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“I got the promotion!” the text read.

“Yes,” whispered Alex as she started typing to congratulate her husband Cam.

Her phone rang. He was trying to call her.

“Hey, babe! Congratulations!” she said as she answered.

“Thank you, baby. So, really quick,” he said, “I’m on my way to an orientation that starts in just a couple minutes and lasts all day. They said that I can start setting up my new office tonight if I want. I would like to, but I need some stuff that’s in my briefcase at home. Would you be willing to bring it to me?”

Alex was always up for an opportunity to see her man, so she agreed to bring him the briefcase. “What time do you need me to be there?”

“Let’s go ahead and plan for 8 p.m. I know, it’s after hours, but I will send you a text with my new office number and show you around while you’re here. Okay, I gotta go. Love you!”

“I love you, too,” she said before ending the call.

Alex was so excited to see his new office; she couldn’t wait. She wanted to make this a special occasion. Knowing that Cam had left wearing slacks with a button-down and tie, she decided to match his level of attire. She panned through the closet until she found a formal dark red dress that she knew he loved.

She laid the dress on the bed, setting her favorite high heels beside it. Alex was determined to make it a time to remember. Being there after hours with no possibility of anyone barging in and a new office—all alone, just the two of them—seemed almost too good to be true.

The day went on, but Alex headed upstairs to the bedroom with plenty of time to get ready.

With the busyness of life, Cam and Alex hadn’t had much time to be intimate for a while. She daydreamed of what might happen in his office as she started getting ready, letting her shorts drop down over her ankles and pulling her shirt over her head. She noticed herself in the tall mirror that leaned against the wall.

Alex would never talk up how good she looked in front of others, but she knew her stellar appearance could put her husband in a trance. She stood there for a moment before sliding off her bra and panties to appreciate the “full effect.”

“What if I stripped for him in his office?” she thought. She brushed a hand over her nipples, biting her bottom lip in an attempt at seductiveness. She loved how she looked in the mirror but liked thrumming her nipples even more. Slowly, she ran her fingers back over them, watching as they grew harder with each pass like sensual desire rising to the surface. She felt the slightest tingle between her legs.

Her eyes shifted over to the bedside table where they kept the vibrator and couldn’t help but think how wonderful it would feel. Being naked and daydreaming about her husband made masturbation sound very appealing. Alex thought perhaps she could warm herself up for his benefit (and hers) so that they could jump right into it when she got there. She looked over at the clock on the nightstand. “I’ve got a few extra minutes,” she reasoned.

Still standing in front of the mirror, she reached over, opened the nightstand drawer, and pulled out the vibrator. After clicking it on, she watched her reflection as she lowered it to her mound. The vibe came to rest right above her clit as she spread her feet. She liked to watch herself start to quiver with pleasure. The feeling was really intense, but she didn’t have much time before she had to leave. Still, she knew if she could get herself hot and bothered, she would not cool down until the desire was satisfied, and she was going to satisfy it with Cam.

Alex lay back on the bed and bent her knees, pushing up on the tips of her toes and opening her legs wide.

The vibrations seemed to make her folds ripple in gratification as she slowly moved the wand up and down between her legs, her head dropping back as she caressed her inner thigh with her free hand.

Several moments passed as she soaked in the ecstasy as the vibrations spread deep within. She could feel herself bing aroused, as her natural silky fluids let the vibrator glide effortlessly over her pussy. Before long, she found the perfect spot and held the vibrator there while sliding her middle finger into her pussy. The sensations connected as she stroked her tender walls. Closing her eyes, she felt the pressure build. She did her best to control her breathing until it seemed her body was taking over.

Rolling her head to the side to check the alarm clock, Alex found to her surprise that she had been playing for over 15 minutes! She’d be late if she didn’t hurry.

Quickly she got up, almost falling over as her legs felt a bit unstable. She hustled over to the bathroom and got a towel to wipe herself off before putting on fresh panties. There was just enough time to put on her makeup and dress before rushing out the door. At the last moment, she remembered Cam’s briefcase, snatching it up on her way to the car.

Alex used Cam’s latest text to navigate to his new office. Once she had parked, she grabbed the briefcase and walked over to the main entrance were two massive double doors ushered her into a beautiful auditorium. No one manned the front desk as it was after hours. Her heels echoed on the marble floor as she walked over to the elevator and set down the briefcase, pulling out her phone to recheck Cam’s message. After a swift elevator ride to the 10th floor, she wandered down the hallway in search of her husband.

Theplete silence, save for the buzzing of the vending machines as she passed the employee lounge, made the walk quite eerie. Alex passed several offices with their doors closed; it seemed everyone had gone home for the night.

As she neared Cam’s open office door, she could hear him bustling about inside. He was busy under the desk, trying to finish putting it together. Alex waited in the doorway for a second as not to startle him.

After a while, he finally scooted himself out and popped his head up. He looked somewhat surprised.

“Hey, how long have you been standing there?”

Alex laughed. “Not too long. I just didn’t want to surprise you and have you slam your head into your desk.”

Cam chuckled as he stood up and came over to Alex to retrieve the briefcase and gave her a long kiss. “You look stunning ” he said, keeping one arm around her waist. Cam spread his other arm out, presenting to her his office. “Well, this is it,” he said with a broad grin on his face.

The classiness of every aspect of the magnificent office impressed Alex. Leather and mahogany dominated the spacious office, accented with foliage plants. Next to the wall there was a genuine leather couch that matched the two plush chairs corralling a dark mahogany retro-looking table. A couple of bookcases with crown molding on top held full sets of leatherbound reference books. A few file ccabinets stood open, ready to receive boxes of papers stacked next to it.

Alex fingered the golden Ethan Allen corner plate as she maneuvered around the desk and sank into Cam’s office chair. The leather adjusted perfectly to all of her curves. Her eyes perused the wall of credentials and education over a luxurious seating area before she turned to the floor-to-ceiling window that served as the opposite wall.

Cam, still standing by the doorway, reached over and dimmed the overhead lights, giving Alex a perfect view of the city outside from 100 feet in the air.

“Wow,” Alex whispered as her eyes widened looking down seeing the traffic and people going about their businesspletely unaware that they were being watched.

“So, What do you think?” Cam asked knowing that his wife waspletely amazed.

“This is like a screensaver in real life.” She said before turning away from the window. “This is like royalty.” She said jokingly scooting herself up to the bare desk. “What is going to go on your desk? Are you going to get a fancy name plate?”

“Yeah.” Cam set down the briefcase. “There are two monitors and aputer over there in that box, along with all of the other office supplies that I need to unpack, but I just haven’t had time.”

Alex stood up from the office chair and went over to the chairs and couch, wanting to try them out. She liked the cool-leather feel on her skin as the couch contoured to her figure.

“Want the full tour?” Cam offered, and they spent the next hour perusing the building while Cam waxed eloquent about all the things he loved about thepany.

Alex felt so proud of Cam.  He had put in a lot of hard work to get this position, not just for his benefit, but also for hers. She leaned in and hugged his arm. “This is magnificent! Just look what you have aplished!” Alex asked.

Cam paused for a second and pulled Alex in close, looking directly into her eyes. “When we meet someone special who means everything to us, we can do amazing things out of the love we have for them.” Cam pulled Alex in for a hug. As he wrapped his arms fully around her, she snuggled into his chest.

Soon after, they walked hand-in-hand into the elevator,  and Cam pushed the button to go back to his office. He let her go into the elevator first,  giving her a smack on her butt as she passed by. He followed her in, and as soon as the doors shut, he turned around to face Alex, somewhat pinning her in the corner of the elevator.

“You know how I said that love makes you do some crazy things?” he asked pressing his body against hers.

Alex could feel the chemistry bubbling between them and her body responding to it. She tried to stay calm as she whispered a faint, “Yes.”

“Well, this is another one of those crazy things I do.” He leaned in and gave her a kiss, authoritative but at the same time tender. His body pressed into hers until her lower back met the handrail. Alex, already turned on, seemed to match his heightened arousal as she allowed him to take her away in his dominance.

Cam’s arms swooped down, grabbing under her thighs to lift her onto the handrail. Spreading her legs as far as her dress would allow, Alex gasped as Cam’s hands slid up her legs, taking her dress with them. She swung one leg over to balance her high heel on the handrail and stablize herself.

As the elevator ascended, their lips intertwined. They made out in a rush, as if racing against the opening of the doors when they would reach their destination.

As they felt the elevator stop and level up, Cam pulled back and helped Alex down. She unrumpled her dress, bringing it back down around her ankles. As soon as the door opened, Cam grabbed Alex’s hand and led her speedily down the hall to his office to finish what they had begun.

Letting her enter first, Cam closed the door. It locked with a quiet click. Then he slid the light dimmer all the way down, so that only the city lights illuminated the room.

“What does my powerful businessman want me to do?” Alex said, deciding to role-play with him.

Cam, playing along, said in a firm voice. “You may disrobe.”

Alex walked over to the window, allowing Cam to see her silhouette as she slowly unfastened her dress and let it slide down her body to the floor. Then she raised her arms and stretched, showing Cam her every curve. It felt quite scandalous to be in nothing but her bra, panties, and high heels in front of the entire city—and exciting!

Cam came up and reached out to gently run his fingertips over her smooth skin glowing in the citylight. Then as he slowly dropped to his knees, his hot, wet lips explored her body, leaving a trail of shivers behind them.

Alex tugged on his shirt, beckoning him to take it off. Instead, he rose and allowed her to open each button and slip it off of him. Meanwhile, he slipped a finger under the straps to slide off her panties.

“Um, sir, you’ll have to earn a promotion before you score,” Alex said. She pressed into Cam, making him walk backwards, and pushed him onto the couch. Grabbing his wrists, she stretched his arms along the top of the couch.

“Now, sir.” she said in a firm voice, “I am going to have to check your credentials. You need to sit here patiently and not move.”

Alex unbuckled Cam’s belt and opened his pants. She motioned for him to help her slide them down along with his underwear, upon which his erection sprang out.

“Well, they are looking good so far,” Alex said lightly, brushing her fingers along his firm, warm shaft. Then she wrapped her hand around him and slowly pulled back his foreskin, revealing the tip as she brought her mouth close. She let saliva drip out of her mouth, and it coated the tip before dripping down onto his slacks. Slowly, she took him in, exploring his length with her tongue.

Alex heard Cam exhale deeply as he tried to relax despite the intense pleasure. She felt herself getting more turned on as she sucked his cock harder and harder, feeling her powerful husband start to lose control.

“I like what I see, and now I want it,” Alex said, standing up to stripping down to nothing but her high heels. She quickly mounted Cam, grabbing onto his shoulder with one hand and his cock with the other as she rubbed him against her soaked pussy.

She came in for a kiss, and as their lips met, Alex felt the tip of Cam’s cock slip in between her wet folds. She took him into her gradually as she rocked back and forth, feeling her clit grind against him.

“I never thought I would be fucking you in my office,” Cam said. He grabbed Alex’s hips and lifted her slightly to start thrusting upward like a jackhammer into his wife.

“Shit!” Alex’s words blend with her moan. “I love it when you do that,” she managed to say.

Cam propping Alex up higher put her breasts right in front of his face. He tried to catch one of her nipples in his mouth as her breasts swayed with his thrusts.

Alex placed both of her hands on his shoulders, bracing against Cam’s powerful thrusting. She could see a bead of sweat running down Cam’s forehead as she tightened her grip, knowing she was close to cumming.

“Oh, baby, yes. Yes, yes!” Alex cried as she remembered the building was empty. Her pussy tightened around his cock, increasing the friction and forcing her to cum in waves.

Cam finally stopped thrusting, trying to catch his breath, and Alex sat quivering atop him. After a moment, Cam placed one of his arms around her back and the other one under her bum, supporting her as he managed to stand while still inside of her! Pants around his ankles, he shuffled Alex over to the desk. She felt him move side to side inside of her.

Carefully, Cam set Alex down on the desk and helped her lie back. The desk chilled her bare back, but she was distracted from it by Cam taking off her heels and grabbing her ankles. He lifted them high and thrust into her as fast and as deep as he could. She was sure that he was going to finish the job.

Cam’s grunts and moans increased in intensity, as did his thrusting, until he suddenly let out one long moan. Alex felt his member, buried as deep as it could go, fill her pussy with his cum in surges. She pulled him tight to her, wrapping her legs around him.

Alex lay there with Cam still standing at the edge of the desk. All was silence but for their panting as Alex ran her fingertips down her husband’s chest. only intensifying the sensations he was feeling.

“Wow,” Cam said as he slowly pulled out, trying not to drip anything on the floor. “We are going to have to do this again sometime.”

Alex, still splayed on the desk, said, “We’re not done yet. Can you grab the vibrator out of my purse?”

Cam walked over to her purse sitting by the door, fastening his slacks on the way.

“It looks like you came prepared,” he said. As he walked over to Alex, he noticed her hand between her legs. As two of her fingers circled over her clit, he could tell by the wet sounds how saturated she was. He handed her the vibrator and then walked around to the side of the desk where her head was. He pulled up his office chair and sat down.

Alex scooted up on the desk,ing in for a kiss, then clicked the vibrator on and rolled it in her silkiness, letting out a moan into his mouth.

With her lips pressed against Cam’s and the vibrator inching her closer, it was just a matter of time before Alex reached climax. Her clitoris began tingling while the vibrations slowly spread down both sides of her groin into her legs as she slowly sank into what seemed like a pre-orgasm. Her body wanted to tighten, but she was able to remain calm. She let out a muffled moan, her lips locked on Cam’s.

Soon, Alex felt the pressure build irresistibly within her.  She released, letting herself squirt a little bit as she climaxed, the fluid slightly spattering the insides of her thighs.

With the vibrator tight against her, the pleasure flowed deeply inside her, and she could hear her frantic wetness. Her toes locked over the edge of the desk as dropped deep into orgasm, entering it fully. Her mouth opened wide like a lion’s as if she were swallowing a world of pleasure. Arched in extremis, she was an undulating feast, her breasts softly bouncing as her body convulsed, her nipples hard and dark as she pressed the last convulsions from her thirsty vulva.

Alex turned off the vibrator and laid it beside her. Lying back, she stared at the ceiling while Cam caressed the side of her face.

After a bit, Cam helped Alex off the desk and wrapped her up in a hug before putting her clothes back on.

“I am so tired. Can we just sleep on the couch or something?” Alex joked about not wanting to drive home.

“I’m not sure how my new boss would like it if he found out I was having my wife sleep in my office.” Cam chuckled. “I’ll do what I can now to clean up the evidence.” He walked over to the packing boxes and pulled out some paper towels to wipe up the small amount of Alex’s leftover fluid.

Cam noticed that Alex seemed a little embarrassed. “It’s okay. I like a woman who takes it a step further than just an orgasm,” He assured her. He took a long swipe with his pointer finger and examined it, rubbing the silky fluid between his finger and thumb. He looked over at his wife and smiled.