Office Worker Ch. 02

tagGroup SexOffice Worker Ch. 02

After cleaning up, Laura walked back through the conference room to Stephen's office. There, he was sitting, frowning at his computer. Toni was seated across the room, notepad in hand, ready to take any dictation. Stephen looked up at Laura as she paused in the doorway, awaiting instruction.
"Come here," he beckoned. Laura walked across the room to stand at the corner Stephen's desk and chair made. Stephen rolled his wrist so that his fingers were facing up, but so that his forearm was still on the armrest of his office chair. Laura understood intrinsically that she was to straddle his hand so that he could finger her while they met, and did so without even thinking. Immediately, Stephen's rolled his wrist slightly back so that Laura was gliding her clit along his thumb.
"You seem to be enjoying yourself here," Stephen remarked casually. Laura nodded, taking pleasure in the sensations coming from her loins. "You're quite the slut, aren't you? First unquestioningly taking on all of my major office staff and driving them to orgasm, then sucking off a complete stranger during a business meeting, and allowing him to fuck you afterwards. And you enjoyed that too, didn't you?"
Laura flushed, embarrassed at the validity of Stephen's words, but was forced to agree. She HAD enjoyed every bit of her time here, so far.
"That's not all that we are thinking of bringing you on for though," Stephen continued. "Tell me your impressions of the meeting."
As she began to recount the points she'd considered during the meeting, Laura continued to masturbate herself against Stephen's thumb.
"Firstly, Ben isn't quite sure what he wants from a partnership with you. He thinks that having you speak to his leadership team will boost their effectiveness, but he's afraid that some of the topics you're likely to speak on would lead some of them to switch to other competitors." Stephen frowned at that, but motioned for her to continue.
"Second, he's overrating whatever benefits he WOULD realize from having you speak. You'd do well at getting his team motivated, but he hasn't yet calculated in that they would need the buy-in from the rest of the staff. Because of that, the senior leadership would only have partial effectiveness. Some will take everything you say to heart and run with it, but make mistakes due to taking the wrong things too far. Others will completely misunderstand your points altogether. And others will ignore them entirely. A few though, will be empowered and be able to be more effective, but we won't know the extent of all that until afterwards."
Toni gasped in surprise from her seat across the room at the insights Laura had picked up while blowing Ben.
"Personally, I believe that Ben's scope is too small. In order to maximize bringing you in to speak to his team, he needs to allocate several days for you to review his organization and identify the key leaders, then allow you some time to develop specific presentations for similar leader groups within the organization, and allow you some time with the entire organization to present more general topics."
This time, even Stephen was impressed with Laura. As he nodded thoughtfully, a surprised expression on his face, he rolled his wrist and curled his fingers upwards, allowing Laura to impale herself upon them. As she did, her eyes fluttered in pleasure, and she let out a soft moan.
"Those are all wonderful insights. And a couple I hadn't quite been able to formulate, but were nagging in the back of my mind. You've done well. Feel free to finish yourself off, then go with Toni to finalize all of that."
Desperately, Laura ground herself against Stephen's fingers within her and her clit against his protruding thumb. Due to the prolonged edging of everyone else having their turns with her but her not yet cumming herself, she quickly began to crescendo.
Rapidly finishing her notes, Toni set them aside and came up behind Laura. Pressing her own body tightly to the other woman, Toni nuzzled her neck and reached around to tweak Laura's nipples. Laura responded by grinding down harder on Stephen's fingers, back into Toni, and moaning louder. Her breathing grew more rapid quickly, and her movements grew more and more jerky. With a wail, she finally crested the wave of pleasure, her legs growing weak and driving the fingers within her even deeper, and her clit harder upon the protruding thumb.
Too soon, and yet not soon enough, Stephen withdrew his hand, allowing Toni to support Laura. He then wiped his sodden fingers across her hips, then dismissed them to return to his work. Once she was sufficiently recovered, Laura followed Toni meekly from the room. She retrieved her clothes from the conference room and dressed, then followed Toni to Toni's office. There, the two women sat to discuss the next steps for Stephen.
In Toni's office, the atmosphere was completely professional. This was work to which Laura had become accustomed-dictating thoughts, reviewing them, annotating them, then revising them. About three quarters of the way through the process though, Brian came in. He had been experiencing some frustration in working on a zone of the central air, and sought out Laura to exercise his frustrations. As Brian unfastened his pants and reached for her head, Laura shook her head.
"I'm sorry, but I'm actually working right now and need my mouth." After a split second's worth of thought, however, she arose from her seat and bent over Toni's desk, hiking her skirt around her waist in the process.
"If you can keep quiet enough that we can keep working, I'll offer this alternative though," she said to him. With a slightly embarrassed smile, Brian took Laura up on the offer, stepping up behind her and sliding into her slightly sore canal. As he began to thrust, Laura kept up her dictation, with Toni typing the thoughts as they came.
Soon though, Laura's breathing began to grow more ragged. Brian was doing a good job at distracting her from her work, but she did her best to focus. However, her abused pussy was reacting too strongly to ignore. Toni gave up trying to make sense of Laura's distracted mumblings and pulled her off the desk to the floor, then took her own skirt off before resuming her seat. She guided Laura's face into her own gash, even as Brian was resuming his assault on Laura's quim.
Having already been stroking himself inside of Laura, Brian was sooner to cum than Toni. He gave a few hard, quick thrusts inside of her before holding himself tightly to her ass, his cock spasming within her and releasing its load. This pushed Laura over the edge, and she gave up trying to lick and suck Toni, instead whimpering her orgasmic pleasure. Once Brian pulled out though, Toni jerked Laura's hair.
"Back to munching, slut," she ordered with a smirk. Laura resumed licking Toni, occasionally seeking out the trickle of juices that were seeping towards Toni's ass, occasionally fucking the widening hole with her tongue, more frequently circling Toni's clit and sucking hard on it. Toni's own breathing grew increasingly ragged as Laura propelled her towards an orgasm of her own.
Eventually, Toni pulled hard on Laura's hair, thrusting her hips into Laura's mouth. Laura sucked hard on Toni's clit, tonguing it rapidly from side to side. Toni erupted all over Laura's face with a loud cry that resounded through the office. Laura kept up her assault on Toni's clit, spurring multiple orgasms from the longer tenured woman, until finally Toni pushed her away instead of pulling her in.
As Laura stood and wiped Toni's juices from her face, enjoying the tang on her tongue, Toni sat, her body occasionally convulsing from after shocks from the tongue lashing that Laura had provided her. A few long minutes later, she drew a long, ragged breath, then sat up and blinked lazily at Laura.
"I'm not sure how much you're going to help, versus how much you're going to hurt productivity," she laughed. "I'm ready for a nap after that! And you said that Liz was the first woman you've ever licked? You're a quick learner, that's for sure!"
Laura accepted the compliments with a shy smile, then gingerly smoothed her skirt back down over her derriere before tentatively taking her seat. The two women finished the project, then Toni said that they were done for the night.
Looking at the clock, Laura realized that it was after 6:30-no wonder she was hungry! The two women left the now-deserted office, saying their goodbye's at Toni's car as she was parked closer. Climbing into her own car, Laura drove home. She walked into her modest apartment, her blazer held casually over her arm. She still smelled like sex, and looked like she'd been at it all day.
Rather fortunately, she encountered no one as she reached her apartment. Ordering in food from an app on her cell, she took a luxurious shower. As she stepped out, she heard an impatient knock at her door. Throwing a towel around herself, she rushed through the apartment to open the door to the young lady holding her food. Apologizing profusely for the delay, she pulled the young woman into the room while she found some cash for a tip. Still apologizing, she explained that she'd had a rough day at work while her hair dripped onto her arms and down her chest and back.
Unthinkingly, she undid the towel a bit, drying off the ends of her hair. At the blush and gaze of the young delivery woman, Laura blushed herself at the realization that she'd just wantonly exposed herself to this stranger, and apologized yet again.
"That's ok," said the delivery woman with a sly smile. "I'd guess I'd be a little scatter brained too after the day you must have had." With a wink, the girl turned and let herself out. Laura went back to the bathroom to grab another towel for her hair, then pulled on a wrap around sweater before sitting on the couch with a book to eat her dinner.
After she'd eaten, Laura brushed out her hair, then went to bed. She awoke sore in her nether regions, but dressed appropriately (although sans underwear) for her editing job. Thankfully, today was Friday, so she would at least have the weekend to recover. At the end of the day though, her boss called her in to his office.
"We've received word from Stephen's organization seeking to pull you in to their organization," he opened, as soon as she'd closed the door. "Are you looking to leave us so soon after a promotion?" His voice was irritated.
Laura did her best to look contrite. "Actually, Stephen approached me with an offer. It wasn't something for which I was looking, but since he offered I have done some exploring," she hedged. "It does offer some opportunities that wouldn't be available here, but would expand some of my horizons that may allow me to determine certain advantages here, later," she laughed internally at some of the double entendres she'd made, but continued. "However, nothing is yet definite, only exploratory. This has been my dream job for as long as I can remember," she finished seriously. "I wouldn't throw it away on a whim unless it was something that would make me a better editor later on down the road."
Jon, Laura's boss, looked at her contemplatively-still irritated, but slightly mollified.
"Laura, you've done excellent work since you've been here. I'm not aware of anyone advancing as quickly as you, and your dealings with Stephen to date netted the company a very healthy profit. We'd hate to lose you, and I don't just mean your earning potential for us. You've developed your whole staff so that any one of them could fill your shoes with minimal additional training, and in only a few months."
He sighed and looked out the window, still a little miffed. "I guess that the anger is more that we're hearing this from outside our company than directly from you. You'll do well whatever you decide to do, but from now on, try to keep us apprised at the earliest possibility. Fair enough?"
Laura agreed, then was dismissed by Jon. Leaving his office, she stepped outside and immediately called Stephen.
"What the hell?!?" she lit into him. "You couldn't even give me time to break the news to my boss first?!? I just had a devil of a time calming him down!"
Stephen's voice was surprised. "I thought you were going to join us, that's why you jumped through our hoops," he replied. "The way you agreed to everything and signed the paperwork, I thought it was a done deal."
Laura was forced to look at things from Stephen's standpoint, and agree. She was still angry though. "It didn't look very professional of me to not at least be able to give notice," she said, more calmly this time. "Is there any way you can work out some sort of loan program, or transition time? You said that I'd be allowed some options."
Stephen thought for a few moments, then agreed. "I'll have Don work something out. Let us know when you're ready to bring it back up to your bosses. In the meantime, I suppose we'll have to keep working through meetings. Have your secretary set one up. I'm working on another manuscript anyways that I'm sure your organization will jump on, so you can smooth things over that way," he mused. "Actually, it would give good cover and lend itself to the loan and transition that you mentioned. Let me know when it's set up," he commanded, then hung up.
Calmer now, Laura returned to her office, arriving just as her phone pinged. She saw that it was a text message from Stephen, and made the mistake of opening it just as she reached the desk of her secretary. Blushing furiously at the image of her on her hands and knees, Brian fucking her from behind, eating out Toni, her mind went blank with humiliation. She needed several moments to be able to respond to her secretary, then hurriedly instructed the woman to schedule a meeting "as soon as possible" with Stephen's organization to discuss a potential new book.
Rushing into her office, she slammed the door, then flounced down on her seat, acutely aware of the gush of arousal from her crotch. God, she really WAS a slut, she realized. Instead of being disgusted at Stephen, his organization, and herself, she was excited by the image. She was tempted to jill herself off, but instead thrust the image out of her mind and returned to her work. There was less than an hour until the end of the day, and she was determined to finish everything on her desk so that she could just enjoy the weekend.
Within minutes though, Stephen had sent her another image of herself, this time underneath the conference table, on her haunches, sucking off what had to be Ben. Clear in the image was the glisten of her slit, indicating her arousal at her demeaning task. She clamped her legs together tightly in an attempt to contain the flood threatening to gush from her loins, giving lie to any attempt she might have made that she didn't like it.
Once again, she focused on her work, this time ignoring the message that came through. It didn't take that long to plow through what was left, although long enough for most of her staff to clear out. Her secretary was the last to leave, coming in to mention that she'd added the meeting to Laura's itinerary and giving her yet another knowing wink at the odor of arousal filling the office.
Once she'd gone, Laura rushed to the bathroom for some towels, then back to her office. Yanking her pants down, and unbuttoning her top to access her breasts, she looked at the last image Stephen had sent her. It was the one that had been taken after Tim had shot his load across her face. Without thinking, she plunged the fingers of one hand into her snatch, the other raising her phone to reply to the image with a picture of what she was currently doing.
Sending it, she fingered herself roughly, her other hand dropping the phone on her desk to pinch her nipples. Previously inexperienced sexually, she found herself loving the derogatory talk, the lascivious pictures and portrayals of her, and the treatment she received since meeting Stephen. All of that clashed with her upbringing and education, but the thrill of it all was enough to push that distraction from her mind.
Having successfully brought herself to orgasm, she re-buttoned her blouse and fastened her pants again, picking up her phone to see another message from Stephen. Opening it, she found some instructions.
"Tomorrow, be at my house by 4:30. Dress won't matter, you'll be playing greeter. Expect a package at your place tonight. Wear it to the gathering."
Laura returned home, then fixed dinner. She was filled with nervous anticipation over the next day's events though, and picked at dinner while she read a book. Hearing a knock at the door, she opened it to find a younger woman, not as pretty as the one from the previous night, with numerous piercings and tattoos. The woman held out a bag emblazoned with "Devil's Dungeon" on it, eying Laura up and down appraisingly as she did so.
"Someone's going to have fun," she smirked at Laura before turning to go. Laura unthinkingly pulled out the contents of the bag in the open doorway. Inside were a jeweled butt plug and a Lovense sex toy. She held them, her mind blank, until she realized that not only was the door still open, but that a guy living on the same floor was passing by, looking askance at her and her new toys.
Blushing yet again, she winked firtatiously at him before closing the door. She read the instructions for the Lovense, then set up the charger in her room. Returning to the living room, she picked up the plug and fingered it tentatively, turning it over and over in her hands. It wasn't large, and she wondered what it would feel like.
Thoughtfully, she drove to the store. She picked up a douche, since she couldn't bear the thought of making anything dirty by shoving it up her rear entrance without at least attempting to clean, as well as some lover's lube. Heading into her bathroom, she disrobed, then sat on the commode and used the douche repeatedly until the water coming from her anus ran clear.
Stalking naked through her apartment, she made her way into the bedroom, applied the lube to the toy, then gingerly worked it slowly into her rectum. Once inserted, she felt like a delletante. On a whim, she pulled the now-charged Lovense from its charger and inserted that into her vagina, then snapped a picture to text to Stephen. Moments later, the Lovense began to vibrate inside her, the vibrations hardest on the fleshy area just underneath her pubic bone.
Her phone pinged, and she read the text message. "My, you are an eager slut!" it read. Included was a screenshot of a contact list he had forwarded her picture to. Knowing that he had done so made her flush clear into her chest, as well as made her body convulse with an orgasm-the fastest she had ever done so. Each time she began to recover, the vibrations against her g-spot sent her climaxing again, and it seemed that they were intensifying.
During one, she maintained the presence of mind to record herself cumming, and sent that to Stephen as well. The vibrations from the toy intensified. Another reply from him showed the same contact list for the forwarded video she had sent. The combination sent her over the edge yet again, until finally Stephen apparently turned the toy off.
"Rest up, and drink plenty of water," was the last message she received from him that night. Getting up from the bed, she made a mental note of the large soaked area on her sheets that she'd made, then removed the toys before dutifully going into the kitchen to gulp down several glasses of water. Returning to the bed, she collapsed into a deep sleep.
Arising late the next morning, Laura started out her day with a luxurious bath. She carefully groomed herself so that she'd be nice and smooth for the evening's events, then spent some time browsing for new clothes for her new job. She wasn't sure just how far to push the envelope, but definitely bought a few that she wouldn't dare wear out in public otherwise.

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