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By Twocrows Shortly after I turned eleven was when I discovered how good it felt when I rubbed my hand over my little dick. It would get hard and maybe just a little bigger. From then on almost every night in bed I would rub my hand over it because it just felt good. Sometimes I would feel like I had to pee and stop and go to the toilet but seldom really needed to pee. Weird I thought.

Much time passed and then one day I got a glimpse of daddy stoking his dick. Man was he huge compared to my little dick but I was sure mine was getting bigger. I wondered if it would get as big as daddy’s.

Summer was coming and so the days were much warmer. Daddy being a teacher was home shortly after I was and then one day looking out my window I seen daddy going into the shed in the back yard and a minute later Jimmy, the boy from next door who was about a year older than me followed him in. I was puzzled, wondering why Jimmy was going into the shed with daddy. Going out and getting close I heard daddy say, “Oh Jimmy that feels so good, keep going.” What? Around the back was a small grubby window hidden by a overgrown bush. I went to it and stretching up peeked in. I’m sure my eyes bugger out at what I seen. Jimmy was naked and had daddy’s dick in his mouth. Now I had heard of blow-jobs but had thought it was something girls did to there boyfriends, that is if it was a real thing. Well seeing Jimmy sucking on daddy’s dick I now knew it was true and not just girls that did it. Then daddy moaned, Gonna cum.” and Jimmy held daddy’s dick in his mouth and looked like he was swallowing.

“Thank you Jimmy, your such a good cock sucker, now it’s your turn to get your cock sucked.”
Jimmy grinned and got up on a box and daddy went down and took Jimmy’s dick into his mouth. Jimmy was somewhat larger than me and his balls seemed a lot bigger too. Daddy took his whole dick into his mouth and Jimmy moaned and had a look of pleasure on his face. Oh how I wanted to be in Jimmy’s place. I wondered if daddy would want to do those things with me too. Daddy was also stoking Jimmy’s bum and running his finger up the crack. Jimmy’s hips jerked several times as he moaned and daddy moved back and stood straight taking Jimmy in his arms.

He was rubbing Jimmy’s bum, “I want your ass soon as school is out.”

I didn’t have a clue what that meant but after a minute they parted and started dressing so time to get back to my room. From my window I seen Jimmy leave and then daddy come back to the house. Mom got home a little later and began making dinner with daddy’s help as I set the table. After dinner I got to go out and play for a bit before getting my homework done.

In bed that night I couldn’t get to sleep thinking about what I had seen in the shed. I was laying on my stomach humping a pillow when daddy opened the door to check on me. I stopped and pretended to be asleep but with the pillow under me my bum was sticking up quit a bit. I could just see him and he stopped and it looked like he was staring at my bum as he rubbed himself. Maybe soon it could be me in the shed with daddy. That idea excited me but first I had to watch Jimmy and daddy more and learn.
Two days later I seen daddy heading to the shed and I hurried to the back door to be ready and as soon as I seen Jimmy go in I hurried to the window to watch what they were doing. Daddy already had his sweats off and was stroking his dick as Jimmy shed his clothes. Jimmy was somewhat bigger than me but daddy was huge. Jimmy was up on the box and daddy went and took his dick into his mouth and his hand on Jimmy’s bum. This time I had a better view of his bum but a poorer view of his dick being sucked on. Daddy’s finger was rubbing right on his bum hole and then it was in his bum hole. I didn’t know what to think of that but Jimmy didn’t seem to mind and was even pushing his bum back onto the finger.

Daddy moaned softly, “One more week and my cock will be in there Jimmy boy.” then went back to sucking Jimmy’s dick.

Put his dick in his bum? Is that for real? Somehow I needed to learn more. As I thought I seen Jimmy’s bum tighten up and his hips jerk a few times as he moaned. Then Jimmy was down and going for daddy’s dick sucking it into his mouth. It sure looked like something I wanted to try but I needed to know more. Maybe Tommy would know more, he always seemed to know everything. Will talk with him tomorrow.

Jimmy suck for some time then daddy moaned and shoved his dick back and forth a few times as he held Jimmy’s mouth to his dick. When daddy pulled his dick from Jimmy’s mouth I seen him swallow and smile up at daddy. “Your cum sure tastes good.”

That night in bed I was too hot with the covers on so I had pushed them off and I was laying on my stomach wearing nothing but my underpants. Daddy looked in to check that all was well then came in close to my bed. I could just see him and he seemed to be staring at my bum and rubbing himself. He whispered my name but I pretended I was asleep then he stroked my bum. I don’t know how I stayed still but I managed. His touch was light and brief but I noticed his pants were bulging quit a bit. Maybe daddy wanted to do things with me like I seem him doing with Jimmy.

The next day after school I was hanging out with Tommy, “Tommy, what is cum?”

He smiled, “Don’t you know anything? Cum is what shoots out of your dick when you jack.”

“Nothing comes out.”

“It will soon and it feels so good. Come on I want to show you something on my computer.”

We went to his place and up to his room and Tommy started up his computer then went to a sight that had a bunch of guys jacking and then shooting white stuff all over.

“Now you see what cum is, guys put in there girlfriend’s pussy when they have sex.”

“You ever do that?”

“Have sex with a girl? Not yet but I want to.”

“Is there more like that?”

“Lots but I better turn it off before mom looks in to see what trouble we are getting into.”

We chatted for awhile then I needed to go home. I learned a lot from what we looked at and I wondered if daddy was in the shed so I hurried home to find out. He wasn’t but was in his office grading papers. I went to my room and got on my computer and started looking for sex stuff. I wasn’t getting far until I stumbled on a sight with men having sex. Yes they sucked dicks and took that white stuff in their mouth and swallowed it. And they did put their dicks in bums too. All this really excited me and my dick was starting to feel that pressure. I took it out and touched it and there was a bit of wet on the tip then it pulsed, no white stuff but it sure felt good. I really wanted to do those things with daddy now.

Over the next week I seen daddy and Jimmy in the shed twice and then school was out. I woke up and looked out the window and seen Jimmy going into the shed. I hurried and get dressed and ran to the window. Daddy was already sucking Jimmy and it looked like he had two fingers in his bum hole. It wasn’t hard to tell that Jimmy cum in daddy’s mouth.

“Mmm, so tasty. I think your boy pussy is ready to be fucked, are you ready?”

Jimmy nodded nervously but turned and bent over reaching back he pulled his butt cheeks apart and for the first time I got a good look at his bum hole. It sure didn’t look like it could take daddy’s dick but then daddy pressed the tip of his dick to that hole and I could see it pushing in some and then Jimmy pushed back and the end of daddy’s dick was in his bum.

“You okay Jimmy?”

“Yeah, hurts some but not too bad.”

Daddy stayed still for a minute and then Jimmy pressed back and daddy pushed his dick in deeper and stopped. He was almost half way in and after a bit longer staying still Jimmy pushed back for more.

“Starting to feel okay, fuck me now.”

Daddy pulled back a little and then back in a little deeper. It wasn’t long until his dick was completely in Jimmy’s bum. After a few minutes of in and out daddy held his dick deep in Jimmy’s bum and groaned. He was putting that cum stuff in there, wow I wonder what that feels like. After a bit daddy pulled right out and they sat cuddling.

“Well Jimmy, how did you like your first fucking?”

“It hurt some to begin with but later it began to feel good. Did you like fucking me?”

“I sure did, it was so very good and next time I want you to fuck me too.”

“Do you ever think about doing things with Davy?”

“I sure do and I think he is almost old enough.”

“Me too, I’d like to do all the things we do with him too.”

“I’d love to watch the two of you fucking and fuck both of you.”

Wow, daddy and Jimmy both wanted to do sex things with me, that sounded exciting and scary. They started to get dressed so I hurried back to my room and thought about what I had heard them say.


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By Twocrows #Gay #Incest #PreTeen