One Day With My Wife

I was the luckiest guy to marry my own aunty. My uncle was a dumb ass leaving such a sexy wife alone for me to fuck every day. There was no sign of him coming back, so aunt did not bother about calling him.
After we got married we moved to our new villa very far away from the main city. We both started living the life of a real husband and wife. I started calling her baby, it appealed very sexy for her. We spent most of the time teasing each other, fucking whenever we like. She was a sex goddess who taught me everything and made my life sweeter and better.
Our new house was outside the city, near a village. It always remained very quiet. There was no one to question us even if we roamed outside naked. There was a farm land one kilometer from our place and nothing else. It was very risky to live alone in such a remote place but I liked it that way. I will be describing one day of our life in our sweet home; I hope you guys will enjoy it as much as I do.
It was 6’o clock in the morning. The alarm bell was ringing like hell and both of us were so lazy to turn it off. It got so irritating that Girija got up from the bed pulling her nipples from my mouth yelling at me. I did not care and turned my face to look at her. Her ass was swaying left and right as she walked around the bed.
Her ass was round and fuckable 24×7. She was very talented and was able to read my mind with 99{041eef37a7f5b4db29dcc3cd09231a71295f4b2233e89afb6c97dccfcef67ea6} accuracy. She turned off the alarm and looked at me saying “Stop thinking about my butt, do something useful today”.  I laughed and said “let’s see”. She walked towards the bathroom with the towel in her hand. I got up from the bed hurriedly and followed her to the bathroom.
Girija: Hey, where do you think I’m going?
Me: Bathroom!!!
Girija: So smart, I know that. Stop following me and go brush your teeth.
I hugged her from behind which was the only way to please her. She was little pissed off and pushed me away.
Girija: Aaah Nanda, stop doing that. Let me bath alone today. I have to shampoo my hair.
Me: I will help you out while you take bath.
Girija: No need, I know how to take bath.
She started closing the door. I pushed the door quickly and got inside.
Girija: Oh god, I don’t need a kid. Now sit there like a good boy and keep your hands tight.
I sat quietly in one corner and looked at her with an obedient face. She gave a quick smile and pinched my chin saying “That’s my boy”.
She took her pallu off and started removing her cloths one by one. She undid her blouse and removed it. Her bra was holding her boobs up and tight. She was wearing a black bra which was in contrast with her white skin tone. The way she remove her bra was one reason which makes me mad about her. She will stretch her hand behind and struggle to unhook it. The way she struggles to unhook it, those fraction of seconds are very valuable for me. After she unhook it and set her boobs free, she will leave out a big sigh of relief. I could see a sense of happiness and achievement in her face like a student who graduated from Engineering. Sometimes it would make me laugh.
OK, let’s come back to the story. Then she stretched her hand to put those clothes on the towel stand. There was a thick bunch of hair under her armpits. I don’t know whether other men like it or not but I like it very madly. I once had a fight with her for shaving her arm pits. I felt, it makes a women complete, they are supposed to have hairs over there. It makes me feel sexy and I told her very strictly not to shave it ever. She was an obedient wife and never shaved it again. Then she was half naked with her boobs set free to shake as it wished.
She was trying to untie the knot of her skirt and it was very tight. I was quick to help her and undid it. She thanked me and let it drop to the floor. Then she bent in front of me to remove her panties. Her boobs were hanging in front of my eyes. Then she was as nude as Eve, with me, Adam sitting in front of her with cloths.
She opened the shower and her body got wet. After some time, she stopped the shower and started soaping her body.
I stood in front of her and asked “Can I???”
Ok, go ahead. Rub the soap gently all over my body.
I started with her toe and slowly moved upwards. Her legs were slim and sexy like a teenage girl. I felt like licking them with my tongue all over.
Girija: Hey, big boy, what are you doing down there. My boobs are getting dry, be quick. Stop day dreaming and do your job.
I gained my senses and moved a little high over to her pussy. It was hairy and thick. I took the shampoo and rubbed it.
Girija: Don’t touch me down there, I will piss on you. I’m damn serious.
Me: Ok ok, I won’t do anything. Just let me shampoo you down here. These hairs need to be shiny too.
After shampooing her pussy, I stood facing her and soaped her boobs. She closed her eyes and started moaning. The soap made my hands move easily over her boobs and I squeezed it magically. I slowly moved my hands over her hips and rubbed the soap behind, I mean her butt. She was getting hotter and started moaning as usual.
Girija: Nandu, please rub me over there. I can’t control it anymore.
I did what she asked. I put two of my fingers in her pussy and rubbed them slowly. She opened her mouth waiting for a kiss. I was quick and our lips locked in a passionate kiss. She put her arms over my shoulders and hugged me tightly. We kissed madly and she wrapped her legs around my hips. I was unsure what got into her, she was kissing me very madly.
Girija: OK, enough. Take your brother (my dick) outside. I want to suck him out.
She reached down and pulled my shorts down. My cock sprang out like a hot rod. It was nine inches long and thick. She took my cock head and sucked it with her experienced mouth. In a minute, she was able to take the whole of it in her mouth. She was sucking it like a professional and I was in a different world. My cock filled her mouth and I was close to cumming. I held her head in my hand and started unloading my live sperms in her mouth. They went straight into her throat. I looked at her face, she looked very innocent and I felt myself sorry for being so harsh on her when I fuck her. After unloading my baby making juice in her mouth, my cock returned to its former size. I took it out slowly. She looked at my cock and took a deep breath once.
Girija: Where do you keep so much? It filled me completely, I won’t be hungry today. OK, let me clean it for you.
She cleaned the whole my dick with her magical tongue. Her professionalism was evident when my cock shined like a new car.
Girija: See I told you. Now you got me dirty again. Let’s bath together; this is what you were waiting for, rite? Remove those damn cloths.
I was an obedient Adam and she opened the shower. We started kissing again and I held my cock in my hand and shoved it into her pussy. She pushed herself a little to make way for my dick. Then she jumped up and wrapped her legs around my waist. I pushed her over the wall and started ramming my cock mercilessly.
Girija: That’s it, fuck me. Fuck me, fill my hole …
We both reached our orgasms at the same time. I stood still for a minute releasing all the heat that got into our body so far.
Every day our bath ends in a nice fuck. She tried to avoid getting fucked in the morning but she could not resist my cock entering her wet hole. We came out naked with water dripping all over our body. Then we both wiped out all the water and went into the hall.
Girija: What you want to eat? Maggi or dosa.
Me: Your pussy
Girija: Ah, very funny. Now tell me otherwise you will starve for the whole day. OK doesn’t matter, I will prepare Maggi, it will just take two minutes.
All the while, she was walking around naked in the house. I went behind her, hugged her and kissed her on her neck. She turned towards me.
Girija: I want to have a baby. I’m feeling the urge to breastfeed. What you say?
Me: Well, I have no problem. But we have to fuck a lot to make a bay, is that okay.
Girija: I’m ready, just make me pregnant. I want to have a child.
Me:  OK, shall we go out for a while?
Girija: What? Are you serious? Outside, like this, naked!!!
Me: Why, who is here to look at you?
Girija: That’s fine but it feels very awkward.
Me: You want a baby or not? Then come out.
Girija: OK, but go out and see if there is anyone out there.
Me: Don’t be silly, there is no one here except us.
I went out naked and was standing near the gate. We had two dogs, Ash and Tang. Both came out from behind and started playing. Girija opened the door slightly and looked at me.
Girija: You gone mad or what? Don’t you feel shame walking around like that? Look at tang; he is looking at your cock.
I ran and grabbed her outside. She felt shy and covered her boobs with her hands. The two dogs started playing crazy. I hope they realized that we were nude. Then I grabbed her hand and set it free. She closed her eyes for a while. After some time, she opened her eyes and started inspecting the whole area if anyone is peeping at her nude body. There was no one except me, Ash and Tang.
I had a plan in my mind and asked her to go our backyard.
Girija: You really gone crazy, I’m walking naked outside. I can’t believe this is happening today.
I spanked her butt from behind as she walked. She turned towards me angrily, why did you do that? I will kill you.
Me: If you kill me, how will you get pregnant?
Girija: Fuck you. I will get Tang to fuck me, go die now.
I got a little irritated and struck her butt once again and ran away. There was a heap of red soil kept outside to fill the flower pots. It was wet with water. She took some of it and threw on me. I was quick to miss it and hid behind a tree. She followed me running with a ball of red soil. When she was running around, her boobs were shaking up and down due to center of gravity. Her boobs were rising up and falling down at 9.8 km/sec. My cock turned into a monster seeing my wife run around outside nude.
She missed one more shot and ran back to get another. I ran quickly, and grabbed her from behind and fell down. I grabbed her towards the red soil and took some of it and rubbed it all over her boobs. She was clever too. She took some of it and rubbed it on my face. We were fighting in the soil like 10 year old children. Ash and Tang were bewildered and the best they could do was bark.
After fighting for a while, I stretched her hands apart and looked at her questioningly.
Girija: What??? You want to fuck me here. Out in the open???
My answer was a simple yes.
Girija: No way. It’s embarrassing.
Me: Baby, get used to it. What’s wrong in this? You did not like sucking my cock when we started but now you like it more than me nah. So just let it go. You will definitely like it.
Girija: OK. But promise me you will make me mother?
Me: Sure baby.
I pushed my cock in her pussy. It looked like a big snake entering its hole. I pushed it inch by inch and she started clutching her nails on the soil. I pushed my dick deep till it touched her cervix. She let out a loud moan and started breathing heavily.
Girija: Fuck me, fuck me deep. Make me mother, son of a bitch.
I spanked her butt once again, hoping she will get used to it.
Girija: Common, you son of a bitch, beat me down there. Fuck me like a whore.
When she started speaking dirty, no one could control her and I let it go. After all, I got used to it. I rammed my cock in and out of her pussy; she really was behaving like a whore now. She rubbed her pussy lips as I fucked her. She was moaning like a bitch in heat, she was going uncontrollable.
I was close to cumming and I pushed her hands tightly.
Girija: Common, big dick, put your seeds in me. Make me your whore, make me momma. Push it, push it, I want more of it in there. Show me what you got?
I was merciless and hit her womb once with a full force. My cock was oozing with baby making juice and it was flowing all the way down to her womb. No idea, which one of those seeds, got lucky.
Girija: OMG that was a great fuck. I feel full; I’m going to be a momma.
I took out my snaky cock out and fell down next to her. I was feeling someone licking my dick. I thought it was Girija but it was Tang. I got shocked and chased him away. She laughed loud and said “See, I told you. He likes your cock. Let him lick that giant, let him take care of my work”.
Me: Oh team work. Then let me fuck Ash, let her take your role.
She laughed again.
Girija: No way. That dick is all mine. I won’t let any cunt enjoy it.
Me: OK ok. Shall we get clean?
Girija: How? again take a shower. I can’t. I’m too tired to move.
Me: Don’t worry, I have an idea. Let’s get into the car.
Girija: What? What’s got into your brain today. First you asked me come out naked. Now you are asking me to go out naked.
Me: Trust me. I will be there to protect you always.
Girija: Hell with you. Let’s go, showcase my pussy to everyone.
We drove to the nearby farm land where there was a pump set. I made a quick glance of the surrounding area and made sure that no one was there. I got out of the car with my cock like a ripe banana.  I went into the small shed over there and switched on the motor. The water was gushing out from the pipe and it started filling up the concrete water chamber built next to the shed. I signaled Girija to come out of the car. She came out hesitantly covering her boobs with both hands. She ran down quickly and reached the place.
Then I got into the water chamber and lifted her up inside. She splashed water on me. I grabbed her boobs and squeezed them. She grabbed my cock and started giving a handjob. I started enjoying it and we both dipped in the water. I was squeezing milk out of her boobs while she stroked my cock. We were wet but hot. She got up and turned around.
Girija: Fuck my wet pussy; it needs a cock in there. Push it deep my naughty hubby. Fuck me.
I pushed my cock instantly from behind and grabbed her boobs in my hand. I fucked her fast meanwhile the water started overflowing. She leaned forward to give a better access to my dick. I grabbed her waist tightly and bored her pussy deep.
We heard a voice saying, who is there?
It was an old man and he was coming towards us. It was the most thrilling fuck we ever had. The old man was quick to find us fucking in there open in front of him. He was dumbstruck and he stood there watching us fuck in front of him. We did not care about someone watching a free show of our love making. Girija was aware of this but she was not ready to stop it for any reason, least she was bothered about the old man.
He asked us, what you two are doing here.
Girija answered his question by moaning like a bitch. Then I pushed my dick deep and we had the most thrilling fuck of our whole life. I got out of the water and lifted Girija out. We both ran in front of the old man stark naked. We got into the car and I noticed the old man’s cock tenting in his trousers. We drove fast and reached back our home. Girija was laughing mischievously.
Girija: Promise me you won’t do that again. The old man saw everything.  I can’t believe myself. I got fucked in front of an old man. But I did not make any efforts to stop it. I’m turning into a slut because of you.
Me: Baby, don’t forget that you were someone else’s wife once upon a time. Another cock entered into your hole before me. Let that old man have some happiness in his life. I’m damn sure, he won’t tell it to anyone.
Girija: You and your stupid thoughts. Get lost.
She entered the house. I was able to make one difference in her. When I asked her to come out naked, she was too shy. But now she has come out of it. She doesn’t feel the same way she felt before. A good change and a big change in deed.
Then she fixed some lunch and juice. We came out to the balcony where there was a big sopha. We both sat next to each other.
Girija: Look at them, my nipples are erect again. Walking naked like this makes me wet all the time. Don’t you feel like wearing a shirt? We really are living like Adam and Eve. Always roaming naked and fucking whenever we like. Now eat the lunch and go wear a shirt at least till night.
Me: Should I eat this or yours?
Girija: What, what you gonna eat? I don’t have anything to feed you.
Me: I want to eat your pussy.
Girija: I can’t believe you saying this. How any times will you fuck me? You are a fuck machine, go fuck Ash. Tang just lick her down there, he doesn’t make babies with her.
Me: You will feel bad later. I will fuck Ash in front of you.
Girija: Oh god. Common, you are an asshole, you may do even that. Come eat my pussy, eat whatever you get down there.
I reached down there and sucked her cunny in my mouth.
Girija: Oh shit, it feels so good when you lick me down there. I’m your slut. Lick my cunny, you son of a bitch.
I pushed my tongue inside and sucked her labia. She left a big moan and pushed my head down into her pussy further. She was pinching her nipples and pushed her pussy into my lips. She was getting very wet with my tongue fucking and her motherly juices were oozing out like a river. I licked it passionately. She cummed in my mouth and a big splash of piss and cum landed on my face. It was so powerful, it covered my face completely.
Girija: Sorry dear, I didn’t do it purposefully. I just couldn’t control it. Let me clean you up.
Me: No problem, I liked it. Now let’s go to bed, it is 9 already.
Girija: Should I come dressed up or can we be Adam and eve again?
Me: Common eve, we got to make a baby.
Girija: ok ok, I got it. My pussy is working for you 24×7, 7 days a week.
I was lying on the bed, waiting for her. She came inside walking naked. Now will you fuck me the whole night? I can’t take it anymore. Just one quick fuck and we go to sleep. Deal???
Me: OK. As you wish.
Girija: OK lie down. I will push my cunny over your dick and we will finish it up soon.
I laid on the bed with my cock standing 90 degree straight.
Girija: Look at that dick, even after fucking whole day it is still standing out. Today your dick won’t get erect again.
Me: Let’s see …
She got over me and started pushing her pussy slowly over my dick. She covered my dick inch by inch. Then she started moving slowly up and down pushing more of my dick inside her pussy. She increased her speed slowly and started shouting the usual F and B words. She reached her first orgasm and took a deep breath.
Girija: How come, you didn’t cum yet? OMG, it is still erect, I can’t go for one more round, I’m too tired. If you fuck me one more time, I will die.
Me: Don’t worry. We will do something different tonight.
Girija: What’s in your mind? Don’t tell me Anal, I can’t stretch too much. We already tried it and it was very painful.
Me: You read my mind, exactly. What’s the secret, tell me?
Girija: Hell no, I can’t take that monster in there. It’s too big to accommodate. Fuck me down here once more and we will go to sleep soon.
Me: OK as you wish, but we will do it as I say
Girija: Whatever!!!
I sat on a chair beside our bed.
Me: Now sit over me on the chair and I will push my cock inside.
Girija: How the hell you manage to get all these new ideas.  A thousand dirty souls live in you. Now do it quick and fast.
Me: OK, now let’s get into work.
She sat on my lap as I pushed my cock from behind until it entered her pussy completely. Then I held her butts in my hand and lifted her up and down. I couldn’t control it much and ended up with loads of cum in her pussy.
She was dead tired and she fell into a deep sleep. I was busy sucking my wife. She got used to my sucking and was sleeping undisturbed. The next day I woke up very early and took a bath and dressed up very neatly.
Girija: Oh shit, what’s the time? Sorry Nand, I was too tired. What you want for breakfast?
Me: Oats dear, make it fast.
Girija: Where are you going, tell me? I don’t want to be alone here. I will come with you.
Me: Dear, I will bring some guest home today. Make something special. You will have more work today?
I ate my breakfast quick and stood outside near the door waiting for my baby. She came out with a bindhi on her forehead. A tradition every Indian wife follows before sending her husband out for work. But my wife was naked with bindhi on her face. I kissed her and pushed my one finger inside her pussy.
Girija: Dirty mind, go now. Come soon, I will be waiting for you. Bring Pedigree while coming back; Ash and Tang are starving from morning.
Me: OK dear.  But remember to make some special dish; I will bring some friends with me.
Girija: Fine, bye.
This is one day of my sweat home. I hope Girija made you guys’ tooo hot. I had other plans for her. I will share it in my next story. Till then, keep imagining Girija.