Old black man and white girl on Christmas part 2

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The fucking continues between the great grandpa and white girl.

In part 1 a black great grandpa had fucked a 13yo white girl and took her virginity. The Day after Christmas . Charles and my mother got up early to go shopping .To take advantage of the after christmas sales. I was tired and i must say a little sore. I got up and went into the bathroom to pee. As I sat on the toilet some of Toms cum plopped into the water. I put my finger into my sore pussy and felt how wet I was from Toms cum. I was tired and went back to bed. When I got back to my room. I got a huge surprise. Tom was lying on my bed nude . His 10 in black cock was hard . He grabbed it and said that it was ready for ur pussy. I undressed and got into bed. He started kissing and Tom told me to suck his cock. I did the best i could and i loved the feeling of a cock in my mouth. I layed down on the bed and Tom began fucking me . He wasnt as gentle as he was the night before but i wanted that black cock and his sperm. He soon filled me up again with his cum. His cock felt like it was in my stomach. We laid there and cuddled for a little while. I noticed That Toms cock had gotten hard again. I said so soon , he said he had taken a viagra. He told me to get on my knees . He got behind me and fucked me doggie style. He went in deeper this way. He took a longer time to cum this time. He again gave me a big load. He kissed me and said he better go. He said Nancy any time u want this big black cock just let me know. i was hooked on wanting his cock and cum in me. I went over to his place when Charles and my mom were at work. We would fuck as many times as the old man could get hard. . A month later i turned 14. It at this time i found out i was knocked up. I told Tom and he was so worried. HE said he feared that he would knock me up but it felt to good to stop. lust got the best on him. He said fucking a young white girl was a black mans dream come true.He said he would go to jail if anyone found out.I didnt want that ot happen , it was just as much my fault. We came up with a plan. I went to a party and had a two black boys fuck me. I told my mom i was knocked up by some black boys. I said i didnt know them . My mother arranged an obortion for me. It was very unpleasant but it solved our problem. My mother put me on the pill after that. Tom and i fucked until he got to old to fuck anymore. I loved that old man and it saddened me when he passed away. At his funeral some of Toms old friends were there. One old black man named Jessie came over to me and whispered in my ear. THat Tom had told him about me and him. I was so shocked. that he had told someone. He said he was 83yo and hung 12 inches, He told me he could keep our secret for some white pussy. I told him he could have all the white pussy he wanted. I met Jesse at his home. He fucked the shit out of me with that 12 in cock. I was broken in with 10 inches so 2 more it took quite easily. He always took viagra and would fuck me aleast twice. i was alway dripping his cum. Jesse had me meet some of his old black friends and i let some of them fuck me. i had a black cock in me when ever i could. My pussy was so streached out form all those big black cocks. i finally went away to college and found and old black professer and had an affair with him. He was in his 40s and i was 19. Good looking ,smart , good job and hung. I played the timed young lady with him. He never got to know my past. I tricked him and let him knok me. up. He was very happy . We married and had a little black girl. we are still together today with 3 little ones running around.

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#Group #Interracial #Pregnancy #Teen