Old black man and white girl on Christmas

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A great black grandpa fucks a virgin on christmas

Im a 13yo skinny white girl. being raised by a single mother. For the past 2 year my mom was getting fucked by our black neighbor . My mom is 33yo and the black man named Charles is 30. I hear them fucking all the time and i get wet and masturbate thinking of a black cock fucking me. I wondered if Charles had a big cock , like the ones i see on the porn sites. I forgot that Charles , great grandfather lives with him. His name is Tom and hes 82 yo. A bald , hariy , fat lips , and a big belly. I like him and Charles . They would always buy me stuff . They both would alway attended holiday dinners. We on the outside for now seemed like a normal family. On Christmas we had several people over including Charles and Tom. The food was great and the booze was flowing. I was even sneaking a drink when no one was looking. As the party broke up , everyone had left but Charles and Tom. My mother and Tom retired to her room . I knew they were probably fucking . Charles fucking her with that big black cock. I went over to the bedroom door and put my ear aganist the door to hear if they were fucking I heard my mom moaning as he fucked her. I put my hand into my shorts and started playing with my pussy. Being turned on and thinking about black cock that i hadnt noticed Tom had come up behind me. He spoke and scared me. He said do u like what u hear little girl. Tom was a little drunk also. For some reason i didnt pull my hand out of my shorts. Tom came up to me and removed my hand and said let me do that for u.. Tom put his hand in my shorts and rubbed my pussy. He even put a finger in me. I didnt stop him it felt so good. Tom removed his hand and pulled me close to him. He took my hand and put it on his hard cock thru his pants. He asked me if this is what u want Nancy.? I squeezed his hard black cock . It felt big. He said lets go to ur room. He removed my clothes as we kissed. i was so turned on and a little tipsy. He stood back and looked at my almost bald pussy and pert little nips. He removed his clothes and i really wanted to see his black cock. He had a terrrible body but his cock seemed to work like a younger man. His black balls hung low and his cock was a proud 10 inches. He said Nancy r u sure u want this. I told him ,yes Tom very much . He said ok then .He told me he was going to fuck me with his bbc and seed me with his black sperm. He got between my legs and put his cock head into the opening of my pussy. He slowly began feeding me his cock. It felt so good and with me being so wet it made it easier for him. He broke right thru my hymen and sunk all 10 inches into me. He held himself deep in me for to get me use to him. He looked at me and said that u will never forget this night. He gave me a royal fucking. . It hurt but a good hurt. His big black balls bouncing off my ass as he fucked me. He told me that he was going to fill me with his cum. .He buried his cock and gave me his black cum.. He asked me if i was ok as he stayed in me. I said i felt great . He pulled out and our juices ran out of my pussy. For an old man he shot a huge load. He said i better get out of here . He kissed me and said this was a great christmas present.

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#Interracial #Teen #Virgin