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My granddaughter and her friend came to sleep over at my place, we got drunk, high, and I educated them both on cocks and sex.

I’m 60 years young and live in a small bungalow in a nice quiet area for retired “Old” folk, and while most of my elderly neighbours were in their beds fast asleep by 8pm, the sounds of sex and orgasms echoed around my place.

I had a lovely visit from my 12 year old granddaughter, Hannah, and she was nice enough to bring her pretty friend Clara, age 10, with her to sleep over.

In the evening when they were in their pyjamas and we were all just sat in the living room with a movie on the TV, I offered them a drink, a proper drink, “Either of you fancy a stiff drink?” I asked, holding up the open bottle of spiced rum.

“We’re not old enough, Gramps.” Replied Hannah.

“I’m not allowed.” Said Clara.

“Bollocks! – You’re in my home now, you lovely ladies can do whatever the hell you want…” I said, then I handed them each a glass and filled them both with rum, “…Have a bloody drink.” I said, giving them a wink.

I sat down in my chair, “Cheers.” And we all took a good sip of the rum, the girls were a bit “Cu-Oooph!.” When they tasted it, the spices and kick from the rum firing up their little throats, “Drink it slowly girls.”.

Then I got my little secret stash box out from underneath my chair and made a joint, lit it and took a big drag, then I blew the cloud of smoke in their direction.

“*Cough* – What is that?” asked Hannah, wafting the smoke away with her arms.

“This is the good stuff, my dear. – Here, want to give it a try?” I said.

“No thank you.” Hannah said.

“No.” said Clara.

“Aww come on, you’ll like it. Go on, there’s no one else here, you’re not going to get in any trouble. Go on have a drag.” I said, holding it out for them with a big smile on my face.

Clara was the first to reach out and take it, she wasn’t sure how to hold it properly but still put it in her mouth, “Just have a long suck, get it in to your mouth and then inhale it.” I explained.

She took a drag and immediately coughed it back out, “Wohw.” She coughed, then she handed it to Hannah and she took a drag and also coughed it back out, “Takes a bit of getting used too but you’ll get the hang of it. You two keep that one, I’ll make myself another.” I said.

Their young lungs did eventually get used to the smoke and they were both sharing the joint between them and drinking their rum, they even drank it faster than I was and I had to refill their glasses before mine, and we spent the next few hours getting wasted, high and drunk.

I was flicking through the TV channels and came across a naughty channel preview of a couple of having sex, “Blimey she’s got big tits hasn’t she eh.” I joked.

The girls were high and giggling their little heads off, watching them having sex on the TV and they kept covering their eyes with their hands whenever the man’s cock appeared on camera.

“What’s the matter with you two, you never seen a cock before or something?” I asked.

Turns out they hadn’t.

“You’re not going to tell me that two beautiful young lassies like you two are still virgins are you? – Are you?” I asked.

Turns out they were.

“Never! – Fuck off! – You mean you’ve never messed about with any boys? – You’ve never touched or boy or let a boy touch you?” I asked.

“Nope.” They both giggled.

“So you’ve never seen a cock?” I asked.

“Nope.” They replied.

“Well I’m not having that. You should have seen a cock by now, girls at your age, what’s the matter with you…” I said, then I put my drink and joint down and stood up, then I removed my belt and unzipped my pants and pulled them down to my knees, “…There you are. Take a look at that cock.” I said, exposing myself to them both.

I stepped up to the sofa and stood right in front of them both and gave my cock a bit of a wiggle.

They both exploded in a fit of giggles.

Hannah reached out and touch my cock for a brief moment before recoiling her hand and continue to roll around giggling.

I grabbed the blanket off the top of the sofa and I laid it out on the floor, “Come on – Get it both of you – Up – Up – Come on.” I said.

They both stood up, “Take off your pyjamas.” I said.

“Why?” asked Hannah.

“Because WE are going to have some fun, that’s why – Come on – Off with em.” I replied.

Luckily they were both high and drunk and the inhibitions were completely blocked and they were very suggestible, we all took off our clothes, the girls just stripping down to their panties, Hannah had lovely little pointy tits that just started sprouting, Clara was flat chested.

“Come on lets see the rest.” I said.

When they refused to remove their panties I wrestled them both down on to the floor and playfully pulled their panties off while they rolled around and giggled at me, both had lovely smooth bald pussies.

“Ouch!” giggled Hannah, when she crawled around on her hands and knees and I gave her nice little ass a hard spank.

With both of them naked and kneeling on the blanket on the floor, I stood in front of them, “Right, this is my cock, and these big hairy things are my balls.” I said, pointing to each in turn, “Feel free to have a feel.” I said, with my hands on my hips standing like Superman.

When they finally stopped giggling they both reached up and started touching, rubbing and exploring my manhood, and after about a minute I got the biggest erection of my life, I may have been old but my equipment was still in perfect working order.

I instructed them on how to rub my cock, “Give it a good rub, Hannah, that’s it.” I said, “Do you feel how hard that is?” I asked.

“Yeah.” She said.

“Alright, Clara, your turn love. Both of you get a grip on it – That’s it.” I said.

Both of them were tugging on my hard cock and it felt good, and it was a good learning experience for them.

After a few minutes I pulled Hannah’s head towards me, “Open your mouth…” I said, she opened her mouth very wide, then I slid my cock between her soft lips and it glided over her warm slippery tongue, and she closed her lips around it, “…Suck it like a popsicle.” I said, and she did and she really enjoyed sucking her old gramps, as did Clara afterwards.

I got them both to kneel at each side of me and pulled their heads towards my cock and both Hannah and Clara were licking a side of my long hard shaft until I eventually ejaculated and they both licked my thick flowing sperm as it flowed out of my tip and ran down my shaft, “Oooah Good girls – Oooah yeah.” I gasped.

I gave the girls another glass of rum to help wash down my sperm while we had a little rest.

“Either of you girls up for giving sex a try tonight?” I asked.

They looked at each other unsure, then it was my beautiful granddaughter Hannah that responded, “I’ll try, gramps.” She said.

“Yeah? – Good girl.” I said.

I got her to lay down on the blanket on her back, Clara ran to the sofa and sat down and watched, I spread Hannah’s legs nice a wide, sliding her knees up to her hip height across the blanket, a gave her soft pussy a rub and then went down on her, “Don’t worry I’m not going to bite.” And I ate her sweet tasting pussy.

She put her hands on my head, sinking her fingers in to my silver hair and moaned repeatedly from the pleasure I was giving her with my tongue, “Ungh – Uh – Mm.”

I licked her for a few minutes and she got wet but it wasn’t enough so I asked Clara to go in to my bedroom, “Look in the second drawer and bring me blue tube – it looks like toothpaste.” I said.

She ran in to my room and came back quickly, “Is this it?” she asked, holding out the blue tube of lube.

“That’s it, good girl.” I said, taking it from her and applying some on Hannah’s pussy as well as on my cock.

“Uh that’s cold.” She flinched when I spread it over her pussy.

I got on top of her, rolling my arms underneath her around her back, cuddling in to her, then my eager cock slid in to her pussy and I pushed hard and broke her hymen, “Aagh – Oooah – Uh!” she gasped.

“Ooooah – There we go!” I groaned, penetrating her perfectly tight pussy, “Ooah.”

The drugs and alcohol must have helped to block out most of the pain of losing her virginity because she didn’t complain, she smiled and giggled, “Is it in, gramps?” she asked.

“You better believe it, darling.” I replied.

“Yeah – Uh – I can feel it now – Ooh – Uh.” She moaned.

I thrust in to her, fucking her slowly at first just to ease her pussy open, then I pinned her arms down and began thrusting faster, “Okay here we go.” I gasped, burying my cock deep inside her, my old hairy very saggy balls swinging between my legs and knocking against her soft ass.

“Umph – Uh – Uh – Oo.” She moaned and moaned.

“Your grandma’s pussy felt a lot like yours when she was a little girl – God rest her soul.” I said.

“Uh – Grandma – Mm – Ooh.” She moaned.

“Yeah – Your grandma – How does your old gramps cock feel darling?” I asked.

“Good – Uh – So good – Ooh – Mm.” she moaned.

“Good girl.” I said, then I thrust in to her faster and harder, making sure to bury my cock as deep inside of her as her small young pussy would allow, “Shit I’m coming!” I announced.


“It’s coming – Urgh – I’m comiiiiinnnng – Ooooah – Ooooah…” I groaned and then ejaculated a large amount of sperm inside her small pussy, “…Ooooaah!”
About 15 minutes later I asked if Clara wanted to try it, but she was too shy to do it, but Hannah was up for another go, this time I laid down and she got on top of me and rode my cock for about 5 minutes, but the floor was hurting my back, so I got up on my knees, got Hannah on her hands and knees and I stuffed my cock up her pussy from behind, holding on to her hips and fucking her hard, pulling her back on to my cock as I thrust forward in to her.

After that she helped me convince Clara to give it a try, we started with my on my knees behind her with Clara on her hands and knees, and I slowly pushed my cock in to her young slit and it took a lot of force but managed to split her hymen, “Argh – Ouch!” she cried out.

I pushed my cock inside her and her pussy was a little tighter than Hannah’s, I had to use extra lube on her pussy.

I finally got my cock moving inside her and was pumping her pussy hard from behind, she moaned a lot more than Hannah, her pussy was small and tight and she felt some pain from my thick cock stretching it wide open, “Uh – Uh – Uhmph – Ooor – Argh!”

To make it a bit more comfortable for her I pulled out and laid her on her back, I got on top of her and pushed my cock back inside her pussy, she spread her legs really wide for me, and she looked cute as she held on to her toes to keep her legs open while I fucked her little pussy very hard and very fast.

“Oooah god bless you, Clara.” I groaned.

“Um – Uh – Ungh – Uh.” She moaned, “Oh fuck – Uh – Oh my god – Uh – Uuh!”

She took my cock for a good 15 minutes before I finally came, “I’m coming!”, and I thrust in to her harder and harder, her ass lifted up off the floor I was pounding her so hard, and ended up fucking her at a downward angle for the last few seconds, “Uh-Oooaah – Oooah!” I groaned with release and flooded her pussy with my sperm.

Clara was so exhausted after the long hard fuck that her arms and legs just fell slopped down to the floor and she closed her eyes gasping for breath, her little chest moving up and down fast, and I slowly pulled my cock out of her and rolled over on to my back to rest beside her, “You did good, kiddo, very good.” I said.

We all had more weed and alcohol, they both sucked my cock again at the same time and then we all just fell asleep on the floor on the blanket.

We all woke up the following morning with hangovers, sore heads and very sore genitals, that was one hell of a night.

The girls remembered us having sex but didn’t remember a lot of other things we did in between.

I’m proud to say they both left the following day happy and smiling, and now well educated in cocks and sex.

I love being a cool grandpa.

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