Oh To Be Young Again

Oh To Be Young Again


Randy Rapter (Mr Richard & Mrs Bridget Rapter)

Troy – 16yo at vacant lot in my gym class

Todd – Troy’s dad

Jerry – Vacant lot old guy – first bj

Jack – his friend that wants to fuck

Monica – Randy’s girl friend

Nancy – Monica’s mom

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Chapter 1 – My First Blowjob

Why was being naked such a big part of my life? It seems like everywhere I

went I was checking out opportunities to be naked. And, believe me I found

plenty. One of my first, and best, was riding my bike down to the lake. There

was a vacant lot on a hill before you got to the lake, and I saw where cars had

been turning in and driving along the edge of the trees. I didn’t see any cars

so I pushed my bike into some bushes and started exploring. And, yes – my

clothes did come off. While walking around I saw lots of empty beer cans and

rubbers. I figured this was where the high-schoolers came to make out.

I heard a car coming so I ducked under cover of the bushes and waited. Who

ever it was just kept going. I kept exploring and didn’t hear an old man walk

up behind me. I assume it was the driver of that car, he must have seen my

bike, parked and came back. “Havin’ a good time kid?” I turned to run but he

said “even if you run, I got your bike and your clothes – where ya gonna go?”

He told me to come over to him. He said, “Don’t worry kid, I ain’t gonna hurt

you. I’m just a dirty old man who likes to suck dick. You okay with that?”

He started taking off his clothes too and before long we were both naked and

playin’ with each others cocks. It was really kinda fun, then it got really

fun when he knelt down and put my dick in his mouth. I’ve beat off a bunch of

times, but never had a blowjob. Now I was starting to see what the big deal

was, damn does this feel good. It didn’t take long for me to cum. He looked

up at me smiling, stood up and said “Turn about is only fair”. He was slowly

jacking his dick and kept waving it at me. I dropped to my knees and just

looked and touched for a few minutes. He said, “Come on kid, I ain’t got all

day.” I put his dick in my mouth and he kinda did the rest. He was pushing it

back and forth in my mouth and before I knew it he was cumming too. I started

choking and started to take my mouth off, but he grabbed my head and kept me

moving up and down on it. Actually, I was kinda liking it. It was salty and

smooth. When he finally pulled out, my mouth felt empty and I tried to put him

back in. He smiled and said “What’s your name kid?” I said “Randy”. He said

to be back tomorrow about 2:00 and we could do it again. I excitedly said okay.

He left and my bike and clothes were right where I had left them. I squatted

down in the grass and was rubbing my dick and thinking, that really wasn’t so

bad, I hope he does comes back tomorrow. I heard another car and thought, what

the heck. I just sat there rubbing my dick and it pulled up next to me. It

was a high school guy and his girl. He just looked at me and said to beat it.

I got up to leave and the girl whispered something to her boyfriend, then he

turned to me “Hey kid, you ever seen a naked girl?” “Come on”. They walked

back a few feet into the bushes and he started kissing her and feeling her tits.

He took off her shirt and bra and I was looking at my first set of live tits.

She took off her skirt and panties, and he was taking off his pants. Now I’m

looking at a naked guy and a naked girl – I couldn’t decide which I wanted to

see more. Her pussy and his dick were all covered with hair. He looked at me

and said “This is gettin’ kinda creepy – take a hike kid.”

I got dressed and left. I’d forgot to wipe my dick off good before getting

dressed so, here I was walking inside with cum stains all over the front of my

shorts and not even knowing it. Mom kept her back to me and said “Dad won’t be

home tonight. It’s just us, what do you feel like for dinner?” Just then she

turned around and stopped mid sentence and was looking at my crotch. “What

have you been up to?” she said with a smile. “You know, if you play with it

too much, it’ll break!” “Get in the bathroom.” Now, I’m 14 years old and, I

think I’m capable of taking a shower by myself – but noooo. Mom has to come in

and make sure I’m getting clean! She spun me around and grabbed my dick and

began pushing and pulling on it. Between her and all the soap, I was getting

hard again. She started washing my balls and the spot between my balls and

ass-hole. I said “Mom you need to quit” She smiled, started rinsing off my

dick and said go ahead, I know how often you boys need to get this out of your

system. She leaned in and started sucking my dick. I was surprised that it

felt just like the guy earlier, I guess a mouth is a mouth! I exploded, again

and was wondering just how often I could cum in a short period of time! Mom

wiped the corners of her mouth and rinsed off my dick and said to make sure I

NEVER said anything to anyone about this.

“Mom”, I said, “Are all girls tits the same?” She laughed and said “No darlin’

some are big, some are small, some have big nipples, some have dark aureola’.

I asked her what that last thing was and she said “Don’t ever tell anybody I

did this!” and took off her top and bra. She pointed out the aureola and as

she was running her finger around the dark red area I noticed her nipples

getting bigger. I asked if that was supposed to happen and she said usually,

with most girls it does! It just means that they’re enjoying what’s happening.

We got dressed and she said I could watch TV for an hour.

Mom just made soup and sandwiches and we ate in front of the TV. She said,

“You know, it’s okay going out and ‘being a boy’ but, you be careful, not

everybody out there is trustworthy. You’re a smart boy, you just be careful.

Where is it you go anyway?” I just looked at her. She smiled and said “Okay,

but the first time you’re more than 2 minutes late coming home, I’m calling the


“Half hour, then teeth and bed! K!?” I said yep. Mom came in after I was in

bed and sat on the edge of the bed leaned down and gave me a kiss on the

forehead and pulled the blankets up under my chin. Typical good night ritual

except, this time she patted my dick and said “Is he all tucked in too” – I

yelled mom! – she laughed turned out my lights and said night!

Chapter 2 – Moms’ Can Be Such A Pain In The Ass

I was back out at the vacant lot by 12:00. I wanted to do some more exploring.

I walked into the bushes for about 20 minutes before I came to another clearing

that had a cliff overlooking the lake. I squatted down on the grass and just

starred off into space. I looked down at myself and really liked the tan I was

starting to get. Another guy came walking out of the bushes about 50 yards

from where I was, he was naked too. There was no point in hiding, we were both

naked. He came up to me and introduced himself as Troy and asked if he could

sit. He was a couple years ahead of me at school but, we had the same gym

period. He asked if I was gay or straight? I said neither, both, “I don’t

know!” I like men and I like women! He said good answer, me too. Can I see

yours. I laid my right leg down and let him see my cock. He laid his left leg

down so I could see his. We talked a bit and I said I had to go. He asked if

I was meeting Jerry or Jack. I said I didn’t know either of those names. He

described Jerry and I said “Yea, that’s him” Troy said, “Yea, he’s cool and

really gives good head. His friend though, Jack, be careful, he’ll want to

fuck your ass.” I asked Troy if he’d ever let him and Troy said “once, but I

just didn’t get into it.”

I got to where I was supposed to meet Jerry and just squatted down and waited.

A car came in, drove by, and left. Looked like Jerry was a no-show. So, I

went back to where Troy was and said, “Jerry couldn’t make it I guess” We sat

real close together and started playing with each others dicks. And he asked

if he could blow me. I said “only if I can blow you too!” So, we started

sucking and playin’. I haven’t played with a lot of cocks but was really

starting to enjoy it. We both blew our loads. I told him about goin’ home with

cum covered shorts. He laughed and said that it was just he and his dad and

that he’d done the same thing. I asked if he wanted to come over to my house

and he said sure. We rode our bikes the 15 minutes over to my house and went

in. I yelled at mom if it was okay if Troy and I had a soda. She said yes but

to drink them out on the patio. We went outside and he said cool, you have a

pool. Can we go in? Mom had just come out to meet Troy and said sure go ahead.

Troy asked if I had a suit he could borrow and mom said don’t bother, you’re

both boys – Mom went in and Troy and I stripped down and got in the pool. Mom

came out once and brought some chips and asked if everything was okay. Of

course it was, she was just hopein’ for a peek at one or both of us. Troy

shocked the crap outta me and invited mom to join us. Mom thought for a minute

and said okay, but I need to go put on a suit.

Mom came back in a few minutes with probably the least sexy bathing suit I have

ever seen (and I’ve seen EVERY bathing suit, bra and panty in the Montgomery

Wards catalog!). She got in and paddled around a bit then sat on the steps.

Troy and I went over and stood in front of her. Troy was getting a boner and

mom motioned for him to come closer to her. She pretended to pick something

off his shoulder. Troy rubbed his boner against moms leg. I tagged mom on the

shoulder and said “Tag, you’re it!” Troy and I swam off and mom took chase.

She got Troy in the shallow end and grabbed his cock and said “Tag you’re it”

She asked him quietly, “You and Randy blowing each other?” Troy said yea, and

that I was real good at it. I went over to see what they were talking about,

and mom said, “Troy says you’re really good at sucking cock.” I looked at Troy

and he just shrugged his shoulders. Mom said “Show Me”. Troy sat up on the

edge of the pool. I just looked at mom all confused. Mom leaned in first and

said “I like to start at the base and slowly work my way to the top, the wetter

you get it and the more tongue and lips, the better. Troy almost fell

backwards and mom said “See! Here, you try”. I leaned over and started just

like she said. Troy was in heaven!

Mom said, okay, you two, switch. Troy got down in the water and I sat up on

the edge. She said, “Something else to try is putting your hands under the

other persons thighs, and guys, this works with both men and women, and push

their legs back towards their head. See how it raises their ass and spreads

them open a little.” “Then lick, lick, lick for all your worth.” “Get the

balls, and this area here, she touched between my balls and ass-hole, is the

perineum.” “I don’t know any man or woman alive that doesn’t like that spot

licked.” As mom licked my perineum I kept feeling around for something to grab

on to. Holy crap this felt good. “Then” she said, “if the ass-hole doesn’t

have shit hanging off it” Troy and I started laughing. I farted and started

to apologize to mom, and she just said “Honey, farting is all part of it, it’s

going to happen for men and women, don’t be embarrassed, and don’t apologize,

just keep going!” “Anyway, if it’s all nice and clean lick the ass-hole …”

She didn’t even get to finish her sentence before I was cumming all over my

chest and some even shot all the way up to my mouth. I was screaming (quietly)

and shaking my head back and forth and my whole body was shaking like a leaf!

Mom smiled at me and asked if that felt good. I wanted to sit up and give her

a hug, but I couldn’t move.

“One last thing guys, foolin’ around with guys at your age is okay. Most

people will say it’s wrong and that you’re going to hell! Fuck them! Do what

feels good for you! If it’s with a guy or a gal – just be respectful and don’t

ever force anything on anyone! Male/Female is the ‘normal’ relationship … but

if you like a guy – like him a lot!

Mom started heading for the steps, and Troy leaned over and asked what my last

name was, I said “Rapter”. Troy yelled over to my mom “Thanks Mrs Rapter can

you teach us about eating pussy too!” Mom just smiled and headed inside.

Chapter 3 – Everybody’s Naked!

Mom, Dad and I were sitting out by the pool when dad said, “Randy, your mom

told me about the other day.” I gave mom a look the could kill and dad

continued, “it’s okay, we’re not mad, in fact just the opposite. We’re happy

you not doing things just to conform with others. In keeping with that

thought, your mom and I are going to a nudist resort on Monday for four days.

Now, you can either come with us or uncle Larry said he’d come over here.” I

said, Isn’t that the kind of place where everybody gets naked?” I’m in …

but what if I … get excited?” “Don’t worry, you won’t be the only one, it’s

just a part of nudism. I asked if Troy could come. Dad looked at mom and she

shrugged her shoulders shaking her head yes. I’ll go talk to Troy’s dad

tonight, and if he says ok, then fine!”

Later that evening, I knocked on their door and Troy’s dad, I assumed, answered

the door. “Hi, I’m Richard Rapter, my son is Randy?” “oh yeah, come on in,

Randy’s a good kid, what can I do for you … have a seat … you wanna a

beer?” “Thanks and yeah, I’d love one.

He came back and introduced himself as Todd. We shook hands and sat down.

Todd was wearing a skimpy pair of nylon shorts that left little to the

imagination. “Well”, I said, Randy, his mom and I are going to a nudist resort

next week for four days and Randy really wants Troy to come along. If you

don’t have any objections, we’d be happy to have him.

Todd reached down to adjust his shorts, and said, “Sorry, I wasn’t expecting

company”. “No problem” I said, “but I don’t think those shorts were meant to

corral something that big!” He laughed and said “Troy says your son is gay, or

at least bi, how about you and your wife?” “We’re straight, for the most part

but have been known to bend the rules once and a while, how about you?” Todd

said he was strictly gay (but did stray once and a while)! I asked if he was

raising Troy that way and he laughed and said “No not at all, I’m raising him

to be his own man. Boys, girls, men, women, hell – cats, dogs and even some

small farm animals (just no Chihuahua’s!) – I don’t care as long as he’s


Todd caught Richard looking at his dick again, and said “Wanna Peek”. I said

yes please. Todd pulled his shorts aside and I reached for it stopping my self

to ask if it was okay – sure, go for it. “I don’t have small hands, and I

can’t even get my hand around it!” “I bet you don’t find to many takers for

anal” “Yea, Todd won’t even try anal but he loves sucking on it.” “Wanna

taste?” I bent down and opened my mouth (REAL Wide) and took him in – damn it

was huge. I lifted off and went back to talking. Todd said it’d be fine and

that if Troy got outta line just bend him over your knee – he’s use to it.

Don’t let him pull any shit, I believe in a good whippin’ once and a while.

Don’t turn it into a BDSM session but, if he needs his ass smacked – smack it!

Randy, Troy, Bridget (Randy’s mom) and I got to the resort around noon. We

were all naked by 10 after (the kids were quicker!). We unpacked quickly, it’s

amazing how little stuff you need at a nudist resort. The kids were out

goofing around somewhere and I told Bridget we should get one in now, while we

could. She was sucking my cock and I was eating her pussy when the boys showed

up. I said “Be quiet and watch, or get out”, they were real quiet. We moved

around and I started slipping my dick into her, damn I loved how wet she got.

I didn’t hear Randy get up, but he came over to us and started massaging my

perineum and my dick on every out stroke. When things started picking up Randy

knelt down and started licking his moms pussy and my dick at the same time, that

put us both over the edge. Richard looked down at Bridget and said “Did you

teach him that?!” Troy stood in front of Randy and was getting his dick sucked.

The rest of the four days was just kinda plain ole ordinary sex. Everybody was

fucking or sucking everybody else and it was fun, just nuthin’ to write stories


When we got home we called Todd to come pickup Troy. When he got there we sat

on the patio, had a few beers. He asked if it would be okay to take a dip and

we all jumped in. Bridget couldn’t get over the size of Todd’s cock and even

got a quick feel. Todd came over and whispered to me that he’s made a few

exceptions in the past, and would be okay with fucking Bridget. I know Bridget

wanted to, she couldn’t take her eyes off it. I told Todd that it was ok with

me but, completely up to Bridget. Within a minute Bridget was yelling for him

to stop that it was too big and wouldn’t fit! Todd knew what he was doing

though and now Bridget was yelling ‘Don’t Stop!’ Oh Gawd’ ‘Don’t stop’. The

boys and I just sat in the shallow end, playing with each others dicks, and

watched. Not only was Todd huge, he knew how to control it. It must’ve gone

45 minutes before Bridget literally passed out. We laid her on the side of the

pool and covered her with towels. When she woke up, Randy, Troy and I were all

sucking on Todd – and damned if he didn’t come again!

We had Todd and Troy over three or four times a week (they loved the pool

(and I guess the sex might have been a part of it!)). Todd and Troy would take

off their clothes by the front door, Randy, Bridget and Richard would just come

out naked. One night, Todd brought a boyfriend over. That was fine with us.

Todd and boyfriend disappeared out to the pool. About 15 minutes later we

thought we heard a cat get hit by a car. We went out back to see if they heard

it, they said “Sorry” and there was the boyfriend taking it in the ass!

School was starting soon. Troy and Randy wouldn’t be seeing as much of each

other because of the difference in grades. The 3-4 nights a week gatherings

turned into a “once and a while”. Randy had a female friend, Monica, that was

becoming kinda chummy. And they were hanging out a lot.

Chapter 4

One afternoon, mom, Troy and I were in the pool – naked but nothing sexual,

just throwing a Frisbee around. Mom heard the doorbell and put a robe on and

went to see who it was. Mom had met Monica (the girl Randy was hanging with)

once and recognized her right away. “Oh, hey hun. Randy and Troy are out in

the pool. Wait here and I’ll have the boys put their suits on.” Monica said,

“You let them swim naked!?” “Yea” mom said, “We are kinda kicked back on

nudity around here”. “Can I go naked too?” Monica asked. Mom asked if she’d

ever been skinny dippin’ with guys before?” Monica said “No”. “You know

they’ll both probably get hardons?” “That’s ok! Do you go naked too?” Mom

opened her robe and said “Yep!”. Monica asked, “You don’t mind showing them

your pussy?” Mom said she could wear her panties if she felt more comfortable.

Or, she had some bikini’s that would probably fit her. Monica said, “No, I’ll

go naked, but I don’t want to take my clothes off in front of them.” Mom said

Come with me…

In the bathroom mom helped Monica undress and when she was naked, mom ran a

hand over Monica’s pussy and tits and said “Gawd, I wish I was still as young

and beautiful as you!”

The girls went out to the pool and the guys ducked down under the water. “Mom,

Monica what are you doing?” We’re going swimming too – ok? The guys looked at

each other and shrugged there shoulders and said yea, sure, come on in. We all

swam and played catch for awhile. Before long everyone was ignoring the fact

that they were all naked and were just having a good time. Troy piped in and

asked mom if she would show us some more sex stuff. Monica asked what he

meant. Troy told her about the time mom was showing us how to suck dick and eat

ass! Mom told Monica about licking the boys and asked if she wanted to try.


Monica got up on the edge of the pool with mom in the middle and Troy and I on

each side in the water. Mom slid her hands under Monica’s thighs and lifted

her legs. “Remember boys?!” Mom leaned down and started teasing Monica’s

pussy and ass and Monica was moaning in minutes. When mom quit teasing, and

really started licking her pussy, perineum and ass-hole Monica went over the

top. She had never felt anything like it and didn’t want her to quit – let me

do you!

Monica got down in the pool and mom got on the edge. Mom told Monica to show

the boys were the clitoris was. Monica spread mom’s pussy and showed the boys

the little bump at the top of her pussy. The boys each had a hand on Monica,

and she wasn’t pulling away. Monica started eating mom’s pussy and each of the

boys started fingering Monica’s pussy and ass. The girls were writhing almost

uncontrollably. Troy and I wanted more but were afraid to try fucking Monica

so, Troy got up next to my mom and I started sucking his dick. Monica looked

over at Troy and I, but kept eating mom. Finally, mom and Troy were starting

to cum and Monica and I just dove in harder – they both screamed. Troy had a

hand on one of mom’s tits, and I had a hand on Monica’s pussy. When they both

settled down, mom pushed Troy into the water and she jumped in and told Monica

and I to get up on the edge. Mom asked Monica if she had ever fucked before

and Monica said yes, once. Mom had me kneel down between Monica’s thighs and

grabbed my dick and started teasing Monica’s pussy with it. Pushing it into

her pussy just a little, then pulling it out, over and over and fucking over

again. I was about to yell at mom when she let go of my dick and pushed my

ass all the way down. Mom kept playing with Monica’s clit even as I was

fucking her. I came real quick so mom jumped up on the edge and started eating

Monica’s pussy (and my cum) till Monica came. We all laid back on the edge of

the pool. Monica finally said, “Can I move in here?”. We were all laughing

when dad came home and said it looked like he had missed all the fun. Monica

was trying to cover up and mom told her it was ok. Dad took off his clothes

and Troy started blowing him – he came quick and sat down. Dad squatted down

with us and mom leaned over, kissed him and said “hey hun, this is Monica,

Randy’s girlfriend. Monica said “Hi Mr Rapter”.

The next morning I was having my morning ritual of coffee, donuts, reading the

paper, bare-ass out by the pool. The door-bell rang and I put on a robe to

go see. When I opened the door a woman introduced herself as “Nancy, Monica’s

mom” – Oh! Hi, come on in, I’m Bridget … would you like some coffee? Yea,

that’d be great. Mom took Nancy out to the patio and Nancy said, “Now I see

why she spends so much time over here. Nice pool!” “That’s really why I am

here, I know Monica has been spending a lot of time here and just wanted to know

what was going on. Bridget said, “Randy, that’s my son and a couple of his

friends are out here almost everyday. Monica and the boys seem to get along

really well. And, since I don’t work, they are never here without adult

supervision.” “Oh great, I feel a lot better, maybe I could get an invite one

day, I really miss lazing around in a pool.” “Come over anytime, we can go in

now if you’d like.” I’d love to but I don’t have a suit” “Well, Bridget stood

up and flashed open her robe, closed it and said “or I have several suits you

could borrow.” Nancy looked up, “You really go naked!?” “Yea, all the time.”

Nancy had a huge smile on her face and said “I haven’t done that since college”.

Bridget said “Come on, it’s just us, you’ll love it!”

Bridget held out her hands and said “Come on!”. Nancy looked up and said,

“Nobody will see?” As Nancy stood up Bridget started undoing the buttons on

Nancy’s blouse. Took it off and circled around behind her and unclasped her

bra. Nancy held it in place for a second and finally let it go. Bridget

crouched down and undid Nancy’s jeans button and fly and slid them down her

legs, keeping her hands on skin all the way down. When she slid her hands

back up to get the panties, it was very obvious Nancy was enjoying this.

Bridget rubbed the wet spot and Nancy moaned. Bridget ran her hands up and

down the inside on Nancy’s thighs and Nancy moaned started shaking and her

knees were beginning to buckle. Nancy started to apologize and Bridget

interrupted and said “Nonsense, who could resist my touch!” They laughed and

got in the pool.

Nancy was sitting on the steps and Bridget was standing in front of her. “I

went to college too you know. Do you remember what you did when one of your

sorority sisters made you cum? Nancy smiled and Bridget walked up a step and

had her pussy right in front of Nancy’s mouth. Nancy knew what to do. As she

was licking her thighs and making her way into her pussy when Bridget started

moaning too. Randy and Monica were standing just inside the back door watching

everything. Monica was the most surprised and didn’t expect this from her mom!

Randy just smiled. They both walked out on the patio and both said “Hi mom” at

the same time. That pushed Randy’s mom over the edge and she came real hard.

Monica’s mom was so into it she couldn’t quit and was licking up every bit of

cum she could find!

Bridget sat down on the step next to Nancy and turned to the kids, “You

two coming in?” Randy and Monica took off their clothes and started walking to

the steps. Randy had a half hard boner from watching the moms and his mom

grabbed it as he passed by. Nancy started to say something to Monica and

Bridget reached over, rubbed Nancy’s thighs, and shook her head no. As Monica

passed by her mom she bent down and kissed her lightly on the lips, smiled and

said “Kool!”

We didn’t see Nancy or Monica for a couple of days. Randy came home one

afternoon and said that Monica wasn’t allowed over here anymore. Randy cried

for for a couple of days listening to every sad song he could find. I

finally had enough and grabbed his arm and walked him out to the pool.

I had Troy and a few of his friend over to help get Randy outta this rut. I

pushed Randy, clothed and all into the pool and the guys jumped on him like

sharks to chum – he was naked and smiling withing minutes.

Head can always fix the heart!


Oh To Be Young Again