Oedipus Awakens Ch. 02

tagIncest/TabooOedipus Awakens Ch. 02

I woke up to the blaring alarm and reminded of the dream as the dried cum pulled the hair on my leg. I stumbled into the shower and tried to wash off the cum and the dirty feeling of dreaming of getting a blow job from your mother.
Today was court day so I made sure to dress in a suit instead of business casual in the event I was needed as a runner during the court hearing. I got to the office and helped Trisha load the case files into the Olds and took her and the files to the Courthouse. She had me grab one box and head to the door when we met Mr. Wilder coming down the steps of the courthouse. He told us that Judge Sanderson was out sick and all the court cases had been continued until next week. He went on to say after we put the files back we could have the rest of the day off.
After putting the files back and fending off Trisha grabbing my ass In the file room I slid out to my car. I drove over to the park and parked under a tree watching the geese swim across the lake. Their gracefulness of the movement belied the frenzy of activity below the water. Like my emotions now broiling inside me.
I sat there for awhile and tried to make sense of seeing my once prim and proper and thought to be celibate widowed mother locked in a writhing lesbian sex act in her bed. And to guilt of me cumming the thought of her sucking my cock. It's not that she was old or ugly. She like me was a multi-sport athlete in high school and had even managed to wrangle a scholarship to college in basketball back when college scholarships for women were a rarer thing. Between that and her good grades she managed to be the first person in her family to go to college and the first to graduate and became a licensed nurse.
She met my Dad in college although they didn't marry until she had graduated. When she had me she left nursing for awhile but after my Dad died in a car crash she eventually went back to work to help make ends meet. All this time she kept her athletic shaped. I flashed back to her laying naked on the bed, the muscles in her thighs and arms showed strength and definition as her tits shook and rippled with the frenzy of her grinding her pussy against Rhona's.
I jerked up right and started the car, I couldn't sit there and daydream about my naked mother anymore. I pulled out and drove, I couldn't go home, my mother was still there and I still didn't want to face her or have that conversation. So I drove. Subconsciously I drove to Rhona's house and parked in her driveway behind the car that had been sitting in my driveway when I walked in and caught them. I wanted to go in and ask her what was going on. I wanted to ask her what she did to my mother to make her act that way but I couldn't. I sat there in the car and cried quietly tears running down my face.
I don't know how long I had sit there but I heard the front door open and heard Rhona asked "Jason, are you OK?"
I didn't reply I just sat there staring straight ahead.
She walked closer to the car and saw I was crying."This time she asked, whats going on, are your hurt, is something wrong with Janie. (my mom)
I shook my head no and started to put the car in gear but she put her arm in the car and placed her hand on my chest as she opened the car door with the other hand. Taking my arm she directed me out of the car and up toward the house.
As we were walking she lightly rubbed my back and the contact coupled with the image of the day before made my cock stir despite my emotional upheaval.
She guided me in the house and sat me down on a couch. She stopped to grab a handful of tissues before sitting down beside me. Her right thigh pressed into mine and her right breast pressed into my arm a she wrapped her arm over my shoulders. My cock stiffened more at the contact.
She handed me the tissues and used one to help dry my face before asking, "Should I call your Mom?"
I shook my head no and started crying more and she asked "Is she OK?"
I shook my head yes an cried a few more minutes. I was finally able to catch my breath and had calmed down a bit. I tried to get up to leave but she held me back.
Taking my chin in her hand she turned my face to hers and asked "Jason, why are you at my house, crying?"
I looked at the floor and softly said, "I'm sorry I stopped here, I don't know why I did."
She pulled my gaze up from the floor and I looked into those bright blue eyes that were shaded with concern. She had never been a mean teacher but she was firm but fair. But now she was switching on her teacher mode.
In a firm voice she asked again, "Jason why are you here?"
I sighed heavily and looked at the floor again before almost whispering out, "I don't know I guess I was looking for answers."
Still firm she asked, "What kind of answers."
Almost crying again I stalled, "I don't know."
Adding an edge to her voice she spat out "Jason".
Sighing again I took a deep breath and breathed out, "About my mom, about you…
I heard her breath catch in her throat and her body tense a bit as she paused for a bit before asking a little less assured now, "What about your mother, what about me?"
Taking a deep breath I let it all spurt out like a fire hose, how I came home early and caught them having sex.
Rhona pulled back as if burned and jumped up as she said in a panic, "I knew I saw someone at the door."
You have to understand this was the late 70's and homosexual activity men or women was not out in the open, if it came out that she was gay she and my mother could loose their jobs or worse.
Now standing before me she asked a little tersely, "Did you tell anyone?"
I shook my head no.
She asked again "Are you going to tell anyone?"
I delayed because I hadn't even thought of doing that or why I would do that but Rhona took it as a yes. She started to say something but the phone rang in the kitchen. You know back when phones were attached to the wall or had a cord.
She walked quickly into the kitchen answered it. I could hear her side of the conversation.
She was curt and answered, "No I can't come over after all."
After listening her voice softened and she went on, "No, everything is fine. I have something I need to take care off and I will talk to you about it later."
With the curtness lifted out her voice she finished "I'm sorry, yes everything is OK, I will see you later."
I heard the phone put back in the cradle and her footsteps come back into the room. I had my head down as she walked in the first thing I saw was her feet. For the first time I saw them, she had never worn open shoes at school. Her clothing at school had never been risque but the often revealed the hint of the curves that I had seen naked over my mother. But I didn't see her feet until now. Long thin toes carefully manicured with bright pink polish attached to a slender foot encased in summer sandals. Her curving calves and ankles, were visible below the hem of her lightweight summer skirt.
My reverie was interrupted as she returned to stern teacher mode. Now standing between my open knees I could smell her perfume. Soft and fruity, summerish not heavy or strong.
Leaning over me she asked "Who were you going to tell Jason?"
I answered honestly "No one."
But based on my earlier pause she didn't quite believe me and asked again.
I raised my head defiantly now because I was angry she thought I was lying and said firmly, "No one."
I think she realized now that was the wrong tack because she switched up to a more soft appeasing voice and began to say how bad it was if I was to tell anybody, and that not only would it be bad for her and my mother it would be bad for me as well. As she was saying this she knelt between my knees trying to look up at my eyes as I had my head down again. As she knelt her ample cleavage was on view in the light blue thin cotton blouse which was unbuttoned uncharacteristically low.
The top swell of her milky white breasts and the light blue lace of her bra were on display. Knowing what was underneath all that frilly blue made my cock harden. Rhona put her hands on top of my thighs rubbing lightly trying to get me to look up at her while telling me how I shouldn't tell anyone and forget about everything, which made it harden fully. On one pass her hand brushed it before she gasped and pulled back quickly.
She seemed to regroup and her tone went from passive aggressive to sultry before saying coyly, "Ohh did I cause that little problem."
She slid her hand back up my thigh and began manipulating my hard cock through my suit pants.
She cooed and said "Ohh that's nice."
I knew I wasn't huge but slightly bigger than some. I didn't do a lot of comparing like some of my girlfriends did. I guess this is now where we put in the obligatory cock size. When hard it's about 7 inches long from pubes to tip. I say about because sometimes its a little shorter and sometimes a little longer. At that time I would say it was working its way to the long end. The distance around my cock is a little over 4.5 inches. As Diedre one of my girlfriends who would let me fuck her with it. "Its a fire hydrant of love"
I started get up to leave but Rhona put her arms around me grabbed my pants trying to pull me back to a sitting position. But all she managed to do was pull my pants down. I reached for them but she grabbed my boxer and pulled them down as well before shoving the tops of thighs making me sit down hard.
Rhona grabbed my cock and pumped it a few times as she whispered. "If you don't tell anyone I will do this when ever you want."
She leaned in and took my cock in her mouth. I was awesome, only Diedre and one other girl had even wanted to try that and it felt nowhere as good as now. While she worked her tongue around my head and pushing me in and out of her mouth I reached down between my splayed thighs and started rubbing her face and tits.
All at once Rhona sat up and gasped out, "Oh my God, how old are you?"
I assured I was 18 having had my birthday in February.
Giggling she said "I wish I had know about that and this cock then."
She went back to sucking and I tried to play with her tits which were still encased in in the light blue armor. I stopped her and had her take her blouse and bra off.
She pouted as she did and asked "What else do you want?"
I wanted to fuck her but I wasn't sure that would happen even with her taking my cock in her mouth but I was going to try. I pushed her shoulders back making her lean backward and finally falling back to the floor. I have to say I probably wasn't as smooth as I thought since I went straight for her tits. Taking the left one in my mouth and twirling the right nipple in my fingers. She didn't stop me but cradled my head in her hands. I laid down between her still skirt encased thighs. Because of out height difference, me being over 6 foot 3 and her 5 foot 6 My chest was laying on her pussy.
She moved my head around off and on her nipple as I licked and sucked. She moaned and gasped. Before directing my mouth to the other breast.
I bit her lightly and she giggled "OMG that must be in the genes."
As I sucked her tits my pants were still around my knees and my cock was scraping and drooling on the carpet. I kicked off my shoes and managed to get my pants, socks, and underwear off leaving me in my shirt and tie only, as I had taken my suit jacket off in the car. As much as I loved rolling my face in those wonderful melons and teasing those buds I really wanted to taste her pussy. I was fairly new to eating pussy. I had tried with Diedre but she didn't want me too. It was only my last girlfriend Angela that I was finally able to find some one who didn't think it was gross. I loved eating Angela's pussy and she liked it as well. She didn't care so much for reciprocating with a blow job but she did like to fuck. To bad she had went across country to college.
As I was sucking her tits I started sliding her skirt up her thighs thinking I was being sly. I ran my hands up from her knees a little at a time and lifted my body a bit each time giving me access even higher. I was the one in for a surprise when I got to the juncture of her thighs and groin and discovered she wasn't wearing any panties and my hands brushed against the soft fur covering her mound. Rhona tensed at my first contact and before she could say no I flipped her skirt up over her waist and buried my face in her pussy.
She was clean, freshly showered as I breathed in her scent. Her hands started to push my head but I zeroed in and took a long lick between the pussy lips I saw peeking from behind the red hair. She tensed and I found the bud of her clitoris, lashing it with my tongue in an all out attack trying to get her to relent. Eventually she did, taking my head in her hands like she did when I was sucking her nipples. She would guide me on and off her clit or down her lips and even to the bottom of her vagina. As I was licking she would roll her hips upward and I could reach even further.
At one point I was fingering her clit as I tongued her hole and on one roll of her hips she went up high enough that my tongued found her anus. I think it surprised us both at first but I realized it was clean and didn't taste bad so the next roll I did it again and she jerked in shock. This time I pinned her hips up and lashed her asshole with my tongue as I strummed her clit and fingered her hole. Rhona shrieked and growled as she pulled my hair and pushed my head into her ass. She heaved her pelvis up and down mashed my forehead into her pussy pinning my fingers in place. I knew she was cumming so I turned my face slightly and bit her on her ass cheek. I didn't mean to but she jerked at the same time and I ended putting a hickey there.
Rhona pushed my head away from her sensitive areas gasping, "Enough, enough, no more"
I raised up between her thighs and must have been a sight naked from the waist down sporting a red angry drooling hard on but wearing a dress shirt and tie. I watched her still unsure if I should try and enter her. I wasn't sexually sophisticated at that time. Rhona laid there on the floor topless, her large tits lolling about on her chest in time to her gasping breaths. Her nipples still tight and still glistening with my saliva. Her skirt was pushed up around her waist and her thighs were splayed open around mine show her wet matted red bush and now slightly open pussy lips displaying the bright pink under them.
She fanned herself with her hands and said. "Oh my God, that was great."
Looking at me and then down at my drooling angry cock she sighed and said, "I may regret this later but come here stud."
She reached up and pulled me down by my tie before taking my face in her hands and kissing me.
She pulled back and smacked her lips and said "I taste pretty good."
Back to kissing again. As our tongues dueled and we licked each others faces she reached down with one hand and guided me toward her hot wet pussy. At first contact I think I showed my limited experience because I pushed a little to soon.
She pushed back with her hand and said "Easy stud, it's a little thicker than I am used too, I'll handle it all."
She rubbed my drooling cock along her slit and brushing it over her clit making her gasp and smile. Eventually she lined me up and told me to go slow. I pushed slowly letting her guide me by her hand on my pubic bone. A few times she stopped me to let herself adjust or to reach down and rub her clit. About halfway in I just lost it. I shot the ropes of cum that had been boiling up in me into her pussy. She gasped but held me as I jerked them out. One of the perks of 18 is not going soft especially as she squeezed and pulsed her cunt on my cock. I was to sensitive to move but the pulsing felt good. Rhona later told me she had some minor orgasms during this time.
Once I was able to move without hurting we began again. The way was a little slicker from the load I had shot up in her but she still controlled my way in. Finally we were pubic bone to public bone. Me buried to the hilt and her pulsing around me. Rhona slowly began to rock her hips and soon was able to take me in with no discomfort. We were rocking a steady rhythm when she rolled me over on my back and was on top without ever coming off of me.
That brought a renewed lust to me. Watching this woman undulating on top of me in an obscene dance. Her belly rippling, her tits rolling, her flowing red hair flipping . Her blue eyes narrowing in her search for another orgasm. As I ripped the skirt from around her body she gasped but sped up her movements. I wanted to see where we were joined at. I wanted to watch her rise up and take me back inside if her. My eyes couldn't take it all in, Heaving breasts, undulating belly, her clit now hard and proud peeking out against my cock.
Her breathing grew more ragged and her movements for frenzied. She dug her fingers into flesh of my chest. I reached up and pinched her clit softly making her spasm and jerk before screaming out. Her hips shoved down hard on my cock causing me to follow her into another orgasm.
Rhona jerked and moaned a few more times before falling forward on my chest. Where she seemed to sleep for a few minutes. I felt my cock softening slightly but still hard enough to stay inside her. I was aware of her tits and nipples pressing into my chest. Her breath was sweet and soft against my cheek. She had little tremors in her body that faded away. Not know what else to do I wrapped my arms around her in a protective way.
After a few minutes she stirred on my chest. She moved slightly realizing my cock was still in her and she giggled. She kissed my chest, my forehead and my lips before letting out a big sigh.
Laying her head back on my chest she sighed again before saying softly, "I'm sorry, I was trying to manipulate you with sex and I shouldn't have."
I kissed the top of her head and said "I think it worked out OK."
She groaned and said "Men."
She was quiet for a few minutes again during which time I was running my hands softly over her body. Caressing her, sometimes making her shiver slightly.
Once again she sighed, this time into my chest before she asking, "You want to know about me and your mother?"
That question forgotten in the moment came back with a blast. Before I could say no she went on. "Do you remember our first class in the 10th grade where you were having problems?"
I nodded and she went on, "Your mother and I met then, both worried about you until we realized your learning disability was due to your cock and you spending your time staring at the hot little blonde across the aisle instead of paying attention to class."
She kissed my nipple before she went on, "We became friends and spent time together, when you were off on sports trips or off with friends Janie would come over and we would drink wine and we would tell stories."
Pausing, this time I am not sure if for effect or to gather courage she added, "One night after too much wine and bemoaning the availability of single men in this town and the willingness of married ones to push themselves at us we both discovered we had experiences with girls in college."
Taking a deep breath she said "I don't know how it happened but we ended up kissing, we kissed for hours in the darkness, until eventually we were naked and pleasuring each other with our fingers."
Rhons stopped and raised her head, "You little perv you're getting hard thinking about your mother and I."
I tried to stammer out a denial but the facts were facts my cock was stiffening again.
I saw glint in her eyes as Rhona rose up and began rocking her hips working my cock around.
She looked down at me and hissed out, "I bet you would love to know that your mother tastes sweet and just flows juice when I lick her pussy; and that she loves it when I sit on her face and rock myself to orgasm .

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