Oh Suja darling

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Oh Suja, nee evalu sexy aa iruke theriyum ma? I was asking / telling my lover Suja and opposite flat neighbor as she sucked my cock from its root. Um Um said my Suja and she sucked me. Suja was my neighbor. A gorgeous woman with 38– 28-36 proportions. Aged 34 she was an engineer in Tamil Nadu State department and a nymphomaniac.

It was bound to happen when the sexy siren and her family shifted opposite to my residence. Her husband a clerk was the serious type and her brat a 6 year old. I am alone in my flat as my family has gone to our native to attend on my ailing mother. Suja wore saree when she went out and she barely wore anything at home when she was alone. A nightie was too much for her. A towel wrapped around her middle was her normal dress. In the Chennai heat, this was a very intelligent way of dressing. Her office timings were flexible; being the sexy type her superiors gave her the full freedom which she took full advantage of.

The first time I saw her body was when she came out at 8 in the morning to see off her family. She was wearing a nightie and was surely naked inside that. Her large beautiful breasts were poking visibly out. She saw me looking and smiled a bewitching smile that made me hard at once. We stood at the door talking. Her voice was sweet and sexy. She had a whining tone to her Tamil. Lovely, sexy Suja. She had the habit of keeping her right forefinger on her lips and biting her lower lip. She looked so hot so desirable and she knew it that she had I hooked!! She was telling me that she was free after 8 AM and would be at home till 11 on weekdays and full days on Saturdays. Her eyes were smoldering when she gave me her routine.

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I asked her to come on in. She just made a gesture like I am being in too much of a hurry screwing up her nose and lips with a mock smile. She then left for office on her scooty at 11. I was a consultant and was my own master. It was a routine to watch Suja every day from that day. She knew I was watching and was all the more turned on by my lusty looks. She let her saree slip as she locked her door giving me a good view of her magnificent boobs; she kept adjusting her pallu as she stepped out of her house showing me her lovely and hauntingly deep navel. She always had a story to tell me. It was always sexually oriented. About some movie or some guy in the office or couples next door or the like. The heat in her body and her voice was unmistakable.

It was not too long when her husband had to go on tour to Trichy on invigilation duty and she told me before hand that she would be at home for three days with her kid attending the school during the day. I was at her door after the kid left by the school bus and let myself in. Oh, Suja was looking gorgeous. She was in a in the kitchen and was wearing a short knee length nightie which was short by any standards and sleeveless. It was more like transparent shimmies than a nightie. Um, enna paakare? Her bubbies were straining against the fabric and her lovely ass jiggling within. As she raised her hands to take a vessel, Her body looked so taut so fit and tight that I could not control myself. I stepped forward and hugged her from behind. She wanted, the bitch in heat, she wanted it as much as I did or more. She let her head fall back on my shoulders and ground her hips on my raging cock. I softly lifted those lovely boobs from behind and cradled them and fondled them. She moaned, ooooohhhhhhh…ooohhhhhhhh…Her boobs were warm and shimmering in my palms and the heat from her back was so absorbing. I dug my cock into her lovely bottoms. My cock was fast lengthening and thickening. She moaned at its feel. I cradled her boobs and slowly turned her around. We looked into each other eyes. Our eyes were burning with passion and lust. She wanted me so much that she brought my face down and drew me into a deep passionate kiss. Her soft luxuriant lips were just right. We kissed hard. Lips on lips, mouth on mouth and tongue on tongue. Our saliva mixed and passion mounted. My cock pressed hard into her belly. She took it out of the lungi that I was wearing and purred like a cat as she felt its length. Oh Sohan, u r so big. Ne evalvu thick aa erukeye. She moaned……..Vaa ya, Vaaa….. Bedroom pokalaam, ennaku unnai venum da muzhusha. Before we knew it we were in her bed. I was sitting with my waist up naked waist down reclining on the bed post and Suja baby was just facing and beside me with her legs on the floor. She hurriedly removed my T-shirt and smothered my hairy chest with a string of hot passionate kisses. Licking up my nipples and biting them. Umm ne rumba azhaka irukaye, Suja moaned as she moved her fist up and d won my burning member. I just yanked off her shimmies and there she was the sex goddess in all her naked glory.

She stood proud and firm knowing fully well how I wanted her. Her face was lit up in sexual heat. Her dusky complexions were shining and face shimmering with anticipation. A thorough bred adulterous Tamil woman in heat. Her eyes were slightly closed and she was rapidly biting her lower lip. Her lovely dark curly hair fell all around her face which she brushed up making her breasts those lovely fleshy globes, round and large and firm. Her nippies long and hard straining for attention. Suja had a lovely flat abdomen area. Her navel was dark and deep asking to be kissed and licked. Her hips flared out in style and her pubic mound was hairy and had many tales to tell. She was standing with her thundering thighs spread out a little. Those fleshy thighs were like smooth pillars hand crafted by creator himself. Her feet lovely and cute waiting to be kissed and adored.

Suja laughed a lovely twinkling laugh. Enna, poruma, indha Suja, unakku piduchirukkaa? I was on knees in a flash, holding her beautiful buttocks; caressing them I quickly seated her on the bed. I lowered my face to her valley and took in her female scent. Suja has a lovely scent, scent which made me take in deep breaths of her pussy. The scent of a woman in heat is the most powerful perfume on earth. Its’ mind shattering. Its effect on the olfactory nerves has to be experienced again and again to get my adrenalin flowing coursing thru my cock now rock hard and leaking pre cum. Oh Sohan, va nee, kiss me, play with me, and suck me there. Oh Sohan Oh Sohan. I dug in and nosing my way thru that lovely valley parted her dense growth to discover prominent lips of her lovely wet and glistening pussy. I gave her light licks. She threw up her hips and bucked into my face……ooooooooohhhhhhh oooooooooohhhhhhhh. I then gave her long licks and drew in her honey with my tongue. She moaned and groaned and pushed hard into my face. I discovered her clit, that little thing was trembling to be uncovered and sucked. I did just that. I pushed up its hood and licked it up. Lovely Suja trembled in all passionate glory. She moaned Sohan, Sohan Sohan ooooooooooooohhhhh. She pushed my face into her pussy and groaned in mad heat. I kept up my licking, sucking fondling and caressing. I knew she was reaching her peak with the force she used on my head. And then with an agonizing tremble, she came in torrents, small jets of female fluid gushed out of her gash and I sucked on it with unbridled fervor and vigor. Her tremors increased, peaked, cascaded and then flared over and over again, over and over again. She then slowed down and while calming as she pulled me up and we collapsed kissing each other passionately and wantonly. Her juices were in my mouth and we exchanged juices freely and with gay abandon.

Oh Sohan darling, u are such a good sucker, u suck so well, u have taken me to heaven and made me see stars in my head laughed my Suja, her hair spewed out all over her lovely sexy face. Her hand on my member, she cooed. She pushed herself down and went straight for my cock. Suja was one horny woman now. Hair flying all over her, her boobs with large and pointed nippies aching to be touched and fondled. She crouched over my triangle. My cock large and jutting, hot and waving right at her face. She moaned, Oh my darling, u have such a lovely dick. I love it. Large and thick, ennaku tharuviya da. Naan ithai …….. She kissed the knob of my cock; I trembled at the touch of her soft hot lips on my member. She just took me in and started sucking me with great enthusiasm. She was also moving her hand over the portion that she could not take into her mouth. Ooooooohh Suja ooooooooooh Suja, said I. Oh darling, my pet, honey. She smiled at me from below. Looking like a sexy siren she now moved over me and breasts streaking over my cock and belly and moving her legs either of my sides. She looked heavenly, hot sexy face, large self sustaining boobs with one inch nipples and a lovely exercised flat stomach and a pussy ready to be taken. She raised herself on her strong legs and descended on my rock hard dick. She was looking directly at my eyes, eyes misty, clouded with heat and desire and passion. Oh darling Oh darling she moaned, take me, lemme ride you my man, fuck me honey fuck my hole, my overheated nectar pot and she made a small adjustment as she let herself down on my hard, heavily veined dick.

Aaaaaaaahhhhhh aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhaaaaaa we said in chorus. I raised myself on my elbows to each for those lovely boobs. I licked her nippies hardened with passion and lust. I sucked her boob like there’s no tomorrow. She pushed my face into her breasts. As she pumped herself into a frenzy rising almost out and in again on my dick, sending me over and over again to the brink of that ultimate climax. She rode me like a tigress, full of passion and need and the desire to maximize her pleasure. Her eyes half closed as she let out animal sound one after another, crying out to take her to the next plateau. I rocked her up and down, my dick straining every nerve to please my love, to get the maximum mileage out of her animal lust. We rocked as we stayed hugged, crushing each other. Suja’s legs entwined over and behind my back and I holding caressing and fondling her lovely bottoms. Oh fuck me Sohan, fuck me na please, Oh how I love to ride you to grind my clit on your cock. Oooooooooooohhhhhh, I am cumming I am Cumming she ranted and raved. My balls also tightened and I felt my jism rise through my dick and spew its lava once. Twice, thrice and for the fourth time into Suja’s pussy. She clenched her pussy muscles to absorb every little drop of my cum as she moaned and moaned thru her climax and fell away only to cuddle up real close and tight like only adulterous lovers can do. We fucked each other silly for the next three days in every position imaginable.

It was the beginning of a new torrid love affair that lasted for more than 3 lovely years between me and Suja, a female born to make love again and again and again, who enjoys it and asks for more and more

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