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Hi guys, this is rahul biswas, a regular reader of iss. My age is 19,i am 5’9 tall, fair complexion & have an athletic physique. My family includes my mom, dad & my elder sis about whom my story evolves. her name is paromita, she is 25, very fair complexion, 5’3 tall & her figure is slightly plump(38/32/40), but the most attractive part of her body is her huge round fleshy butts & her perfectly shaped boobs which fascinated me very much.

Now the incident which I am gonna share with u all is a real incident which happened between me & didi a month ago. I don’t know how many of u post real incidents here, but believe me friends, this is hardcore truth. Now its up to u whether u will believe it or not. This incident changed the way of my life. I & my didi were always very close to each other, we were frank about everything, and we never fought as other bro-sis do. I don’t quite remember since when some sort of feelings started to grow in my mind which is taboo in our society. Obviously I couldn’t share this with didi. My conscience always cursed me for this but I couldn’t help it. Whenever I used to get chance I used to look at her boobs or her ass but certainly I didn’t let her know anything regarding this. She has a boyfriend with whom she cannot adjust well & she often gets offended for him. But whenever I be with her I strive to make her happy. Deep down in my heart I started to realize that my love for her is certainly not the usual love that other brothers have for their sisters. I couldn’t gather that much courage to share my feelings for her with anyone. I also felt that she might be not feeling the same for me as I felt for her. But nearly 6 months ago when I was surfing the net in my pc I checked the history items(all the sites visited are displayed here) where I found this site, I was quite amazed about it coz in my house no one touches the computer except me & didi. And I have never entered this site before, so it must be my sis who visited this site, and then I came to know about this amazing site. I felt very happy coz I realized that she also had the fantasies hidden in her mind which she never exposed before. My dream of fucking my own sis appeared as a reality for me. It was then just waiting for the right moment which finally came. Yes friends, it really happened a month ago. It was 9th of July. My mother went to my aunt’s house in the evening and told that she will return next morning.

I felt that it wouldn’t be a normal night for me to be with my sis alone in home as my dad is transferred to asansol for his job. My temptation was at the highest level coz I felt it was the golden chance for me to make my sis my very own. The time seemed to have elongated for me as I waited eagerly for the night to come. We had our dinner at 10:30 & then watched TV. I couldn’t concentrate at the program going on, all I could concentrate about was how would I start off with didi. I started to think about an excuse for sleeping with her. Suddenly out of nothing I spoke out, “didi, I wanna sleep with u”. She asked me, “why?” in surprise as if she was not at all ready to hear this sort of question. I said, “no, don’t get me wrong, actually I need to have a chat with u.” she gave a naughty smile and said, “I was with u for so long and u didn’t say anything, suddenly what’s so important matter came to your mind that u need to say?” I kind of arrogantly said, “no I just wanna sleep with u, that’s all.” she said laughingly,” all right there’s no problem, u wont bite me, yeah?” I replied nothing. I was just staring at her face. She was looking dam sexy and everything she was saying or doing seemed very sexy to me. She was wearing a nighty of chiffon material which made her look more sexy than ever. Finally she went to bed and called me as I was in verandah for smoking. A strange reaction of every sort of feeling was going around my mind and I was dying out of excitement. Her bed was for a single person and it was really narrow for two people to lie on. However I went switched off the light, already I had a huge erection as I moved on to the bed. She asked,” now tell me, what u had to say.” I was taken aback by hearing this as there was nothing that much important to say. I just thought for a second and told her about an incident regarding my friends which never really happened. She didn’t understand that I was lying.

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She suggested me many things regarding that. Whatever she was saying was going above my head as I was just thinking how I would approach towards her. I thought when she would be asleep I could do whatever I wanted to do. Naturally after say 30 mins of gossiping she fell asleep. I just waited for this, I was so much excited, that my heart beat was prominently heard in the total num silence around us. I slowly pulled her nighty up to her belly portion. And kept my hands on her butts over her panties. Her butts was so fleshy that I cant describe. Impressed them hard and then moved onto her boobs. Her big juicy fleshy and soft boobs didn’t fit into my palm. She was wearing a bra which I opened in a instant. As she was sleeping sideways by facing her back towards me, I didn’t have any difficulty in opening that. I was not scared at all in doing these as because I knew my sis also had sex & incest on her mind as she was a regular reader of iss. After I opened her bra I pulled her nighty further up to her boobies. Oh my god, her boobs were so soft that I pressed them as hard as I could. Then at the same time I opened my Bermuda and took out my monster dick and pressed them on her butts. there wasn’t even a inch gap between us. The panty she as wearing was the obstacle which I removed very quickly and placed my dick on the partition of her buttocks. They were soft like anything. And out of sheer pleasure I started to speak in a low voice,” oh! Didi u r the best girl of my life, I love u so much, I cannot forget u ” and all sort of things. Suddenly out of surprise she turned towards me and asked,” what the hell do u think u r doing, ha?” I didn’t think to answer that as I couldn’t answer anything. I just thought if I can arouse her a bit she would be mine as she was not that pivotal anymore. Seeing my silence she was going to say something as I pressed her mouth and kissed her. I gave her a French kiss, and stared at her a bit. Her face was like goddess for me at that time and under the moonlight coming out of the window her eyes looked sexier than ever. I felt she was not innocent any more.

She placed her hands in my bare chest and asked only,” since when?” I replied ,” since I understood the meaning of love.” she reluctantly said ,”but this is wrong.” I said ,”who are we to decide what is wrong or not?” by saying this she hugged me tightly and said, “yeah only u r the one with whom I share every thing, so only u can fulfill my desires.” a chill ran down my spine as I heard these words from my didi. Hugged her tightly and we kissed each other. She was so passionate while kissing that I realized that she also had the same love for me as I had for her. She used a perfume which turned me on very much and I totally forgot the relation between us. I kissed her madly and squeezed her boobs . She took off her nighty and threw it on the floor licked her boobs, caressed her nipples which was absolutely hard and awesome. I gave a bite on her nipples and she was moaning out of pleasure. I moved onto her feet and started licking her legs and her white silk smooth thighs and finally reached her vagina which seemed to be the doorway of heaven for me. A raw smell came out of her pussy which turned me mad. I licked her clit just like a dog. She was moaning very loudly which just seemed to have my best hearing in my life. I still couldn’t believe that all I was doing was with my adorable didi about whom I fantasized. She had a orgasm after about 20 mins. I thought this was the right time to insert my 8’cock into her pussy. I took my dick and inserted into her pussy, by doing this she hold me tightly and her nails pricked my shoulders. I felt the excitement and pleasure she had. I gave her strokes which she excepted with great enjoyment. I felt she wasn’t a virgin. Very abusive words came out of my mouth which I don’t wanna share. As I was fucking her I pressed her soft butts and her boobs which were looking like heaven. After around 25 mins I felt I was to cum.

I took out my penis as I wasn’t wearing a condom, and I knew the consequences of comming inside her pussy. as I took out my dick she got up and held my dick in her hand and licked the bulge of mu dick. She didn’t utter a single word except moaning for so long. But now she said, “bhai your dick is far better than shreyanshu(her boyfriend).” I was going to say something when suddenly she took it into her mouth and started sucking it. It was beyond my wildest dreams that she would do this, as when I had sex with my ex-gf she refused to give me blowjob and now my own sis was doing this. I realized what a slut she was. It was the happiest moment in my life so far. She sucked it as if she was a porn star. I just kept quiet and held her head and caressed her silky hairs. After several mins I said ,”didi, I cant resist any longer, I am going to cum.” she replied, “yeah, bhai give it to me” I poured out all the sperm in her mouth and out of my surprise she drank it all. After that I kissed her for a long time and felt asleep. Next morning I found my Bermudas on, perhaps she put it on me when I was asleep. I didn’t find my sister beside me. I was now feeling guilty about last night’s incident. Didi came with two cups of coffee. And said, “don’t worry, bhai every thing happened between us will always be secret.” I just nodded my head. One month have passed on and I can never be the same brother which I used to be before.

I don’t know whether I have committed a sin or not but certainly the pleasure I got from my didi can never be forgotten. I will always cherish those moments throughout my life and wait for another night when I and she will be alone. If any matured woman or girl is interested then mail me [email protected] till then bye!