One Night Can Change Your Whole World Ch. 03

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tagIncest/TabooOne Night Can Change Your Whole World Ch. 03

Thank you all for the comments on this story. The amount of positive feedback and views on this series has inspired me to finish this story. I do have up to chapter 5 written and I am submitting them over the next couple weeks, but it may be a while before I get to finish the series.
As always, a huge thanks goes out to WA001 for the edits.
Enjoy 😊
Unbeknownst to Adam and Ashley, Tanya had pulled up and parked a couple houses down prior to Adam arriving. She checked the time and knew that the mysterious man would be showing up in about ten minutes. She got out of her car and walked over to Ashley's house.
Tanya found a nice sized shrub that she could hide in. Her slender frame allowed her to get inside of the shrub and not be easily seen. She looked around but didn't see anyone coming yet. Hoping she wouldn't have to wait too long as it wasn't that comfortable being inside the shrub. Plus, there was a branch that was pressing into her ass crack currently that had her dirty mind thinking more about a cock than anything else.
She was brought out of her thoughts as she heard someone approaching. The man was dressed in all black but in the shadows, she couldn't make out his face. Though she wanted to get closer, she knew she would be discovered and decided against it. As he walked near and under the street lights, it would seem like the light was just about to shine on his face but would retract just under his chin. "DAMMIT!" she thought to herself, "Why won't he just show his damn face?"
Then she saw something in his hand as he pulled it up. It looked like some kind of mask as he was covering his face. Once he was close enough so that she could see his face, it was covered. She cursed herself for not being able to find out what he looked like. Then she thought of other ways she could find out who he is.
Tanya waited for about five minutes before she made her way to the house and just caught a glimpse of them walking up the stairs. "FUCK!" she quietly said as she now needed to find a way to get upstairs, knowing that Ashley wouldn't be stupid enough to leave the door unlocked. Especially since Ashley didn't know she was there watching.
As she walked around the house, she noticed an area where she could climb up and get onto the roof of the house. She was glad that her brother had taught her how to climb up trees when she was little as it would be very helpful in this type of situation.
Once she was on the roof, she slowly made her way around the back of the house checking each of the windows. Finally, she found the window she was looking for and saw Ashley laying on the bed being restrained. She noticed the mysterious man had put a mask over Ashley's face and wondered why he would do that since he was wearing a mask of his own.
Then she saw it. He took his own mask off and laid it down on the nightstand. She tried to angle herself so she could get a better view but still couldn't see the man's whole face. However, she was able to see, from the way Ashley's body was reacting, that he was pleasuring her, or at least teasing the hell out of her. This turned her on to no end. Her own body was heating up and wanted so badly to open up the window and join them, even if it meant she could only watch and relish in their sexual energies.
After a while of watching, Tanya couldn't take it anymore and put her hand down her own pants as she started to rub that little nub and slide a finger or two inside her own canal, wishing she was in there being serviced by this man. Without warning, her orgasm hit her hard and she had to cover her mouth with her other hand to stifle the loud moan that was trying to escape her lips. As she let her thoughts get the best of her, it was when she heard Ashley saying something that brought her out of her own mind, though she never pulled her hands from inside her panties. She was able to clear her head for long enough to see the man look over the side of the bed reaching for his mask. When he did this, she got a clear view of his face. Her hand immediately went back to her face as she gasped rather loudly realizing that the man's identity was none other than Adam, Ashley's younger brother. Then, for some reason, he put his mask back on and took Ashley's off.
This also made her hand inside her pants move even faster and more forceful on her clit, giving her a much larger orgasm as she moaned. She thought about interrupting their fun and joining in, but thought against it, at least for now. Instead, she watched as he pounded her hard before pulling off his mask as she orgasmed. She watched as Ashley's body shook, wondering when was the last time she had an orgasm that good. Hell, now that she thought about it, she hadn't from what she could remember.
Tanya then saw something that confused her. It looked as though Adam was feeling doubts or guilt about what happened and she wanted to jump in there and tell him that it was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. Ashley was able to reel him back in as she watched as they held each other before she rode him to what seemed to be a wonderful orgasm.
As they laid there, recovering, Tanya decided she needed to take her leave at that moment. She made her way back to the side of the house and back down. She snuck her way back to the street before walking to her car. So that Ashley wouldn't accidentally catch her driving by, she reversed into a driveway before pulling out the opposite side of the street to leave.
The next morning, Tanya decided she had to confront her friend. She had already told her that if she ever made a move on her brother, she wanted in. Now however, it seemed he was more than just a lover, he was her master.
Tanya didn't have the same submissive tendencies as Ashley did, but from what she saw with Ashley and Adam the night before, it was something she was willing to try. She didn't know if she could fully submit to Adam but she was willing to see what he had to offer. However, the excitement of being with her friend and her brother at the same time, made her mound quake in anticipation.
She had been up early but decided she wasn't going to head over to Ashley's until after 10:30am. She had a plan in place to see what information she could get out of Ashley but didn't know if Ashley would bite. Either way, she wanted, no needed, to find a way to be a part of their lives. This, she thought, was her brother's fault as she would have been happy with being with him to satisfy these forbidden sexual urges she had.
Though she couldn't fully blame her brother. He did still love her, he just didn't like girls in a sexual way and now that he was living with another guy, most likely his boyfriend, above one of the hottest gay clubs in town, she doubted she could ever talk him into sleeping with her even once to see if the taboo sex was everything she had read about and she had read a lot about it.
Tanya had this secret fetish since she was in high school and really started to notice boys. She had realized that each of the guys she thought about dating and possibly sleeping with, she would compare to her brother. The one guy she had finally lost her virginity to had been the one that was closest to her brother, but there were still a lot of differences and the sex was nothing spectacular. It even went as far as being the worst sex she had ever had and had tried her hardest to forget him.
It wasn't until she met her last boyfriend in college that she had her first orgasm with a guy, albeit a small one, but still, he was a lot better than any of the other guys she had slept with. Compared to a lot of the other girls at the school, she was practically a novice when it came to sex. She even knew one girl that was nice enough, but found out she had slept with eight guys in one semester. She hadn't even been with over five guys in her life yet.
Once she got to Ashley's house, she was nearly trembling, having to sit there for a little bit so she could contain her excitement. She knew she had a great smile and an evil eye that would keep any guy that she wasn't interested in at bay, but she hadn't shown her evil eye to Adam that she could remember. Instead, she had always tried to smile when he was around to show that she was interested but he never took the hint. One thing she realized when they were at the party was that he barely knew she was around when he would see her. She knew that after today, one way or the other, he was going to know who she was.
Adam woke up the next morning feeling more refreshed than ever. His mind had wondered where he was initially but then quickly remembered that he had spent the night in his sister's room. She had the bigger queen bed while his was still a full size. He only got the full size as the twin he previously had would cause his feet to dangle off the end of the bed too much and his mother had felt sorry for him and gotten him the larger bed.
He looked down and saw that Ashley was cuddled up close to him. Her soft snores made her even cuter than she had been before. Her arms were crossed over her chest as she had her head as close to his chest as possible. Adam still had his arm around her and used his other arm to move her silky hair out of her face.
Ashley's nipples were still hard. Could it have been from her being a little cold or was she still turned on? Adam didn't know and didn't care as he loved looking at her nude form either way, but he was still her caring and loving brother and looking after her was the first thing he needed to do.
Adam removed his arm from around her, causing her to stir ever so slightly as he reached for the covers that were about down at their waists. He did want to see the rest of her naked body but that could wait until later. He pulled up the covers to keep her warm and wrapped his arm around her pulling her even closer.
Feeling the movement of the covers and his arm wrapping her back up, Ashley started to come out of dream world and back into the real world. She snuggled up closer to her brother before her eyes were able to open. The first scent she had of the day was of him as her nose wiggled as it was nuzzled into his chest. Though he didn't have much in the way of chest or belly hair, he still smelled just as manly.
Ashley looked straight ahead and saw his nipples as her eyes adjusted to the light. She had a huge smile on her face as she looked up at him. He was looking past her, most likely lost in thought as she was still wrapped in his arm and didn't have much in the way of length in her neck to reach his face. So she did the only thing she could think of. She blew on his chin to get his attention.
Adam felt air blowing on and past his chin. His brow crinkled as he wondered what it was that was making the air hit his chin but then quickly realized it was Ashley. As he smiled and looked down at her, he saw those beautiful emerald green eyes looking back at him. He reached down to give her a morning kiss. Her hands tickled his chin as she tried to hold his face in place.
Neither of the siblings cared about their morning dragon breath at that point. It was more about the sensual and passionate kiss and the feeling of the others lips against theirs. They continued their kiss for close to ten minutes. Adam was holding onto her and keeping her as close as possible without hurting her while Ashley felt extremely safe being in her brother's arms. Though she did wish she could return the hug and pull him closer to her.
Adam looked up and saw it was just about 9am. He didn't have any plans for that Saturday morning, so he knew they could have as much fun as they wanted. "Why don't we get up, get cleaned up and get some breakfast," he whispered to her.
Ashley gave him a naughty smirk, "Only if you order me to Master."
Adam's eyes went wide at her words as he looked down and directly into her eyes, "You don't have to call me that. It was just for fun …"
"Adam," she said as she cut him off, "You are my loving brother and would do anything to take care of me and protect me."
Adam nodded as he knew this was all true. He would do anything to make her happy and protect her. This also had nothing to do with what they had been doing the last week. He had always wanted her to be happy and was always there when she needed him.
"However, last night I fully gave myself to you. If you asked me to walk down the street naked or to be a part of a gangbang, I would do it without question. I love you more than anything and trust you won't make me do anything I would not enjoy."
"How can you give me that much power over you?" Adam asked, wondering what he had really gotten into with her. There was no need to control her. No want to have her be his slave and make her do things. In all actuality, he just wanted her to be happy. Whether that was with him or another man, well that was up to her. But if she picked him, then he was going to love her with everything he had.
Ashley giggled, "Simple. I am a submissive by nature and need to have someone controlling me. Yes, I am still independent enough that I can do things on my own without the need for instructions but I also enjoy being told what to do. So much so that it satisfies a part of me that I never thought existed until recently."
"So you mean that I caused this?" Now Adam started to feel horrible.
Ashley again giggled and shook her head, "No. No one could make someone into a submissive without something tragic happening to them like torturing them, but that would be more Stockholm Syndrome or something like that. I have had this inside of me for as long as I can remember but never realized it could turn to anything sexual."
She took a breath and continued, "I started experimenting with my ex-boyfriend and realized that I enjoyed it more than I ever thought I would. I just knew I couldn't fully submit to him like I have to you as I didn't trust him enough. Shit, that night when he left me handcuffed to the bed was a clear example that I couldn't trust him. Even if we had a falling out, I know you wouldn't leave me like that."
"So that's what that was," Adam replied realizing what had happened to start them down this path, "I had wondered why you were doing that with him, but so far, I don't have any regrets, unless you do."
"Of course not. I was planning on either submitting to you as the mysterious man or going after you as my brother. One thing I have learned this week is that love knows no bounds and you can't choose who you love, it just happens and you can either ride it or let it pass you by and then regret it later. And I know if I were to not at least see where this goes, I would end up hating myself later and god only knows where that would lead me."
Ashley's words were powerful. Adam had fallen for his sister a long time ago and she was part of the reason he didn't date as much. Trying to find a girl who was as beautiful as your sister is hard, but then trying to find one as beautiful, funny, caring, loving and still had a great personality as well as being smart and into some of the things he was would have required a miracle to happen, if it was even possible.
"Well, when you put it that way, since you are so good at expressing yourself in words, why don't you go get your teeth brushed and cleaned up and then I will have that sweet pussy for breakfast instead."
Ashley giggled as her face turned red, "Is that an order Master?"
Adam just smiled at her as he pressed his forehead into hers, "Do you want to see what happens when you disobey your Master?" It was going to take some getting used to for him to really like being called Master, but one thing he would never do is call her his slave, no matter what. That to him was too degrading and he wouldn't have it.
Ashley's eyes went wide as she jumped up off the bed and headed to the bathroom as Adam slapped her ass. She turned around looking at him while her hand rubbed the red mark on her ass, a tan line of a thong showing how pale her skin could get. There was a seductive look on her face as she shook her hips as she walked out and down the hallway to the bathroom.
As Ashley was finishing in the bathroom, Adam came up behind her and grabbed his toothbrush and started to brush his teeth. He stood behind her and to Ashley, it felt like he was towering over her. She could also feel his hard cock pressing into her ass cheeks which made her pussy even wetter than it had been.
Ashley had a wonderful idea pop into her head as she looked over her shoulder at him, after she had cleaned her mouth of the toothpaste she used, "Master?" she asked in a barely whisper, "May I suck your cock while you finish?"
Adam froze for a second not expecting this but merely nodded as he thought it would be fun and a little erotic as well.
Ashley was giddy with glee as she quickly turned around, dropping to her knees as she took her brother's cock in her hands. This was the first time she had actually seen it and really felt it.
It was larger than her ex-boyfriends. Maybe three inches longer and at least an inch thicker but what made her mouth salivate was that this was not only her brother's cock but her master's cock. He was the man to whom she gave her everything and she belonged to him and was a vessel for his pleasure.
Ashley initially took as much as she could in her mouth, trying to wet his cock as much as possible. She wasn't able to swallow it all in one go, but did the job she needed. With his cock now slick enough, she took her hands and started to jerk it. She had learned how to please a man pretty good from the numerous blowjobs and hand jobs she had given other guys and this was the time when she would put all that experience to use; to please the one man she knew was the most deserving of her very best — her Master.
Ashley started by rotating her hands in a circular motion, one hand going clockwise while the other hand went counter clockwise. While she did this, she put the head of his cock, along with whatever wasn't being held by her hands, in her mouth. She sucked on the head and used her tongue to swirl around the head, gently running her tongue over his slit.
Adam could only moan as he felt the wonderful sensations on his cock. He had almost forgotten about brushing his teeth but was just about finished when she had started. Though he needed to get the rest of the toothpaste out of his mouth but he truly didn't want her to stop
He filled the small paper cup with some water and put his toothbrush down on the sink. With his free hand he grabbed her by the hair pulling her mouth off his cock. Ashley looked up at her brother shocked that she was doing a bad job and had disappointed the one man she truly wanted to please.
Adam looked down at her with a smile, one that had toothpaste around his lips and probably made him look pretty stupid. He grabbed the cup of water and put it in his mouth, gurgling the water before he leaned over the sink and spit it out. Before he did this, he moved her head to the side to make sure he didn't accidentally spit some out on her face.
He held her head off his cock while she just held his cock, now realizing why he had stopped her. Adam took one of the hand towels and wiped his face clean. He shut the light out and headed out the bathroom, pulling his sister along with him.
Ashley crawled on her hands and knees following her brother and master with glee. As they got out of the bathroom and into the hallway, he released her but continued walking back towards her bedroom. Ashley followed him quickly staying as close behind him as she could be.
She could feel her pussy leaking her juice as he was basically making her walk on all fours back to the bedroom. This power he had over her made her feel complete for the first time in her life and her emotions and her sexual being was feeding off of it. It was intoxicating to her as she was now more turned on than she had ever been in her entire life.

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