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This story is true … names have been changed. We live in Texas… We don't have much winter weather in Texas but when we do have ice and snow, everything including driving stops. My wife and I have been married over 25 years… we are both 50 and lead an active life. We're both in good shape for our age. Chelie is a brunette, 5'5" with an incredible ass and B cup tits. I have grayish/brown hair, 6' 235 and 7" cock. We used to swing before kids with a couple that were the same age as us. That's been 20 years ago but we still have an incredible sex life. We had become close with a younger couple that has moved into our neighborhood. Lane and Katy are 30 and 26 … Lane is 5'9" 240 brown hair, little heavy around the middle, Katy is 5'9" light brown hair, barely A cup tits but one of the most incredible ass you've ever seen.
We had planned a trip to the metroplex which is about a 3 hour trip. The weather was cold, it was January but not freezing. We left early on a Saturday morning. The girls wanted to visit the boutiques and thrift stores in all the downtown areas. It wasn't on purpose but both of them wore yoga pants that had the same design. Chelie's were black with red trim, Katie's were gray with pink trim. Chelie had on a red lace thong with a matching bra. I watched Katy's ass sway back and forth all day wondering what color her thong was.
During lunch it began to rain… by the time we left the restaurant , the rain had turned to ice. We made the decision to start home. A look at the radar showed precipitation all around. The bridges and overpasses had quickly became dangerously slick and the roadways were piling up with wrecks. We were hopeful the ice would turn back to rain… but the ice only got thicker and came down harder.
Several of the roads were being closed and traffic was basically stopped. It was crazy how quick ice was forming on the roads. It was nerve racking and things weren't getting any better.
We decided to try to find a hotel so the girls went to searching for the one closes to us. The first one that had a room was still 20 miles from us. We confirmed the room not even considering it was only 1 King bed. 2 hours later we made it to the hotel. There was a super center a couple blocks from the hotel. We had no change of clothes or personal items. Lane and I went for the snacks and drinks while the girls went for clothes and other items we would need .
We finally made it to the room , it was nice clean, king bed and nice big walk in shower. The girls had broke the liquor out on the trip to the hotel (which took 20 minutes). Neither drink much so within an hour they were feeling the effects. They went down to the vending machine to get ice , we could hear them giggling and laughing down the hall. Lane and I stretched out on the bed opposite of each other's face. I was wore out from the drive and being sort of stranded. Decided to get more comfortable and loose the jeans. Lane decided to follow suit. The girls sent us a text saying they were in line for free pizza the hotel was providing. We both nodded off to sleep when the two laughing machines came back in. The site of us two guys in our boxer briefs and T-shirts turned the giggling up another notch. I told them it would only get funnier if they were in their underwear and tank tops.
With that they joined us in the bed , and just like that I had Katy's ass in a pink thong in my face. Lane had the view of my wife's red thong in his as well. Katy was the first one to make a move as she slid down Lane's chest arching her back putting her ass in the air as she pulled Lane's cock from his briefs and took him in her mouth. Chelie not wanting to be out done did the same to me. I was already throbbing hard from seeing Katy's ass bouncing as she deep throated her husband, now my wife had my cock in her mouth.
As good as the blowjob I was getting was, I couldn't take my eyes off of Katy's ass. She had spread her legs enough I could see her pussy outline thru her thong. I wanted to desperately slap her ass, Lane was getting the same view of Chelie that I was getting from Katy and his eyes were glued to her ass as well.
Finally I couldn't take it anymore as asked out loud if I could slap Katy's ass… Lane replied if he could slap Chelie's. Before he could finish answering I had a handful of ass. I slapped both cheeks and rubbed them like I was polishing a bowling ball. Lane was enjoying himself as well. I couldn't get enough of Katy and let my fingers work down towards the crack of her ass towards her pussy. She began to twerk and push her ass towards my hand as it reached her pussy. She stopped sucking Lane just long enough to tell me to finger her pussy.
I couldn't believe what was happening, my wife was sucking my cock while getting her ass and pussy rubbed by another man while I was doing to same to another woman as she was sucking her man. I pulled Katy's thong to the side and found her clit which was dripping wet. She moaned loudly as I entered her pussy with two fingers.
Lane had found Chelie's clit as well and she was fucking his fingers as she sucked me faster and deeper. Katy pulled off of Lane's cock and said she needed to get fucked. Chelie agreed that she wanted some cock too. We all stripped off the rest of our clothes as the girls moved to the edge of the bed next to one another on their hands and knees. I slapped Chelie on her ass as I slid my cock into her wet pussy. Lane was right next to me and it was the first time I had seen his cock. He was as thick as me but about an inch shorter. He slapped Katy's ass and stuffed her pussy full of his cock.
Those two girls were twerking on our cocks as Lane and I took turns slapping each other's wives ass. I wanted to fuck Katy bad real bad … so bad that I said it out loud . Katy told Lane to look in her purse and get each of us a condom. I ask Chelie if she was ok with it to which she replied only if she can watch me fuck Katy. Katy agreed she wanted to watch Lane and Chelie fuck. The girls turned in the bed to where they were facing each other and Lane and I could stand behind them.
Chelie has a perfect ass to me… Katy's ass looks just like Chelie's but thicker. Katy has a smaller waist too which makes that ass look even bigger. I grabbed her hips with both hands as I shoved my cock into her tight young pussy. Chelie has never been very vocal during sex… Katy is. She moan and begged me to go harder and faster as she and Chelie held hands. I knew I couldn't last long like this and told her we needed to change postions. Lane was in the same boat and agreed.
The girls told us to lay next to each other on our backs. I was pleasantly surprised when Katy climbed on me. I grabbed two handfuls of ass as Lane did the same with Chelie. Katy was a wild woman… she laid flat on my chest and worked that ass up and down on my cock. Chelie was grinding on Lane . Katy's tits are really small but with puffy nipples that were about the size of a 50 cent piece. She leaned back and and grabbed my ankles grinding herself down as far as she could on my cock. Her ecstasy moans were turning to orgasm moans… and believe it or not I was ready for it.
Here I am 50 years old with a woman half my age fucking my brains out while inches away my 50 year old wife was doing the same thing to a man nearly half her age. I can hold my nut a long time with my wife , but this was different. I was doing everything I could to take my mind of off what was happening and still enjoy the young pussy I was getting, but I was fixing to cum. Her moans got louder and she told me to fuck her harder as she set straight up on my cock. I grabbed her around the waist and started thrusting my cock as hard as I could into her. We came within seconds of each other as she collapsed on my chest .
Lane and Chelie were getting close as well. Lane had him two handfuls of ass and a mouthful of titty. Katy remained laying on top of me as we watched their finale approach. Lane came first as Chelie ground her pussy on his cock finally reaching her climax.She collapse on Lane as well. After they caught their breath we all looked at each other and started laughing and giggling. We were all drenched in sweat and Katy said she needed a shower now. Luckily the room had a shower big enough for the four of us.
We returned to our spouses and washed each other off. We all dried off and without getting dressed climbed into the bed. Within minutes we were all asleep.

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