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I haven't had many sexual partners in my life, but I'm happy to say I've had a good sex life. My high school girlfriend and I found sex in our very last few months together, just before we parted ways and headed off to different colleges. I had only two college girlfriends before I met my wife. And my best friend, David, and I fooled around a dozen times or so late in college. We were friends since middle school and ended up at the same college. Never before had we connected sexually, but in college and under cover of being drunk or stoned, we seemed to move past the taboo of it all. It was his college girlfriend, and now his wife, who introduced us to each other's cock. To this day, I wonder if it was their mutual plan or as spontaneous as it seemed to be that night. I have never asked.
Little did I know how much I would like to have another man's naked body near me. In all my sexual "escapades," I would classify my sex life as good, adventurous inside a general window of ordinary. Save this one college experience. For me, it is that one sexual experience that likes to haunt my memories in the best of ways and slips into my fantasies to be relived again and again. It was an experience that could come right out of porn film fantasy and I find myself often wishing I could return to my college dorm for one more night.
I was between girlfriends, had been for some time. I was 20 years old and a sophomore. David, my best friend since 7th grade, and I ended up at the same college, so we naturally shared a dorm room. We grew up in a small Washington town and were both doing well in college. We were hours away from our small home town and enjoying the freedoms that come with college life, focusing our week on finding a party each weekend.
David had been dating Jackie since December of our Freshman year. They were perfect for each other. Both were easy going and comfortable to "just be" around. Neither was possessive of the other, but totally in love, it would seem. My friendship with Jackie was natural and easy, and the three of us hung out much of the time outside of class.
It was Saturday night, and we were all battling hangovers from the progressive drinking party the night before. We agreed it was a calm movie night, so we headed off to the cafeteria for dinner and stopped at the student union to grab movie candy before heading back to our dorm room.
Earlier that day, I picked up the movie Dead Calm from the nearby VHS rental store and was about to put the movie in the VCR player when Jackie brought out a small pipe and some pot. I had only smoked a few times in college and knew Jackie and David had taken a liking to it, so I wasn't surprised. Jackie had a particularly sticky bud, and placing it in the pipe, we each took a couple of hits before pulling the bean bags out from under the beds and plopping ourselves down for the film. Two large bean bags pushed close together. David on one. Me, on the other. Jackie sat about ⅔'s on David's bag and ⅓ on mine. Our typical movie-watching setup.
Stoned as hell, I wasn't sure Dead Calm would be the best movie, but David and Jackie seemed okay with the theme. It was about a bunch of 20-something-year-olds stranded at sea while others pursue to kill them (basically). The movie opens with an introductory party scene on the boat and quickly comes to a great sex scene before the suspense begins. Jackie taps the rewind button with her toe, saying she would rather watch the sex scene again over being stoned and paranoid. She rewound the scene at least two more times, each time with her toe, and each time I was pretty confident from the corner of my eye, I saw her hand rubbing hard into David's crotch. When the scene broke a third time, she turned off the TV and blurted out, "I'm horny!"
"You guys have known each other since 7th grade, right?" Jackie asked.
"Yeah," David and I both replied, not sure what that had to do with her last statement of greater interest.
"So, who is bigger?" She asked.
"Who's bigger?" I recall asking in response.
"Yeah! You guys have seen each other naked, right? I mean, you are best friends since 7th grade. Don't guys like, compare and stuff?"
David chimed in, "Well, maybe when you're 13 or something, but, um, no, we have not compared, thank you!"
"Come 'on! I want to know! Who's bigger?" Jackie says as she rolls quickly toward David, grabbing his sweatpants' waistband, pull them to his knees. Just as quickly, she covers his cock with her hand; covering most but not all of it as David was noticeably hard proving she had been playing with him during the movie just minutes before. David and I had seen each other naked often, from swimming pools to the high school gym class and the enforced school showers of the 80s. But seeing each other hard, that was something new. Neither of us seemed to have any idea how to handle this situation. Being stoned helps you along the way.
"Your turn. Drop 'em or all pant you too," Jackie says to me. I look to David's crotch and see her hand ever slowly massage his cock underneath. Looking back to Jackie, "why should I?" I asked. "Are you dropping your pants?"
"No way!" David says, clearly drawing a "boyfriend's" line in the sand.
"I'll spend the rest of the night topless if you drop your pants and solve the mystery of who is bigger?"
Stoned, sitting in a bean bag next to Jackie as she holds, "hides," and massages my best friend's hard dick! What was I going to do but drop my pants? I quickly unbuttoned my jeans and pushed them to my knees. David looked at me with this "what the fuck is happening here" look.
She hovered her index finger and thumb above David's cock, base to head, with Jackie's left hand, measuring it. His 6.5+ inch hard dick was pointing straight to his belly button with a thin line of hair leading back down to his groin and his light brown pubic patch. He had a nicely shaped head that was poking out from his foreskin. I admit I had always been fascinated by the fact that David was uncut. The head was slightly red and fat. Jackie, kneeling on the bean bags between us, turned her head towards me and, with her right hand, measured my dick in the same way, with her index finger and thumb, base to head.
"Okay, this is clearly an unfair battle!" Jackie says.
"Because my girlfriend is sitting here measuring my best friend's penis?" David asks.
"No, because you clearly have an advantage. You are hard as hell, and Calvin is not. I can fix that though, make this a fair fight." Jackie says.
"Oh, YOU can, can you?" David asks.
"I can, but if you don't want me to, I won't."
"Fuck it, I don't care," David responds.
"Don't I get a say here?" I asked, sitting up from my half inclined position.
Jackie put the palm of her hand on my chest and pushed me back down, trailing her hand down to my rapidly hardening dick, grabbing it fully and very slowly, almost too slowly, she jacks my dick off a couple of times. "Sure, you can have a say but seeing you haven't had a girlfriend in months, I'm going to bet you will not be the one to say no!" Jackie had taken David's dick in her other hand and maintained the same insanely slow speed, massaging use both. "You guys should close your eyes and just enjoy it." I did as I was told.
A few minutes later, I peeked to my left to see David had also succumbed, his eyes shut, breathing deep and slow. I opened my eyes fully and looked toward Jackie. She smiled and took her hand from my dick, reaching between her legs and up the short skirt she was wearing. Closing her eyes, I watched her sit down on her hand, her legs under her; she started rocking and rubbing herself while continuing to jack off David's fine-looking 20-year-old cock. I took my dick into my hand and started beating off, wanting to pace myself as I watched Jackie finger herself and jack off my best friend. If it wasn't for being stoned, I'm damn sure I would have blown my load right then and there.
Jackie let out the most amazing heavy breath as she said, "Oh my fucking god, I am so fucking wet!" Taking her hand from her crotch and from David's cock she grabbed David's pants from around his knees, pulling them off and tossing them aside, then reached out to both David and me. Holding our hands, she places each of our hands on the other's dick.
"I say it's a draw, but I think you guys need to decide! Who is bigger!"
I pulled back my hand, but she immediately returned my hand to David's seriously hard cock. It was the first time I had ever held another hard dick other than my own, and the warmth of it was amazing. I looked to David, who I swear just looked over at me and kind of shrugged as he held my cock and began jacking me off. I followed suit, loving the heat from his dick and the feel of his cock as his foreskin would rise up and over the red crown of his dick, only to retreat again as I moved downward.
"Fair is fair," Jackie said as she moved to take her shirt off. She was small chested with no bra, but her breasts were amazing, perky, and those of a 22-year-old. She grabbed the cuffs of my pants, removing them as well. Moving down towards David, Jackie took his entire dick deep into her mouth, forcing my hand to the base underneath her lips. With her hand wrapped around my hand, she started sucking up and down on David's dick. Every time she moved up, her hand around mine moved up David's shaft. His wet, hard dick sliding between my hand… and slowly back down. She loved to do everything slow it seemed. David started moaning a bit; his hand had stopped jacking me off but held onto my dick with a nice grip.
Slowly pulling off David's dick, Jackie asked, "how fair should I be?" David looked at me, back to her. "Fair," he replied.
Jackie's hand first wrapped around David's hand, still on my dick as she moved towards me. I remember feeling David's wet dick in my hands, pumping him as I watched Jackie push David's hand down my cock to its base. Her tongue played, lingered for just a moment on the underside of my cock's head before she gave me the same wet blowjob; and hand job with each rise and fall. Three maybe for times before I tensed and pulled her from me, I was on the edge and so fucking close to blowing my load deep in her mouth. She took notice and sat up, still between David and me.
"So, who's bigger?" She asked.
"David, no question," I said. I truly believed his dick had grown another inch since we started playing, seven plus inches if not eight.
"Suck each other off, and I'll fuck the one who doesn't cum." She says. Just like that, blurts it out. I was coming off the pot and knew the moment she said it; I wanted to play this next game. I wanted his cock in my mouth. I wanted to play with that fat head. I wanted to lick down every inch of his shaft. I wanted to make him cum.
"What the fuck, Jackie!" David said.
"What the fuck what? You fucking know you want to." Jackie said.
They looked at each other, and it was clear that there had been a conversation that I had not been a part of.
"You want to suck my dick, David? Really?" I asked. "Maybe," David said, his eyes darting away.
It was my turn to be bold. I swung my legs around and quickly positioned myself so that my face was near David's amazingly hard and straight dick, My dick, in turn, closer to his face. "I'm game, and your girlfriends gonna fuck me after you cum."
David wasted absolutely no time and plunged his mouth onto me, taking half of me in his mouth before pulling back up. Learning from Jackie's blow job, I started more slowly, licking David's cock's head, feeling the foreskin, slowly lowering mouth, my hand wrapped tight around his shaft. I quickened my pace. David had the hardest dick I had ever felt. Mind you; I was comparing it to mine alone. I loved the feeling of him sliding in and out of my mouth. He seemed to be enjoying himself as well. His mouth was warm, incredibly wet as he dove again and again down my cock. His hand moved to the base of my dick while his other hand lifted my leg a bit, allowing him to bob his head with ease. With each downward action he took more and more of my swollen dick deeper into his throat. Jackie's hand went to the back of my head and guided me up and down on David's cock. Slowly I felt her hand sliding down my back to my ass crack. She moved her hand between my legs and to my balls from behind. Her other hand was going to David's head and forcing him to take every single bit of my dick into his mouth. He held for a moment before gaging and pulling away.
"Make him cum, or I fuck him 'till he does," she said demandedly.
David went back to my dick, to the base in one smooth motion. He sucked up and down with a perfect pace as my breath deepened, quickened. My attention to his dick slowed. I loved the weight of his dick in my mouth while loving his wet mouth on my shaft even more. Jackie's hand slipped away from my balls and up to my ass. A finger, wet from David's spit, slowly slid in my ass, then two, deeply she probed. Never had anyone played with my ass, and I was loving it.
David's dick fell out of my gabbing mouth as I began to thrust my dick in and out of David's mouth. Jackie kept the pace, keeping her fingers in my ass, massaging. My dick jerked hard as I was about to cum. My dick pulsed. David pulled off my cock as first one, two, and then three independent streams of thick cum erupted. My dick reflexed with such force it made a wet slapping sound against David's cheek. Cum spewing up and over his head, the third and final stream landing across his forehead and hair.
"Holy shit!" David said.
"Fuck!" was all I seemed to mutter.
Jackie just sat there smiling with a little giggle. She grabbed David's sweatpants and wiped off his face while moving to straddle him. I laid back just a bit, watching as David's dick slid into her pussy. Again, slowly, she moved up and down, David reaching up to play with her tits. They were locked on each other, totally into the moment. Jackie pulled David out of her pussy and began to slide up and down. Her trimmed bush made for this incredible view of his cock head peeking out as it passed her clit. His dick was so wet from Jackie's humping as she quickened the pace just a touch.
"Oh fuck yes. Oh god, yes." David said.
"Let Calvin see you cum."
Jackie lifted herself one more time, slowly fucked David into her pussy before pulling him back out and sliding up and down. One, two, three more times David's purple cock head peeked out, pushing Jackie's clit up, and he exploded. Cum rocketed up his chest, a bit reaching his chin. I had never seen another guy cum and loved seeing his dick pulse from between Jackie's parted pussy lips. They both stayed still for a few moments regaining their breath before she moved off.
We were quiet for a bit. Jackie rolled over, kissing me on the check and said, "Should we watch the movie?"

We did end up watching the movie. We never really talked about the sex, and the threesome never happened a second time. David and Jackie ended up married three years later. David and I remained roommates through college. We perfected the mutual blow job but parted our ways at graduation. I've kept in touch with David and Jackie through Facebook and email and saw them at our 20th college reunion. It was like old friends sharing and having a great time catching up. We never mentioned that night, which I suppose was a good thing. What happens when you are 20 is better to stay in the memory of when you were 20.

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