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tagIncest/TabooOh Daddy Dearest

All characters are 18 yrs or older.
Tom lay in bed on a fine Sunday morning, the sunlight trying to push through the closed curtains, he lay watching his wife getting ready for work, today she had to go into the office, to catch up on a mountain of paperwork. Although she wasn't facing clients today she still liked to dress nicely. He glanced over at the digital clock on the bedside table it was 7.47.
"So what are your plans today?" she asked him looking at him naked in bed, she noticed the bulge of his cock under the sheets, he watched her as she did up her blouse, as the red padded bra that held her 32C bust disappeared, as the buttons closed the front of her black satin blouse, she stood standing in her red cotton thong.
"Oh I don't know baby, probably have breakfast, tidy up a bit, then take Jenna to the garden centre and choose some plants for the new garden, then take my daughter out on a lunch date at the new and improved cafe they have just reopened." He had ulterior motives for today, motives and things his wife could not find out about, let alone understand.
"Oh yes that would be nice, she will enjoy that, having a lunch date with her father." Brenda said looking down at her husband, he pushed the sheet down revealing his hard cock lifting it from his groin, he looked at her smiling as she sat on the bed slipping her feet into her fashion jeans. "But you will have to take care of that yourself." she said grinning looking at her husbands groin, she stood pulling her jeans up her thighs, and wriggled, as she pulled them over her arse, the tight jeans that really accentuated the shape of her well toned legs, hips and arse.
"Fuck your arse looks good in those jeans, but you know we always fuck on a Sunday morning!" he said.
"Yes, but not this morning baby." she replied tucking her blouse in her jeans, closing them with the button, then wrestling with the zip finally pulling it up, Tom watching the bright red lace of her thong now hidden under her jeans, she sat down and lay over his thighs, she wrapped her hand around his shaft, picking up his hard cock, she looked up at him as she leant in pressing her red lipstick covered lips against his knob kissing it.
"Come on baby a quick blowjob, even a handjob before you leave?" he asked looking down at her as she licked up the base of his hard cock, she slid her lips over his knob sucking it, then down his hard shaft.
"Oh yes baby that's it!" he said watching her slowly move her lips up and down his shaft, his knob deep in her mouth.
"Oh baby, I really wish I could," she said with sarcasm in her voice, after she took his cock out sitting up leaning over him, she kissed his pouting lips, "But this is all your getting from me this morning, now your on your own, you will have to do it yourself?"
She stood slipping on her red high heels, as she gave her husband a half apologetic grin, she pushed her long blonde hair into a ponytail and checked herself in the mirrored glass on the wardrobe doors. "Besides baby we had sex last night!" she replied looking at him through the reflection in the glass seeing him naked on the bed his dick still in his hand.
"Fucking Bitch!" he said as she walked out of the room, she turned to blow him a kiss.

He waited twenty minutes after hearing his wife drive off down the road, his cock in hand gripping his huge erection thinking about his daughter downstairs in her room, he got out of bed and stood looking in the mirror, after a quick scratch of his balls he went to the en suite bathroom and stood over the toilet taking a piss, he felt the strong urge to have a wank, he stroked his cock then stopped, "Fuck." he said as he washed his cock clean with soap and a flannel, he put on aftershave, then made his way naked out of the bedroom to the kitchen, his cock aroused but semi hard.
He poured a glass of water and stood waiting looking out the window, the bobcat sat outside on the lawn ready and waiting to clear the area for the new garden area and pool.
He made his way to his daughters bedroom, he stood outside Jenna's door, his 18, nearly 19 yr old daughter. It was now 8.30 he slowly opened her door knowing that she slept naked in the middle of summer, a thought that aroused him as he lay in bed upstairs with his wife, his naked daughter in bed downstairs.
He saw her in her bed as she lay on her front, her arms folded above her head, her head resting sideways on her pillow, facing away from him, her bare arse uncovered, the sheet just covered her anus and pussy, he felt hornier looking at her bare arse crack. He loved her body, he knew her body so well, the six months he had been secretly making love to her
When she told him he could fuck her when ever he wanted, he took that quite literally, he slowly walked over to her bed, after all this time he still knew he should not be naked in his teenage daughters room, let alone fucking her. He loved the way her long blonde hair with dark highlights draped over her shoulder as she slept.
He sat down next to her hip looking up her naked back, the loved the small tattoo of a dragon on her right shoulder, her 16th birthday present, because she wasn't the legal age to get one by herself, he went with her to sign the consent form. She thought he was the best father in the world letting her, as a 16 yr old get a tattoo. She made all her friends jealous.
He sat looking at her for a minute, just taking in her body, her tanned body, the tanned outline of her bikini top. He reached up pushing her hair off her face, he placed his hand on her shoulder sliding it down her side to her hip, he leant in kissing her dragon tattoo, the tattoo it took her mother a year to get used to, she moaned as she flinched. She knew it was her father as she lay still, her eyes still closed.
He kissed down her spine, from her neck down to the middle of her back, running his fingers over her shoulder blade and her sides, he felt the round of her breast as it was squashed against the bed, he loved her breasts, fondling them, squeezing them, he knew them well. He kissed down over her exposed arse, over well rounded cheeks, he could almost smell her sex, it was met with a groan as she knew soon he would be touching her pussy that was getting wetter with the anticipation of her fathers fingers, and tongue.
She moaned as she lifted her knee up the bed towards her chest, bending her leg, she slightly lifted her torso giving him better access to her breast as he rubbed her back, as he leant in kissing her shoulder and neck. He knew she was awake, she knew, he knew she was awake. She was just enjoying his touch.
He pushed the sheet off her arse admiring her arse cheeks, as he pushed it to her knees, he gripped her arse squeezing her bare tanned cheeks, he loved the thin tan line up her crack, feeling horny knowing the skimpiness of the bikini's she wore at the beach, the thong bikini bottoms that she loved to wear, much to her conservative mothers disgust.
She pushed her hips up towards him, as his fingers slid over her arse, his finger between her cheeks sliding over her anus, moving down hearing her groan as his finger touched her wet vulva.
"Oh daddy yes!" she moaned as he moved down the bed sitting next to her knee, his hands spreading her arse cheeks, now admiring her beautiful anus and vulva.
She moaned, he watched her hand move into her hip, then her long finger slid over her anus, he watched her finger, painted with bright red nail polish on her fingernail, rub her anus, and move over her pussy rubbing it.
"Eat me daddy, eat my wet cunt," she said opening her eyes looking at him. "Then fuck me!"
Tom really didn't need a second invitation, he leant in licking over her wet labias, pressing his tongue into her wet flesh, then up over her anus, his tongue wetting her arse, tasting her oozing morning sex, she slid her fingers under her leg rubbing her clit as she moaned, feeling her fathers tongue on her pussy and arse.
"Fuck me please Dad, I need your cock now!"
Tom stood and positioned over her, he guided his hard erection to her well presented waxed pussy, Jenna doing anything to make it easier for her father to penetrate her wet teenage cunt.
Tom pushed his knob into her, finding her moist leaking vagina, her pussy juices lubricating her wet hole so well, his cock easily slipping into her, deep onto her vagina, he listened to her long gasp as he entered her."
"Aghh yes baby!" he said holding his position keeping his cock inside her.
Jenna moaned into her pillow, muffling the sound, feeling her fathers erection push deep into her pussy, feeling his hand squeeze and open her arse cheek, his cock fully inside her. Tom looking at her swollen pussy lips around his hard erect shaft, feeling the wetness of her vagina against his cock deep inside her.
"Oh yes Dad!" she moaned, feeling him inside her, she loved how now, she had her father all to herself, her other siblings leaving home, her 21 yr old brother, her panty sniffing and panty stealing brother now working, and independent, living with a flatmate, her 20 yr old sister now travelling around the countryside, on her gap year from university, with her older boyfriend Mitch who was 24, they wanted to go overseas for their big OE, but in this extreme Covid enviroment, it couldn't happen.
Jenna loved now she had her Dad to herself, since she turned 18 she felt her relationship change with her father, they had always being close, they started their very discrete flirting, hugging, and teasing each other, that lead to lingering touching, she loved him patting her arse, her mother was always at work from 8 am till 7pm.
When he arrived home at 4pm, that meant they had time alone, eventually she started wearing bras with no tops, showing her cleavage, he seemed to like that, then she wore just her bras and knickers around him, it first started with padded bras, then she moved to lacy bras showing her erect nipples through the lace, again she first wore cotton underwear around him, then lacy underwear, she loved how he could see her cameltoe.
She hated having to cover up when her mother arrived home, she loved her father perving at her in her bikinis, then she started not closing her bedroom door when she changed, the times he walked past seeing her breasts, seeing her naked, she didn't mind. He didn't mind.
Until one day, on a Tuesday it was 8.30, she got into the shower with him, the first time seeing his cock, she loved her father seeing her breasts and pussy. It just became a morning habit after her Mum left for work, a shower with Dad, they started washing each other, she remembered the first time he washed her breasts and her pussy, the first time that she touched his cock.
For two months they showered together before work, she loved showing him the lingerie she was wearing that day, it seemed to excite him, also knowing she was a virgin, one day she sent him a nude picture of her at work, an hour later she received a nude one of him back.
Their secret affair had started to be non sexual, more flirting and showering and being naked together, She would not forget the day it all changed, the day her father took her virginity, nine months after her 18th birthday, six months after they first started flirting.
She loved to run with him, they would go out for up to, three hours some days, they loved to run through the forest tracks, one day they stopped in a secluded spot and sat on a bench, they talked and then she kissed him, a long lingering tongue filled kiss. She asked him to take her virginity, he had seen her naked, touched her washed her, she wanted him to be her first, she wanted her father to take her cherry.
They snuck off into the trees finding a nice quiet spot, it was the first time she sucked his cock, the first time she had his cock in her mouth, tasting his cum. But it had only been in the last few weeks she had made him cum in her mouth, and swallowed his cum. She loved sucking her fathers cock now.
That day in the forest she removed her lycra leggings, he pulled her knickers to the side and it was the first time that he had given her oral sex, she loved his tongue on her pussy, a few minutes later he pushed his cock into her, making love to her on a moss covered log in the middle of the forest.
She got home, being greeted by her mother, with her fathers cum in her underwear, and pussy, She showered and washed her fathers cum out of her, out of her underwear, it was a day she never regretted, since then she made love to him on regular occasions. She knew that fathers and daughters connect in different ways, but making love to him made her feel so loved and cherished by him. Only Mum could not find out.
She smiled as he slowly plunged her pussy from behind her, as she lay her leg bent pushing her arse towards him and allowing him better access to her pussy, letting him fuck her, his hand groping and squeezing her bare breast, his groin pushing against her arse as his cock pushed deep into her, she wanted his cum in her, she loved him making love to her, in her bed, being woken up by him the way he did, then made love too, the way he did. She loved being his lover.
They both knew it was probably wrong, father and daughter making love, using their excuse to go for a run together to stop and have sex, her enjoyment was coming home with her panties full of her fathers cum, she knew as well that her father enjoyed having sex outdoors, they were careful not to be caught, they were not husband and wife, or boyfriend and girlfriend, but they could not be caught as father and daughter. Especially seen she was almost 19, he was 46. Yes her Mum had her first child at 30.
She moaned louder gripping her pillow, feeling her body being pushed and jolted on her bed as her father sped up, she knew that early in the morning it didn't take long for him to cum, she felt lucky today, it being a Sunday, making love to him on Sunday.
She almost felt jealous knowing he was fucking her mother on a Sunday morning, it seemed to be their tradition, but not today. Today he was her's, Mum hadn't worked on a Sunday for years.
Jenna wondered if her Mum was meeting a bloke for sex, she wondered if her Mum knew about them, was she was meeting a guy for revenge sex against her father. Her Mum was 51 and a very sexy attractive woman, yes she was 5 years older than Dad.
She felt her fathers breathing deepen, his thrusts now harder into her, she knew he was holding back, holding his cum from filling her pussy till she orgasmed, she moaned. "Fuck yes!" she said, her body tensing, her pussy contracting against his cock as he pushed against her vagina walls.
"Aggh fuck yes. YES!" she screamed into her pillow, as her body convulsed, her orgasm shooting through her body, her father like the gentleman waiting for her, he sped up thrusting hard into her, now that she had orgasmed, it was all the permission he needed, his hips pushing into her arse, jolting her body against the bed, he held her, his hand on the back of her neck thrusting deep into her, with one last groan, one last thrust, he stopped, shooting his semen into his daughters pussy, into his daughters womb.
"Oh fuck yes Jenna!" he said looking up at the large 'Take that' poster above her red material bedhead.
"Oh daddy, that was amazing!" she moaned feeling his short thrusts into her pussy, more cum oozing into her from his softening dick. He lay over her pulling her long blonde hair to the side kissing her neck. He kissed her ear.
She rolled onto her back under him, the combination of her flooding pussy juices and his cum oozing, and spilling onto her sheets, but she didn't care, Sunday was the day that she washed her sheets anyway.
She kissed his lips as he fondled her breasts, her 30C chest, he leant in sucking her hard nipples, he lightly kissed over her breasts and stomach, her thighs, her inner thigh, he licked up their post sex mess from her groin, licking his cum from her pussy, opening her labias licking inside her moist wet pussy. She loved his hands rubbing over her body.
She loved the extra post sex attention she got from him afterwards, but only when time allowed for it. She didn't feel like just a convenient fuck for him, she felt like he cherished their sexual connection, it was more of a relationship, and he cared and respected her. Even though she was his daughter, and he was fucking her, she still felt special as his daughter.
He slid up her body and lay between her open legs, his cock resting against her clitoral hood, he kissed her lips looking into her eyes.
"You usually fuck Mum on Sunday Dad?" she said smiling at him.
"Yeh I do! But it is nice having sex in the house alone with my daughter on a Sunday morning" he said. He sat up on his knees looking at the juicy mess between her legs, his cum still oozing from her pussy, the wet puddle on the sheets between her open legs, he loved the veiw of her swollen vulva, his cum oozing from her pussy after sex with her.

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