Older woman Need Attention in single life

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Older woman Need Attention in single life

I’m Banner, 25 years old, from Hyderabad. I’ve published a few stories already on ISS, erotic with uncontrollable lust. I write fantasy stories to make all my readers feel good. They can enjoy the day with a free and fresh mind as we know in some way stories here actually reduce the stress.

I’m a huge fan of all readers especially those who have erotic and naughty narrations and plots which give instant hard-on. So here’s another fantasy.

Sorry, guys, it’s lengthy. I wrote it for you guys so that you people don’t have to wait for days to continue reading in parts. Even in parts, I’ll try to end my story in a way to continue the next chapter. Take your time to feel my story and read. I’m sure you guys will love my stories. Thank you. Enjoy.

This story is about a single woman of 31 years, living a beautiful life, working in an MNC whom I met in Hyderabad. She was new to our colony. She shifted right next to my house, my neighbor. Her name is Sonia. About her, she is 36E-27-38, 5.9 in height (one inch taller than me, I like tall and/or busty figure).

She is fair, with average long beautiful hair (not till waist), eyes worth killing for, smile worth dying for. She has one of the awesome curves of lips when she smiles. Her body curve as you can imagine from the measurement. I just wanted to grab her tight and squeeze her so hard.

Days passed. She was renovating her home, and she had conversed with my family already. It was some 12th day that I got a chance to meet her and talk to her. It was regarding the wifi connection and buying a new PC. As I am a software engineer, she requested to meet me at her home. So I went at around 10.00 am.

[S: Sonia – B: Me]

B: Hello mam I’m Banner your neighbor. Did you ask for me?

S: Oh, yes hello Banner, I’m Sonia please come inside!

Damn, she was in her casual track pant and a yellow t-shirt with body fit. Her boobs were so big that it was difficult for me to take eyes from. Still, I managed and focused. She asked me to have a seat and brought soft drinks.

S: Here, have a drink.
B: Oh, it was not necessary, still thank you.

Damn her smile. It was so tempting that I was unable to control my urges. When she bent down to keep the drinks on the table her cleavage was visible. I saw that and she noticed. That was a smile worth dying for. I had no thoughts of taking it further as it was our first meeting. And I didn’t know what was in her mind.

S: Actually I wanted to set up a new PC with high-speed wifi for office work. So could you help me with that?

B: Yeah sure no problem, mam. (with a smile)

I suggested her to go for i7 PC’s and provided the wifi from nearby ISP.

S: Thank you, Banner. It would have been difficult for me to buy a PC without you.
B: No problem, mam, you can call me anytime for help.

S: So what are you doing?
B: Completed my PG, going for interviews.

S: Wow great, all the best for interviews. Btw I’m HR in XYZ co. Nice to meet you, Banner.
B: Pleasure is mine, mam.

I said good day and left. She used to go to the office at 9 am. Often while passing from my home she used to smile. I used to wish her good morning. Days passed like this. We used to meet in neighbor parties and talk. We became like formal friends.

After a few days, she had purchased a new PC. She called me to set it up for her. I went to her house for that. She welcomed me and offered me water. She was wearing tight leggings and sleeveless T’s. Damn her curves! I got an instant hard-on.

Thanks to my new innerwear which was holding my bulge properly so that it can’t be seen. We sat down and together started unpacking the PC and the components. She insisted on helping me. While setting up the PC we touched each other’s hands often.

Every time we did there used to be seconds of silence. After connecting all interiors of PC it was time to connect all components. I was connecting the CPU. Meanwhile, she was plugging the monitor cable, just standing beside me. I was sitting down when I looked if she was done with plugging, the only sight visible for me was her huge buxom ass above my face just inches away. My mind was saying to stick my face from her ass and get smothered.

My dick again started to gain hardness. Because I was sitting the position of my dick was shifted to 90 degrees. I was afraid if I stood up my bulge can be seen. Her big curvy ass in orange legging was just like big juicy orange which was waiting for me to squeeze all juices and suck it. I was so lost in that. she turned towards me to say.

S: Banner I’m done with it.

She saw me in a situation where my eyes were wide and were looking at her ass and curves and was lost in it.

S: Banner, are you ok? (with a weird expression)

I got my conscious anyhow.

B: Sorry mam. I’m really sorry. (with a sad face) Ah, did you plug the monitor cables?
S: Yes I have. (with weird and suspicious voice)

B: Ok mam I’ll plug the rest.

And I set up the pc and made it boot up. And connected the internet and accessed the wifi for her.

S: Oh thanks, Banner. It’s working. Thanks a lot.
B: No problem, mam. It was a pleasure to help you. And sorry!

S: Sorry? Why?
B: Nothing mam. You’re good with your system. Do let me know if any problem or issue you face. Thank you, mam. Have permission to leave?

S: First of all stop calling me mam. Feels like you’re my student. You can call me Sonia (with a wink) and second say why you said sorry? And yes, of course, I’ll call you for help. Because I’m not familiar with anyone else here. So tell me why you said sorry?

B: Hmm nothing, mam.
S: Hmm?

B: I mean Sonia nothing just, I think I made you uncomfortable so asked sorry for doing that.
S: What you did? (She was having an expression which was confusing because she actually knew or she wanted to hear from me what she already knew)

B: (I took the courage) sorry Sonia I was checking on you.

I was so numb that my hands were shaking. My heart beat started rising, thinking about what’s going to happen next.

S: Ha ha ha oh boy! That was a problem? Really? It’s ok that you checked on me. You’re cute and it really looks good when you’re scared.

I started blushing slightly after hearing this.

S: Oh wow you can blush? It’s amazing to see you blush! (she laughed)
B: Oh sorry, I really felt bad!

S: Don’t be! Guess what, you do can check on me whenever we meet alone! What about that? (with a naughty smile)
B: What! Really? I mean, how can I?

S: Yeah sure! At least someone is there to admire me. (winked)
B: Ok with a surprise smile.

S: It feels good when talking to you, Banner. Give me your number.

I gave my number and bid her good day and left. We use to chat from that day onwards and became very close. She shared her personal problems and said about not marrying for now. She was interested in doing work and enjoy singlehood.

One day my family went to hometown for cousin’s marriage. Sonia used to help me with food and cooking. She took care of me while my parents were away. Yes! Guys she took care. Understood right? One night we were chatting which led to sexting.

S: Hi. Had dinner? Free to talk? (we use to sleep in our respective homes)
B: Hello Sonia yeah had. You had yours? Yeah, I’m free.

S: Yes completed, was checking my new PC. Like you were checking on me that day. (With a wink and teasing tongue smiley)
B: (blushing smiley) Okay! Are you checking that now? Is it working fine?

S: Yeah.
B: Have to go to work tomorrow?

S: Yeah. Why do you have any plans with me tomorrow?
B: (shock face) No just asked! Because you have to wake up early to go to the office so asked.

S: Yeah no problem btw.
B: Okay.

S: Can I ask you something?
B: Yeah sure.

S: That day what all you checked in me?
B: (I was happy, scared.) Why are you asking this now?

S: Because you checked on me and I want to know how I look, actually. Really I want to know.
B: (Smile) You look amazing, beautiful. Your smile. It’s so tempting. You look stunning. You’re the perfect woman anyone can get!

S: Okay. Thanks, Banner. But apart from this, you checked something else too. Tell me something about that?
B: Are you sure? It’s not appropriate I mean it’s a boy thinking. I’m sorry about that.

S: Come on Banner. We can share and talk anything, right? So say openly. I want to hear.
B: Okay in our first meet, I checked on your cleavage when you bent to keep a soft drink on the table. Then on the PC set-up day. I checked on your ass.

S: So you did check me nicely. Hahaha, how you felt?
B: I got hard on!

S: Wow! I wonder I can make you hard with my figure at this age.
B: Why. What’s wrong with you? You’re perfect in all aspects. You’re so caring and good looking. Who would not want to be with you?

S: Really? Am I that good? And what all aspects? Explore Banner? (with a kiss)
B: Oh, so you’re naughty too. Hahaha

S: Hahaha shut-up. I can’t be naughty then?
B: No you can, actually I like when you’re naughty while talking.

S: Aww thanks. Tell me all the aspects you like in me.

B: Ok. I like your big boobs especially when they are in your tight T’s. I imagined your cleavage on that day and thought how big your boobs will be without top and bra. You have a busty figure which makes me squeeze you hard. Your big curvy ass is tempting and seducing. I want to dig my face in your ass cheeks and get smothered. And more!

She was silent don’t know why

B: Sonia you’re there? I’m sorry if I hurt you. Please, reply. I won’t repeat it.
S: (after a couple of minutes) Shut up. I’ll kill you if you didn’t repeat! Your words woke my lust, Banner! You only checked my boobs and ass, nothing else?

B: You scared me. Love you to reply.
S: Love you too darling! Now answer!

B: Darling? (Love smile and kisses) Yeah, only those two cause those only came to be visible.
S: you didn’t check on my pussy Banner?

B: No! Was scared to go further!
S: So you like my ass?

B: Yeah.
S: Want to stick your face in between them? Say yes Banner!

B: Yes, honey.
S: Love you, Banner!

B: Love you too.
S: You imagined my boobs right! Why you’re imagining. When you can actually see and feel!

B: What! Really?
S: Yeah you can. And you can even check on my pussy.

B: Thanks, Sonia! You made me hard and wet!
S: Ohh my sweet dick. How long it is! I’m wet too actually, I’m rubbing my pussy now. (Wink)

B: It’s 5.6 inches long.
S: Wow great Banner. So what now?

B: Don’t know. I’m hard and caressing my dick.
S: Ok. Want to have sex with me?

B: Wow, if you like to.
S: Fuck it Banner I want badly and I want you badly. Can you come now? I’ll keep the door open. Be careful?

B: Ok honey.

I went to her home around midnight.
I went to her home around midnight. As she said the door was open, I went inside silently and closed the door. The lights were off so I wasn’t able to see anything clearly. I whispered her name to let her know I’m here. Suddenly she grabbed my hand from behind and pulled me.

In a shock, I fell on her and we both lean on the wall support. She closed the door. I grabbed her waist. She was holding me from my head. After 1 minute of silence and looking at each other in the moonlight we smooched. After a few minutes of kissing, we broke up and looked at each other.

I then held her face and slowly lip locked and kissing so passionately that she started moaning and breathing heavily. The sound of sucking lips was making us horny and crave for each other more. While kissing I started caressing and squeezing her back.

She was wearing a nightgown and only bra n panty inside. She too responded by squeezing hard my back from one hand and ass from others. I then started grabbing her boobs from both hands and was massaging it gently over her gown. We both were moaning badly.

Her nipples were so erect that it has been clearly felt from the gown. She broke the kiss and said:
S: Harder Banner, press hard!

I started pressing it hard trying to take those each big melon all at once in each of my hand, as it was so juicy and big. Then I untied her gown and started caressing her body from inside the gown. That warm feeling of her body was making my dick poke her thighs just below her pussy.

We were still kissing and caressing each other. I grabbed her big ass over her panty and was spanking and squeezing. Meanwhile, she started rubbing my dick, taking it out from my shorts. Our lips and chin were wet with our saliva. We literally kissed every inch of each other’s face.

I then opened her bra and started sucking and squeezing her boobs and biting her nipples. She was stroking my dick that it became very hard. She was moaning, “Yes, Banner suck it hard, baby.” Her both boobs were red and wet that it can be seen in the moonlight.

She was stroking my dick so hard that I was about to cum which I said to her. She said, “Wait”. She then suddenly bent down and removed my shorts and took my dick straight away in her mouth. She started stroking slowly. I was relaxed and was in cloud 9.

After some time she increased the speed and started giving me a blowjob. After 5 minutes I was about to cum. My dick was in her mouth and I didn’t know if she likes to take it. Just seconds away I took it out. As I did this, Sonia with angry expression pulled me.

She put my dick in her mouth and gave a final stroke and I cum too hard in her mouth. For a minute I felt exhausted. She gulped it and was licking her finger and dick tip to clean by smiling lightly. I then asked her:

B: Baby can we go to the room in the light I want to see you.
S: Come.

She held me by my hand and took me to her bedroom where there was a night light in a warm yellow color. As soon as we entered I saw her from the back as she was holding my hand and walking in front of me. Her huge brown chocolate ass was jiggling and her boobs from one side were so erect and juicy.

I started to gain hardness slowly. She pulled and threw me in an aggressive way towards her bed. I anyhow balanced and stood straight. She came to me and slapped me hard saying:

S: What the fuck were you doing when I was sucking your dick? You are an asshole!

Actually, I liked when she started talking and behaving to me wildly and abusing. I like such videos and sexting where people talk frankly and abusing. it gives instant hardness and horny feeling. Am I right guys? Hope you too like it.

B: I thought you will not be comfortable taking it I’m sorry.

S: Don’t you dare to do it again. If I am sucking and you’re cumming I’ll take it. I want it badly now. If you want to put it somewhere else in me let me know. Else if you do something stupid I’m going to kill you.

I laughed. To which she pulled me and tore my shirt and asked, “Why did you laugh?” To which I said, “It looked amazing when your right boob just bounced when you slapped me.” She poked my face right between her melons and made me choke. She then made me sit and said.

S: Take rest you may feel exhausted after cumming so hard and a lot.
B: Who said? (By indicating my dick)
S: What? You’re already hard? Banner, I’m going to fuck you all night, you fucker.

I felt so horny and aroused that I pulled her and kissed her I started rubbing her pussy and she was stroking my dick by spitting on it. She moaned. I inserted my two fingers and started rubbing and fucking her slowly. She was shouting hard to which I pulled her and lip locked her.

She slowly stopped stroking my dick and was just holding it. I then knelt down and took her pussy in my mouth. I started licking her pussy from clitoris to inside wall. My tongue was exploring her inside the vagina. She was standing and pushing my face inside her pussy.

I was sucking and she was rotating her hip in a circular way giving me all the love juices and drip to taste while standing. I then inserted one finger in her asshole so that she gets hornier and releases her juices. I did those actions for about 10 minutes. Then she was finally about to cum and she did.

She was pushing her hips in my mouth and I was licking every warm drop of honey. I then got up. She sat on the bed corner exhausted and called me. She pulled me by my face and smooched me. Then we lay down in bed for a few minutes caressing her pussy and she stroked my dick slowly.

S: Hey Banner. That was amazing. I’m happy that my first fuck after long years is going to be good. And I’m happy that I am being fucked by you, my love! I was 22 when my then boyfriend had sex. Hope it doesn’t bother you. I was so horny and lusty.

B: No it’s ok honey, maybe I’m lucky to have you. You trust me which is why you are beside me naked and allowing me to fill your holes. I love to have sex with you.

S: Me too, babe. I want you to fuck me any time when we are alone. Just treat me as your bitch and fill my holes with your warm cum babe.
B: No! Can’t call you like that! Bitch! Btw I like when you talk dirty, you fat ass woman.

S: I love it, too. I like talking dirty when I’m having sex, now with you. And please call me a bitch. It’ll make me arouse and want to fuck more. Btw you didn’t fuck me fully. Is your dick hard?

Seeing my dick. This was again hard.

S: Damn you, Banner I like your dick. Come fuck me harder, dirty and wild.

And we smooched. And I came above her and was rubbing my dick in her pussy lips, suddenly she asked

S: Wait! Have a condom?
B: Oh! Sorry, I don’t have, I was not even planned for this.

S: What! So you’re going to fuck me without condom and make me pregnant? Well, I’ll be happy to have you as my husband and father of my children. But I would be happier if we are fuckbuddies. What do you think?
B: I like that. So that we can be like friends and can fuck each other hard whenever we want.

S: Right, whenever. (and she kissed).
B: But what about now?

S: Don’t worry I have a condom. I bought it a week ago when we started sexting, knew this day would come. But I was expecting you to be having this.
B: Seriously I didn’t prepare, well you always take care of everything.

I then held her cheeks and gave a passionate 5 minutes kiss massaging her ass. My hard dick poking her pussy. She then took the condom

B: Btw with a condom, how I am going to fill your holes?
S: (by opening her mouth in surprise) Oh my fucker, come put it in me, without a condom. I need to feel it.

She pulled me towards her on top and guided my dick inside her pussy. It was tight and juicy. After a few slow strokes, it went inside and she left a horny loud moan. I started thrusting slowly. As she was an inch taller than me she made herself fit perfectly with my dick inside.

She was humping her hips with my humping, matching the action slowly
and passionately. She was also was smooching and moaning at the same time. Then she started to push my ass guiding my dick inside to ram her fast. She started humping her hip and pussy from below to take my dick deep and fast.

S: Will you fuck me like this all day?
B: I would love to. I’ll fuck you everywhere in the house sweetheart.

After almost 20 minutes of missionary sex, she made me lay down in bed. She came over me and kissed and sucked me from face to my dick. She started giving me a blowjob. She also lifted my leg to suck my balls and rammed me. She then came to me and asked, “You liked it?”

I said, “It was something new but enjoyed it. Now my turn.” I lifted her up made her lie in a doggy position. Now her huge brown tempting buxom juicy ass was in front of me. I admired it for a few seconds by gently massaging her ass cheeks and rubbing her pussy and asshole.

S: What you’re waiting for my love. You want to dig your face in there, right? Go on baby put it, it’s all yours. suck it hard baby don’t let me down, make me feel I’m being fucked good, make me your slave, Banner.

Those words made me so horny that I just went for it and dig my face in her big juicy ass. I started smothering myself in. As I did this she left a moan. She started moving her ass in all directions. I went deeper and I licked her pussy and asshole good. I fingered it so hard and gentle that her thighs were shaking.

I squeezed her chubby thighs so hard she started yelling. While sucking her holes I even sucked every inch of her thighs and gave love bites in her thighs and ass cheeks. Her ass, pussy, and thighs became wet and slippery. I put two fingers in her pussy and one in asshole and started fucking her very hard.

She cummed hard by squirting all the juices in my body and making the bed sheet wet. I made her lay down on my chest to make her rest. I was caressing her head and she was holding my dick and stroking.

S: Banner, why you like my ass?
B: Because it’s big and seducing it feels good when you smother me with your ass. Hey, can we go 69?

She didn’t say anything but stood up. She brought her ass near my face and was teasing me over my face while stroking my dick. I grabbed her ass from below and pulled towards my face started sucking her holes all clean. She was stroking my dick by spitting on it which was one horny and dirty move I liked. I did the same to her asshole and pussy for about 15 minutes.

B: Wow it felt so warm and satisfying in between your ass, honey.
S: You liked it! My naughty darling! Won’t you give this satisfaction to my love, dick?

B: Who said no! Come here.

I made her lie in bed by ass facing me. I sat in her ass and started squeezing my dick in between her ass cheeks. Then I opened her ass cheek and spit on her asshole to lubricate it. I put two fingers to make it open a bit as it was the first time for both to fuck asshole.

Then I applied oil in her ass. I applied well in and out of the asshole and finger fucked for a few minutes then she said;

S: Banner, I can’t take it anymore, please put the dick in.

I then started inserting my dick slowly inside her ass. As it was the first time I was inserting as much as I can. Taking it out and repeating the same again and again. She then guided me to thrust in at once. I did with one hard push. It went in all the way and Sonia was in pain and she was moaning.

She was sticking her face in the pillow and was saying, “Don’t take out, don’t take out.” I lay on her back and was kissing her shoulder and neck until we both felt good. To reduce my pain she just turned her face towards me from left and said, “Give me a kiss.”

I did kiss her and slowly as pain reduced I started fucking her ass slowly. She was also moaning in pleasure. After a few minutes of gentle ass fuck, I started ramming her hard by increasing the speed. Her asshole was now smoother to enter. I fucked her ass for 30 minutes in doggy and missionary position.

I was about to cum. I said, “Baby I’m cumming.” She replied, “Go on, Banner, fill my ass!” I came too heavy on her ass and lied down on her back with my dick still inside her ass. After a few seconds, I removed the dick gently from her ass to which she moaned.

We then lay down facing each other and cuddling only to know that it was morning 6 am. We slept till 9. She woke up and made a call to her office for 4 days leave and went to make coffee. I woke up and found her not in the bedroom. I searched her in the house then saw in the kitchen making coffee.

I went to her. Her stiff huge ass made my dick woke up. Hugged her from behind poking her pussy from behind.

B: Good morning, honey. Are you feeling good?
S: Good morning, darling, yeah I m ok.

She came down to suck my dick all again to make it hard. Then she pulled the nearby chair and made me sit. She sat over my dick and inserted in pussy and was having awesome morning sex in the kitchen. I was pushing her ass towards me and she was moving back and forth in a slow and gentle way.

Having sex in such pleasure and aroused environment, we both were in heaven. While having sex she moaned. Her pussy, chubby thighs, and juicy ass were squeezing my dick. I cummed in her pussy in just 10 minutes.

S: It feels so warm and good. Please let me fuck more. I need you to cum in my mouth.

We kept on fucking in the chair. She was thrusting so hard. We were kissing and I was sucking her boobs and we were sweating. She said, “Great! We had morning exercise also.” I smiled and said, “Morning exercise should be of at least 3 hours.” She laughed and said, “Why 3 hours? Let’s make it all day.”

She was fucking my dick so hard that I was about to cum. She understood and knelt down in front of me, facing my dick. She started stroking hard near to her mouth. She stroked so hard that I sprayed in her mouth and face. She started licking it from hand.

I helped her suck every drop by kissing her face. While we both knelt down kissing, I made her thighs spread a little bit. I was rubbing her pussy for her juice to lick. She hugged me. We kissed and exchanged love. Then we took a bath together with one session in the bathroom too.

The remaining four days were heaven for us as we fucked each other with so much passion and love. We tried many different positions, watched porn videos together and did all new styles and scenes. We used to be naked when home. We used to do quickie while preparing food. We even fucked in the closet.

Every morning she used to give me a blowjob and I sucked her pussy and ass. Even when my parents arrived, she used to visit my house. She would seduce me either by rubbing my dick or rubbing her ass on my dick by pulling me to empty room. I used to squeeze her boobs and ass when no one was around.

We used to make some excuses and go to her house for 1 or 2 hours and have sex in every possible ways and place. Sometimes we even went out for shopping or tour. She even consoles me when I’m upset. Even I do the same when she is upset. Our relationship was more than just a fuck buddy.

She is still there for us to have fun, support each other and have memorable moments. Hope you guys liked this fantasy story. Thank you all for your endurance. I don’t like to keep my readers wait for long for complete stories. Still, forgive me for lengthy ones.