Olivia’s Epiphanies

My heart hammered in excitement as I lead my first slave husband Tyler onto the amphitheater’s stage by a leash clipped onto the golden wedding ring pierced through his glans. The ceremony soon to follow would establish me as a full-fledged dominant among my Sisters in Sororitas, the underground organization of women devoted to the subjugation of the male. The dear friends I had come to know over the last seven years greeted me with warm smiles from where they sat assembled in the tiered semicircle. I pressed my hand to my heart and smiled back.

It had been a long journey for us to get to this point and at its outset we had both been “vanilla” in our sexuality. There were months of self-discovery and epiphany, so many “moments” for each of us as we found our true natures and achieved the fulfillment only the truest and deepest love can bring. And then it was seven years of marital bliss, not to mention the new friendships forged with the members of Sororitas.

I stood before the full-length mirror on the bedroom wall to admire myself in my nudity. I had been quite body shy in the time before the awakening of my sexual self, insecure about a certain fullness of figure. I am tall, broad in shoulder and hip, my breasts large. I’m blue eyed and I wear my reddish-brown hair short. The hair at my loins is coal black, thick and luxuriant. I’m 42 but it seems I haven’t aged a day since finding my true sexual nature. I had been aging prematurely due to stress and frustration but now years seem to have fallen off of me.

I had always been kind of a cold, distant and bitchy woman, at least in the eyes of others, but that impression came from my covering up my shyness. I had to be a strong woman to be as successful in business as I am.

I had been Tyler’s boss, CEO of my own computer software firm. Tyler was a salesman, though not a very good one, and he made himself a nuisance around the office, constantly hitting on female co-workers. A handsome specimen he was, six foot two, broad shouldered, blond, blue-eyed. But, his come-ons were crude and vulgar and off-putting. He often failed to meet his sales quotas and complaints about his advances were frequent. His boast that he never ate pussy was heard loud and often at after work get-togethers in a nearby watering hole and sometimes in the office as well. Sooner or later I knew I would have to deal with him firmly.

Three months in a row he was last in volume among the salespeople and, as if to compensate, his posturing and sexual harassment went way overboard. I had no choice. It was time to confront him and lay down the law. One Monday morning I called him into my office and shut the door, then made him stand before my desk while I read him the riot act. He was flippant and sarcastic in response. That was enough for me.

“Okay then Tyler. That’s it! You’re fired! You have fifteen minutes to clear out your desk and security will escort you from the building!”

I’ll never forget the look of shock and terror that came over his face at my words. All of his pretenses evaporated, and he broke down in tears. My heart remained a stone.

“What did you expect Tyler? Your sales figures suck and barely a day goes by when I don’t have a woman in here complaining about you, sometimes in tears.”

To my amazement he dropped to his knees, begging, pleading, sniveling, promising to change his ways and make amends.

“I never meant any harm Olivia! It was all in fun! I’ll never harass a woman again! And my sales? I’ll work harder! I promise! Please, please don’t let me go! I need this job!”

He actually groveled around my desk. I swiveled my chair sideways to face him and he bent down and kissed my feet. What a thrill that gave me! Did I mention epiphany earlier? I can’t explain the impulse that took me, but it changed both of our lives forever.

That day I wore a navy-blue pin striped business suit with a knee length skirt and color coordinated spike heeled pumps. I don’t wear stockings or pantyhose. His pathetic groveling brought an itching wet warmth to my pussy. I hiked up my skirt to expose the brief black panties I wore, reached down to grab him by the hair and pull him up to face me.

“You want to keep your miserable little job Tyler?”
“Yes Olivia! Please!”
“That’s Ms. Johnson to you!”
“Yes, Ms. Johnson! Please! I beg you!”
I shoved his head down so he could see my hiked-up skirt and panties.
“Pull them down Tyler! Get them off of me!”
He obeyed with trembling hands. The panties clung to my right ankle and I kicked them off, then settled back in my chair with my legs wide apart, offering myself bold and lewd as could be. He gaped, horrified and mesmerized at once. I grabbed his hair again and pressed his face close to my hairy cunt.
“You brag about how you never eat this Tyler? How about now, for the sake of job security? Go on! Lick it! Now! You will make me come or you are out the door!”
With a sob, he buried his face into my wet hairy crotch and set about with his tongue, rough and clumsy, but delightfully desperate. Later his skills would be finely honed under my tutelage, but I was at hair trigger from the thrill of it and cared not a fig about subtlety. Just as he had never eaten pussy before, I had never been the recipient of such pleasure and had always had a hankering for it.
I was at the brink but so much enjoying his attentions I restrained myself somehow and reveled in my dominance over him. I pressed his head lower to offer him my anus to lick, wanting to make sure he knew his place in no uncertain terms. He resisted at first, but I twisted his hair painfully and reminded him of the consequences of failure to please. Then did he ever lick! I lost myself in the rapture of it until my clit all but screamed for attention and I pulled him upward to offer it to him, parting my labia with my fingers to show him the pink orb, giving instruction through gritted teeth.
“Get it done now Tyler! Job security! Lick it hard!”
Sex had always been frustration for me, mostly consisting of selfish men climbing onto me, satisfying themselves and rolling over to go to sleep or just leaving in a hurry. But, I had just accepted that, even though I felt I was repressing something in myself in order to please men. Orgasm was always self-induced, only sufficing to take the edge off my desire. It kept me sane but not satisfied.
Nothing could have prepared me for the seismic event that rocked my body after half a minute of his tongue on my clit. There was a welling up to crescendo, then a convulsive and ecstatic wave coursing through my every cell. Somehow, I suppressed my primal shriek lest it be heard throughout the office, even through the thick wooden door. Then, another wave washed over me as my bones seemed to melt and sweet contentment set in. My arms and legs flopped down, and I lay limp and semiconscious.
As I relate these things I know it seems hard to believe the what life was to be like from that moment forward. My capacity and appetite for orgasmic pleasure took a quantum leap. A burning, itching lust, like a chronic raging thirst, took hold of me and would not let go. I would have gone mad but I had Tyler to slake that thirst and every day would be filled with ecstasy and every night I would drift off into the soft refreshing sleep only a satisfied woman can know. And my last thought before sleep came was in anticipation of my lust being rekindled in the morning. I know it was sexuality bursting forth after so many years of repression. And yet, through it all I felt somehow alone, as if I was hiding a dirty and shameful secret.
Tyler laid his head sideways on my mount as if awaiting my next wish. I felt a sudden tenderness toward him and briefly petted his head, savoring this moment of his surrender and submission at his first taste of me. But soon a triumphant contempt came over me and I shoved him away with my sharp heels and sat up.
“Back to work now Tyler boy. You are reprieved for today, but you will report to my office first thing in the morning and don’t be late!”
He fled, wiping my amber poontang from his face with his sleeve.
The next morning, I wore a charcoal gray suit with a shorter skirt and no panties. I didn’t want anything between Tyler’s tongue and my pussy. I had sent out an email before leaving work the day before that Tyler would be in my office every morning for “special sensitivity training” until further notice.
I arrived at work an hour early to clear up a few pressing issues because I meant to spend a good deal of time with Tyler under my desk. I had gone to bed early and slept like a baby the night before due to my satisfaction but woke up around 6:00 AM horny as a she-goat. It was all I could do to keep my fingers from my crotch, but I restrained myself, knowing greater pleasure awaited me. I took my shower cold.
Luckily, nobody else had come to work early because the wet from my cunt trickled down my legs as I walked through the door. I have always been a heavy lubricator. I was at my desk when Tyler hurried through the door at 8:01-late. It took it as an opportunity to toy with and humiliate him. He deserved it so much.
“Didn’t I tell you to be on time Tyler? Are you trying to get fired?”
“No Ms. Johnson! Please! I’m so sorry!”
“Well…if you want to keep your job lock the door and strip! I want you naked!”
He locked the door and turned back to me, shocked and hesitant.
“Now Tyler! You’re trying my patience!”
Blushing crimson and shaking he began to peel, jacket, shirt and tie first, then shoes, then pants until he stood in just his boxers, looking at me sideways and timorously.
“I said naked, Tyler!”
Resigned, he dropped his shorts and stood there, stark nude. My eyes went to the predictable place and I couldn’t suppress my giggling. His stubby little thing explained his endless macho posturing. It was all I could do to compose myself and give my next command.
“Well Tyler, you’re lucky you have a tongue because that little thing just won’t get it done. No get on your hands and knees and crawl to me!”
He dropped at once and groveled around my desk as I waited with skirt up and legs spread and draped over the arms of the chair. Amber ooze smeared the insides of both my thighs. I longed to have his tongue ease my raging desire but wanted to emasculate him further. I made him lick the poon from my thighs first, then guided him to my pussy and fed him my clit. Orgasm hit hard and fast, even more intense than yesterday. I held his face in my cunt as I savored and then pushed his head down lower.
“Get busy in my asshole now Tyler! Remember! Job security!”
He used his tongue on my orifice with a pleasing desperation and I reveled in my power. I kept him at it for about ten minutes, until my arousal peaked again. Grabbing his ears, I pulled him up to satisfy me. He was putty in my hand now, terrorized, degraded and unmanned, and my second climax eclipsed the first.
When afterglow passed I dug my spike heels into his shoulders and shoved him away. He reeled back on his knees and I looked down to find him erect, if you could call it that. Perhaps four pathetic inches jutted forth. I pointed and broke into peals of laughter. He knelt there, red-faced, withered with humiliation.
“Now I’ve really got you Tyler! You’ll do anything for me now won’t you? Or do you want me to tell all the girls? That would explain your obnoxious behavior I suppose. Trying to compensate. You’re lucky none of the women yielded to your advances. How disappointed they would have been! Now crawl under my desk. I have some work to do. You can lick my feet for a while, but I would like to come again, and more than once, so be ready.”
I had a few urgent matters to attend to, emails to answer etc. I prioritized, only doing the things that could not wait. Then I went online to do a little research on cunnilingual technique. It was time for Tyler to learn some finesse in pleasuring me. I discovered some tricks and techniques and also a belief among women of dominant inclination that ingestion of female juices, vaginal mucous, ejaculate and even urine by a male will make him increasingly submissive and unselfish in giving pleasure. Between that and Tyler’s foot licking I was soon randy again. I reached under the desk to drag him out by the hair, held his face close to my pussy and gave some instructions.
“Tyler, you have gotten me off quite well these first few times, but you are rough and clumsy about it. We have to work on that. I want you to pleasure me now but since I’ve had a couple of orgasms already I need to be aroused slowly at first. My pussy is quite sensitive, and you must be tender and adoring. You must show me how much you want to please me and how much you love the taste of me. Now, I want you to cup your tongue and run it up from the bottom. Gather up some of my juice.”
He obeyed, gently running his tongue upward, starting below my vagina and continuing until it brushed my clit. I shuddered in growing pleasure and pushed his head back and away.
“Open your mouth and let me see Tyler!”
He obeyed, showing me his cupped tongue, the concavity filled with my amber poon.
“Now swallow and let me know you like it!”
He gulped it down, and I ordered him down to lap up some more. He scooped upward again and showed me again, swallowed again upon my command.
“Continue Tyler, scoop and swallow until I tell you to stop!”
He continued, reluctantly at first, but after about ten mouthfuls it seemed a hunger was born, and he lapped eagerly and swallowed with sounds of delectation. I felt a growing passion in his attentions and it confirmed what I had read online. One thing I knew for sure: I felt a warm itch and pulsing in my cunt and I knew I had to come again and soon. But I still wanted to go slowly and savor. I stopped his lapping by putting my hand against his forehead and used the other hand to part myself at the top, so he could see my clit.
“Do you see it Tyler” He nodded against my hand. “I want your tongue there now Tyler but very softly at first. My poor little clit can be quite tender, and it will hurt me if you are rough. Just a soft touch now.”
I let go of his head and he leaned in, extending his trembling tongue, laying it soft against my delicate orb. Just that touch and his trembling sent a rush of delight through me.
“Perfect Tyler! Just like that! Don’t stop!”
His tongue quivered ever so perfectly against me and I lapsed into rapture until my clit wanted more.
“Now lick Tyler, but softly, side to side.”
The increased movement sent a thrill up my spine and I eased back in the chair to enjoy my mounting excitement, sensing more and more his surrender and longing to please me. As my arousal grew I urged him to apply more pressure and speed up his tongue motion until he was licking hard, tongue slithering with abandon on my clit, now in its full erectile state. I rammed my pubis against his mouth, rolling my hips as I neared the precipice and then went over it. I let out a primal wail of ecstasy, bucked, quivered and turned to jelly in the chair, lost in a sweet daze. And, I ejaculated, gushing his mouth full and I heard him gulp and swallow.
There was a pounding on the office door that roused me from my pleasant stupor and I pushed Tyler back under the desk, hastily rearranged my clothing and went to the door on shaky legs to see who was there. It was just Linda, my receptionist, who must have heard my orgasmic scream.
“Olivia! Are you okay?”
“I’m fine Linda. I just had my shoes off for a bit and stubbed my toe when I went to get a book off the shelf. It hurt!”
She nodded and backed away, though looking not entirely convinced.
I made Tyler pleasure me twice more between then and lunch time. I felt sated by then, a contentment I had never felt before. I dismissed him, told him to get back to work.
Wednesday and Thursday morning that week I kept him under my desk and made him serve me upon demand and he did it with increasing eagerness, sometimes even begging to eat me. He attentions were more and more worshipful and passionate. But, Friday morning, though he had the techniques right and got me off okay there was a lackluster quality to his efforts that puzzled me and left me somewhat unsatisfied. I wasn’t about to settle for that so before the end of the day I called him back to my office.
“Tyler, I sensed a bit of backsliding in your pleasuring this morning and I can’t let it pass. You will be coming home with me over the weekend to continue your training.”
I made him drive my car on the way to my house and I slouched sideways in my seat with my skirt hiked up, showing my lady parts and fondling myself. It was risky because he could barely keep his eyes on the road, but I found it so amusing I couldn’t resist. We got to my house, pulled into the garage and closed the door. I took him by the ear and all but dragged him into the living room, plopped down in one of my big leather armchairs, got him on his knees and made him serve me. My teasing on the ride home paid off big time because his passion was rekindled, and my orgasm was exquisite.
Then, I told him to strip while I did the same and our clothes would lie in a pile beside the chair all weekend. It was a mad thrill to be animal naked and free to follow my desires wherever they might lead. First of I knelt on the armchair backward, resting my head across my arms and offering my ass. I ordered him to lick it. I never had gotten quite enough rimming in the office and I meant to make the most of it here where I could enjoy it indefinitely without fear of interruption. He pressed his face between my cheeks and set to work with ardor, giving me goosebumps and sending thrills up my spine.
I kept him at it much longer than I ever had, and it was a delight but soon a problem developed. His tongue tired and my pleasure waned. My initial solution was to make him give me his belt, then put him back to work. When he tired I lashed him to spur him on. This sufficed to eventually arouse me to the brink and I rolled my hips, rubbing my oozing cunt over his face. He knew by then it was my nonverbal command to satisfy me and he buried his face in my lush wet and his tongue found my clit. I came in the manner to which I had become accustomed, hard and deep, with a strong gush. I felt his lips encircle the right spot, and I knew he had taken in my cum in and swallowed. I found this most pleasing.
The evening was yet young, so I put him back to rimming. It was clear only rigorous exercise of his tongue would give it the strength and endurance necessary for him to pleasure me that way without interrupting my enjoyment to rest his tongue. He took quite a few more lashes before I was ready for another orgasm.
Sated for the time being I made him fetch a bottle of wine and an ottoman for me to rest my legs on while he licked my feet. I had the whole weekend ahead of me and I spent the time drinking deep of the wine and contemplating what else I might do to degrade and emasculate him. I was enjoying this so much and he so much deserved it. Also, his attentions had become more passionate and pleasing again and, I wondered why.
The wine went to my head and put me in a mean and playful mood. I made him get on hands and knees and mounted him sidesaddle with his belt in hand. I rode him around the house, room to room, applying the lash to my “steed” with vigor. He is a strong man and made for a vigorous mount. He bore me easily, despite my fairly ample size and responded well to commands.
My ride, my dominance and his submission aroused me again and I rode him onto the thick Persian rug that lay before my fireplace, dismounted, and made him lie on his back. I mounted his head, facing forward and lowered my anus onto his mouth. What a sweet ride this was! He rimmed me until I could bear no more, and I shifted myself to press my clit to his lips.
I rode him to three orgasms that rocked me, ejaculating heavily into his mouth with each one, and, through it all his submission to me and the passion of his attentions deepened. I knew it had to be from ingesting so much my woman juices.
The wine got to my bladder and a wicked and nasty impulse came over me. I rose to a squat and held my cunt just above his lips, looking down at him with a cruel gleam in my eyes. He looked back at me with what I can only describe as adoration and I knew he would submit.
“Tyler, you must be thirsty by now and I have a drink for you! Open your mouth now and I don’t want any spilled on my nice rug.”
He opened wide and I let go and the golden torrent filled his mouth, nearly overflowing it but he gulped it down and took more without hesitation, showing a thirst. I emptied myself and, without having to be told he raised his head and licked the leavings from me. Another “moment”, a milestone in his journey to the depths of submission.
After that a feeling of drowsy contentment came over me and I mounted his back again and rode him to the bedroom, urging him along with lashes from his belt. I laid down on one side of my king bed and had him lie across it with his head pillowed on my pussy. I drifted off within minutes into sweet dreams of what the next day would bring.
But I woke in the wee hours with Tyler missing from my bed. I looked around and saw light coming from beneath the door of the bathroom. He was in there and I had to know what was up. I went to the door and found it locked but it was only a privacy lock and the push key was in my dresser drawer. I unlocked the door and burst into a sight that enraged me.
Tyler stood before the toilet stroking his little dick and I caught him just as he ejaculated. He turned to face me, dropping his dicklet, and stood there shamefaced as white spurts of cum splattered all over the toilet and floor. He did produce quite a load from that little thing. I had never thought for a moment about his pleasure or his needs, since I only cared about my own and he was just a means of satisfying them. But one thing became obvious immediately. This explained his lackluster performance Friday. My rage boiled over.
“How dare you sully my bathroom with your slime Tyler? You will get down on your knees and lick up every bit of your mess! Call me when you think you are finished, and I will come to inspect. If I find any spots you missed, the whipping you have already earned will double! Then you will join me in the bedroom to get the punishment you deserve!”
When I inspected I found one tiny drop he had missed, and he bore the consequences. His belt lay on the floor where I had dropped it. It was a wide and heavy one. I made him bend over the bed and stick out his ass, and I went to work on him, lashing with all my might, cursing him and giving him a few swift kicks in the balls for good measure. I lost count of the lashes after fifty but kept going until he broke down crying and his back and ass were pink and bleeding in a few spots.
But I wasn’t finished with him yet. The offending organs still needed some direct attention. I made him lie on the bed on his back and lift and spread his legs, presenting his cock and balls, helpless and vulnerable. I gave him several looping lashes on the junk until he doubled over fetal and rolled from the bed onto the floor, sobbing.
I dropped the belt, both exhausted and madly aroused. There was only one thing to do. I flopped onto the bed with my legs apart and ordered him to serve me. I could feel his terrified submission in every tongue stroke and he sniveled pleas for forgiveness. He got me off while licking my asshole while rubbing his nose on my clit and the orgasm melted me and eased my anger. Then I made him kneel before me while I interrogated him.
“What made you think it was your privilege to come all over my toilet Tyler?”
“I’m so sorry Ms. Johnson! It’s just that you turn me on so much, I think you’re so beautiful, and it makes my balls ache. It hurt so bad I just couldn’t help myself!”
This softened my heart a bit but I didn’t let it show. And, I remembered my high school days when some friends and I called ourselves the “Blueballers” because we found out that arousing a boy without giving him satisfaction would send him home for the night with severely aching balls. I resolved that Tyler was going to ache, long and badly.
“Did you do this Thursday night? Is that why you were substandard on Friday?”
He hung his head.
“Did I say you were entitled to any pleasure Tyler?”
“You remember this all started as punishment for your despicable behavior, don’t you? And how you bragged about how you never ate pussy? Why would you think I would permit you to come when all you deserve is to suffer?”
“Yes Ms. Johnson! But now I love giving you pleasure! Every time I serve you I long for the next time! I can’t get enough! And well…the truth is I’ve fallen in love with you! I’ll do anything you want me to, anything for your pleasure! I’m so sorry I weakened and did that disgusting thing. I promise I’ll never think of anything but your pleasure and I’ll never ask for any of my own. Just please forgive me!”
The stone in my breast that had been my heart melted, but still I didn’t let on. His fear of me added so much to my enjoyment and I wanted to keep it that way. And, promise though he might, I knew as a male he would probably weaken again. But a solution came to mind and I picked up the tablet I kept on the nightstand by my bed, went online and ordered a special item by overnight shipping. Then I took him back into my bed and slept.
I woke in the morning with my slave (what else could I call him?) there under the covers and ready to serve me. I was horny and wanted to start the day on the right foot. I reached down to grab his hair and guide his face between my legs.
“Tyler, I want you to pleasure me but first I’ll need to give you a good long drink because I don’t want to have to get up and go to the bathroom. Put your mouth around me. You know where.”
I felt his soft loving lips encircle the spot and I let go. I felt a thirst from him as he guzzled it down and then went to work with his adoring and ever more artful tongue. He served me top to bottom through three deep and refreshing orgasms that filled me with eagerness for the new day. I realized that I would want this every morning so Tyler would have to come and live with me.
The package arrived that afternoon and I sat in my armchair with Tyler on his knees before me and opened it. Within was a metal chastity cage lined with spikes. It was the smallest size available, small enough to suppress and punish even the meager erection his dicklet could manage. I held it before his eyes and taunted him.
“This will surely prevent any more foolishness from you Tyler. I had to order the extra small size so even your little dicklet will fill it up when you get what passes for an erection. And the spikes will bite. You will wear it at all times, but, if I don’t hear any whining or begging I MIGHT grant you release once in a while. For now, there will be no relief for two weeks, at least. Do you accept this Tyler? If not, I can always fire you and put you on the street with a bad performance evaluation and a reputation as a sexual harasser.”
“Please put it on me Ms. Johnson, not because I’m afraid to be fired, but because it’s what you want and I love you! I’ll do anything to be with you! I’ll ache and suffer forever if it makes you happy! I know I don’t deserve to come ever again!”
His words gave me a feeling of elated exaltation, yet another moment of epiphany, the unleashing of the dominant nature I had repressed for so long, thinking it was my lot as a woman to defer to the male. I then knew I had the power to reduce a man to a pathetic, pussy whipped creature who would submit to anything to please me. And, I meant to follow the idea of his doing “anything” to please me wherever it might lead.
I installed the cage on him. It was a special one, extra secure, made of spring steel with a combination lock on its underside, impossible to remove. The click of the lock closing excited me and I just had to come. He served me with a passion that seemed born of wearing it, as if he might somehow earn the privilege of being released. (Good luck with that slave!) When I finished I inspected him and could see his dicklet had hardened to fill the tight confines and the spikes were biting in and hurting. And surely the ache in his balls had returned. Keeping him in the state would give me an ongoing feeling of delight and empowerment.
I had to make Monday morning appear normal at work so I drove Tyler home so he could shower, shave and change clothes, then dropped him off a block from the building so he would have to walk there and arrive a bit later than I did. But then he reported to my office to strip, hide his clothes and take his place under my desk. Needless to say, it was one of the best Mondays ever. I even left my door open for my employees to come to me to discuss issues while Tyler was busy down there with his tongue, unseen.
By the time I let him go back to work after lunch I was in a state of sweet contentment and everyone seemed pleasantly surprised by my cheerful mood. At the end of the day I called Tyler to my office and told him to leave before me and walk to a coffee shop three blocks away where I would pick him up. Appearances had to be maintained.
When home I made him call to have a pizza delivered. Then we stripped and I had him open the evening’s first bottle of wine and we commenced the pleasures I would enjoy every evening thereafter. I reveled in my dominance and his sweet submission as I followed any whimsical desire that came over me. And I could tell both his ache and his longing were escalating. Every time he served me his attentions were more passionate and worshipful than the time before.
I put him to rimming me for a full hour each evening and by Friday the endurance of his tongue had increased dramatically. He could keep up the wriggling motion that pleased me most without tiring in the least and started getting delightful penetration into my rectum, as if his tongue was also lengthening from the rigorous exercise.
The work week passed most pleasantly and the weekend was naked, orgiastic bliss. I could feel his love and longing to please me in every tiny motion of his tongue. And he became so attuned to me words of command were rarely needed. During the intervals when I was satisfied I started him doing housework and laundry and decided I would cancel my maid service. I had plans. Soon Tyler would tender his resignation at work and, unknown to all, become my naked slave, confined to the house. I would find an on-line culinary school for him so he could learn to prepare sumptuous meals for me when I came home from a hard day at work.
I can’t say I was starting to love him because it was important that our relationship be utterly one sided, with me taking all the pleasure and he giving all. I surely did love being loved by him. Soon he would live in a perpetual state of ache and longing, craving my pussy, even though the taste of me worsened his ache, serving me with ever greater passion as the tension built in his balls, hoping and praying his efforts and attentions would earn him relief.
As the weekend, and the end of his first two weeks of orgasmic deprivation, approached I had to decide if he was worthy of release and what form it might take. There had to be an element of humiliation and degradation, and, above all, emasculation. And had he really earned it yet? Finally, it came to me. I could settle for nothing less than the most profound act of submission before I would deliver him from his torment.
Friday evening when he had cleaned up the kitchen after serving me dinner I ordered him to lie on his back on the bathroom floor. I lowered myself over him and ordered him to lick my anus. Then I informed him of what would be expected. I admit I was nervous about it because it was the most severe of tests and, if he failed, I would be terribly disappointed and the poor thing might have to live without coming forever. But nothing else would do.
“Tyler, you know what comes from there and, if you really love me I think you know what you must do. Now lick me until I’m ready and, when the time comes you will open your mouth to accept and swallow.”
Words can’t suffice to describe my joyous delirium at this moment of my ultimate dominance and his ultimate submission, how perfectly he performed the selfless act and what he said afterward:
“Thank you, my goddess! I’ve been longing for that but I was afraid to ask. I crave everything that comes from you. Please let me have more sometime!”
I was beside myself that whole weekend from knowing I had the power to enslave a man so completely. From that day forward his warm loving mouth and tender tongue were available to me and rarely did I have to resort to a cold hard toilet and dry rough paper on my tender tissues.
And Monday morning I walked on air into work, leaving Tyler at home. Everyone commented on how I was glowing and wondered why. I announced Tyler’s resignation, effective immediately. I would miss having Tyler under my desk every morning but what awaited me every evening in the heavenly home where I reigned as Goddess would more than make up for it.
By Saturday night, the night of release for Tyler I had decided on the form it would take, at least for this first time. He had served me with desperate passion intermittently during the day, in between chores. I could tell his ache was unbearable and I had promised him relief if his efforts were exemplary.
I had decided he should come not just once but repeatedly until he had been drained of every drop of cum and his dicklet could rise no more. I made him kneel before me as I sat in my armchair and I removed his cage.
“Tyler, as promised you may come now. Get up close to me and jerk your dicklet and when you shoot your load it must be all over my pussy. Then you may lick it up and bring me to orgasm.”
I eased back in the chair with my legs spread wide, exposing my crotch from top to bottom. His hand was on the little thing in a heartbeat and he whimpered as he stroked himself. Maybe twenty strokes later he erupted in an impressive ejaculation, moaning in heavenly relief. His balls surely could produce, even if his dicklet was pathetically inadequate. I could see my bush was all but covered in his cream and could feel it trickling over my labia and down across my anus. He stared at it stupidly.
“Get down there Tyler! Better clean up the bottom first! If you let it get on my rug you will be sorry!”
His obedience was immediate upon my command and he all but dived between my legs. I felt his tongue down on my bottom and then felt it scooping upward, taking in a mouthful of his semen. Then he sucked and licked my pubes until all trace was gone. Without need for further commands he went to his duty of satisfying me, first going down to my anus to arouse me. When ready I rolled my hips to turn his attention to my clit and he pleasantly surprised me by slipping his finger into my anus and finger fucking me gently as he ate me. My orgasm was shattering in its intensity and I gushed his mouth full and heard him gulp it down. When I recovered myself, I leaned forward and grabbed his hair, holding his face close to mine.
“How did you learn to do that Tyler?”
“I did some online searching for ways to please you when I was home alone. I love you so much and I just want to make you happy. Please don’t be angry with me!”
“Angry? You dear sweet thing! How could I be angry when you found a way to rock my world. You will do that every time now. And, you will do more research to find more ways to please me. I’m very busy at work and I don’t have time for that right now. But we’re not done here yet. You are going to jerk your dicklet tonight until you can’t produce another drop!”
I turned and knelt on the seat of the chair, offering my ass.
“Shoot your next load all over this Tyler! Especially down the crack!”
He had to jerk longer and harder this second time but after a minute or so I heard him grunt in relief and felt a warm splattering all over my ass and then a trickling down my crack. He had gotten the idea by then and I soon felt his tongue on my left cheek as he slurped up his mess. He cleaned each cheek first as I felt the crawly trickling continue down over my anus and onto my pussy. Then I felt him lap upward to catch the cum wad and heard him sucking and slurping as he gathered it in. He cleaned my cleft thoroughly and then began a delightful rim job, caressing my hips and behind adoringly with his hands as he slithered his tongue much deeper up my ass than ever before. I enjoyed until my arousal reached crescendo and rubbed my cunt over his face to let him know he should get me off. He got another good dose of my cum when the brutish orgasm hit. Then I turned to interrogate him about his tongue penetration.
“How did you get your tongue so deep inside me?”
“I’ve been doing some exercises. I learned them online too. I do them all day when I’m home alone. I wanted to surprise you tonight to thank you for letting me come. You’re so good to me. I know I don’t deserve it!”
My heart melted but I didn’t let on. And the realization that I could reduce a man to such a state of enslavement filled me with a euphoric sense of power. From my first orgasm under his tongue my pleasures had escalated steadily and I knew, somehow, I had only scratched the surface. I grabbed his hair again and pulled his face close to mine.
“You will continue those exercises Tyler! And I will expect your penetration to be deeper every day!”
“Yes…my Goddess! I’ll work harder! I promise!”
He called me “Goddess” again and I must say I liked it and it was how I felt. I took a deep breath and ordered him to shoot his next load onto my feet. It took about three minutes hard stroking for him to shoot his next load and his production tapered off. I could see raw spots on his dicklet from abrasion and I knew stroking it must have hurt him. He licked my feet clean, making sure to get between the toes and I made him eat me again, using the finger to enhance my climax. And then he was erect again, obviously from tasting my cunt, and I knew he was not yet drained. I made him kneel in front of me to ejaculate onto my pussy again and ordered him to jerk.
I took about five minutes of hard stroking this last time and I could see a little blood on his hand and pain in his expression. But he never gave up and finally gave out two feeble spurts of clear cum. He let go of his bleeding dicklet and one more drop shot out, then just dry spasms and he went limp and it pulled in to near nothing. He was drained. I was already sated so I just made him lick up what was there and then it was back into the cage with his dicklet. He would be in for a rough time because his poor, sore little thing would harden again by and by and the cruel spikes would dig in painfully, adding to the torment from his aching balls. But it was duty lot to suffer for me. I made him crawl behind me to the bedroom.
The next morning, I gave him his drink and he pleasured me, but not surprisingly his attentions had less passion due to his release the night before. But at lunch time I made him serve me again and things improved considerably. I put him to his chores and lounged on the couch naked, watching as he went about them, dusting, vacuuming, and scrubbing he kitchen floor on hands and knees. He had a hard time keeping his eyes off my nudity and I flaunted myself. I could see his dicklet filling the cage with his “erection” and by supper time his service was satisfactory again.
That evening I made him kneel before me as I sat in my armchair and gave him instructions for the week ahead.
“Tyler, you will continue to research ways to pleasure me this week and Saturday night I expect to be pleasantly surprised by a new way you have learned to enhance my enjoyment. If I am pleased, I will grant you release the next Saturday night but if I’m not your release will be pushed back another week and you will have to come up with something truly impressive. You may be deprived of coming indefinitely if you are not diligent and resourceful.”
To my delight he flung himself at my feet and kissed them.
“Goddess, I will spare no effort!”
“Goddess!” He had addressed me that way several times and it so much reflected the way I had begun to feel. And, I came to the realization that only one word described him.
“Finally, from now on you will address me as Goddess and your name will just be “slave.” Now come here and give me pleasure.”
I enjoyed his oral attentions and other games until bedtime. The following week was blissful in the way I had come to expect. By Friday is rimming had improved noticeably. His tongue probed deeper than ever and was utterly tireless no matter how long I kept him at it.
Saturday night it was time for my surprise. When he finished cleaning the kitchen after dinner he groveled to where I sat enthroned in my chair and knelt with head bowed. He asked if he could go to the bedroom for a moment to prepare for my surprise. I dismissed him and sat waiting. He crawled to the bedroom and crawled back to kneel at my feet a few minutes later. When he knelt at attention I gasped in surprised delight. He had put his balls in a black leather device that parted them and stretched his sack to the very limit. His balls had already taken on a lovely purple hue.
“That must hurt slave. Do your balls ache? Does the cage hurt your little dicklet?”
“Yes Goddess! They ache so badly! It’s torture! Every time I serve you it gets worse. And your scent is always with me so there is no escape. And the spikes in the cage are so sharp! I get harder all the time and they bite into me.”
“Why do you submit to this slave? The door is open. You could leave any time; at least you could if you had any clothes to wear.”
“I stay because I love you so much and I suffer for you because I know my suffering gives you pleasure. And, I know I deserve to suffer as penance for being the pig I was!”
I must say I had become addicted by then to his abject submission and his expressions of adoration. And, even though I got deep orgasmic satisfaction from his attentions I awoke every morning craving more of everything and expecting him to exceed himself. I wondered what he had in store for my surprise. I was not disappointed.
“Goddess, may I serve you now? I hope you enjoy your surprise.”
I eased back in the chair, parted my legs and propped my ankles over the arms to give him access to all my erogenous parts. First, his tongue slithered everywhere, top to bottom with adoring touch, warming me up. Then he went down low to my anus and I lapsed into the rapture. It was exquisitely delightful, but routine and expected. When my arousal reached its peak, I rolled my hips to invite him up to my clit and I felt his finger slip into my behind, again delightful but no surprise.
I was horny and orgasm hit within moments, and with it came my surprise. Instead of withdrawing his tongue when I came, as usual, he kept it in contact with my clit, but ever so softly, while making it flutter. I came again, then again, and grabbed his hair to hold him close as the orgasms continued one after another. I lost count after six and just kept my fierce grip on his hair until one final ecstatic spasm rocked me to satisfaction and I shoved him away.
I went all to jelly, slumping limp and languid in the chair, drifting in a pink haze of contentment. He planted tender kisses on my inner thighs and labia, then laid his head across my mount awaiting my next wish. I petted his head with a tenderness I feared might betray my deep affection but did not care. When I roused from my pleasant stupor, grabbed his hair and pulled his face close to mine, now assuming a stern bearing.
“Well slave, if you pleasure me this way every time from now on you may earn release next Saturday night. But you will also be expected to exceed this surprise two weeks from now!”
He repeated the performance twice more that evening, leaving me in such a state that my legs failed me and I had to mount him and ride him to the bedroom. And, multiple orgasm became a baseline expectation from that night forward.
All the next week I pondered his release the coming Saturday night and what price in humiliation he would have to pay for it. I had a flash of inspiration and cackled wickedly to myself at the thought of it. My vagina was surely off limits to his dicklet, and I doubted I could even feel it if he stuck it in me. And I would never dirty myself by sucking it. But my anus was another matter.
Saturday night rolled around and after dinner I made him pleasure me a couple of times with the finger and the flutter before revealing to him the form his release would take. I removed the cage from his dicklet and, when I told him his eyes lit up in mingled excitement and confusion. His dicklet seemed to harden to half an inch longer. I went to my hands and knees on the rug, offering my ass.
“Come on slave! Stick it in me! You know where I told you. But don’t you dare let that thing in my pussy if you want to keep your balls!”
I felt it probing at my hole and then felt it slip inside. It was too little to hurt but my hole clenched tight on it.
“Go ahead now! You have permission to fuck me and to come inside me. This is the pleasure you have earned.”
I felt it going in and out of me and within a minute he grunted in pleasure and I felt his dicklet pulsing as he filled my rectum with his ejaculate. Then it withdrew. My orifice clenched tight enough naturally to hold the cum inside. I rose and seated myself, posturing lewdly, flashing my pussy.
“Well slave! Do you like what you see? Watch me and stroke that little thing until you get another erection, if you can call it that. Then you get to put it in there again. It will be like the last time. I’m going to drain you dry of cum!”
He stiffened again and I went down to offer my ass. It took him longer this time and it was mildly pleasurable for me. He rutted for maybe three minutes before I felt the pulsing again. When I got up, I could feel his cum filling me. I coaxed him to arousal again and took it in my ass once more. This last time he had to rut hard and long, maybe ten minutes before he shot what proved to be his last load. I tried to arouse him again but his dicklet had withdrawn like the head of a frightened turtle and I knew he was finished. I could barely contain his cum inside me so I ordered him to lie on his back. I squatted over his face and pressed my anus to his lips.
“Now suck your slime out of me slave! You don’t get to leave me all full of your filthy cum! You eat it!”
I felt his lips encircle my hole and pressed down, expelling the copious slug into his mouth. I heard him gulp it down and then: “Thank you Goddess! I love you!”
I made him serve me one last time and then mounted him for the ride to the bedroom. Again, I felt that thrill at how utterly I had enslaved him. I wondered what others would think if my secret life was revealed. The only sign of it was how cheerful and relaxed I was every day at work, quite a change from the clod bossy bitch I had been. And my new persona made the workplace a happy and productive one. My business prospered.
I was on pins and needles the whole next week, wondering what my surprise would be Saturday night. He was expected to top his last performance, as always. Saturday morning the doorbell rang. Slave went to look out and see who it was and came back carrying a package. I made him bring it to me where I sat in my chair and lay it on the table.
“What is it slave?”
“It…it’s your surprise. It was supposed to come yesterday while you were at work so I could give it to you tonight but…”
“I can’t wait until tonight to see it slave. Open it!”
His hands shook as he ripped the package apart. It was a lovely oblong walnut box with a brass clasp and hinges. He opened it and laid it on the table before me. My eyes grew wide with delight and anticipation. Inside was an exquisitely realistic faux cock and balls and a big one, a good eight inches and one and a half in diameter. Better yet, it had a bulb mounted at right angles to be inserted in my vagina. There was a narrow belt and some thin straps to hold it in place, and also a battery charger and a tube of lube. Last, but not least there was a small stand so it could be displayed. I set it up as a centerpiece on the coffee table, where it was to remain when not in use.
Slave knelt and looked up at me timorously.
“I hope you like it Goddess. I know how worthless my cock is and I thought you might like to have a cock worthy of the name for yourself.”
“It’s lovely slave! I can’t wait to use it on you tonight. You are a” virgin”, aren’t you?”
“Yes, Goddess, in the way you mean.”
“Excellent! Tonight, you will be deflowered! Now go clean the bathrooms and do some laundry. I’ll have other chores for you to do later.”
I whiled away the day watching online videos of dominant women pegging men, loving the way they could reduce them to sniveling emasculated wreckage with their big dicks. I meant to do the same to slave right after dinner. He went about the house doing his chores and taking furtive and fearful glances at the cock. He walked all hunched over and shuffling. It had to be from the ache in his balls. I had to taunt him.
“What’s the matter slave? Why are you walking funny? And, you look scared.”
He knelt by the coffee table looking at the instrument of his deflowering.
“I can’t stand up straight because my balls ache so badly. I want your cock to deflower me but it’s so much bigger than I thought it would be. I’m afraid it will hurt.”
I could only cackle wickedly.
“Oh, it’s not all that big slave! Looks like about 8 inches and 1 ½ diameter. Of course, anything looks big compared to yours! But no need to worry. Worry implies uncertainty and you may be certain it will hurt. You ordered it so don’t blame me. You will take every inch of it and I won’t be gentle! Now get back to work!”
I was so horny in anticipation I made him serve me three times just to keep myself from going crazy. I could have fucked him right away but I wanted to wait and prolong his fearful anticipation. I had to giggle cruelly every time he looked fearfully at the big dick that would soon go deep inside of him. I would make him my bitch and my slut. I expected exquisite pleasure but not the epiphany that awaited me.
For dinner I had him make me a big, rare and bloody porterhouse steak. It suited my mood. I felt like a predator about to devour tender succulent prey. I had lots of red wine to get me loose and uninhibited. After he washed the dishes, I summoned him to the living room and stood in the center of the rug. He knelt before me and I barked an order.
“What are you waiting for slave? Fetch my cock and strap it onto me!”
He groveled to the coffee table, picked up the cock and knee walked over to me. I stood with my legs apart and he slipped the vaginal bulb into me. I slid in easily because I was so wet in my excitement. He fumbled with the straps a bit, but finally my cock was installed. I just had to see myself so I ordered him to fetch a free-standing full-length mirror I had in my bedroom. The mock organs looked as if I had been born with them and the big dick jutting from my hairy loins gave me a thrilling sense of power. I found a button on the right side of the belt and pressed it. Pulsing vibrations ran back and forth from my clit to my G spot, making me tremble and go weak in the knees.
As a preliminary I wanted him to kneel and suck it for me like the slut he was to become. I pointed to the floor in front of me and he knee walked there and awaited my command.
“You will suck it first slave! And you will take it down the throat all the way! I want your nose in my bush!”
My dear slave leaned in with mouth open wide and I grabbed his hair and jammed the cock into his mouth. He showered oral worship upon my member and I marveled at the superb instrument of pleasure with which he had gifted me. I could “feel” every lick and suck as tingling waves though my pussy. This drove me to merciless lust and I forced the glans against his gullet. He gagged at first but managed to open his throat and my cock slid home with a soft pop. Down it went until his nose was indeed buried in my bush. I put a hand behind his head and forced the shaft to its deepest and held him there for a while, letting the vibrations push me toward the brink.
When I could bear no more, I grabbed his ears and rolled my hips, ramming the cock down his throat, ravaging him until a seismic climax rocked me, turning my knees to rubber. They buckled but, ever dutiful, he threw his arms around my hips to hold me upright while I quivered in afterglow.
One would think such an orgasm would sate me but the thrill of having my own cock kept me randy and once my body firmed, I shoved slave away and ordered him to turn around and bend over onto his knees, forehead on the floor, ass raised in offering. The sight of his tender pink virgin orifice excited me so much I nearly forgot about the tube of KY jelly lying on the coffee table. I meant to take him hard but not tear him in two so I put a healthy dab on the glans.
I looked down at him as he held in the position, trembling, orifice puckering. Dropping to my knees behind him I poised my dick against his portal, sunk my nails into his hips for purchase and drove the shaft home. The poor thing foolishly clenched his hole and he cried out at the tearing pain and broke down in sobs as half my cock disappeared into him. I held that way a moment while he whimpered, then thrust again. I caught him when he had relaxed a bit and my second thrust went to the hilt. I reached out with one hand to grab his hair and pull him upright as I spoke into his ear.
“You have very inch in you slave. And now I’m going to fuck you! You better relax and take it or it will just hurt more. Maybe you will start to like it!
I pushed him down and away and set to rutting. He heeded my words and opened his hole to me. My cock slid in and out with ease and the clutch of his orifice was transmitted into my pussy in tingling waves by the marvelous instrument my loving slave had gifted me. My hips rolled in an ascending cadence and soon his whimpers of pain became whimpers of growing pleasure and he was rocking back and forth in time with my thrusts and babbling words of loving adoration. It drove me to a rutting frenzy.
I was expecting orgasm for myself but I never thought he would come. Nothing could have prepared me for what happened. Suddenly he gave out a sighing grunt tailing off into a deep breathy moan of helpless pleasure and utter surrender. It triggered me like a lightning bolt. I thought my orgasms had reached maximum intensity under his tongue but this pulsing ecstasy exceeded all. I wondered if my primal shriek could be heard by the neighbors.
The force of our mutual climax made us go limp and collapse in a heap. I lay on top of him with shaft still embedded, hearing him sniveling in emasculated humiliation. I thought I had unmanned him utterly already but could tell I had been wrong. My cock had finished the job. I felt a swelling of triumph and power. And I sensed his humiliation came from knowing he was now my bitch and would yearn to be unmanned this way again every waking moment of his life.
When able to rise I made him suck the cock clean and lick his cum from the rug as best he could and then go and get some spot remover to erase all sign. I knew some kind of mat would be needed to protect my fine Kirman from being sullied any more because I knew from then on, I would want this every evening after dinner, right there on the rug before the fireplace. It of course meant he would now be coming every day but no matter. Every day it would be my delight to unman him again.
I settled into my armchair and ordered him to bring me wine and then fetch the ottoman so I could put my feet up for him to lick as I relaxed and savored the moment. I felt a depth of submissive adoration in his tongue work I had never dreamed possible. There are no words to express my contentment and satisfaction. I knew then and there he was mine completely and the next step was crystal clear. I informed him of what lay in the future.
“Slave, I have deflowered you, taken your true virginity, and it is only fitting and proper that we be married.”
“Yes Goddess, please! I’ll be yours forever!”
I felt a languid and pleasant exhaustion come over me and I rode him to the bedroom. I lay awake for just a few minutes, pondering our new state of being. It was clear to me our marriage had to be completely on my terms with everything subordinated to my needs and desires alone. I decided there would be a prenuptial agreement.
I awoke in the morning, gave him his drink of my nectar and enjoyed his worshipful tongue through three orgasmic sequences. Again, I felt that ultimate depth of submission, delighted that I would feel it from that day forward.
After breakfast I emailed my attorney, Sonya Karlson, a statuesque Nordic amazon with a razor-sharp legal mind who had won numerous intellectual property cases for my firm. I explained my situation in somewhat circumspect terms and asked to meet her Monday morning. She replied she would be ready to meet me first thing in the morning at her office.
Slave had to come with me so I took his clothes from their hiding place and had him dress and drive me there. I entered the office as slave held the door for me and followed meekly behind. I pointed to a chair off to the side and ordered him to sit and be quiet. Sonya was seated at her vast walnut desk, wearing a pin striped, charcoal gray suit jacket. She eyed me quizzically but approvingly.
I took a seat in the deep leather armchair before her desk and began to describe the conditions I wanted put upon our marriage. Slave was to be stripped of every penny and possession and relinquish all rights. He was to agree to absolute and unquestioning obedience and submission. It never dawned on me there might be anything odd or extreme about my demands. It all just seemed so natural. As Sonya typed notes on her laptop a strange and knowing gleam came to her eyes. Suddenly, she closed the lid of the computer and stared pointedly into my eyes before speaking.
“You are one of “us” aren’t you Olivia?”
“One of who Sonya? I don’t understand.”
“Maybe actions will serve better than words to explain Olivia!”
She smiled lasciviously as she reached under her desk as if to grab something, then pushed the chair back and away. As it rolled back, she lifted her knees to rest them over the arms, revealing herself to be naked below the waist as she dragged a naked and fetching dark-haired young man with her and shoved his face into her golden-haired snatch.
I gaped, I laughed and then I cried, but in joy and relief. I loved my secret life and wouldn’t have given it up for anything but had always felt alone and different with no kindred souls to share it with. Now I knew I wasn’t alone; there were others like me with whom I could share trust and companionship.
Sonya came around her desk to hug me with her slave groveling behind. He knelt up straight before me. He was fully erect and there was a golden ring an inch in diameter pierced crosswise, deep into his glans. I stared at it in fascination and it made a wet warmth blossom in my cunt.
“Olivia, meet my slave Ethan.”
“The ring Sonya! It’s lovely!”
“It signifies my ownership Olivia. And it’s handy because I can clip a leash onto it and lead him around or hitch him up someplace when I want him to stay put.”
What is your slave’s name? You didn’t introduce us.”
“It’s Tyler, but I haven’t used his name for a long time. I just call him slave.
“That’s what I call Ethan when home alone but we do have to be able to differentiate. Now I’m sure Ethan would like to greet you properly so you might want to hike up your skirt and remove your panties.”
“I never wear those anymore. I don’t want anything between Tyler and my pussy.”
“Same for me dear. But fair is fair. I would like some of Tyler if you don’t mind.”
“Of course, Sonya! Tyler! Strip and crawl over here!”
He obeyed. Tyler’s dicklet was locked in its cage as usual and he wore the leather ball stretcher. His testicles looked like ripe purple plums. Sonya laughed and complimented me.
“I love that stretcher! Let me know where you found it. And that has to be the smallest chastity cage I’ve ever seen!”
“Yes. His “endowment” is quite tiny. I call it his “dicklet” for lack of a better word.”
Tyler groveled to where we waited and Sonya grabbed his hair and half dragged him over to her desk. She was so tall and strong she woman-handled him with ease. Her big comfy executive chair awaited and she settled in and pressed Tyler’s face into her cunt. I wasted no time with Ethan, parting my legs wide and raising my knees to my chest to present my crotch to the fullest. Soon I felt his slithering organ doing its work. I called out to Tyler:
“You do everything you do for me Tyler! And Sonya better be a happy woman when you’re done!”
Then I lost myself in Ethan’s sweet attentions, finding him to be exquisitely well trained in the art of pleasuring. After tasting me thoroughly, scooping up my oozing juice with his cupped tongue he went down low to offer the ultimate oral caress to my anus. He probed to depths Tyler had yet to achieve and I made a mental note to ask Sonya how he had been trained to do this. Needless to say, his tongue love and the thrill of the moment soon had me ready for orgasm and just a light tug on his hair served to let him know my need. I felt his finger slip in where his tongue had been, apparently a trick not unknown to women such as Sonya, and I soon shuddered and convulsed, letting out a primal sound and hearing Sonya’s own animal cry as if an echo.
I molded into the chair in satisfaction, my feet flopping to the floor. Ethan continued his adoration while I savored, nuzzling in my bush and panting tender kisses on my sated pussy. I looked over to Sonya and saw likewise slumping limp and languid, a vapid smile on her face, eyes half closed.
Sonya roused from her pleasant daze and sat up. I gently pushed Ethan away and sat up too. Sonya expressed her curiosity.
“I’ve known you for some years Olivia, though only in business matters. I had no idea you might be the kind of woman you are. Tyler is delightful. How did you come to have this relationship?”
“Well, it just kind of happened suddenly…”
I went on to tell the story, feeling able to speak freely to a woman who understood me. Sonya listened raptly and politely, only occasionally asking a question or two. In the end I came to those same happy tears and let my feelings out.
“I’ve felt so alone Sonya, loving my secret life with Tyler but feeling like I was different, somehow not right, guilty of something I couldn’t put my finger on. Now I know I’m not alone and I feel so happy!”
Sonya nodded in understanding.
“You have accomplished so much on your own with Tyler. It’s clear you have a very strong and innate dominant will to power. Sororitas will welcome you with open arms if you wish to become a member.”
“Yes Olivia. It’s a powerful but very secretive league of, shall we say, like minded women. We hold it to be self-evident that women are meant to rule and men are meant to be subjugated and enslaved. We have infiltrated the highest levels of business and government. No man who stands against us escapes his just deserts. No man who is chosen for enslavement fails to succumb and submit. There are some three dozen women in the local chapter and it’s growing, as is our organization world-wide. You would be a most welcome addition.”
“I’m intrigued Sonya. I would love to meet them!”
“Indeed, you will and soon Olivia. But first things first. What do you say we strap on some cocks and give our boys what for. Then we’ll get to work on that prenup. What size did you deflower him with?”
“It it’s about eight inches by one and half.”
“That’s one size bigger than the introductory size, seven by one and a quarter. An aggressive choice but there’s nothing wrong with that.”
“Tyler ordered it. It was his own idea, the dear thing. He was scared by the size of it but he did order it so I made him take very inch. And it did hurt!”
Sonya snapped her fingers and Ethan rose to kneel at attention.
“Ethan! Fetch two eight by one and a half cocks from the cabinet and bring them here now!” She turned to me.
“Ethan has ‘graduated’ to the eight by one and a half from the starter size so this will be perfect!”
Ethan groveled to a cabinet set in the wall behind Sonya’s desk, opened it and withdrew the two hefty cocks much similar to my own in size and shape. He knee-walked back to Sonya, trembling in his eagerness. I had to comment.
“He can’t wait for it can he Sonya?”
“No Olivia, he can’t. Our cocks have that effect upon the male. Once deflowered they are enslaved by it forever.”
She handed me a cock and we both stood with legs spread apart and holding the cocks before us. Each slave took one and installed it on his goddess. I looked to Sonya.
“Fellatio first?”
“Of course, Olivia!”
We stood facing each other so we could watch, but at first Sonya turned sideways so I could see her cock slide down Ethan’s throat. I followed suit and we giggled wickedly as we held the slaves with our cocks in them to the hilt and their noses tickled by our pubes. We agreed upon a race to see who could come first. The slave who lost would get a caning.
We each rutted hard down the slaves’ gullets and orgasm rocked us simultaneously. What to do? We turned off the vibrators and decided both slaves would be caned. Sonya sent Ethan to the closet to fetch two canes and each slave’s ass was striped with twenty hard strokes. I must admit, the crack of the cane on Tyler’s tender behind and his cries of pain excited me.
“Have to employed much corporal punishment with Tyler Olivia?”
“Just once when I caught him jerking his dicklet. I laid into his ass with a belt. Then I made him suck me and it was quite satisfying. The cage prevents any more of that misbehavior and he is so submissive and obedient I’ve never felt the need to punish him.”
“Did you enjoy caning him?”
I blushed. “Yes, I did. Is that wrong?”
“Not at all dear. A slave must understand that his Goddess need not have a “reason” to whip or cane him. It is her privilege to do so if it gives her pleasure. And, don’t you just have a bad day sometimes? I know I do; especially when some pig-male does something to frustrate or aggravate me and I can’t retaliate.”
“I must say Sonya, there are those times for me too. There are more than a few males I would love to put the whip to. Tyler could serve as surrogate so I could vent and calm down.”
“Please come over to my house Friday night for dinner Olivia and bring Tyler. We can spend some time in the chamber and I’ll show you my whip collection and other things.”
“I’d love that Sonya. But right now, I’m getting randy again looking at those slaves kneeling there staring at our cocks. I think we should give it to them until we drain them of every drop of cum!”
A wicked gleam came to Sonya’s eyes and she nodded and gestured toward Ethan, who immediately bent over and assumed the position. I just gave Tyler a look and he did the same. We each knelt behind our slaves, lubed the cocks just a bit, switched on the vibrators and drove home with a hard thrust. It was only Tyler’s second time being taken and his cry of pain upon my entry was almost like the first. My cock went in two thirds its length and my second thrust plunged it to his depths, bringing sobs and sniveling from him.
I paused, but then looked to Sonya who was rutting hard on Ethan, who was already whimpering in pleasure and begging to be fucked harder. I matched her cadence and we looked at each other, nodding. We would make the slaves come at once and ourselves as well. Tyler’s pain soon transitioned to pleasure and soon both of our man-bitches were babbling words of love and pleading for release. Both of us picked up the pace and within the minute both slaves gave out that sweet sound of surrender, triggering us as we made sweet music, cries of womanly triumph and ecstasy, moans and whimpers of male vanquishment and emasculation.
But we weren’t finished with the slaves. After catching our breath, we swapped them and rutted on until we all came together again. Then, Tyler was put aside for the time being while Sonya and I spit roasted Ethan, my cock up his ass and Sonya’s down his gullet. Then we switched holes and rutted to orgasm. Ethan spurted the last of his strength onto the floor.
Then it was Tyler’s turn to be taken from both ends and endure the switch. As Sonya and I neared climax we reached out and linked our arms in womanly bonding. Our primal wails and Tyler’s deep moan made perfect harmony as he emptied himself.
Cum was splattered everywhere on the hardwood floor and the slaves were put to licking it up. They were so used up they could only crawl on their bellies to each wad. When every drop had been lapped up, we dragged them in front of the couch and piled Tyler on top of Ethan so we could rest our feet on them. Sonya brought out three bottles of red wine and we settled in to talk. She reached out and took my hand.
“We’ve enjoyed slaves together Olivia and now we’re sisters. I would do anything for you!”
“And I you Sonya!”
“You must let me arrange a Sororitas wedding ceremony for you Olivia. It will be a legal marriage, performed by a judge who is one of us. But we add some enhancements beyond that. For example, that ring in Ethan’s cock? It’s a wedding ring. He’s both my slave and my husband. You would pierce Tyler’s dicklet and implant the ring as part of the ceremony. Public deflowering is also part of the proceedings.”
“But I have already deflowered him Sonya. Is that a problem?”
“It’s unusual, but not unheard of, for a non-virgin to be married to a sister but none will judge you negatively for taking the initiative you have. It’s a good thing. There is a simple solution. Tyler must ‘graduate’ to the next size larger cock. That would be the two by ten. Keep the lube to a minimum and it will hurt as if you are deflowering him again.”
“Sonya, my cup runneth over! I was just expecting some legal work today and a whole new world has opened up.”
We spent the rest of the morning finalizing the prenup. Then I took Tyler home and put him to chores while I went to work for the rest of the day. The week seemed to go by at a snail’s pace as I anticipated Friday night at Sonya’s. I knew somehow what I had seen so far just scratched the surface. I denied slave my cock all that week and settled for oral pleasures. I didn’t want him to come again until Friday night, wanting him to be in a desperate state of ache and longing and to produce an impressive ejaculation for my hostess’s amusement.
I also experimented more with corporal punishment. One evening after dark I did a white glove inspection of the house and found some dust on the back of a closet shelf. I used it as a pretext for a caning. First, I sent slave out to the back yard with a pruning shears to where some red dogwood grew to cut a switch. He returned with a perfect one, thin and whippy. It was going to hurt. I made him bend over the seat of my armchair and caned him until the skin of his ass broke and he cried. By that time my pussy was warm and wet, pulsing and tingling. Then I took my place in the chair with my legs spread, set a timer on my phone to buzz after three minutes and told him he had that long to satisfy me if he didn’t want to get it double with the cane. I shoved his face into my crotch. His fear of me added so much to the passion of his attentions and my ecstatic shriek beat the buzzer by just a few seconds.
Friday morning, I just partook of my waking pleasures under slave’s tongue but refrained for the rest of the day. Sonia texted me at noon to let me know her car would come by at six o’clock to pick me up. I could tell slave was suffering severely from the ache of denial as he went about his household duties. And the welts from his caning stood out on his tender white ass. From then on, his behind would never be welt free.
At six sharp I saw a black Mercedes limo pull into my driveway. I opened the garage door so it could pull in and closed the door behind it. I just wore a black trench coat, was otherwise naked, and a pair of black spike heeled pumps. I doubted clothing would be needed in the upcoming evening. Slave was naked wearing a leash and collar and groveled behind me to the car. He wore his chastity cage and ball stretcher too. The door slid open automatically. I made him kneel on the floor before me for the ride, with his face just inches from my cunt so he would have my scent in his nostrils. I wanted his ache and longing to be maximal. I was beside myself with lustful anticipation. It was all I could do to restrain myself and not make him eat me. I wanted to be in a mad state myself, cultivating the hot wet itch in my pussy because I knew it would feel so good when it was scratched.
The car’s windows were tinted so I couldn’t see the driver and, when inside, black shades covered the windows of the passenger compartment. The air of secrecy excited me all the more. I could only guess at how long the ride took and where we were going but it seemed eternity. Finally, the car seemed to turn into a long driveway and stop. I heard a garage door opening and it drove a few more feet and stopped again.
The door slid open and I could see we were in an underground garage with stark concrete walls and floor. There was a door straight ahead. It opened and there stood Sonya, splendidly nude except for a pair of knee-high black stiletto boots. I marveled for a moment at her goddess-like voluptuousity. She held out her arms in welcome and I exited the car, dragging slave behind me in my haste to embrace my new-found friend and mentor.
Sonya slipped my coat off of me before we hugged. Then I followed her with slave in tow down a long hallway that ended in her spacious and elegant living room. A large fireplace was centered in one wall with a fire burning brightly. That and some dimmed down lights filled to room with a soft and sensuous amber glow. The walls of the room had wainscot panels along the bottom about three feet high in fine dark walnut.
Furniture was arranged before the hearth in a U shape, two deep black leather recliners forming the legs of the U and a huge and strange looking matching sofa forming the base. It was double faced with seating on both sides. Two more armchairs formed another U. Thick and luxurious aubusson rugs lay on the floor before each side of the sofa’s fronts. I spent a moment gazing and Sonya enlightened me.
“I entertain a lot Olivia, in, shall we say, in somewhat orgiastic fashion. I find this arrangement works well.”
“I’ve never seen a sofa like that Sonya.”
“You will understand its purpose directly Olivia. Now please have a seat before the fire. Your nipples tell me you came horny and that’s what I had hoped.”
Indeed, when I touched my nipples, they were hard and wrinkled and I felt as if every erectile tissue in my body was engorged, my pussy feeling full, throbbing, tingling. And, I still had no idea how the evening would go but I knew Sonya would make it special. She wasted no time getting things started in a way that blew my mind.
I settled into one of the recliners and Sonya took the other. There was a full glass of red wine and an open bottle on each end table in the corner between chair and sofa. Sonia took a deep drink from her own glass and then picked up a remote that lay on the table and pushed a button. Three of the panels in the wainscot on each side of the fireplace slid upward and six naked men crawled out into the room. As if well trained to do so, they lined up on their knees before the sofa, on the rug, backs to the fireplace. Each slave wore a golden chastity cage that allowed his glans to protrude and in each glans was pierced a heavy golden ring. All their bodies were striped with whip welts in various stages of healing. I noticed slave Ethan on the left end of the line. I gaped and my hand went to my pussy. I could have gotten myself off with a few rubs but contained myself. Sonya laughed and explained.
“We of Sororitas practice polyandry Olivia. To us it’s axiomatic that one slave is never enough for a woman. These are not only my slaves, but husbands as well. It took me some years to assemble this harem of mine. Slave Ethan just happened to be on desk duty the day you came to my office. He is my newest slave and still not fully trained. Would you like to experience pleasure with fully trained slaves? Once you do, I’m sure you will want to get to work on acquiring a harem of your own.”
I could only nod as I kept staring, wide-eyed and open-mouthed. I gulped down my glass of wine.
“Very well Olivia. I’m sure you would agree that if one tongue is good, two tongues would be better?”
Sonya pressed another button on the remote and a small trap door opened in the ceiling directly above the center of the rug. A leather sling suspended on a rope came down. It depended from a mechanical hoist recessed in the ceiling. Then she gave a sharp command.
“Slave John! Fetch the pad!”
The slave on the far left crawled to one end of the sofa and reached underneath it. He pulled out a six foot-long by one-foot square black leather covered cushion and laid it centered under the sling.”
“Yes Sonya. How could it be otherwise?” My eyes took it all in as my head spun and my pulse and breathing elevated as my cunt throbbed.
“Okay then, lie down on the pad on your side and lift your top leg high and put it in the sling up to your knee. This is one comfortable way to receive two tongues and the best for beginners.”
I followed her instructions, lying comfortably on the thick soft pad, facing the line of slaves. Sonya raised the sling a bit to part my legs wider, then barked an order.
“Slaves John and Mark! To your duty now!”
The two slaves on the left of the line crawled to me. The first, John, laid down along side of me in front and pressed his face into my pussy as Mark laid down behind me. Then I felt the most exquisitely delightful wriggling and slithering as their two tongues went to work. And, to my amazement, each tongue slid into me to a depth I would never have dreamed possible, the one up my ass wiggling far into my rectum and, best of all, the one in my pussy probing deep enough to reach my G spot.
Needless to say, it didn’t take long. Slave John rubbed his nose against my clit while he massaged my G with his tongue’s tip. Slave Mark’s worked his tongue in and out and all around, making me shudder and my eyes water. The tongues were so well practiced and the slaves so adoringly subservient I convulsed in orgasm within the minute, coming so hard I rolled off the pad onto the floor.
Sonya laughed and clapped her hands. When I found myself too limp in my satisfaction to get up from the floor she ordered slaves John and Mark to pick me up bodily and lay me gently on the sofa. Then she ordered Paul, the third slave in line to lie face up on the pad. She stood over him facing his feet and lowered herself to her knees, straddling his face and pressing her lush womanhood down hard upon it.
“Please don’t mind Olivia, if I take a moment to get some relief. Things are getting exciting here and I can barely think straight!”
I could only nod, still not fully recovered from my own experience. I knew then and there the truth of her words. One slave would never be enough for me and I had to pursue my second forthwith. I watched as Sonya took her pleasure, first enjoying slave Paul’s tongue up her ass until just the right pitch of arousal was achieved, then shifting to give him her clit to finish her. She gave out a deep earthy sigh of pure pleasure and satisfaction, leaned, propped herself with hands on his belly, head bowed as she savored, then resumed her seat.
“Ah! Much better. Now let me show you why the sofa is made that way. Slaves John and Paul! Clear away the end tables!”
The slaves obeyed instantly, moving the tables away from the ends of the double-faced couch. Sonya laid herself belly down on top of it with her knees resting on the arms and invited me to do the same. I found myself lounging quite comfortably with my ass presenting. Sonya reached out and pressed a button on top of the couch concealed beneath the leather. A slot opened and a table-top rose sideways and then flattened out before us. Without having to be told, slaves John and Mark fetched our wine bottles and glasses and set them before us for our convenience during our rimming session. Sonya looked at me with a gleam in her eye.
“Olivia, do you mind if I take rimming from slave Tyler? I would like to see how he has progressed in his rimming skills. You may have your pick of the slaves for your own enjoyment. I would suggest slave Paul, who can reach the greatest depth.”
I pointed to slave Paul and snapped my fingers, surprised at how accustomed to dominance I had become. He was on his knees behind me immediately and I felt his tongue plunge deep. Tyler was kneeling stupidly; hesitating and I barked an order.
“Slave Tyler. Get behind Goddess Sonya and get rimming!”
To my satisfaction he obeyed at once, going behind Sonya and pressing his face between her shapely cheeks. I could tell by her expression his tongue was where it belonged. I only hoped he didn’t embarrass me. I rested my chin on my hands and lost myself in the sweet rapture of slave Paul’s attentions. Sonya’s face took on an expression of mingled pleasure and appraisal as minutes passed. Then she offered her evaluation.
“He seems to have adequate endurance. His tongue has kept up a delightful rhythm since he began. He is also quite adoring. I can sense his sincere and selfless desire to please me. Also, his tongue penetration is better than I expected from a newly enslaved male. How as this achieved?”
“He has always taken the initiative to become a better slave Sonya. He has been doing online research to find ways to enhance my pleasure and he discovered tongue exercises that he practices diligently while home alone during the day.”
“You really have stumbled onto a gem Olivia. But his tongue penetration is still substandard compared to a fully trained slave’s, as I’m sure you have noticed. I can teach him some more advanced exercises that will have him up to standard in a couple of months.”
We both settled in to enjoy the tongues up our asses as we sipped wine and chatted, sometimes about serious matters, sometimes lapsing into raunchy girl talk, losing all track of time. I emptied my last glass of wine, as Sonya had minutes ago.
“Olivia, I don’t know about you but I could stand another glass or two. I’ll send for more.”
She pressed a button in one corner of the table and minutes later came yet another thrilling surprise. A door at the far end of the room opened and another naked slave walked though it carrying two more bottles of wine. As he came closer, I glanced at his groin and my eyes widened. His dick was limp and stretched out long and thin by the heavy ring in its tip. It swung back and forth as he walked, dangling over the surgical scar where his balls had once been. A wet warmth blossomed in my pussy and I turned to Sonya, gaping.
“I hope slave Edward isn’t too much of a shock for you Olivia. I saw no reason to hide the kind of woman I am. You have gotten a late start in this life so I decided to put it all out there tonight to help accelerate your progress. Edward is my first slave husband. He served me well for years but, as I accumulated my harem, he became boring and expendable. It is possible to have too many slaves under foot. But what to do with a slave who has outlived his usefulness for pleasuring?”
“Like all my slaves, Edward adored me and yearned every moment for the taste of me and for my cock. And he was no longer in a mental state that would allow him to survive in the world outside so putting him on the street while missing me and longing for me would have just been cruel. He had been a loving and dutiful slave and didn’t deserve to suffer. So, it was necessary to put an end to his sexuality as an act of mercy. Now he is at peace, docile and obedient and does most of the household chores and has proven to be a wonderful cook.”
“My slaves were lined up left to right by length of service when they emerged from the cells. Slave John’s tenure has been longest. Slave Ethan is still in training. Once his training is complete slave John’s balls will be forfeit and I will also seek out a new trainee. It’s a never-ending cycle. I might keep both eunuchs or I might sell one. There is an on-line marketplace for eunuchs on the Sororitas website.”
I was dumbfounded and looked at slave John, who just knelt there placidly with head bowed, awaiting Sonya’s next command.
“Sonya! He knows you’re going to castrate him soon and he just accepts it?”
Then I looked at Tyler, who knelt before my recliner with head bowed, trembling. He ventured a timorous look at me. Our eyes met and I returned his look with my own piercing and lustful stare. No words were needed. He knew then and there the fate that awaited him some vague time in the future. I turned my attention back to Sonya.
“Yes Olivia. My relationship with my slaves is one of absolute dominance. All of them love me enough to surrender their balls upon my command. This is the way of it in the world of Sororitas. One day you will take slave Tyler’s balls from him as well. It is the fate of all slaves. Of course, you will have to learn how to perform the procedure. It is carried out with all members of the local chapter bearing witness. In fact, there is a castration ceremony scheduled for next Saturday night. You would be welcome to attend as my guest and prospective new member.”
My head was spinning. The stunning revelations and slave Paul’s exquisite rimming had me at the point where I just had to come before I could think or speak another word. I rolled my hips to rub my cunt in slave Paul’s face to let him know I wanted orgasm and I felt his wriggling organ on my clit. I glanced at Sonya, who gave me a nod of understanding, and lost myself in the pre-orgasmic rapture, then shuddered my way through a shattering climax that rendered me briefly unconscious, draped limp over the back of the sofa. When I recovered, I recalled Sonya’s invitation.
“I wouldn’t miss it for anything Sonya!”
“Excellent! Now let’s break out the whips, as I promised, and I’ll give you an introductory lesson. By the way, I dearly hope you will spend the weekend here Olivia. There’s much too much ground to cover for just one night. We will need to schedule and plan your wedding for one thing. And, I’ve invited some friends over Saturday night, some of my closest ones. I’ve told them about you and they are dying to meet you, and slave Tyler. Now let’s retire to the chamber where the whips and other things are kept. Slave Ethan will come with us. He could use a few more stripes.”
Sonya clipped a chain leash onto slave Ethan’s cock ring and gave me one to clip onto Tyler’s cage. We exited the living room, slaves in tow, and followed a hallway to a door that opened onto a long winding staircase leading down deep beneath the house. It was so delightfully ominous, at least for the slaves. Poor Ethan had surely made this journey many times and but Tyler had to imagine what torments might lie ahead for him. I strode toward the first step and felt the leash tighten as Tyler hung back in fear. I turned to him with an angry glare and gave the leash a hard yank. He whimpered and followed as we descended the steps with Sonya and Ethan in the lead.
The stairway was dimly lit and at its base was a heavy, iron bound oak door with a large throw bolt. All was staged to create fear and foreboding, again for the slaves, but for me there was only breathless anticipation and warm wetness and pulsing in my cunt. I sensed it from Sonya too, even though this must surely have been a frequent trip for her.
Sonya threw the bolt and swing the door open to reveal a stone lined circular chamber perhaps 40 feet diameter with a floor of polished black granite tile. Directly across from the door, placed along the wall and set on a two-step dais were three thronelike leather chairs. Other menacing “furnishings” were arranged around the chamber and the walls were festooned with assorted whips and other instruments I could not identify but was eager to know about.
Three mechanical hoists were hung from the ceiling, forming the corners of and equal triangle. Sonya led Ethan underneath one of them and I followed suit with Tyler. Sonya went to the wall where instruments of torture were hung and selected three pairs of manacles and a wooden humbler clamp. She handed me a pair of manacles.
“How would you like to hang him from the hoist Olivia, by the wrists or ankles?”
I had a thrilling moment of indecision, filled with a lustful sense of power, then made my choice.
“By the ankles!”
“Excellent choice dear. It’s so much more frightening and disorienting for the slave, especially when you give him a spin. Cuff his hands behind his back.”
The hoist above me had an iron spreader bar with anklets at the ends. I cuffed Tyler and used the switch that hung from the ceiling nearby to lower the bar to the floor. Tyler was trembling and sweating in his terror but, good slave that he was, he meekly submitted, allowing me to clamp the bar onto his ankles. Sonya pushed to button to raise the hoist and helped me steady Tyler as his feet were pulled from under him as they were lifted toward the ceiling. Soon he hung helpless, naked and at my mercy. My heart hammered.
Sonya had her own cruel plan for slave Ethan.
“That position is good for beginners Olivia, but I’m going to do the tiptoe trice up with Ethan.”
I could only wonder what she meant and watch. First she cuffed his hands behind his back and manacled his ankles together. Her hoist just had a hook hanging from the end of its cable. She lowered it and hooked it to the cuffs behind his back, then raised it, pulling Ethan’s hands upward ever so slowly until he cried in pain at the twisting of his shoulders and was standing on his tiptoes. She lowered him just a fraction, then reached between his legs from behind and pulled his junk back between them, stretching his organs to nearly their tearing point. She clamped them in the humbler with it across the back of his thighs so his cock and balls were helplessly vulnerable.
As a final touch of cruelty Sonya went to the wall and brought back two heavy lead weights with fierce looking alligator clips attached to them by short chains. She clipped one onto each of the slave’s nipples, making him flinch and cry out. Then, she stood back to admire her work. Ethan hung there, sniveling in pain already.
“This is a delightful position for the slave Olivia. As you can see the pain comes in multiple ways. I’ll fetch some whips and we can get started.”
She selected two different kinds of whips from the hooks along the wall and handed one to me.
“That’s a basic single tail Olivia. It’s also good for beginners because no finesse is needed. Just swing hard and let the leather do its thing. My whip here is more sophisticated, a six-foot snake whip. Let me demonstrate.”
She took a stance directly behind Ethan and first whirled the whip above her head, making a whooshing sound. Then, with a flick of her wrist she landed a lash on his tender behind. There was a crack like a gunshot and Ethan screamed and hopped up and down, making the cruel weights on his nipples bounce, bringing another scream, and then another as his shoulders were wrenched from his hopping.
Sonya whirled the whip again and began a sequence of lashes that struck full force on his ass with each rotation, showing a skill I could only envy. Ethan hopped and howled, helpless in multiple torment. Then, she flicked the whip on his toes, making him hop about, wringing the pain from the nipples and shoulders. I felt a warm wet tingling between my thighs as I watched and my hand went to my pussy. But then I noticed Tyler’s head hung at about the right height and I went to him and shoved his head between my legs and clamped thighs together so his face was in my crotch and he could serve me. His dutiful tongue went to work, wriggling on my pulsing clit.
Finally, Sonya directed her aim to Ethan’s tender organs, continuing the whirling lashes, striking unerringly, reducing Ethan to a sobbing, sniveling wreck. This put me over the brink and I shrieked in fierce ecstasy as orgasm rocked me. My knees weakened and I had to grab Tyler by the junk and hang on hard to keep from collapsing to the floor.
Satisfied with Ethan’s suffering for the time being, Sonya gave him one last good one on the balls and let him hang there whimpering. She turned to me with an approving look on her face as I clung to Tyler’s organs, savoring afterglow, a vapid grin on my face.
“Yes Olivia, there’s nothing like a sound whipping to horn a girl up. Now that you came you’ll have to lay the leather to Tyler hard to get randy again. I’ll have another go with Ethan and when we get horned up to the point we can’t stand it we’ll make them eat pussy with the threat of them getting it double if they don’t satisfy. Believe me, I rarely have to carry out that threat. Now let’s get you started with that singletail. It’s a quite simple and brutal instrument of pain. Just take a stance and give it a swing!”
I spread my feet wide apart for balance, extended my arm backward to lay the whip out behind me and swung sidearm with all my might. The stroke caught Tyler on the tender behind. There was a satisfying crack and he howled and writhed as he hung there helpless and at my mercy. I felt my lust rekindling. Sonya stepped over to him and gave him a spin. There were ball bearings one the end of the cable above the spreader bar and he whirled around freely. I swung again and again, catching him randomly with fierce lashes, bringing screams from him as he spun around. I took aim at his organs and landed a cruel one on his balls, by luck as much as anything. My pussy was warm, throbbing and itching by then and I felt my juice dribbling down my thighs.
Sonya gave him another spin and then went back to work on Ethan. I focused on lashing his groin, sometimes connecting, sometimes not. I persisted and soon found I could catch him on every turn. When I had reduced him to sobbing and sniveling in despair of the torment ever ending I could not go on, dropped the whip, and again shoved his head between my legs. I felt Sonya pulling me away.
“It’s time Olivia. I’ll let them down and release them. Just go have a seat on one of the thrones.”
I stepped up onto the dais and collapsed into one of the big comfy chairs, parting my legs and resting my ankles on the arms, fondling myself, my fingers dripping with ooze. The two slaves lay prostrate, moaning and whimpering in lingering pain. Sonya stepped up and took a seat beside me, assuming a posture similar to mine. She barked a command at the slaves.
“Now crawl you worms! Come here and give us pleasure if you don’t want another taste of the whips! Ethan! You serve Goddess Olivia!”
The slaves groveled toward the dais with heads bowed. Ethan approached me, clambering up the steps on hands and knees, with Tyler beside him making his way to lick Sonya. Both slaves were mewling and mumbling pleas for mercy. I knew my cunt would all but explode at the first touch of Ethan’s tongue. When he was within my reach I grabbed his hair and pulled his face into my crotch. Well trained as he was, he quickly perceived my readiness for orgasm after a few lapping strokes up my wet crevice and went right to my clit. His tutored organ caressed my just so and within seconds I arched my back, clamped his head between my thighs and convulsed, gushing the warm juice of my pleasure into his mouth. I heard him swallow and then, unbidden, he went down low to serve my anus and prepare me for the second orgasm soon to follow.
I heard Sonya wail in her own ecstasy as my dear Tyler did his duty. Both slaves kept babbling pleas for mercy from the whip as they served us. Their abject and desperate submission was a new aphrodisiac for me and I came three more times before shoving Ethan away with my feet on his shoulders, sending him tumbling down the steps. Sonya gave out one last cry of supernal delight and kicked Tyler down the steps as well. The two slaves rose to their knees and faced us with heads bowed, trembling in terror of the goddesses who sat in judgement over them. Sonya nudged me in the arm and I glanced at her. I knew the look of a well satisfied woman by then and my own orgasms hit the spot too. She gave me a sly wink. We would have some fun. Sonya got things started.
“Well Olivia, I’m sorry to report that Tyler was quite lackluster in his performance. Perhaps the tiptoe trice up would serve to motivate him properly!”
Tyler cowered, giving me a timorous glance, to which I responded with a glare filled with anger I didn’t really feel. Then I critiqued Ethan.
“I don’t like having to say it Sonya, but Ethan fell well short of what I would have expected of one who wanted to avoid another turn under the whip. Maybe some attention to his cock and balls would do the trick!”
Ethan cringed and looked up furtively at his own Goddess, who glowered at him. But Sonya proposed a second chance.
“Well slaves, would you like a chance to redeem yourselves?”
Each slave blubbered apologies and promises. Sonya and I spread our legs out and rested our ankles on the arms of the chairs again. The slaves groveled up the steps, barking shins and banging knees in their haste. Ethan buried his face in my crotch and I guided his efforts to my anus, thinking his attentions there would serve to arouse me again despite my sated state. It took a few minutes, but his abject submission and that wriggling tongue deep inside me did the trick. I invited him to my clit and was rewarded with a shattering orgasmic sequence under his softly fluttering tongue with his finger nestled in my rectum. Sonya’s wails of animal pleasure harmonized with mine as Tyler did me proud.
We led the slaves from the chamber back to the living room, where the other slaves knelt, patiently waiting. We each had a slave go to hands and knees before us to serve as a footrest and each put two more to work licking our feet as we drank wine and chatted for a couple of hours until bedtime. Sonya directed me to a bedroom down the hall and I rode astride Tyler to get there, being tired and a bit tipsy.
Saturday morning, I woke up around nine and gave Tyler his deep morning drink and then enjoyed a couple of orgasms before rising and leading Tyler out to the living room again to find Sonya already awake and draped over the back of the couch with one of her slaves busy with his face between her cheeks. Steaming mugs of coffee and a platter of rich pastries were on the table before her. She waved her hand in invitation and I settled in. Tyler knew, without having to be told, to press his own face between my mounts and put tongue to my orifice. I took a deep drink of coffee and big bite from a bear claw and sighed in contentment. Sonya smiled.
“This is the life, isn’t it Olivia. I can’t wait for you to meet my friends this evening.”
“I’m dying to meet them too if they’re anything like you Sonya!”
We enjoyed for an hour, each finishing with a satisfying orgasm. Then nature called both of us, due to the coffee, the rimming, the coming and the relaxed satisfaction they brought. Upon command our slaves were on their backs with mouths open wide. We squatted and fed them our offerings and their loving tongues cleaned us spotless.
Then, we installed ourselves on the living room couch with slaves as footrests and others licking our feet as we discussed my wedding. I expressed concern that Tyler had already been deflowered, but Sonya allayed it.
“Not to worry Olivia. Of course, the bride taking the groom with her cock while the assembled Sisters bear witness is an essential part of the ceremony. It’s rare that the groom is not a “virgin” in that special sense, but it’s not unheard of. The solution is simple. You use a larger cock. Taking him with a 2 ¼ X10 phallus would be almost like deflowering him again. If you use minimal lubricant it will surely hurt sufficiently to mimic deflowering and will please the assemblage. It’s also necessary for the groom to deepthroat his bride’s cock before deflowering. That will be a challenge with so large a cock, but it is permissible to practice beforehand.”
Tyler was serving as Sonya’s footrest and I gave him an order.
“Slave Tyler. Monday morning you will go online and order a 2 ¼ X 10 cock for me so we can start practicing the deepthroat. I don’t intend to be embarrassed on my wedding day!”
“Yes Goddess. I will have it sent overnight air freight.”
Sonya made some phone calls to arrange catering on my behalf. We spent the rest of the day in lazy lechery, enjoying the slaves as suited us, including two hours in the chamber honing my whipping skills. I tried to refrain from coming too many times because I knew the upcoming evening would most likely turn to the orgiastic and I wanted to be randy for it.
Dinner was planned for seven with the guests arriving at six. Eunuch slave Edward was frantically busy in the kitchen and Sonya assigned two slaves to help him with preparations. At 5:30 Sonya had me accompany her to the foyer with Tyler groveling behind. A leather throne chair stood next to a hall tree for hanging coats. She explained her protocol when entertaining.
“My guests will be free to enter without knocking and come to the living room to join us. Would you be okay with stationing Tyler here to hang their coats up and greet them? I like my guests to be welcomed with oral pleasure. It’s actually customary courtesy with all of us in Sororitas to have a welcoming slave at the door on social occasions. And, it will be a way for slave Tyler to introduce himself.”
“Of course, Sonya!”
I looked down at Tyler with a stern expression.
“Slave! I expect happy women to join us in the living room with rave reviews of your performance. You will do everything for them and do not neglect the anus!”
“Yes Goddess!” He took his place on his knees before the door. Sonya and I retired to the living room. Wonderful smells from the kitchen filled the air.
At six sharp I heard the door open and the indistinct voices of several women. Then there was silence for a few minutes. Suddenly, a shriek of mad ecstasy came from the direction of the front door, followed by three more and then a deep sigh of satisfaction. Then I heard the click of bootheels on the floor as someone approached.
A tall and voluptuous woman entered the living room, splendidly nude except for black spike heeled knee boots. Her hair was a mane of silver grey hanging half-way down her back. Her breasts were large and firm, only jiggling slightly as she walked. Her shoulders were broad but her waist tapered, then her hips swelled in a sumptuous curvature. A dense wedge of salt and pepper pubes was framed by her hips and comely thighs, which also tapered into slender calves. She carried herself with a regal dignity. Her steel blue eyes turned to Sonya and then to me before she spoke.
“Good evening Sonya! And this must be Olivia, the new prospective member you’ve been telling me about. Greetings to you as well! I am Ruth, chapter chairwoman and chief priestess. And that delightful slave you have on welcoming duty must be Tyler?”
I puffed with pride and blushed, unable to speak, just raising my hand as joyful tears ran down my cheeks. Ruth beamed at me and held out her arms in welcome. I was so overcome with her regal aura I went to her and fell to me knees, kissing her hands. But she lifted me up to enfold me in a warm hug.
“No need to grovel dear. We are, above all, sisters, friends and equals. Sonya tells me you trained that exquisite slave all by yourself. She fairly gushed about him. I had to be skeptical, of course, but the proof was in the eating as you might say! I will preside at your wedding two weeks from now and what a joyous occasion it will be.”
Just then another mad orgasmic cry was heard and Ruth nodded approvingly.
“Apparently Akiko, our chief seductress, agrees with me!”
Moments later we were joined by a petite and ethereally beautiful Japanese woman, naked save for a pair of lovely crimson silk slippers. Her head hair was pinned up in the traditional way and her pussy hair was long straight and soft, as is common among her kind. She was a study in supple and muscular grace and her golden skin had the glow of a well satisfied woman. Her face held a look of dazed delight. She glanced at each of us and giggled giddily before introducing herself to me, extending her hands and taking mine.
“I’m Akiko, you must be Olivia, and that superb slave must be Tyler, the one we’ve heard so much about from Sonya!”
I blushed and thanked her and we hugged and sat down, making small talk for a few minutes. Then, an animal sound, a ferocious snarling gasp of unalloyed delight was heard from the direction of the foyer. Moments later a tall, utterly naked black woman entered the room with Tyler groveling behind her. She was rippling muscles from shoulder to ankles and moved with the grace of a large predatory cat. Her pate was shaven and she wore large golden hoop earrings, but the thick nappy growth at her loins grew wild.
She flopped into an armchair with a deep sated sigh and beckoned for Tyler who went to kneel before her. She propped his chin on the tip of her finger, kissed his forehead and tousled his hair tenderly. Then she looked at me with kindness in her eyes and introduced herself.
“I’m Tamar, chief enforcer for our chapter. You must be Olivia, the one I’ve heard so much about. Rumors proved true. Your boy knows the pussy. I’m gonna want some more of that tonight!”
Ruth chimed in: “Tamar can woman-handle any male into submission Olivia. There are times when only brute force will do. And woe to the slave who incurs punishment at her hand. Her prowess with the whip astounds us all. I would like to extend an invitation to s special entertainment Wednesday night. A brute of a skinhead biker rapist has been apprehended and Tamar will be rape wrestling him. Rather than go into detail I’ll let the rest be a surprise.”
I was mad with curiosity and pleaded for more details but Ruth stood firm. As we sat drinking wine and getting better acquainted I forgot about it for the time being. Sonya had her slaves locked away for the time being, leaving it to Tyler to keep the five of us satisfied. We each enjoyed one more oral pleasuring before dinner.
Eunuch slave Edward entered the living room, bowed and with a polite gesture invited us to the dining room where dinner was served. A blood rare standing rib roast was the entre’. We each helped ourselves to a juicy slab and fell to without ceremony and ravenously. There was red wine in abundance.
Soon we were sated and feeling the warm glow from the wine. My new friends held forth their powerful thoughts about life, love and the relationship between the genders. Ruth spoke first.
“We of Sororitas hold it to be self-evident that the Female is the superior half of the species and is divinely ordained to reign over the male by the Deity, who is, of course, Female. We earn our places in Heaven through our efforts to bring about the final and ultimate subjugation of all males. To this end each of us must dominate and enslave as many males as we are able.”
“Our earthly reward is keeping those enslaved males as our harems and enjoying the pleasures that are our birthright. Though the male is driven by the persistent lust that is his greatest weakness, that lust pales before the powerful lust innate in Woman. But, unlike the male, we have control over our desires and only unleash them upon the male when he has succumbed to our dominant will to power. The male orgasm is a tepid thing compared to the ecstasies Woman can achieve. It’s surprising males are so obsessed with their pursuit of this paltry pleasure. Even the pleasure they get from deflowering and the Woman cock is insipid by comparison. But, no matter, it makes them all the easier to manipulate and ensnare in our webs. And once enthralled and enslaved they will submit to any indignity or degradation in hope of being rewarded by coming.”
“And is it not obvious that the dangling, sensitive sex organs of the male are part of the Divine Mother’s grand design? Their organs are so dear to them and it is so easy for us to inflict dire pain or give them their trifling pleasure, or best of all give them both at once to shatter their wills and enslave them.”
Then my eyes turned to Akiko and I expressed my curiosity as to her role in Sororitas.
“I use my body to entice and enthrall the male through pleasure Olivia. I am the bait that first lures them into our clutches. No man can resist me. I will assist you in the abduction of the males who will compose your harem. I will also assist you in their breaking and training, employing the pleasure my body can bestow. It is my lot to allow my body to be penetrated by the cock and that would be repulsive if it weren’t done for the furtherance of the cause. But I also mete out pain in the most cruel and subtle ways.”
“And, this coming Saturday night you will witness my other function, giving a slave his final reward prior to his castration. All three of my body’s pleasure orifices come into play. Again, I know this seems repugnant but I get my own pleasure from the ritual, because I know the slave will pay for this final pleasure with his balls! His cum even tastes good to me because of that and when I suck him off and I swallow it.”
Finally, I looked to Tamar.
“I provide the pain Olivia, pure and simple. Above all the slave must know the fear that comes from that pain. I too will assist you in breaking and training. Your slave Tyler succumbed at your first assertion of dominance over him. His latent submissive tendencies were close to the surface. But, the building of your harem will require the breaking of much more resistant males. All males have a deep seated, latent longing to submit to Woman. Some repress it more than others. It is your duty to include resistant males in your harem. We have a data base of resistant males who are at large. All have extensive track records of abuse of women. You may have your pick of them when the time comes and I will assist you in giving them the severe punishment they have earned as the first stage of breaking and training.”
Eunuch slave Edward cleared away the dinner dishes and served a decadently rich chocolate dessert. Then we retired to the living room to drink wine and talk some more. Tyler was a busy slave, keeping us all satisfied because the talk turned dirty. Not a minute passed without his face being buried in a pussy.
The guests were to spend the night, the only alternative considering the amount of wine consumed. Sonya summoned her harem to the living room and each guest selected a slave to share her bed for the night. Then, we all mounted the slaves and rode them down the hallway to the bedrooms. I was pleasantly drunk and sated. I laid myself down on my back with Tyler’s head pillowed across my thighs Sleep came with my head hitting the pillow.
We all slept in late Sunday morning and enjoyed a late breakfast and some pleasures with the slaves. The guests departed, leaving Sonya and I alone together. I decided I could not wait for my new larger cock so I went on-line and found a fetching number, luridly realistic with a flared glans. It would be quite the challenge for Tyler to deep throat it and would surely hurt when I “re-deflowered” him. It would arrive in the morning. I decided to “work from home” that day so practice could begin forthwith. We spent the afternoon finalizing wedding arrangements and sending out the invitations. Sonya had me driven home in her car after dinner.
Monday morning, I awoke to the oral pleasure to which I had become accustomed, then had Tyler serve me breakfast and give me an hour-long rim job. Afterward I installed myself in my recliner with my laptop and dealt with a few urgent work-related issues. The package containing my new cock arrived mid-morning and I set it on a stand on the coffee table in bold exhibition.
All that morning I basked in the euphoria of the new life and new friends I had found and the delights that lay ahead. I felt a sense of belonging I had never known before or even dreamed possible. I watched as Tyler went about his household chores, often giggling at his furtive and fearful glances at the big dick he knew was to deflower him all over again. Twice before lunch I summoned him with a snap of my fingers to kneel before me and serve my pleasure.
After lunch I decided it was time for him to practice deepthroating. He helped me install the cock and I first had him fetch the full-length mirror so I could admire myself wearing it. I swelled with a sense of dominant power as I posed myself before the mirror with my fearsome member jutting from my hairy loins.
I snapped my finger and pointed to the floor in front of me. Tyler knew well enough to drop to his knees there. I ordered him to open wide, grabbed his hair and shoved the glans into his mouth. I made him lick and slobber all over it to get it wet and ready, then forced it against his gullet. It barely budged and he gagged and reeled away. I grabbed his hair, bitch slapped him and tried again with the same result.
I decided to give him the mercy of smearing the cock with olive oil to ease its way down and then progress was made. The glans slipped past his gullet and went in an inch or two but stopped dead. I withdrew it with a loud pop that made me cackle cruelly. I let him gargle with olive oil and swallow it, then tried again. It worked. The big shaft slid halfway down on my first thrust, three quarters on my second and on the third his nose was buried in my bush.
I decided that would be enough for that day. I did have nearly two weeks to train him, but I determined that practice would be more rigorous day by day. I meant to stand with hands on hips as he knelt before me and performed the deepthroat fellatio to perfection for the edification and delight of my newfound friends.
I chose to “work from home” for the rest of the week for the sake of training, both in deepthroating and rimming. I wanted to be sure his tongue was at maximum size, strength and endurance. I made sure he practiced his tongue exercises at all times he wasn’t occupied with training. He could easily perform the exercises while attending to his chores. No doubt I would be sharing him with others on my wedding day and I wanted to hear nothing but praise for his performance.
Also, my anticipation of the castration I was to witness Saturday night had me horny to distraction, and concentration on work would be difficult. I needed Tyler to ease my lust several times each day. Of course, Tyler was forbidden coming and I couldn’t imagine how badly his ache was growing. He walked about hunched over with a shuffling gait, as if he had heavy weights hanging from his balls.
Wednesday evening Sonya came by to pick me up for the rape wrestling match. I tried pumping her for details but she too fended off my queries with promises of an evening I would never forget. We arrived at the Sororitas complex and followed a winding tunnel to locker room where we shed our clothes and put them away. Then we entered a small arena with seats surrounding a floor padded with wrestling mats.
There were perhaps a hundred women there, again all ages and colors, all naked and randy, eager to witness what was to come. The scent of aroused pussy hung on the air.
There was a low door across the arena. It was pulled up by two strong young women and the object of the entertainment was goaded into the ring with cattle prods. He was naked except for a black leather collar around his neck, a big brute of a skinhead biker with swastika tattoos on his chest and arms. He gazed about the arena with an expression of mingled fear and rage. A hefty young brunette taunted him and he roared and charged but the wall and railing were too high for him to do anything but jump up and down in a futile effort to reach her.
Then Tamar made her entrance through the same door as the beast. She was animal naked and a twelve by two cock with flared glans jutted from her hairy loins. The beast saw her and turned to face her across the full width of the ring. The sight of her made him fully erect. Silence fell and she sneered and mocked him, mooning him and flaunting her own huge cock.
“Bring it on tough guy! I bet you wanna stick that thing in me! Good luck with that! It’s gonna be me sticking this big thing in you and making you my bitch!”
He raged and charged, foaming at the mouth, spewing curses. Tamar sidestepped him with ease and he stumbled into the wall, bloodying his nose. He whirled and charged again, only to sprawl headlong when she neatly dodged him. This was repeated multiple times for about half an hour, Tamar waiting for the very last moment to slip away from his grasp. His fury mounted with his frustration and humiliation, but he was tiring too, not in the greatest shape from too much beer and too little exercise.
Tamar seemed to decide it was time. On his next charge she sidestepped and tripped him so he flopped onto his belly. Then she pounced, climbing onto his back like a tigress, putting him in a double arm lock and pushing his hands up behind his back until he howled in pain, lining her big dick up with his tender virgin hole. Nearly the full length of the shaft showed between her pussy and the brute’s behind. Sonya nudged me and whispered in my ear.
“He was lubed just a little bit but this is going to hurt!”
Tamar’s muscles rippled as she poised herself for the thrust. She took a deep breath and drove her hips forward with all her animal strength. Half the big member disappeared into the beast and he screamed and then broke down into sobbing and pleading. Tamar’s answer was an even harder thrust that buried the shaft full depth. The beast let out a whimpering moan of defeat.
Tamar drew back until just the glans was clenched in the beast’s orifice and drove to the depths again. The beast sobbed and sniveled as she began to rut upon him, rolling her hips in a quickening rhythm. Sonya spoke into my ear again.
“He’s just like any man. Sooner or later he’ll start to like it and finally he’ll come.”
Sure enough, the beast’s whimpers of pain morphed to whimpers of pleasure and he was on hands and knees, rocking back and forth in answer to Tamar’s rhythm, begging to be fucked harder. She was happy to oblige and grabbed hold of the collar for purchase, her splendid musculature rippling as she ravaged him. The beast let out that strange exquisite sound of mingled surprise, delight and surrender as spurts of semen splattered onto the mat below him. Tamar came ecstatically with a sound of bestial pleasure. Then he bent down with head upon his forearms, withered, sniveling in shame and emasculation. Tamar withdrew, mounted his back and gave him a hard slap on the ass. He was docile as a young lamb and she rode him in circles around the arena as the crowd went wild.
She rode him to the center of the arena, dismounted and made him kneel before her. At her command he took the soiled dick in his mouth, licking and sucking it clean. Then Tamar pressed her glans against his gullet, patiently but relentlessly forcing the big dick down his throat until his nose was buried in her bush. She instructed him in the fine art of fellatio until he made her come again. When satisfied she kicked him to where the puddle of his cum lay on the mat and made him lick it up. She made her exit by mounting him and making one more trip around the ring before riding him out the door. The arena rang with riotous cheers and applause. I had a question for Sonya.
“What will be done with him now?”
“He will be taken to a special dungeon deep in the complex Olivia, where others of his ilk are imprisoned. Punitive enslavement will be his lot. Some males are incorrigible and unredeemable, unworthy of the pleasures our slaves get as their reward for their surrender.”
“Women will pay to have pleasure with him when in a cruel mood. Sometimes our slaves must be spared the worst of our inclinations but when this cruel lust comes over us we still can satisfy it by inflicting the torments upon a deserving male such as this one. Every day will be one of torment under the whip and other means of inflicting the punishment his wretched life has earned him. The orgasm he enjoyed from the rape will be the last time he gets that pleasure. He will come again frequently but his orgasms will be ruined by a whack across the balls or worse. Next time you feel especially mean and bitchy call me. I’ll get you some time in a chamber with him or one like him.”
Thursday passed at a snail’s pace and I was relieved when Sonya called me Friday morning and invited me over for the night. I needed more dehorning than Tyler’s tongue alone could provide and was especially hankering to put the cock to a slave. I knew Sonya would be happy to give me the use of one or more of hers. I brought along the over-sized cock so practice could continue. I wanted Sonya to enjoy Tyler’s growing talent for the fellatio too.
Friday evening was orgiastic. I used my 8 incher on Sonya’s slaves until I satisfied myself while Sonya wore my 10 incher and gave further tutelage to Tyler in the art of the deepthroat. By midnight we had spent ourselves and we retired.
I slept late Saturday morning, until nearly noon. Tyler provided my waking pleasures. Sonya had brunch ready when I made my way to the dining room with Tyler groveling behind me. After eating we installed ourselves over the back of the couch to enjoy a prolonged rimming. I was burning with anticipation and curiosity about the castration ritual I was to witness that evening. Sonya filled me in on much of what to expect. One thing she showed me was the special clamping device used to facilitate both the unmanning and the suturing of the wound.
“This device has a dual clamping functions Olivia. The forward jaws stretched the balls outward so they can be sliced away cleanly. The rearward jaws clamp down to cut off blood flow. The forward jaws can be released after the severing leaving plenty of scrotal tissue for the doctor who will be attending the procedure to suture up.”
“The cut is done without anesthetic so the slave can feel the pain of the moment he has been transformed from a sexual being to a eunuch. ‘The Moment’ is forever stamped in his memory. But then the pain will be dulled with a strong local and he will suffer little more. This is an act of mercy after all.”
“You will get to see Akiko work her will upon the slave. Her artistry is astounding. She can make the slave forget the terror of his impending fate and lose himself in the rapture of her attentions until she has drained him of all semen and all desire. The fear will return once he has emptied the last load of his life into her and is no longer distracted by his lust. He will whimper, snivel and plead for mercy. This is necessary and pleasing to those who bear witness. Matters proceed quickly from that point and within minutes the severing is done. The slave is then made to kneel nutless on a pedestal and is subjected to ridicule for the remains of the evening.”
“Of course, slave Tyler should witness the procedure as well. Other new slaves will surely be there too. It serves as motivation for them to be pleasing slaves and delay the inevitable as long as possible. I assure you Olivia, Tyler’s submission will plumb new depths afterward. There will be an after-party that becomes quite wild. The ceremony tends to inflame those in attendance. Additional slaves will be brought in to ensure no woman goes without.”
All of this only served to inflame my anticipatory lust but Sonya encouraged me to endure and enhance my desire and take my release later. The ceremony was to commence at 7:00 but there was a social and cocktail hour to begin at 6:00. I kept Tyler to his rimming for the hours until them, wanting to be sure his tongue was well conditioned. His organ had grown and his penetration was now up to standard.
We rode to the venue in Sonya’s limo. The drive ended at a tall building downtown with underground parking. A naked eunuch greeted us and served as valet. We entered the building and took an elevator down three floors below ground level. The elevator opened into a small amphitheater. Ruth, Tamar and Akiko were there already, along with numerous other women of all descriptions. All were mostly nude except for boots or spike heeled shoes. We were greeted warmly and Sonya introduced me around. Tyler groveled behind me and was the object of much lustful appraisal. It was clear every woman there would expect to enjoy him in some way during the evening. There were half a dozen other naked slaves also on hands and knees. I presumed these were other newbies who were there to witness the emasculation. The feral perfume of aroused cunt hung heavy in the chamber.
Ten minutes before 7:00 we took our seats. A low wooden table was placed in the center of the stage before us. It had leather restraints attached. Tyler and the other slaves we placed on their knees close by it with a good view of the proceedings. At the appointed time a bell tolled briefly and silence fell in the chamber. A door behind the stage opened and a tall, shapely naked brunette came through it first, leading her slave by a leash clipped to his dick ring. He was naked and unbound, trembling in his fear but obedient to his Goddess and laid himself down on the table face up upon her command.
Three women from the audience came forth to help bind him to the table by wrists and ankles and a wide belt drawn tight across his belly. His Goddess removed his dick ring and went to take her seat, front row center.
The slave lay helpless and at the mercy of Akiko, who stepped forward and without ado stepped onto the table with the slave’s head between her ankles, facing his feet and lowered herself to cover his face with her luscious pussy, then leaned forward and took his limp member into her mouth. By habit long ingrained in him he began to serve her with his tongue as well. He had been impotent in his terror but her artfulness soon had him stiff as wood and lost in the delight her wicked mouth could bestow. She teased him without mercy, deepthroating wildly, taking him to the brink of coming over and over and denying him each time as he whimpered and pleaded for release. Finally, by surprise, she let him come, holding just his glans between her lips as he pumped his load into her mouth. She came too, giving out a long moan of pleasure and delectation. There was method to her madness. Her teasing had caused him to build up a huge load and when he expended it she opened her mouth wide to show the audience, then swallowed it with hunger.
But this was merely a preliminary. Holding her position, she took him in mouth again and soon had him hard as ever. Then, she turned, straddled his hips, took his organ in hand and guided it into the silken pocket between her thighs. He gasped in surprised delight at this heretofore forbidden pleasure. Soon forgotten was his impending fate. Up and down she slid along his pole. It glistened with its coating of her poon. Again, she teased him along, artfully taking him to the brink, then denying him, over and over, and again he begged and pleaded for relief. But she continued torturing him with pleasure until she sensed his despair, then surprised him. He cried out his gratitude as he writhed in delight within his bonds, giving out a sighing grunt with each spurt he shot into her. Akiko threw her head back and cried out in her own ecstasy.
When his load was spent she quickly reversed herself and lowered her pussy to just above his lips. She gave a sharp command that he open his mouth wide. Obedience was deep rooted in him and he complied. She opened herself and let the creamy slug within her cascade into his mouth. With habituated subservience he gulped it down.
Once again Akiko’s mouth came into play as she used it to harden him for the final destination in his “trip around the world.” If anything, she hardened him more than before, then resumed her position across his hips and facing him. She rose, grasped his member, guided it to her nether orifice and anally impaled herself upon it. Lubed by its coating of his cum and her poon it slid to her depths with ease.
Because had had ejaculated twice already it was harder to make him come again. But she slid up and down the shaft with abandon, fingering her clit. The artful clench of her tight vortex soon mastered him. He bucked and convulsed, first grunting in delight but, at the last, sobbing in despair at the realization that this would be the last orgasm of his life. Akiko enjoyed her own shattering climax too. Ever dutiful, when she positioned her anus over his mouth he opened wide to accept and swallow the copious gob of brownish-white goo she squeezed out.
Akiko fondled him a bit, just to make sure he was emptied utterly. When he showed no sign of hardening she rose and stepped over to take a seat in the front row with, eyes alight in anticipation of what was to follow. Matters proceeded promptly from there. The slave’s owner mounted the table with his head between her ankles, facing his feet, then lowered herself to cover his face with her cunt to enjoy one final serving. The doctor and nurse in attendance fastened the clamp onto his balls in the midst of the cunnilingus.
Orgasm soon followed and I could understand why. I was only watching but my fingers had been busy between my legs, without my realizing it, for some time. Being the one who would perform the procedure was surely more arousing. When the slave experienced his “moment” I came hard and had a lot of company. Echoes rang in the chamber from the chorus of ecstatic wails.
The slave was quickly sutured and was then made to kneel on the table with head bowed during the orgiastic party that followed. My orgasm had only dampened the burn of lust I felt and I could tell the proceedings had inflamed everyone else too. I went to fetch Tyler who knelt trembling from what he had witnessed. He cowered at my approach and the timorous glance he gave me made my pussy wetten all the more. Sonya came up to me with a tube of red lipstick in her hand.
“Make him bend over Olivia. You’ll want everyone here to know his ass is off limits and he’s not allowed to come. It would ruin your wedding ceremony. Everyone needs to know he can only suck cock and eat pussy.”
I pushed Tyler’s head downward with my hand and then with the heel of my boot until his forehead touched the floor and his ass was raised. Sonya drew a bright red circle on his behind and then a red slash across it. Then she flipped him onto his back with her foot and drew a circle and slash around and over his caged junk.
And what an orgy it was, a mad celebration of womanly dominance. Numerous slaves were lead into the chamber, every woman contributing from her harem, enough to ensure every woman had one to serve her plus half again as many extra so each could enjoy two tongues at once. I do believe a gave a good account of myself, strapping on a hefty cock and ravaging multiple slaves until they came themselves dry, reducing them to sniveling emasculated wrecks. I also partook of two tongue pleasure and joined a genital whipping contest in which slaves were hung up with tender junk dangling helpless. I looked around every so often to check on Tyler and saw him deepthroating mistresses to orgasm and on his knees with face in several pussies or between ass cheeks, mistresses writhing in the throes of delight.
At length the sounds of orgasmic cries and cracking of whips died down, transitioning to sighs and moans of womanly satisfaction. Then it was time to sort out the slaves and say goodbyes. I was pleased to be complimented by several of my new friends on Tyler’s performance and was flattered by their invitations to swap.
I spent the night at Sonya’s and all of Sunday was devoted to rehearsing our wedding, especially making Tyler practice his deepthroating of my big member. I wanted everyone to be impressed by how easily he took it down the gullet and how quickly he could bring me to orgasm. His rimming also needed perfecting. Every day of the week before the wedding was devoted to the same.
We spent Friday night at Sonya’s and she helped me with rehearsing our vows and gave me hints about how to make Tyler’s “re-deflowering” entertaining for those in attendance. The ceremony was scheduled for seven o’clock but we went to the venue, the same amphitheater as where the castration ceremony had been held two hours earlier to attend the cocktail party preceding it. I circulated among my new friends with Tyler groveling behind me with the stretcher lease tight around his purple balls. He was subjected to much lustful ridicule, particularly about his dicklet, which I encouraged. Sonya had told me emasculation was key element of the whole proceeding.
Ten minutes before seven Sonya led me back to the amphitheater’s vestibule so I could make my entrance with Tyler in tow by his leash, walking this time to exhibit his stretched and purple balls.
Ruth was to preside over the ceremony and at the appointed time she rang a small bell to get everyone’s attention. The women seated themselves and a hush fell. Sonya was maid of honor and she preceded me through the doorway. I entered the chamber, leading Tyler at a stately pace, toward where Ruth stood waiting, resplendently nude save for a scarlet sash with the insignia of Sororitas emblazoned in gold.
Tyler knelt beside me and recited his vows. They were quite lengthy, promising absolute and unquestioning obedience and submission. But the final words were most profound and impactful:
“… and when my wife decides our time together must end I shall willingly surrender my testicles.”
My own vows were brief: “I promise you pleasure if you earn it and mercy when the time of parting comes.”
Then it was time for our marriage to be consummated. My cock was laid on a small table to one side, along with a small bottle of lubricant, Tyler’s cock ring and the special pliers used to implant it. As rehearsed, I pointed to the table and Tyler groveled to fetch my fearsome organ and installed it on me.
The deepthroat fellatio was the first order of business and he performed heroically, taking the big dick down full length with ease and nuzzling in my bush. I pressed the button to start the vibration and his caresses with lips and tongue along my shaft set me off within two minutes. My knees buckled as I let out a primal shriek, Tyler’s nose buried in my bush. Cheers and applause rang out and when they subsided I put a hand on his forehead and pushed him away, the flared glans making a loud pop as it exited. This brought lewd laughter and more cheers.
He then fetched the bottle of lube and handed it to me. I signed for him to assume the position and he turned away and bent over with forehead on his arms and ass raised. I only lubed lightly, wanting to make my entering thrust as painful as his first deflowering.
I dropped to my knees behind him and looked down to his waiting orifice. I could tell he was scared by the size of my cock because he was clenched tight and trembling as if her was still a virgin. But, so much the better because it would make my entry hurt all the more. I pressed the big glans against his hole and he flinched and whimpered. Taking a firm grip on his buns, digging my nails in deep, I drove forward hard with my hips.
Just the flared glans disappeared inside him but he cried out at the tearing pain and tried to pull away. This was going to be much more enjoyable than I anticipated. My second thrust buried the shaft a third of the way, bringing sobs and pleading for mercy. I reached out to grab his hair and pulled him upright so I could speak into his ear.
“You know there can be no mercy slave! Cease your whining and foolish resistance! Relax yourself and open up and it might hurt less, but that is not my concern!”
I shoved him away and back down while ramming forward again. It seemed he had heeded my words because two thirds of the cock were inside him. One final driving thrust buried it to the hilt. I held still with him fully impaled as he sobbed and sniveled. One would never have known he wasn’t a true virgin.
I drew back to where just the glans remained inside him and thrust again. Half the shaft disappeared and the remaining half on my next thrust. And when I drew back and thrusted again it went in full length. I knew he was stretched and that I could rut with abandon. My hips rolled in a rising cadence and the clench of his orifice on the shaft transmitted waves of delight onto my erogenous tissues. And the inevitable happened. His sobs and whimpers of pain and pleas for mercy transitioned to whimpers and moans of pleasure and pleas to be fucked harder. I was happy to oblige, driven to frenzied rutting.
I knew well the piglet squeal he always gave out when ready to come. When I heard it, I grabbed his hair to pull him upright and threw an arm across his chest to hold him as I made the last driving thrusts. A moan of helpless pleasure and surrender was torn from his depths, exceeding that of his first deflowering. It set me off and I answered with a snarling, bestial howl of triumphant ecstasy. I saw a long white streamer of semen arching higher than our heads, followed by three more as I held him there.
Then my orgasm melted me and we collapsed forward onto the floor, lying there, both trembling, me in sweet afterglow, he in humiliated emasculation. Semi-conscious, I could hear the audience going wild, whoops and howls, hands clapping, feet stomping. I levered myself up and withdrew from his ass. I saw an impressive splattered puddle of cum six feet away on the polished black granite floor. My slave’s dicklet had produced as never before, both in quantity and distance. I stood, and with a few sharp kicks and heel gouges I propelled him to where his mess lay and ordered him to lick it up. Then I made him suck and lick my cock clean before removing it.
Then it was time to implant the ring in his cock’s tip which would signify my ownership and dominance. I ordered him to lie on his back and lowered myself to straddle his head facing his feet. Sonya fetched the ring and pliers and she and Tamar each straddled one of his thighs to hold him immobile. I took the special pliers in hand. The ring was made with an angled cut in it forming two razor sharp points. The pliers would spread the ring wide so I could get his glans between the points. Then, with a press of the release the ring would snap together, piercing through the tender flesh of his tip.
I used the pliers to spread the ring, poised the points at the chosen spot and pressed the release. The points plunged in, drawing blood. His scream was muffled by the lush tissue of my pussy covering his mouth. It was important that the slave should feel the pain of that moment, the moment his goddess claimed him as her own. But then there was mercy. Tamar injected a local anesthetic into his glans to dull the pain. Then the ring was turned and Tamar skillfully bonded the joint permanently with golden solder.
Then we all stood and I ordered him to kneel before me. My heart thrilled at the sight of him bearing my ring, mine to have and hold, and his dicklet managed what passed for an erection, lifting it high.
The orgy that followed was memorable. Tyler was put out for common use with the rest of the slaves who were there to serve to let him know he also was community property. I wrote my cock size on his ass to let others know he could take the big one. All the slaves were marked with cock sizes, most smaller than mine and I had to respect that. It’s the privilege of the slave’s owner to “graduate” him to the next largest size when she deems it appropriate. So my big dick was limited to just a few, who got the full benefit.
I enjoyed a month of marital bliss, focusing entirely on my relationship with Tyler. Often I would clip a leash onto his cock ring and lead him around the house just because I could. Then, one day Sonya called me and told me it was time to start building my harem.
Sororitas has a database of candidates for enslavement. There is a network of spies who single out males and conduct surveillance and investigate them. Each has a profile and dossier on the website. They are rated according to their level of submissiveness or likelihood of resistance.
Because a had already enslaved an innate submissive it was now my duty to take on a resistant male and transform him to further the cause of male subjugation. It would be a challenge but every resource of Sororitas would be at my disposal, including the talents and expertise of Akiko and Tamar.
After going through the database several times, I found myself focusing on a male who piqued both my lust and my anger. Max Milton, a tall, dark and handsome, youngish hedge fund manager was everything I despised. Arrogant and chauvinistic, he thought himself god’s gift to women, but yet often resorted to date rape drugs to have his way with them. His accusers were many but so were his lawyers, and ruthless sharks they were, stopping at nothing to intimidate and humiliate victims.
I felt my blood boiling and my pussy hot wet and throbbing as I went over his dossier time after time. I resolved that one day he would kneel before me in the presence of my Sisters and vow to submit, obey and give me pleasure, and, above all, surrender his balls upon my whim.
I met with Sonya, Akiko and Tamar and informed them of my choice. All of them agreed he was a hard case and a challenge for a newbie like me, but they promised to spare no effort to help.
His abduction would be the first order of business and it had to be carefully planned because his disappearance would be a media sensation and the police would be out in force. But, like all of his ilk, lust was his Achilles heel and Akiko would be a lure he could not resist. In disguise, she would make her way to his favorite watering hole and present herself as drunk, vulnerable and available.
The following evening Tamar and I proceeded to the bar first and took up an overwatch position in case matters got out of hand. Half an hour later, Akiko made her entrance, wearing a blonde wig, scantily clad and looking disheveled. She perched herself precariously on a bar stool. Max’s radar homed in on her immediately and he approached her. She was to promise him a “trip around the world”, meaning use of all three of her body’s pleasure orifices. Tamar and I looked at each other and rolled our eyes when we saw the bulge in his pants.
Akiko left the bar first, promising to wait for him in her car if he would stay behind for half an hour for the sake of being discreet. She feigned rejection of his advances and he played along. Max complied, going over to drink and chat with some of his friends, although his impatience was evident. Half an hour later he left and later no one made the connection between him and the blond Asian woman.
Akiko had parked in a tree-shadowed area along the edge of a park. Max furtively made his way there by the most inconspicuous route he could manage Tamar and I followed at a safe distance. Akiko was in the back seat, animal naked, posturing lewdly as woman can. He opened the door, dropped his pants at the sight of her and threw himself upon her. Tamar and I came up from behind. Tamar had the syringe ready and the needle was in his neck before he knew what hit him. He howled in rage and pain, turned to face us, but then the lights went out. We dragged him into the back seat and off we went.
Multiple chambers were available at Sororitas headquarters for the breaking of slaves. We took him to one suitably equipped for the harsh punishment that would be the first step in the process of his transformation.
We stripped him naked, put a ball gag in his mouth and hung him by the wrists from a cross bar on a hoist, bound his ankles tight and lifted him so he rested on the balls of his feet. He hung in a pool of light in the otherwise pitch-dark chamber. Then we waited for him to come to. His first sight upon awakening would be me, naked save for thigh high black boots, snake whip in hand. It was for me to inform him of why he was there and what was to happen.
His eyes opened. First there was bewilderment, but then rage. He cursed into the gag, slobbering, bouncing up and down on his tiptoes, his realization of his helplessness fueling his fury. I laughed in his face and flaunted my ass at him. This set him frothing and raging all the more until the futility of it hit home and he slumped, silent. Then I proceeded to inform him of what the future held in store.
“You are here to be punished for the despicable life you have led and to take your place in a properly ordered world. You will not want to believe it, but when I am through with you, you will be my willing and worshipful slave-husband, eager to submit to any degradation my whim dictates and rigorously trained to give me pleasure.”
I had my big cock hanging on a hook along the wall and went to get it, holding it before his eyes. I had already decided that, on our wedding day I would deflower him with it and skip the customary progression of sizes. He was well hung, unlike Tyler with his dicklet. I thought it necessary that my cock be bigger than his from the get go. I continued my speech.
“On our wedding day I will use this to take your true virginity and, above all your manhood. From that day forward you will long for my big cock to be inside you every waking moment of your life.”
His rage returned tenfold. Spit splattered about. The words were intelligible even through the gag: “bitch!”, “cunt!”, “I’ll kill you!” I laughed and taunted him, using my fingers to part my pussy and flaunt it. He raged himself to exhaustion and it was time to get down to business.
“First you must fear me and for that you must know pain. Prepare for the punishment you have earned!”
I had practiced my whipping diligently to prepare for this moment. I whirled the whip above my head and launched a lash, flicking my wrist at just the moment. The whip’s tip flicked fiercely across his balls, tearing a muffled scream from his depths. I slung the whip again and caught his glans, then struck with another lash to the balls. He began the amusing dance we all loved so well, hopping about on his tiptoes in a futile effort to dodge the searing leather.
Then Tamar and Akiko emerged from the shadows, whips in hand. The whirlwind flogging began. The hoist had a ball bearing above the crossbar that allowed him to spin around as he hopped. We took positions around him and slung the leather with abandon as he hopped and spun. Lashes landed on his junk as opportunity came, otherwise his pampered flesh was crisscrossed with bleeding welts.
He even tried to be brave about it for a minute or so but, like all of his ilk, he was weak and a coward at heart and was soon reduced to craven sniveling and sobbing. When he sagged in despair of the torment ever ending we stopped. Akiko dragged a small armchair over and placed it in front of him. I settled into it and Tamar lowered him to the floor, removed the gag and dragged him over to kneel before me. I lifted my feet to rest my ankles on the chair arms, exhibiting myself lewd as woman can. Tamar held his face close to my cunt and I grabbed him by the hair.
“If I know your type Max you have never eaten one of these. But you are going to eat this now and make me come. If I’m satisfied we might be finished for the day so I suggest you show the right attitude!”
I pulled his face into my wet pulsing snatch and felt his desperation to please through the lapping of his tongue. He was artless, of course, but the fear and submission made up for it and I enjoyed to the fullest. But I had no intention of granting mercy. I just wanted to cruelly give him false hope and I knew my orgasm would be exquisite. Then he would be hung up for another round of the whips. I came with a rare and triumphant ferocity, snarling like a tigress as the pleasure waves coursed through me. Then I rudely kicked him away, gouging him with my bootheels and Tamar dragged him aloft again. I enjoyed two more such orgasms, then gave Akiko and Tamar each a turn with him. When all were satisfied we hauled him to a cell and tossed him in for the night. Things would get more interesting the next day.
We retired to a sitting room within the facility and settled into comfortable armchairs to have some wine and plan Max’s ordeal for tomorrow. Tamar filled me in on the next stage of the process.
“We’ll begin the day with more punishment Olivia, special attention to his cock and balls and there are some electric prods and stun guns you will surely find enjoyable. Then, after lunch we will begin the co-mingling of pain and pleasure that will bend his mind and weaken his will. He has already ingested enough of our juices to create a chink in his armor. I think it will take about two weeks to complete the process. His mind must be purged of all memory and independent thought, becoming a blank slate for you to write on, soft clay to be molded to your liking.”
The thought of it was getting me randy already, despite the deep and satisfying orgasms I’d already had. I wondered if I could sleep so I indulged freely in the wine. We would be staying over in rooms provided for members. Tamar suggested we enjoy a “nightcap.” Slaves were on call. Akiko pressed a button on the end table beside her three times and soon a strong blonde young woman entered the room with three slaves groveling behind her. One slave went to each of us and provided a final orgasm to ease us into sleep. I drifted off into dreams filled with anticipation.
I joined my friends in the chamber early the next morning. Tamar held a dart gun in her hand. We went to Max’s cell and I peered through the grate near the top of the door. Max was wide awake and his fury-filled glare told me he was far from subdued. Tamar asked me to stand aside. She stepped up to the grate with the dart gun, poked it inside the cell and pulled the trigger. Max howled in pain and rage, then there was silence. We opened the door and he lay unconscious.
We lifted him bodily, carried him to the chamber, bound him to a wooden table equipped with restraints for wrists and ankles and with a wide belt to go across his waist. And gagged him. He lay helpless and at our mercy.
Akiko fetched a large wooden case from a shelf along the wall and set in on another small table off to the side. She opened it to reveal numerous instruments for inflicting torment upon the male organs and briefly explained each one. Meanwhile, Max came to. He writhed and raged until Tamar gave him a hard punch to the balls and raised her fist to warn of another if he didn’t settle down.
His tender precious male parts were hopelessly exposed and vulnerable. I felt a great welling up of lust and self-confidence. I looked him in the eye. Looked down at his junk, then looked him in the eye again. I saw his fear. He knew his beloved organs would soon be subjected to torments unknown. I had to enlighten him a bit first.
“Yes Max, you have used your genitals for the sake of your own pleasure. You have used them to degrade and defile women. Your penis and testicles will now be subjected to the punishment they have earned. In her wisdom, our divine Creator has made these organs sensitive and they dangle outside your body, utterly vulnerable. Prepare yourself for prolonged agony and in the course of it ponder whether the selfish pleasures you have taken were worth it.”
For a preliminary, I picked up an electric prod, held it before his eyes, then held it over his helpless “manhood”. He surely sensed the pain that awaited him and I saw pleading in his eyes. But my heart was a stone and I poked the prod onto his tip. He lurched in his bonds and gave out a muffled scream. Again, I held the prod close to his junk and looked into his eyes. Knowing now how much it hurt I saw terror there. With cruel delight I prodded him not once but repeatedly on cock and balls until he writhed in his bonds and sniveled pleas for mercy. This only incited me to greater cruelty and I gave him a dozen more zaps.
Then it was on to the other instruments. Akiko opened a small wooden box containing ten sharp-toothed alligator clips and instructed me in their use.
“We of Sororitas are knowing of the sensitive parts of the male Olivia.”
She took a clip in one hand and pinched a small tab of skin just under Max’s glans between her sharp nails. He squirmed. Akiko went on.
“This little tab is the most tender and sensitive place on the male. If I clamp one of these on here there is instant stinging agony that doubles by the second.”
She opened the clip, held the jaws in just the right spot and let the teeth bite in. Max let out a muffled scream and thrashed about as the torment grew by leaps and bounds. But things were just getting started. She invited me to clamp the rest of the clips all along the underside of his dick. He lurched and convulsed in helpless torment and we just stood by and watched at first. My pussy was warm wet and throbbing and I began to fondle myself, bent on orgasm. Akiko grabbed my wrist to stop me.
“Wait Olivia, there’s a better way. Let me remove his gag and you can mount his face.”
She grabbed Max by the hair and pulled his face close to hers.
“Listen slave! If you want me to take them off you will give pleasure to your new Goddess Olivia! When she sits on your face you had better get licking!”
She removed the gag and I hopped aboard. Once again his desperation brought exquisite delight though he lacked any finesse. First I rubbed my cunt all over his face, then forced my clit against his tongue. I was on the verge already and orgasm rocked me within seconds. As I came I forced my cunt down on his wide-open mouth and ejaculated heavily into it. He had no choice but to swallow. While I savored Akiko removed the clips. Tamar gave her input.
“Forcing you cum into him was a good move Olivia. Our cum is our most powerful elixir. One good gush like that will weaken his will substantially. Let’s make sure he gets a lot of it!”
But Max was far from broken. He tried to spew profanity but Tamar forced the gag back into his mouth. Then the hot candle wax was applied after removing his gag again. I poured the wax over his poor tender parts while Tamar rode his face under the same bargain: deliverance from agony when she came. Tamar contributed another copious gush.
Then Akiko took a seat while I used the sounding rod, sliding it deep into his urethra, in and out while spinning and twisting it, giving him itching burning torment. His vile organ surely deserved it. Akiko came with a high-pitched sigh of utter satisfaction and filled his mouth with yet another gush of the power elixir of woman.
Finally, it was the testicle vise, a steel clamp with thumb screws. I was randy again and took a seat for the finale. Akiko turned the screws tighter and tighter bringing pain like no other until I threw back my head and howled my ecstasy, filling his mouth with the biggest gush ever. This sated me and it was time to call it a day. Akiko used a syringe to put Max out so we could haul him back to the cell. Tamar threw the bolt and Akiko filled me on the plan for the next day.
“I think his ingestion of our cum has weakened his will by now. Tomorrow we will begin the mingling of pain and pleasure that will scramble his mind and make him soft clay to be molded to your liking.”
The next morning, we bound Max to the table on his back and not gagged and I lowered my pussy over his face while Akiko mounted his loins facing me and slid his organ into her heavenly cavern. I was pleased when he began to lick me without having to be ordered to and I sensed a growing skill and desire to please. The effects of the womanly elixir were showing. Then Akiko began sliding herself up and down his pole. He moaned and whimpered in helpless pleasure and served me with growing passion. Then Akiko lowered herself to full penetration and, apparently, ceased her ministrations. She smiled at me and explained.
“My internal musculature is well developed Olivia. It may not appear so, but he is getting a cock massage the will soon drive him mad.”
Indeed, his moans of delight and the passion of his service waxed by the minute and I felt the welling up of my first orgasm of the morning. A surge of ecstasy coursed through me and Max got another good dose. I heard him swallow with a sound of thirst and thrilled at his progress toward complete surrender. I saw Tamar standing by with a wooden cane in hand, eyes apparently riveted on his balls. She gave me a wicked smile and a wink. I looked at Akiko, who did likewise and resumed her sliding up and down with clear intent to make him come.
But this was only the first of several times she would take him to the brink and then deny him. He sobbed as he served me and I heard pleas for release that were muffled by my lush tissues. Finally, and much to his regret, Akiko granted him relief, but, upon his first grunt of pleasure Tamar swung the cane with cruel force across his balls. His orgasm was ruined and he howled in pain and confusion. It set me off again and I gushed heavily into his wide-open mouth.
Then I dismounted. He lay moaning and sniveling. Akiko shifted forward to hold her cunt above his mouth and informed him that he would open wide, accept his load from her vagina and swallow it lest he take another whack across the balls. With a sigh of resignation, he opened wide and she squeezed out a huge creamy wad into his mouth. He resisted swallowing at first but Tamar held the cane before his eyes, then raised it menacingly and he gulped it down.
I was sated for the time being, but Tamar was randy from watching the proceedings and she took a seat on his face while Akiko impaled herself on his shaft again. She beckoned me close so she could whisper in my ear and I grinned wickedly and looked to Max with a cruel gleam in my eye as I picked up the cane and brandished it.
Tamar enjoyed two shattering orgasms and Akiko repeated her cruel teasing. I stood by, making sure Max could see me holding the cane at the ready. But, being male, all he could really think about was coming, regardless of the consequences. Akiko took him over the edge. Only then did the realization hit home that the cruel cane would soon strike his balls. But this time there was no cruel stroke and Akiko let him come, giving him the full pleasure. Tamar dismounted and we looked down on him laughing as he cast his eyes about in confusion.
This was to be repeated over the following days with Max never knowing if pain or pleasure awaited him. Slaves are permitted the pleasure of coming in the realm of Sororitas but only under conditions dictated by their Goddesses. Then one day it was time for his training in the ultimate submission.
That morning we bound Max to the table. Tamar held a jaw spreader in her hand. Akiko installed a ball shocker around his scrotum. Tamar held the spreader at ready and Akiko gave him a zap by pressing the button on a remote she held. He opened his mouth to yelp in pain and Tamar shoved the spreader into his mouth and ratcheted his jaws wide open. I looked at them quizzically. Tamar explained.
“Today we begin training him for submission to excretory degradation. Akiko’s vagina will once again come into play.”
Akiko mounted Max, slipping his member into the paradise between her thighs, bringing a moan of pleasure from him that carried a hint of fear for he knew not what. Tamar continued.
“Do you have anything for him to drink Olivia?”
Then I understood and I felt a wicked delight at the prospect. I hopped on the table and squatted, my cunt hovering over his wide-spread mouth. Akiko slid up and down his pole and I saw his eyes glaze over in helpless rapture. She told me to hold it until she gave the word.
Just another minute of her divine caresses put him over the brink and Akiko barked “now!”
My golden nectar filled his mouth just as he was coming and I came to full understanding of the process. We would pair the pleasure of coming with this degradation and make him hunger and thirst for what came from the body of Woman. Max had to choose between swallowing or drowning and he did the former, gulping down all but a little that splashed onto the table.
Akiko wasted no time getting him ready to come again. She took his organ in her wicked mouth and soon coaxed him to full erection. She impaled herself on his member again and Tamar said she had something for him to eat. She squatted with her anus poised above his mouth and Akiko set him off again. His mouth was filled in the midst of his ejaculation and he gulped it down even as he grunted in his pleasure.
Then we passed the time inflicting random and imaginative cruelties upon him, first focusing on his junk, then hanging him upside down for a whipping. Later in the day I had something for him to eat and Akiko had plenty for him to wash it down with. Tamar mounted his loins and enveloped his shaft. Her pussy was more than adequate to the task and Max got further conditioning, coming twice more while tasting our products. This was to become a daily ritual for the next week with the emphasis on his ingesting from me while Akiko and Tamar further twisted his mind by meting out pain or pleasure at their whim.
And after a week of more intensive conditioning Tamar and Akiko looked into Max’s eyes as he lay on the table, then looked at each other and nodded. Tamar gave her appraisal.
“He’s ready Olivia. He’s broken. It’s time to unbind him and you should spend some time alone with him in the chamber. We can put a ball shocker on him just in case we’re wrong, but he has that blank stare that tells us his mind is gone. You can take control now and train him to your liking.
They installed the shocker, handed me the remote and untied him, then left us alone in the chamber. Max lay on the table with a dazed look in his eyes. I stepped over to a throne chair that stood on a three-step dais, draped my legs over the arms to exhibit myself and barked and order: “Max! come here!”
He shook his head to clear it and sat up. He looked at me and his eyes homed in on my waiting cunt. A look of longing came to his eyes and he groveled across the room, eyes riveted on my pussy. He clambered up the steps, barking his shins in his haste and buried his face in my oozing crotch. I marveled at the talents and arts of my sisters who had broken him to perfection.
I thrilled as his tongue went to its work, reveling in yet another of those moments, this time the moment of a new slave’s surrender. I let the remote for the shocker fall from my hand and eased back to enjoy. He was in a state of utter submission that made his attentions a delight though he lacked refined skills. I let him serve me to an orgasm and a special one it was.
I made him turn his attention to my anus and took my time enjoying his hunger for the taste of it. He would need rigorous practice and training to lengthen and strengthen his tongue but the worship was there. I rocked my hips to let him know I was ready to come and ordered him to slip a finger up my ass and nestle it in my rectum, softly finger fucking me as he worked my clit. This enhancement of orgasm never failed to produce a ferocious climax and this time was no exception.
I was satisfied for the time being but felt the urge to excite myself again through cruelty. I shoved him away, gouging him with the heels of my boots and sending him tumbling from the dais. I stepped down too and walked over to where the whipping hoist hung. Without my needing to say a word he crawled to me and offered his wrists to be bound in the manacles that hung from the pulley. He trembled in fear of the pain that awaited him but meekly allowed me to string him up helpless and at my mercy. I could sense that he knew his suffering would give me pleasure and he wanted me to have that pleasure.
I hoisted him and wielded the whips until he broke down and I felt my vaginal ooze running down my thighs. Then I lowered him to lie whimpering while I mounted my throne again, exhibiting my woman parts flagrantly. Just a couple of snaps of my fingers got his attention and he groveled across the chamber, climbed the steps and pressed his face into my fragrant hairy wet. Three shattering orgasms later I slumped languid and contented as he planted soft kisses over my mount, inner thighs and sated cunt.
Then I took him home to join slave Tyler as the first two members of my harem. Having two slaves to serve me more than doubled my pleasure. I could enjoy two tongues where-ever and whenever I wanted them, either in anus and pussy or on my feet when I was relaxing after their tongues had gratified me.
After a week I called Ruth to schedule my wedding to Max, who I renamed Maxine because his name hinted at too much “manliness” and I wanted to keep him in his place. It was Saturday and the chamber would be available two weeks hence. The date was set.
I hadn’t allowed Maxine to come yet, of course. His organ was locked up tight and I had his balls stretched to worsen his ache and his deprivation would continue until I deflowered him. I did make him watch while I used my big member on Tyler and taunted him mercilessly about how he was going to take every inch of the fearsome thing on our wedding day. I loved the way he paled in fright when he looked at it. And, I began his fellatio training. After a week he was taking it down the gullet like a back-alley whore and satisfying me.
The final week seemed like eternity, even with the delights I enjoyed with my two slaves. At last the special day dawned. Sonya came to pick the three of us up. Tyler would be in attendance and would be shared freely with my Sisters during the orgiastic “wedding reception” that would follow.
I led Maxine by leash clipped onto his cage. His stretched-out balls looked like ripe plums. He knelt by my side as Ruth conducted the ceremony and we made our vows. My cock lay on a small table along with a bottle of oil for lubing. At a snap of my fingers Maxine fetched both item for me and helped me install my member. He knelt before me and I pointed to the big flared tip of my cock. His lips closed around it in a heartbeat and I pressed the button the set off the vibration.
My heart swelled with pride and love as my new slave took hold of my hips and pressed forward. The big shaft disappeared down his throat and he nuzzled in my bush. A collective gasp of delight and approval was heard from my assembled Sisters. I stood with hands and just enjoyed the fruits of his rigorous training as he showered oral worship upon the cock that was to rule his life. Each caress of lip and tongue was felt as a tingling wave of delight and my arousal grew by leaps and bounds. I was teetering on the brink but restrained myself as long as I could so the tension could build to its peak. When I could bear no more I grabbed his ears and rammed my hips forward and back, fucking him hard down the gullet for half a dozen thrusts until orgasm struck. I shuddered in its pulsing waves and gave out a primal shriek as my bones seemed to melt. I collapsed and all he could do was ease me gently to the floor where I lay trembling and gelatinous. The amphitheater rang with cheers and whoops.
I lay for a long time, unable to master my muscles. The audience waited politely as I recovered myself. I reached out my hand to Maxine and he helped me to my feet but remained on his knees. I took a deep breath. The device still hummed within me, bringing me back to arousal. I looked down to see Maxine already assuming the position, on his knees, facing away forehead on the floor, hands parting his cheeks offering his tight pink orifice. He trembled and his vortex puckered. I sensed fear, longing and desire to please me and, again love for him filled me at his devotion. Moreover, I felt a euphoric pride that the power of my womanhood could reduce an erstwhile pig-male to such a state of abject surrender.
I dropped to my knees behind him, picked up the bottle of lube and coated just the glans in the oil. I wanted Maxine to know maximal pain from my deflowering thrust without splitting him. I could lube more later when the pain passed and the lovemaking began.
I pressed my cock against his quivering orifice, took a firm grip on his hips, sinking my nails deep, and drove forward hard. Even with the force of my thrust only the glans went into him. But it was enough. He howled at the stabbing, tearing torment and begged for mercy. As always, the only answer to such a plea was another driving of the hips to plunge the cock to greater depth and inflict more hurt. He broke down into hopeless sobbing and sniveling and I gave him the mercy of more lube before gathering myself to plunge deeper. I rolled my hips in a strong rhythm, working the cock in inch by inch, all that was possible due to its size and the tightness of his virgin hole. He cried and yelped pathetically with every thrust.
It took ten thrusts before my bush tickled his tender behind. I gyrated a bit to stretch him, then pulled back until just the glans was in him. I bathed the shaft in lube and drove it home again. This time half the length disappeared inside him. He whimpered and sniveled and pleaded, only inflaming my lust and turning my heart to a hot stone. One more thrust drove it to the hilt. I drew back, lubed again and my next thrust went full depth. Then it was back again and in again with growing ease. I was generous with the lube and soon was rutting smoothly as his whimpers took on an undertone of pleasure. Inevitably, the pleasure superseded the pain and my bitch bride Maxine was rocking back and forth in answer to my cadence, propelling himself to the orgasm that would unman and enslave him forever.
Suddenly, he let out a deep gasp of helpless pleasure and emasculated surrender and I hooked my arm across his neck and stood him up so my Sisters could watch him come. The pressure from his stretched-out balls, the size of my cock and the orgasm denial that had built up a huge load within him combined to produce a legendary ejaculation. His cock was hard as steel and jutted upward nearly vertical and it launched a four-foot-long white string of semen that arched in a stunning curve well above our heads and landed six feet away, splattering into a wide puddle. It was followed by three more, each waning in strength until the final one dribbled down just in front of him, leaving an unbroken creamy streak.
In the midst of this we made sweet music, my primal wails of triumphant ecstasy harmonizing with his quavering moans of delight and withering shame. He wilted in my arms, whimpering softly. I rammed my cock into him a few more times to assert my dominance and ownership and then let him collapse to the floor with his face in his splattered cum. I stood and placed my foot on the back of his neck, raising my arms in celebration as the audience went wild.
I gave him a couple of kicks in the ass to rouse him, then set him to work licking up the mess he had made on the stage. Everyone chuckled and taunted him. I directed him to every drop and when the floor was spotless I made him suck my soiled cock spotless too. The depth of his submission was palpable and I reveled in the woman power that had enabled me to reduce this formerly recalcitrant pig-male to such an abject state.
Later, I sat in the throne of honor holding court, my new slave husband kneeling beside me with head bowed. Sonya, Ruth, Akiko, Tamar and my other Sisters came to pay their respects, sitting across from me in another throne and I had Maxine serve each of them. Meanwhile, food and drink were being laid out in abundance and the “reception” was about to begin.
Each in attendance had brought along her favorite and most pleasing slave and extras were brought in from the common dungeon so none would go unsatisfied. I saw a group of a dozen or so of my kindred spirits leering at Maxine, several with cocks installed, and I dragged him over to them and all but tossed him into their lustful clutches so he would come to know his place in the world of which he had become a part. He disappeared among them as if devoured by a strange multilimbed beast. He would, no doubt, be gangbanged to within an inch of his life with my full approval.
I saw two slaves unoccupied and stood with legs apart with one kneeling fore and the other aft, enjoying both of their tongues as I gazed about the chamber at the naked revelries. These lasted into the wee hours and, at length, all lay exhausted and sated, scattered around the room, singly or in softly writhing heaps.
I took my new slave husband home and enjoyed a month of marital bliss, now with two tongues to serve me at will. But, somewhat to my surprise, a predatory instinct had been born in me and I soon had an itch to increase my harem. I found myself online perusing the Sororitas database of likely mates. After subjugating the resistant male, I was in the mood for some young and tender prey, especially a virgin whom I could introduce to the pleasures of the flesh, a blank slate for me to write on, soft clay to be molded exactly to my liking.
I chose a delightful young specimen, dark haired, dark eyed, olive skinned, just recently turned 18. To make a long story short, he succumbed to my dominant will within a month and my third wedding took place just three months after my second. I found myself to be a cool and confident predatory seductress and within two years my harem had grown to six husbands, each utterly devoted to serving my pleasure. I spent many a pleasant evening lying on my back with five slaves to attend me, one tongue on each nipple, likewise on each foot the fifth with his face buried deep in my oozing cunt.
And my big dick reigned supreme under my roof. I used it to deflower each new slave, dispensing with the introductory size. It started a trend among my Sisters and my prestige and status achieved new heights.
And, in the interim, I set about to make my company female led and centered. First I had to deal with my male employees, by far the minority to begin with. I had developed good “radar” for submissive tendencies and selected several I thought had slave potential. I proved unerring and each surrendered at the first taste of my pussy. They would spend the rest of their working lives under desks, ready to serve my female workers. The rest of the males were summarily fired.
I felt out each woman who worked for me, seeking those with dominant tendencies. Most of them had potential. The rest I let go with glowing letters of recommendation. I took the risk of introducing the likely prospects to my slaves. It became clear that once a woman has experienced two well trained tongues upon her lady parts persuasion is quite easy. All of them were converted and inducted into Sororitas. Soon, every desk in the office had a slave under it and productivity and moral reached new heights.
But my love of the seduction, breaking and training of new slaves knew no end and once I acquired my seventh slave there was no more room in my stable and poor slave Tyler had to go. And, I had yet to cross that final threshold of dominance over the male: transforming a male from sexual being to eunuch. Each of my slaves had taken a vow to surrender his balls to me upon my command. It was Tyler’s time to make good on that vow. I contacted Ruth to schedule the ceremony.
Then, I lead my first six naked slaves from their cells to introduce them to my newest slave Jacob, who already knelt before my throne in the living room. I had them kneel in line before me in order of their tenure, left to right. The only light in the room came from the fireplace where a large fire blazed
I was regal in my nudity and I stood before the throne before taking a seat to savor the sight of all of them, each rampantly erect from beholding by beauty, the gold rings implanted in the tips of their penises glinting in the flickering of the firelight.
I sat and called for Tyler to come and kneel close to me to announce my decision. I thought it important that the other slaves witness my pronouncement so they would be reminded of their own vows and the final fate of all slaves. I spoke softly and kindly but there was iron in my voice as well.
“Slave Tyler, as you can see I have acquired a sixth slave and my cells are full, leaving no room for you. Also, you have aged a bit and the passion of your adoration for me has subsided. It is now time for you to make good on your marital vow and surrender your testicles to me. You will remain here as my house eunuch afterward.”
He broke down in tears but, rather than beg and plead, he bent low and kissed my feet, then rose and gave his assent: “Yes Goddess. I made my vow and when you feel the time is right I will surrender my balls without hesitation or resistance.”
My heart was overwhelmed with tenderness at his words and I reached out to pull him to me and hold his head against my breast. I felt his tears trickling over a nipple and I spoke words of comfort and reassurance.
“Oh, my sweet slave, you have given me years of joy and delight. And don’t forget, you will have your final reward of pleasure form the exquisite body of Goddess Akiko. I will be quick and merciful in performing the procedure, though you must feel the pain of your moment of transition. Then you will be at peace and free from the torment of longing for me. You will still love me dearly but the love will no longer be sexual. You will be treated with kindness and your household duties will be light.”
I glanced up at my harem slaves who knelt before me and saw them trembling and sweating. I gave them a riveting stare and saw their cocks go limp and pull in and their scrotal sacks tighten as their balls were drawn in protectively. I felt a smug satisfaction.
The ceremony was scheduled for two weeks hence because Sororitas was thriving and either virginity or balls were being taken in every available time slot. Tyler was deprived of coming in the interim. This was good because it would take all the longer for Akiko to drain him of his built up semen, making the evening more entertaining for the assembled Sisters.
The blessed day came at last. I lead Tyler onto the stage where a low bench equipped with leather restraints stood waiting. Akiko stood beside it, naked, ethereally beautiful. She held a wire cutter and she handed it to me. I used it to snip and remove Tyler’s cock ring. Then I pointed to the bench and my dear sweet slave laid himself down upon it of his own accord. He trembled and tears flowed but he offered no resistance as we bound wrists and ankles and tightened a wide belt across his waist. He lay helpless and at our mercy.
A throne of honor had been set behind the bench facing the audience and I took my place upon it to observe the proceedings. Akiko turned to me and bowed low, then turned to face the audience, raising and spreading her arms to call all to attention. Silence fell.
She turned her attention to Tyler who lay with his cock limp and shriveled in his fear. Akiko just smiled, mounted his face, pressing her exquisite pussy upon it. His dicklet was drawn in, a mere stub, out of fear but I watched in amazement at her artistry. She sucked and pulled and my eyes grew wide when his erstwhile dicklet grew to almost average size. Then she went to running lips and tongue along its newfound length.
I could tell she was torturing him with pleasure, keeping him just on the edge of coming. His moans of mingled torment and delight were muffled by her lush tissues and dense bush and it was clear from the slobbering sounds he was serving her in return. Being a properly trained slave, his tongue went to its duty by reflex when a pussy was presented.
She continued the heavenly torment for about five minutes, then finished him with a swirling motion of her lips. He let out a deep, sighing grunt of helpless pleasure and she held just his tip between her lips as his pulsing member pumped his load into her mouth. She came hard in the midst of it, her orgasmic cry muffled by his cock in her mouth. He grunted lustily with each spurt, exhaling deeply when he finished.
Akiko released and his organ became a dicklet once more. Though small in size he was always large in ejaculation and his two weeks of deprivation helped him produce a copious load. Akiko opened her mouth to show it was flooded to overflowing and a creamy gout slithered down over her chin and onto her breast before she gulped the semen down. She giggled, scooped it up with her fingers and fed herself the last of it.
Without further ado she fell upon his stubby organ with her artful mouth again and all were amazed when she brought him to sufficient size for a fuck. She impaled herself, facing him, and began bestowing the heavenly delights of her wicked vagina. Again, it was torture through pleasure, walking the fine line. Tyler was soon again on the edge of coming and she held him there. Through it all it was clear he was oblivious to his impending unmanning, lost in helpless rapture.
At the moment of her choosing she added a gyration of her hips and took him over the edge. He shuddered, gasped in heavenly release and arched his back as he filled her. Again, she came as he pumped into her. When the load was spent she scooted forward to hold her cunt above his lips and ordered him to open wide. A large, creamy slug flowed from her into his mouth and he obediently swallowed.
It was time for the third and final phase of Tyler’s “trip around the world” and Akiko’s performance rose to the stuff of legend. The way she hardened him again with her oral skills amazed us all. When she had him stiffened to her satisfaction she anally impaled herself and planted her feet on the table, rising and falling, caressing his shaft with her tight orifice as she fondled her clit with the fingers of one hand. I took a good ten minutes to draw out his final load. Just seconds before he came she shrieked in her own orgasm, then hopped off of him and grasped his member, giving it a few final strokes. Two lusty spurts flew through the air but then there were just dry spasms.
He was now emptied of cum and drained of all desire. It was vital that the procedure be performed forthwith to catch him at the lowest ebb of sexuality, thus ensuring he would never again be tormented by the slightest lust.
Two naked Sisters, a doctor and nurse, mounted the stage quickly and the clamp was installed within the minute. I took my position, mounting his face, pressing my oozing pussy onto it. I felt my sweet slave begin to serve me with selfless passion and awareness of my readiness for orgasm. Such a dear he was but it was time for him to go.
The nurse laid out the instruments needed, a syringe with a local anesthetic, a needle and sutures and the doctor handed me the razor-sharp knife to be used for the cut. She inspected his clamped testicles briefly, then looked at me and nodded. I poised the knife for the cut that would bring Tyler to his moment of transition. The orgasm I experienced at that “moment” was stamped forever in my memory.
So many moments of epiphany had given me an ongoing sense of satisfaction and empowerment, my first orgasm under Tyler’s tongue, his deflowering, his re-deflowering on our wedding day, the breaking of Maxine and on and on. I had thought I had reached the heights already but nothing had prepared me for the feeling I got from transforming Tyler from sexual being to eunuch. Holding his warm severed balls in my hand brought me to the realization of my quest for total dominance over the male. Over time I lost count of the slaves who transitioned through my harem, each being enthralled, enslaved and finally emasculated under my knife. I rose steadily in the esteem of my Sisters and when Ruth retired I was voted new Chief Priestess.

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