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So, I then 26 fucked my drunk cousin then 20 and got her pregnant, it could’ve been anybody. But she was a virgin, and I took her virginity and got her pregnant. Our families blamed me, because I had taken advantage of her drunken state. So, I moved interstate, and I wasn’t on talking terms with my family or hers. Only 3 years later I found out I had a son with my cousin then 24. Still not welcome by the families, my cousin was raising our son with the help of our families. A year later I got a transfer back and now almost 32 was the new temporary manager of the local mill. The company I worked for had bought the mill and put me in as temporary manager. It came with a house, and I still wasn’t on the welcome, the only one to come and visit me was my cousin and she brought my son so I could see him. She held grudges as she was happy being a mother to our son. My appointment was until they found a fulltime manager, which would end up taking 7 months. My cousin was a regular visitor with my son, and she decided we should become a proper family unit. Father, mother and son the families weren’t all that happy, but my cousin said what’s done is done and giving their grandson a fulltime father was important and so at the end of my tenure as manager she returned with me as my wife. I hadn’t been dating much and had used hooker mostly since getting my cousin pregnant. With our fathers as the family connection, we had the same surname already and just saying we were married was enough for anybody to believe we were married. I was on my son birth certificate already and I had already started fucking my cousin again a month before we left. Albeit with a warning to take good care of her and my son from both families.

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