell Lauren, but I almost felt the same way as I did the first time I saw her again after all those years. Of course the feeling for Rachel wasn't as strong, considering I pretty much fell in love with Lauren on the spot. But this was a similar feeling. It was almost like I instantly had a crush on Rachel.
"Huh?! Not a sexual one? Are you feeling ok?" Lauren teased.
I couldn't help but smile. For a brief moment I really missed Lauren. Sure I had missed her ever since I got on the train to come here, but all of a sudden I REALLY missed her. I loved that we could talk to each other about these things and really wished she was here so we could experience everything I was doing together.
"Not sure, maybe all the sexual tension with aunt Laura is frying my brain." I sent, followed by a winky face emoji.
As I sat on the bed aunt Laura sent me a text. I got into my usual position of laying on my back and opened her message.
"Ok, sorry I couldn't really explain. Basically when you said you had to get dressed that gave me the idea to come peek at you with Rachel. We've been having some girl talk and maybe I told her some stuff."
I started getting that nervous feeling in the pit of my stomach again. But that feeling was soon met with arousal once aunt Laura's next message came in.
"I told her I walked in on you in the shower, but nothing else that happened after that. As far as she knows you have no idea that I saw your cock."
"You didn't tell her about our texts before I came here?" I asked.
"Nope, I wasn't sure how she'd react so I left that part out. Rachel and I do have a bit of 'history' that you might get to hear about, so I might tell her depending on how this goes."
Suddenly that feeling of nervousness I had vanished and was replaced by curiosity.
"Oh? And how would I go about hearing more?" I asked.
"I'm sure we'll figure it out as we go."
My cock had started waking up during our conversation as perverted thoughts of what aunt Laura meant by their history together.
"Oh, I forgot to mention that Rachel took a picture too. She keeps looking at it and saying she couldn't believe how big it was. I think she wants to see it again."
"So how are we going to make that happen? You guys can't just keep catching in my room looking like the weird kid who jerks off all day long."
While I did like the idea of them catching me, I'd much rather be in a situation where I could have fun with them too.
"LOL! I know, I've gotta figure it out. We are going to go for a run and then come back here so I'll think of something."
"What about we reenact our pool scenario in some way?" I suggested.
"That might work. We might have some more drinks and then take a dip in the pool!" she said, excitedly I imagined.
I was getting excited too. Hell, I was excited doing it with aunt Laura the first time and she was in on it. But now we had a new audience member who will see it live.
"I'm getting hard thinking about it." I sent.
"Well save it for the show! I've been wet ever since we peeked at you and I've been imagining what the three of us would we doing together."
Based on that, I probably could have figured out what aunt Laura meant when she said her and Rachel had history. I just wanted to hear it straight from her.
"Ok, we are going now. We will be back in a bit." aunt Laura sent, just seconds before I heard the intercom beep a few times indicating activity at the front door.
I didn't answer, I was too deep in thought trying to think what we should do at the pool. Well, right up until my phone buzzed again.
"So what are you guys doing?" Lauren asked.
On one hand I wanted to tell her I was thinking of having a second showing of the pool performance with Rachel. But on the other hand there was no way that would work twice in one day, especially not for anyone not in on the plan. But I did want to include Lauren in some way, I just had to figure out how.
"Aunt Laura and Rachel left to go for a run so I'm back in my room." I replied.
"You should see if you can sneak a picture of Rachel when they get back!"
"Jeez Louise woman! Am I your personal paparazzi for porny chicks?"
"Hey! It's not fair you get to be around them all day and I'm stuck at home. So you have to share!"
I smiled again imagining Lauren at home all flustered.
"Ok, ok. I'll see what I can do without looking all creepy. And like a stalker"
"Good boy" Lauren sent, followed by a heart emoji.
"I'm super bored, want to watch a movie together?" I asked.
Since we couldn't watch together in person, obviously, we would just start up the same movie simultaneously on Netflix.
"Actually, a run sounds good right about now. Maybe when I get back?" Lauren answered.
Why were all the women in my life runners?
"Fiiiiiine! I'll just take a nap or something" I sent, even though I was more horny than I was tired.
"I won't be long!" she said, followed by another heart emoji.
At this point I was really turned on and wasn't sure if I'd even be able to fall asleep. I closed my eyes anyways and began imagining scenarios with aunt Laura, Rachel and I.
I reimagined our pool scenario from earlier but this time Rachel was there too and I ended up flashing both of them. My cock was straining against the fabric of my shorts and I had to try had to control myself. I wondered how far we could go with Rachel before she freaked out over our situation. Aunt Laura did say she had taken a picture of me, and that they had some kind of a "history" between them.
I must have been in deep thought for quite a while because the next thing I knew I got a text from aunt Laura letting me know they were on their way back.
"We should be home in about half an hour, we just stopped by the park for a quick breather. I thought of something we could try" she said.
"What's the plan?" I answered.
"What if you pretended to be asleep by the pool this time?"
Somehow I didn't think of that scenario, but I only had to think about it for a fraction of a second.
"I could do that. What will you guys do?"
"Not sure yet, but you will have to be asleep for the whole thing. Think you could do that?"
"I guess it depends on what happens, but there's only one way to find out" I answered, getting more excited every minute.

Aunt Laura and Rachel returned closer to 45 minutes after our last text. Which was fine, because it gave me a bit more time to get ready. My job was to basically feign being asleep by the pool and just wait for the action to start. For some added realism I quickly hopped in the pool for a second just to get wet, then dried myself until I heard the front door open via the alarm on the intercom. This made it seem like I took a swim and then dozed off, instead of just randomly taking a nap on the pool room. I still had my swim shorts on but I'd be sporting a major hardon which would hopefully catch Rachel's attention.
After getting situated on the strategically positioned pool chair that was farthest from the door, I adjusted my cock so it was pointing up towards my stomach and began rubbing it just to get it going but not enough to get myself off. The tip of my cock was just on the brink of poking out the band of my shorts. I was both nervous and excited, not to mention extremely aroused. I left the door open so I could tell when aunt Laura and Rachel were heading my way, and once I heard them talking I "fell asleep" before they could notice me.
"Oh so that's where he is." Aunt Laura said as they both walked into the pool room.
"Is he asleep?" Rachel asked at a slightly lower volume.
"Hmm looks like it, let's find out." Aunt Laura answered.
The two of them tiptoed closer and when they were close enough I heard an audible gasp come from them both.
"Looks like he's having a good dream." Aunt Laura said in a semi-whisper.
"Oh my, I'd say." Rachel concurred.
I heard some shuffling around and could tell that they were putting things down on the table. Aunt Laura then got as close as she could to me and waved over my face, acting as if she was making sure I was asleep.
"He sleeps like a log, nothing can wake him. Last night he fell asleep on the couch and I couldn't for the life of me wake him up. That's when I noticed this." Aunt Laura said as she pointed down at the tent in my shorts.
"So what did you do?" Rachel asked, not taking her eyes off my crotch.
"Well I didn't get to see it until this morning when he was in the shower. He didn't lock the door and I might have "accidentally" peeked."
"I actually just meant how did you wake him?" Rachel took her eyes off my crotch just long enough to roll them at aunt Laura.
"Oh!" Aunt Laura laughed. "Well I tried waking him but nothing worked so I just left him where he was. Once I saw this though I wasn't trying that hard to get him to leave."
I had to hold back a grin listening to aunt Laura's improv skills. To make things interesting I flexed my cock, causing the tent in my pants to raise for a second.
"Ohhh did you see that?" Rachel asked excitedly.
"Oh yeah, it seems to have a mind of it's own." Aunt Laura said very matter-of-factly.
I did it a few more times as if I was acknowledging their statement. All the movement caused my shorts to slide down a bit, which let the tip of my cock free.
"What do we have here?" Aunt Laura said in more mock surprise.
My state of arousal grew thanks to these two gorgeous women looking at my now exposed cock, which caused a bead of precum to leak out and drip onto my stomach.
"Oh my god!" was all Rachel could say. She seemed like she couldn't believe this was happening.
Aunt Laura leaned in to get a closer look and stopped about three inches from my cock.
"What are you doing!?" Rachel said, taking a step back.
"What? I'm just looking!" Aunt Laura said, turning to face Rachel for a second.
"Why are you so far away? I thought you wanted to see this again." she said as she motioned for her to come closer.
Rachel pondered for a moment before kneeling beside aunt Laura. She didn't come in as close but I could tell that she was there.
"It seems to have sprung a leak." Aunt Laura said before placing her hand on my stomach just inches from the tip of my cock.
"Oh god I can't believe we are doing this to your nephew!" Rachel said in a loud whisper.
"Do you want to stop?" Aunt Laura said with a slightly lewd tone.
Rachel was silent for a few seconds before answering.
"No, but what if he wakes up?"
"He won't!" Aunt Laura said confidently.
I flexed my cock again causing my shorts to move down a bit more.
"Hmm.." aunt Laura seemed to be hatching a plan.
"What are you-" Rachel began to speak but was cut off by what was happening.
Aunt Laura gently grabbed the waistband of my shorts and pulled them down slowly, exposing more and more of my cock until it sprang straight up, pointing to the ceiling.
"Holy fuck!" Rachel exclaimed.
"I know, right?" Aunt Laura replied, letting go of my shorts so the waistband stayed just under my rock hard cock.
More precum leaked from the tip and slowly oozed down my shaft. Both women watched as it made its way down and just before it made it halfway, aunt Laura placed a finger to stop and catch it. All I could hear from Rachel was a gasp.
"His cock is so warm!" Aunt Laura squealed quietly. She brought her hand up to her face to examine the drop of precum on the tip of her finger.
"Dare me to try it?" she asked Rachel, before a big grin formed on her lips.
"Are you for real?" Rachel still couldn't seem to process what was happening.
Without waiting for an answer, aunt Laura brought her finger tip to her lips and licked it. She closed her eyes and sucked her finger into her mouth, savoring the taste.
Rachel's jaw almost hit the floor.
"Oh my god I can't believe you just did that!"
"Me either! It's pretty good, want some?" Aunt Laura asked, opening her eyes to look at Rachel.
Aunt Laura leaned in and kissed Rachel right on the lips. Rachel let out a small moan and put her hands on aunt Laura's face, holding it there so she could try to get the taste. After a few seconds she pulled back.
Rachel licked her lips. "I couldn't really tell… maybe I need more."
As if a switch was flipped inside of her, suddenly Rachel was very much into what was going on.
While I couldn't see it, I could hear that there was a short make out session to my left. I didn't expect this sudden turn of events so I had to try to control my excitement. Not only that but I had to fight the urge to open my eyes and watch what they were doing.
Both of them turned their attention back to me. Aunt Laura took Rachel's hand and slowly brought it to my cock, which she gently took ahold of. The sudden feeling of contact caused me to flex it in her hand, causing a slightly larger bead of precum to leak out but stay perfectly in place.
"Ooooh!" I heard Rachel let out when she noticed.
"Try it." Aunt Laura said, using her lewd tone again.
Rachel leaned in slowly and gave the tip of my cock a gentle kiss, sucking in the precum and then pulled away to evaluate her prize.
"That's so good." she said, this time using her own lewd voice.
She looked back at my cock, which she still had a soft grip on, and gave it a few strokes.
"Fuck I love this thing!" she said without looking away.
"It's not too bad huh?" Aunt Laura said, almost agreeing too quickly.
"You don't mind?" Rachel asked, now turning to look at aunt Laura.
"Mind?" Aunt Laura asked, puzzled.
"That I'm here doing this with your nephew in front of you?"
"Girl, if you weren't here I might be in your place!" Aunt Laura joked.
They both hand to stifle their giggles so as not to "wake" me.
"Maybe we can have some fun with him when he's awake?" Aunt Laura suggested.
"More fun than this?" Rachel asked.
"Yeah. You wanna get drunk and stay over tonight? We can play 'drink or dare.'"
"Oh my god we haven't played that since college!"
I had no idea what "drink or dare" was, but if they were this excited then I was already a fan.
Aunt Laura grabbed her phone off the table and opened her camera app. She aimed at Rachel and took a picture.
"Send that to me!" Rachel said.
"Of course. Get in closer and I'll take another one."
Rachel leaned in and brought her face within an inch of my cock. She stuck her tongue out and brought it to the tip of my cock and held it there for another picture.
"Mmm that's good. You should get your tits out." Aunt Laura said. She sounded like she was getting a little turned on by this too.
"Oh yeah?" Rachel said seconds before pulling her sports bra up and over her head, freeing her massive globes.
"Jeez I forgot how big yours were!" Aunt Laura said a bit loudly, almost like she was secretly taunting me.
"Don't we have the same size?" Rachel said, already knowing the answer. She brought her attention back to my cock for another picture, this time kissing the side of my shaft while squeezing one of her tits with her free hand.
"Ooooh that's a good one." Aunt Laura said after taking the picture. "Ok one more then we should go."
"Awww but I'm just getting started!" Rachel said, sounding legitimately sad she had to stop.
"You should suck on it."
Without any further direction needed, Rachel pulled my cock slightly downwards so it was at an easier angle and slid it into her mouth. Aunt Laura took a few pictures while she took it in deeper and deeper.
"Oh wow girl how far are you going? Don't spoil your appetite for later!"
Rachel stopped when she had about half my cock in her mouth. It took every fiber of my being to not grab her head and force more down her throat. Aunt Laura leaned in and took Rachel's nipple into her mouth and took one last picture with all three of us this time. She kept sucking as Rachel slowly bobbed her head on my cock. She didn't seem to care if I woke up or not.
"That's so fucking hot." Aunt Laura said, finally letting off of Rachel's nipple. A bit of jealousy twinged inside of her as she watched her friend's mouth engulf my cock.
"Mmmmm" Rachel moaned before slowly sliding it out of her mouth. "I don't want to stop!"
"I know babe, but we better just in case he wakes up." Aunt Laura said as she carefully pulled my shorts back up.
"Didn't you want another taste?" Rachel asked.
"Hmm, maybe I'll get one later." aunt Laura replied, gently squeezing my cock through my shorts.
Both of them got to their feet, grabbed their stuff and quietly left.
I waited a few minutes for the coast to be clear before I "woke up". I stood up and walked over to the other corner of the room where there was a table with a stack of towels. I picked up my phone, which had been placed so the camera was facing in the direction where the action just took place. I looked at the screen, which showed the video call with Lauren.
"Oh my fucking god!" she shouted.

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