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I had just graduated college and was facing a dilemma, nowhere to live. When I started going to college, I had been living with my parents, but since I was the last to leave the nest, they decided to sell their house and hit the road in a motor home to travel and see the country.
I could not have been happier for them since they had worked hard to put me and my two older sisters through college. They deserved a happy retirement, but that now left me without a place to go until I was able to find a new job and get a place. Thankfully, my oldest sister, Carolyn, came to my rescue.
Carolyn, now 29 years old, had made a great life for herself in the city, and had a genuinely nice large loft apartment on the edge of the city, near the great lake. She was a corporate attorney and had pretty much absorbed herself in her career, so she had never married. When I called her, she was more than happy to take her little brother in.
I had gone to a college in a suburban area and we had grown up just on the outside of a small town, so a move to the big city was going to be a big change for me. When I got off the train at Union Station, right away I was taken aback at how big the city looked like as I came out of the station and saw it all laid out in front of me for the first time.
It seemed crazy busy, as I weaved my way through the crowd of people coming and going from the station. I got to the street, got into a taxi, and headed to Carolyn's apartment. The ride was not too long, and we arrived in front of her building. I paid the driver, grabbed my bags, and headed into the building lobby.
Wow, this place was nice! I felt like I just stepped inside a movie or something. The doorman got my name and called up to my Sister's place for me to let her know that I was here. A few minutes later, I heard her call my name across the lobby from the elevators.
"Jimmy," she exclaimed, then ran over and practically jumped into my arms! "How are you little Brother? Damn it feels like it has been forever since I have seen you! When was it, your high school graduation right?"
"Yeah, it's been that long, Carolyn and WOW, you look fantastic!" She was dressed in a very nice-looking pant suit that only accentuated her beautiful stature. Carolyn was by far the tallest girl out of our family. She and I were often the butt of jokes saying that we must have been the milkman's since my Mom and sister Maddi are only about 5'6", and my Dad is only 5'10".
While the rest of the family were pretty much average in height, she stood 6'1" tall, just an inch shorter than me. Regardless of her height, though, Carolyn was absolutely beautiful, with her shoulder length brown hair and the most beautiful crystal blue eyes you had ever seen. Her smile was enough to melt the hardest of hearts and she had a strong but very pleasant personality.
"Aw stop it now, don't make me blush, but thank you for the compliment anyway," she smiled, looped her arm in mine and we headed up to her apartment. When we walked in, I was blown away again by the size of it. It was huge inside and the floor to ceiling windows on two sides just made it seem even bigger.
"Wow, this place is awesome, Carolyn! I can already tell that Vandal Corporation must be paying you quite the buck to afford this," I said in amazement.
"Yeah, working for them does have its perks," she said with a smile, then added, "Come, let me show you your room, Jimmy." I followed Carolyn towards a set of iron steps going up to a second level of the loft. She pointed towards a room at the foot of the steps and said, "That's my bedroom and yours is up here."
We ascended the steps and she opened the door. Again, I was blown away. The room could have fit three of my bedrooms in it from our childhood home, and it had its own bathroom with a huge walk-in shower in it. "Wow, Sis, this is almost too much for me to handle," I said with a laugh.
"I'm glad you like it, Jimmy. I want you to feel at home while you stay with me, okay? I have a few connections to help you with your job search, but listen, you are welcome to stay as long as you need to, okay?"
I nodded my head, smiled, and said, "Thanks, Carolyn, you are the best as always." I went over and hugged her tight briefly. When we parted, she was smiling but had a tear in her eye. "I'm simply happy to have you here. It's been too long since I've had family around me, and I missed my little bro like crazy." She reached up and tossed my hair like she used to do when we were younger.
I would get a little pissy when she did that as a kid, but now I just laughed it off in appreciation for my sweet big Sis, especially since she was so gracious to take me in like this. Carolyn smiled and said, "Well I'll leave you to unpack and get comfortable, Jimmy, and if you are interested, I know a great sushi place just a block from here, for dinner?"
"Ewwww, sushi? Yuck," I said making a scrunched up silly face, then finished just as she was about to playfully hit me in the arm, "I'm just teasing, it sounds good to me, Sis." She smiled again and headed downstairs. I started unpacking my bags, putting my clothes in the dresser and in the closet, then put my toiletries in the bathroom.
When I was done, I sat down in one of the overstuffed chairs in my room and just got lost in thought for a few moments about what the future would hold for me. "Come on Jimmy, I'm starved, you about ready to go yet," said Carolyn from the bottom of the steps. I came back to reality and said, "Yep, I'm coming now."
The sushi place was awesome, and I swear I think Carolyn ordered just about everything off the menu. The girl had a bottomless pit for a stomach even when we were kids, but as active as she was in sports, she never had an ounce of fat on her. I started getting full after the 4th roll, but she kept going. "Carolyn, where do you put all that food," I asked with a chuckle.
She laughed as she swallowed another bit, washed it down with some sake, then said, "Well between the stress of work and the 6 day a week workout I do, that keeps me fit. God help me if I ever stop, though, I'll probably turn into a cow." We both laughed at that and she asked, "What about you though, you look awesome little Brother. You must be hitting the weights hard with that physique."
"Yeah, I learned pretty fast in college that the girls would not look twice at you if you weren't packing a 6 pack or more," I said with a laugh. Carolyn grinned and said, "Oh, my younger Brother, trying to be a lady's man?"
"Nah, nothing like that. I just wanted to look good though, for that special someone that might come along."
"Well, did you ever meet that special someone then," Carolyn asked.
"No, not really. I dated one girl for a while, but she ended up messing around on me behind my back. We weren't totally serious, but you just don't mess around with one of your best friends." Carolyn's face grew serious and she got quiet when I said that.
"Sis? Did I say something wrong?"
She looked down at the table for a few minutes then said, "Yeah, I know how that goes all too well. Jimmy, I'm going to tell you something, but I need you to promise not to tell the rest of the family."
"I won't, Sis, I promise," I said as I looked at her. I could tell she was fighting back tears, so I took her hand and waited for her to tell me.
"I was engaged to be married. I was seeing a guy from work that was here on a work visa from England, and we just seemed to hit it off. We got serious, or so I thought, and he even asked me to marry him after only being together for six months. I was elated and I could not wait to tell you and the rest of the family, but it all came crashing down soon after he proposed," she paused, still fighting hard not to cry.
"I found out that he was playing me just to get a green card, and that he was actually married with 2 kids at home in England," she said as the tears started to fall.
I moved around the table and hugged my big Sis to try and comfort her, saying, "Aw Sis, I'm so sorry that happened to you. That is really fucked up of him to do that. Do you want me to go beat his ass?"
She looked up at me and laughed a little through the tears, "You're such a good brother, Jimmy. Seems funny though now you wanting to beat people up for me. It was just yesterday I was doing that for you. Remember Tommy Tucker from the playground? That time he was being a bully towards you, and I gave him a bloody nose."
I laughed, then sat back down, feeling like she had come back to her happy place. "Yeah, I'll never forget that Sis. You really walloped him a good one. He never messed with me after that. I'd like to see him try it now, though," I said as we both laughed.
"Well getting back to what I was saying, that's the reason I have that huge apartment. That was going to be our place, but now you are here, and it will not feel so empty now," she said, then ordered another bottle of sake for us. By the time we left, our bellies were filled with sushi and sake, and the two of us were pretty drunk.
We somehow managed to stumble back to the apartment without getting busted by the cops for being intoxicated in public. The doorman just laughed a little as we came in, tipping his cap at Carolyn. We got up to the apartment, and by this time, Carolyn was a complete mess, giggling and staggering around.
She had probably downed at least a large bottle of sake herself and was now nearing the inebriated state of intoxication. Carolyn was in a near fit of laughter as I helped her into her bedroom and onto her bed. I pulled her shoes off and tossed a blanket over her, then started to leave.
"Jimmy," she said through very slurred words, "give me a hug goodnight." I turned back and leaned over to give her a hug but as I did, our faces met the wrong way, and our mouths just crashed into each other. In my own drunken state, I just blew it off, but she grabbed my head and kissed me. Not in a sibling type kiss either, but a full-on open mouth, tongue dancing kiss.
I then realized the gravity of the situation and pulled back. She half giggled through her haze and said, "Mmm Jimmy, you are a great kisser." Carolyn then went quiet as it appeared that she had passed out. Shaking the cobwebs out of my head, I stumbled up to my room, peeled off my clothes and got into bed. As I laid there, I kept thinking about kissing her.
Never in my life did I ever have any type of sexual feelings towards Carolyn or my other sister, Maddi. I had seen them countless times in their swimsuits, underwear and in the nude, but never gave it a second thought, but for some reason, that kiss had turned on a switch inside me. I shook it off the best I could and finally managed to go to sleep.
The next morning after I woke up, I got up and took a shower. While standing there under the hot water, I started thinking about the night before. Did I dream that? Did I dream that I kissed my big Sister? Did I dream that I thought it was very erotic and I wanted to do it again?
I then realized that I had gotten an erection thinking about it. It had been quite some time since I had jerked off or had sex for that matter, so my cock was needing some much-deserved attention. I started stroking it as it throbbed in my hand, thoughts of tasting Carolyn's kiss running through my head. I was just about to cum when a voice shattered me out of my fantasy.
"Good morning, Jimmy," Carolyn said as she came partially into the bathroom, "Sorry, I forgot to put some towels in here. I've got coffee on and some stuff laid out for breakfast when you are done." She then faced me as I stood there, my cock in my hand, frozen in place. Carolyn smiled at me and headed out of the bathroom.
Thank the stars above, there was a partial partition running about halfway up before becoming glass. Could she tell or was she just being my normal sweet Sister? I do not know, but those fantasies came rushing back and in no time, I was shooting my wad all over the shower floor. I just stood there for a few minutes in my post orgasmic euphoria thinking, what in the fuck is happening in my mind?
I finished up, got dressed and headed down to the kitchen. Carolyn smiled as I came in and asked, "Did you sleep okay? I just bought that new mattress in there for guests to sleep in. It's one of those memory foams types and they are supposed to be the best. That was my old bed, but I had gotten a new king-sized bed for my room when asshole and I were still a thing."
I just smiled as I listened to her chatter a mile a minute. She then paused and looked at me with a grin, "What? Are there worms in my hair?" I laughed and said, "Yes, and they are eating your brains." She laughed, came over to hit me as I dodged her. "Smart ass, just get your coffee and eat," she smiled and sat down.
I got my coffee and some muffins and sat down across from her, still smiling. She looked at me and asked, "Okay, what's with the grin? Please tell me I did not do anything dumb last night. The last thing I remember was falling on the bed when we got home and I don't think I did, did I?"
I was not sure if she did not remember or was just playing dumb. She was a damn good card player when we were kids, so she could be bluffing. I just smiled back at her and said, "No, you didn't do anything, Sis." She returned my smile and we finished eating.
After cleaning up from breakfast, I went back upstairs to go through some papers I would need for any job interviews. As I did, I thought about kissing her again, and I wondered if she had not remembered it. As drunk as I was, I sure was not about to forget.
Several days had passed and after a few job interviews, that Carolyn had set up for me, I was offered a position at the same company that she worked for. Since it was in a different department, there would be no family conflict of interest involved, especially since she spent most of her days involved in the legal matters and I was now a new marketing manager.
After I was given my official start date, Carolyn suggested that we go out and celebrate that Friday night. So, we put on our best clubbing attire and called for a tax to take us. She looked drop dead gorgeous in her very sexy black mini dress and heels. I never realized just how hot she was until that moment.
Those legs of hers, that body of hers and that sweet as ever smile of hers as she looked at me after getting off the phone with the cab company. "You ready to go? The taxi will be here in about ten minutes. You're going to love this club, Jimmy, and I am sure you will be pleased to see all the hotties there," she said with a grin.
I looked back at her smiling and thinking the only hottie I was thinking about right now was standing in front of me. "Sounds good, Sis, and yep, I am ready to go."
We headed down to the street, got into our cab and headed to the club. She was right about one thing, after getting inside, there were a lot of hot looking women around. We made our way into the VIP section thanks to Carolyn's connections, and got a nice table that faced the dance floor. We ordered some drinks to get us started and sat for a bit.
"I told you this place would be rocking with the hotties, Jimmy," she said over the music with a big grin. I smiled and nodded in agreement, but still the thoughts kept going back to her. We downed a couple of drinks each and hit the dance floor. Now I am no dance expert, but I can hold my own as Carolyn and I got our groove on out there.
After several songs and a few more potent drinks, a heavy slow grind tune came on, and Carolyn got right into it, backing up against me and grinding her sexy ass right into my crotch. At that point, I was just as much into it as I grabbed her hips and gyrated right back against her. I could feel my cock getting hard during our dance and I know she had to have felt it as she looked back at me with a grin.
No one in the place would have thought we were siblings as danced the evening away, not paying attention to anyone else in there. We finally headed home and once more, the two of us were pretty liquored up on Mojitos that seemed to flow freely throughout the night. Carolyn and I were all giggles as we poured ourselves into the cab and headed home.
Once we got there, she flopped down in one of the chairs in the living room, both of us still laughing over anything. As I sat across from her, I could not help but notice that her mini dress had risen on her sweet thighs. She joked about how we were out there dancing and we started laughing again, causing her dress to inch up even further.
Then during one of her fits of laughter, her legs parted, and I saw a brief glimpse of her black panties. Oh my God, now my mind really went south as I got quiet. Carolyn looked at me with a grin and asked, "Now what got you quiet all of a sudden, Jimmy?"
I shook my head and threw caution to the wind, smiled and said, "I was just thinking about how hot you looked tonight, Sis. Almost made me wish I were not your brother, especially the way we were dancing."
Carolyn laughed and said, "Oh I know right? We were getting hot and heavy out there! Thanks for being so sweet, little Brother, you really know how to make me feel good." She then got quiet for a bit, sitting there just looking at me, then looked out the window.
I do not know if she was just getting more relaxed or what, but she spread her legs even further, giving me an excellent view of her panties now. I could hardly breathe as I looked at the material covering what must be an extremely sweet pussy underneath. My heart started beating a million miles per hour and I felt my cock getting hard again as I could not take my eyes off her.
When I did manage to look up, Carolyn was staring right back at me with her eyes half closed and a devilish grin on her face, then said, "Jimmy, are you looking up my dress?" I was busted, plain and simple so I just admitted to myself that I was wrong and just nodded at her.
Carolyn got up, moved over to me, took my hand, then straddled my lap and sat down. My heart began racing even faster. She put her hand under my chin, lifting my face to hers and then kissed me. Again, it was no sibling kiss either, but a nice long slow tender kiss. Dear God, what was happening here?
I could not help myself as I got more and more into our kiss, getting more passionate and deeper as it went on. Our tongues now dancing together mimicking our slow grind from the dance floor. Carolyn pressed her panty covered crotch against my raging erection inside my pants and moaned deeply into our kiss.
She then pulled back, stood up, taking my hand as I was powerless to do anything but follow her, right into her bedroom. Carolyn laid down on her bed, pulling me down on top of her, between her gorgeous long legs as we got back into our very intimate kiss.
I had no control over my body now, pressing my crotch against hers, grinding against her, the both of us now moaning into each other. I wanted her. I wanted my own Sister. I wanted to do things to her that siblings should not do, but at that point, neither of us were thinking with our right minds.
I pulled away from her kiss and started moving down her body until my head was just above her now fully exposed panty covered pussy. I put my thumbs through the sides of her panties and pulled them down quickly as she lifted her ass. Oh, dear sweet Lord!
There before me was the most beautiful pussy I have ever seen in my life! It was perfect! I could not help but marvel at her sweet sex, her puffy outer lips, cleanly shaved, her meaty inner lips looking like rose petals not yet unfolded, running up to her swollen hooded clitoris. Above her slit a small landing strip of pubic hair going up in a small V pattern.
I moved down, getting my face inches from her sweet fragrant pussy, breathing in her scent for just a second. Carolyn's breathing was getting heavier and when my mouth contacted her flesh, she made a long slow groaning noise. She tasted delicious as my mouth parted her pussy lips open, her wetness instantly coating my lips and tongue.

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