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My woman was super excited, prattling away in a high pitch and bouncing from person to person. We had about ten friends over just to hang out during spring break, which was no big deal as our apartment was bigger and some of the grad students lived in dorm rooms. After pizza and beers, then board games and drinking games until midnight, half the people left and two couples went to sleep in the spare bedroom we had set up for them with two futons. My woman, Cathy, and one of her fellow grad students, Doug, and me were still at it telling jokes and Cathy was animated like she caught a second wind.
I had gone into our bedroom to change into gym shorts and a muscle shirt to start winding down for the night. It was probably three minutes when Cathy came into the bedroom and pushed the door shut behind her. She leaned back against the door, her hands behind her butt on the doorknob and smiling at me with the corner of her mouth turned up in a smirk.
"Are you getting ready to sleep?" she asked me.
"Everyone else was going to bed but I see you're kind of jacked up tonight," I told her. "Maybe I had an extra beer and you weren't drinking that much. What's up?"
As I was talking to her, I came over and pressed my chest to pin her against the door. Her body was warm and her heart must have been running 100 beats per minute. She kept smiling, giggling really. She didn't grab my hips to hers and kept her hands behind, leaving her body open to me. I rubbed her butt through her jeans and meshed my crotch with hers.
I said, "Wow, you're so hot. What's got you amped up?"
She laughed again and whispered, "I can't help it. Doug's turning me on."
I would have never guessed it. I mean, first of all, Doug doesn't seem very masculine. From his curly hair and glasses he looked like a nerd and he wasn't weak but I doubt he even weighed 150 pounds and maybe 5 foot 8. Her attraction surprised me and must have come from some friendship and flirting they shared during their school work.
I grabbed the back of her head and kissed her hard, owned her body and let her know I was boss. She fell limp and acquiesced to my movement. Her mouth opened as I pushed my tongue inside and made her suck on it. I thought of pushing her to the floor and shoving my dick in those sweet, plump lips of hers. I waited to understand better what I heard and how her body was on fire.
"What are you saying?" I asked her. "He was hitting on you and the two of you got carried away, and now your pussy is doing the talking and you can't think straight?"
"Don't be insulted," she cooed. "I like him and yes, my body's responding to him. Maybe it's that time of the month. It doesn't mean I don't love you."
"You actually want him to fuck you, don't you?" I growled huskily in her ear.
"God, I do," she whimpered. "I can't help it."
Cathy bumped her pelvis against me, rubbing me as she rocked her hips side to side. Her hips were moving involuntarily, without any thought and jumping from the hormones raging through her body. She gave me a hard-on and that only made her persist to provoke me.
I was not inclined to let my woman fuck someone else. She had let me fuck another woman a couple of times and I kind of owed her one. Ok, owed her two. When she let me fuck around, she said it was a gift and she tried to be gracious and yet I could tell she was jealous, even angry. The other woman sensed it, too, and became hesitant. Cathy had put a damper on the situation. Her smile was part grimace and the faint touches were forced and unconvincing, which made the interludes less satisfactory than expected. If I was going to let her have a pass then I'd make it unforgettable to fulfill her fantasy and not repeat her mistake.
"I can feel the blood pumping through your veins," I told her. "You are so fuckable. I love how sexy you are, like I can't blame Doug for wanting to fuck you. I feel like tying you to the bed and having at your precious kitty."
"Ohhh," she groaned and let me grind her body against the knob. But she didn't relent from her desire. She didn't beg me to fuck her. And she didn't forget Doug. She asked, "Well?"
As we continued our slow motion hump against the door, I whispered in her ear, "OK, I'll let you fuck him for tonight. Don't forget I let you have this."
"Oh, God, you're going to let him fuck me? You're really OK with that?"
"Yes, I'm going to do that for you," I told her. "Do you want some alone time with him or do you want to live your fantasy of two men fucking you at once?"
"Can you handle that?" she whimpered. "I think he might be intimidated when he sees how you fuck me. You know I'll lose my mind to have a dick in my pussy and one in my mouth at the same time."
She's such a slut. She loves dick. And I love how she goes crazy when I fuck her mouth and her cunt. I clutched the back of her neck like a cat though it didn't paralyze her entire body the way a feline becomes brainless under the tomboy's bite. I told her, "Don't worry about him. I'll go out first and tell him how it will happen. But when you come out, play along like we're just being chummy and tease him until he loses it and takes his way with you. Make him cross the line like it's a first date between the two of you."
I know how she loves that. She doesn't orgasm if you slam bam her for ten minutes. If you touch her flirtatiously for fifteen minutes before you get to another fifteen minutes of foreplay then she fires off like a rocket when you finally climax.
Her face was priceless standing there against the door and realizing I was going to let him fuck her. She formed an O with her mouth, practically moaning in anticipation.
I told her, "Why don't you put on something more comfortable, like those skimpy cut-off shorts I ripped up on the ass and the crotch, or your lacey white lingerie, or hunt through your fun box and surprise me. Give me a couple of minutes to talk to Doug and set his mind straight.
I snatched condoms from the drawer with a flourish to be sure she knew. Then I walked out, leaving her in the bedroom. I didn't try to hide my erection as I sat down on the other end of the couch where Doug was nursing his beer. Surreptitiously I slid the condoms under the cushion. Doug raised his eyebrows as a kind of "what now?"
I told him calmly, "Cathy will be out in a minute."
His face lit up to hear me. On the coffee table he had our Newton's Cradle toy going with one of the five balls swinging into the others and sending one off the other end, back and forth. Click clack. Interesting to consider how actions cause reactions but we can't foretell the repercussions. I stopped the toy and reset it going with two balls swinging from one end, which sent two balls off the other end, same motion. Doug tilted his head like he hadn't considered the variations.
I told Doug, "Cathy had to take a minute to calm herself down. She has a fantasy of two men fucking her, and you're really turning her on. She wants to suck your dick."
Doug spit some of his beer in a spray over the top of his can. I found that funny.
"It's OK, relax," I told him. "She let me fuck another woman and I kind of owe her one. It doesn't bother me that she wants to suck your dick. Do you want to fuck her?"
"Are you serious?" he asked me, setting his beer on the table.
"Yes, I'm serious," I answered. "But if you want to fuck her, you can't be wishy washy about it. Don't be indecisive. I mean, we should tease her. She likes that. When she comes out, I'll start giving her a back rub and get her to rub against you. Don't make a move at first. Wait until your body drives her out of her mind and she makes a move on you. Then later when you're fucking her, that's when you take control of her body. Why don't you change quickly into some boxers or shorts? No underwear. That should do the trick."
I went into the kitchen and putzed around with drinks and snacks in the refrigerator. My set up would probably seem juvenile or cruel if each of them knew what I told the other. Like setting adjacent cages for two animals in heat. The truth is I had enough experience with Cathy to appreciate the little tricks that drive her nuts and by the time we were fucking to make her pop like a champagne cork. I wanted to see how far she'd go. Her insanity would set me off. It was her fantasy but I enjoyed cranking it up.
When I caught Doug returning to the couch out of the corner of my eye, I compromised on another beer from the fridge and returned to the living room. I turned the stereo on a rock radio station at a low volume to mask our noise and leave the other guests asleep. When I sat back down on the couch, I plopped more toward the middle on Doug's left. Cathy would have to choose when she came back. She could try to squeeze between the two of us, or sit in my lap. Or maybe sit in his lap. Doug had put on gym shorts and a t-shirt, and he had a nervous grin, looking at me and then looking away out the patio door.
To set him at ease I started jabbering again. "I'll be interested to see what Cathy's wearing when she comes out. Maybe she won't wear anything at all but a dog collar and leash. I hope she surprises us. I'm getting horny wondering what it will be."
The bedroom door opened with a click and her bare feet pattered down the hallway. She wasn't dressed as provocatively as I hoped. She was wearing a long t-shirt, well-worn and very casual. That surprised me all right and the result was to settle the situation for the three of us. Doug seemed perplexed by the shirt and probably wondering if I was pranking him. But he grinned at her smiling face.
I remembered Cathy wearing a similar night shirt the first time I hooked up with her. It could have been a psychological thing for her to be comfortable and a feeling of freedom or being nearly naked. Her nips were perky and pointed through the shirt.
Putting my beer down on the carpet by the side of the couch where I wouldn't knock it over, I tried to see if her pussy hair was visible below the hem, without luck although I was sure she had no panties. Cathy saw me staring up at her crotch. She gave me a snarky smile and ran her hand up her thigh as if she was going to raise the shirt, sliding along her leg but without moving the fabric.
She turned around, walked to the stereo and leaned over to tweak the volume higher. Her slender calves and the back of her thighs looked nice and I thought she was going to flash us her ass, yet again she knew how much lean would taunt us while hiding the goods.
As she came over to us I motioned for her to sit in my lap, which she readily accepted and sat on my far leg facing Doug on our right. She felt my erection against her leg and turned to me with a smile. She squirmed on my hard dick and asked me, "Are you boys enjoying yourselves?"
"You're really warm," I told her. I placed my hand on her thigh at the hem of her shirt and nuzzled my nose in by her ear to kiss her neck.
"Mmmm," she whispered. "You shouldn't start that in front of our friend."
I stroked up her back and responded, "Here, lean over while I massage your back and Doug can rub your shoulders."
Cathy smiled to me a moment, then glanced over to Doug and pushed her hair back behind her ear. She leaned toward Doug, placed her hands on his thigh to dampen the movement and laid her head on his lap looking away from him. I helped her set her legs up over me. As I kneaded her lower back, Doug stretched his arm to set his beer on the coffee table. Then he placed his hands through the collar of her shirt and pressed his fingers on the muscles of her back moving up toward her neck. He was being very methodical and rather hesitant. He seemed perplexed, wondering if all this flirtation would leave him frustrated or if he might get some action tonight. I could tell from the placement of Cathy's head that she had laid her cheek right on his boner and walked her fingers along his thigh in return for his massage.
I told her, "I bet you like that, four hands rubbing your body all over." I massaged down her hips and over her ass and gave her ass cheeks a good squeeze.
"Mmmm," she moaned. "That's nice." Her eyes were closed and her lips parted as if she were dreaming but I know her whole body was acutely alert.
I rubbed her ass and let my hands drift down to the edge of her shirt and draw it up, exposing her flesh. "God, Cathy, you've got a great body. I just love your ass." I pulled the flesh of her ass cheeks up and separated. Doug's mouth fell open beholding her ass yet he could not see the edge of her pussy from his angle.
Doug caught his breath and he shifted his hips forward. I don't know if that was from seeing her naked or the sensation of her cheek on his bulge and the soft play of her fingers up the inside of his thigh. She's a master at titillating her face on your penis until you're dying for it.
As Doug rubbed her neck and her shoulders, I reached over to pull her hair back off her nose and behind her head. Then I could see her face. I left my finger tickling the inside of her ear. I winked to Doug and he took the hint and played with her ear as I had.
Doug pulled on her ear lobe and stroked his thumb in the hollow by her neck and then poked the tip of his finger toward her ear drum. He poked repeatedly into her ear suggestive of fucking her. In and out. Cathy responded by arching her head back up on his crotch, to receive his finger, and then rocking back and forth on his crotch, clearly bumping oven his penis. She's such a hottie and a cock slut. I love how she loves sex.
She likes her ass rubbed, too, and I made sure to give her light tingling touches in between deep fondling of her muscles. Sweeping a finger down through her cheeks, close to her asshole and continuing to her pussy, I slipped through her slit and felt how wet she had become. Her pussy lips were swollen and separated to my touch.
I studied her face continuing its dreamy trance as she undulated her skull in Doug's crotch, and I saw Doug's face of bewilderment and excitation, enjoying her wonton mash and watching me finger her. He recognized this was really going to happen.
I said to them, "You can see the joy in her face from all the hands and skin feeling parts of her body, pushing all the tension and stress from her joints."
Doug gave a little grunt. I guessed Cathy had reached up his shorts with her fingers underneath her face. The two of them were fighting temptation. Their faces were wrought with intent and confusion but they were not progressing as quickly as I thought it would happen.
I pulled Cathy's shirt halfway up her back, as far as possible considering the front was caught on my leg and she didn't lift her body. I wanted to expose her tits on my leg and it might lead to play with both our hands. She wasn't paying attention to me and failed to assist with a lift of her body. She was preoccupied with her motions on Doug. Doug saw her exposed back and reached over to touch the flesh on the flat of her back.
I motioned to Doug to lower his shorts. He didn't understand. I pinched the waistband of my own shorts to show him and then pushed my hands forward and nodded. Then he understood. Doug hooked his thumbs into the sides of his shorts and pushed them lower under Cathy's face. As he exposed himself, Cathy flinched in response.
Then she turned face down to his penis and I could tell she swept her face over his skin and began kissing and licking his dick. She alternated between turning up to let his dick smear her own saliva across her cheek and turning down to pleasure him.
I slipped my index finger into her pussy and loosened her up. I replaced it with my middle finger, pushing deeper and pinching her labia between my other fingers. Her face was obscured again by the hair falling on top and I pulled it back over her ear to watch. Doug took her hair in his fingers and cradled her head, feeling the motion as she bobbed slowly to suck the tip of his penis.
Cathy puckered her lips around the ridge of the head and poked her tongue out now and then to lick the sensitive spot under the tip. I was glad that Doug's dick wasn't bigger than mine. But there was enough to keep her busy. His balls were already twitching from her ministrations and she was only mouthing the top of his cock.
While I continued to finger fuck her more deeply, I used my other index finger to tease around the rim of her asshole. She loves the ass play and she immediately moaned on his dick. I played around the rim of her ass without touching directly, keeping her on edge and saving the most sensitive spots for later fun.
Cathy wrapped her fingers around the base of Doug's cock to steady it as she increased her pace. She inhaled him halfway, about the most she could get while laying her cheek on his abdomen. She used her fingers to tickle the center ridge of his cock with her saliva.
There's nothing more beautiful than seeing how Cathy loves to suck dick. Her eyes were closed and her mouth had a peaceful smile as she enjoyed finally getting Doug's dick in her mouth.
I whispered over to them, "Cathy, why don't you get on the floor so you have a better angle?"
She let her legs slide off of me and took a kneeling position between Doug's legs. Together they pulled his shorts off the rest of the way onto the floor. She pushed his knees apart and hesitated there with her hands on his thighs, smiling into his eyes and admiring his penis. Then she grabbed the base of his cock and started over again licking around the head and mouthing the ridge with her lips.
This time she stared into Doug's eyes so he could see how much she enjoyed sucking his dick. They fed off each other's excitement. She lowered her head to take nearly his entire shaft in her mouth. She bobbed and got him all slick with her saliva. Then she opened her mouth on his dick and let her tongue play on the central stem of the shaft. I sat by for a couple of minutes, trying to sympathize with her indulgence. It's beautiful how expert she is and gets off from giving. She's a giver.
I craved to taste her. I wanted to get down on my knees behind her and smell her sex. It took a minute to move the coffee table with Doug's beer back out of the way and clear our area. Then I could return to my gorgeous tramp.
Lifting the shirt up her back, I tickled her ass cheeks. She complied with my hands to lift her butt and spread her legs, letting me press her buns up for a clear view of her asshole and pussy. She has a nice little brown hole and her pussy was engorged and wet. Her labia were already swollen and ready to be fucked. She doesn't shave but her pubic hair is naturally trim and did not conceal the beautiful lips of her cunt.
I lowered my face as I had done so often to prime her pussy with my mouth. My nose nestled right in by her asshole as I ran my tongue up her slit. She was tangy and the earthy smell of her butt added to the sense of familiarity. I moved my tongue all around her lips the way she likes it before glancing off her clitoris a couple of times.
Following a few minutes of surface play, I poked my tongue into her cunt. Gentle at first, like I was initiating the first penetration of my dick inside and letting her muscles relax. Then I pushed my tongue deeper and made it swell fat and wide. I pushed it quickly all the way in and out to really fuck her with it. My fingers reached underneath and brushed over top of her clitoris as I tongue fucked her.
The smell of her sex was strong like she was at the peak of arousal. Maybe it was true that she was ovulating. She had showered before dinner so it's not like she was exercising or sweating. By moving my fingers all around and changing the patterns of pinching her lips or petting down the outside of her vulva with intermittent flicks over her clitoris, I kept it interesting and sensitized her entire groin.

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