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This isn’t a specific sexual event as the focal point of this story. Rather, it’s written to emphasize the importance of solid, appropriatemunication with your spouse, regarding your desires.

I distinctly remember over a year ago visiting my sister Pam with my wife Kate and our young daughter. The bed was ufortable and I had difficulty getting any rest until entirely too late into the morning hours.  I laid awake, watching my beautiful soulmate, trying to sleep, hoping my fantasy would put me in a happy place.  It was the same desire I’ve had a thousand times before.  While I couldn’t muster up the courage to have the conversation with her, the truth remained. Almost nothing consumed my intimate thoughts like my absolutely burning desire to fuck Kate in the ass.

There is no way to explain around it.  The idea of anal sex with my partner appealed to me long before I saw it in an inappropriate movie in my youth.  It was always appealing, long before I knew Kate and her beautiful round bottom.  I guess it’s abination of the naughtiness, tightness, and the trust factor of playing in such a delicate area.  I’m just simply a backdoor man, by nature.  Now I had the love of my life and our wonderful life together. But the biggest thing missing was my desire to plow my cock deep into her rectum, and fill it with semen. This was something I dreamed of so many times before.  Approaching six years of marriage, I knew this simply had toe to a head.  I had to find a way to tell her.

At times, Kate would ask if there was anything lacking in our sex life, anything I wanted to try.  If you get technical about it, I lied every time I assured her all was good. Because I constantly dreamed of pounding away in her sweet round butt with everything I could muster.  One night, after particularly good lovemaking, the mood seemed great and we were laying in each others’ arms. I told her I had something I needed to run by her.

“I need you to hear me out and give honest consideration to what I’m saying. But I want to assure you that I love you more than anyone else in this world and that will not change, even if you shoot down my idea.  I have been holding this in for years, but I have to be honest and let you know I really have an incredible desire to have anal sex with you.” There, it was finally out in the open.  As I waited for her reaction, an oddbination of anxiety and feeling the weight of the world had been lifted set over me.

“Anal?  But we already do that.” she replied after a few seconds of absorbing the conversation.  What she was confused by and was referring to is our deep, passionate rimming that we routinely make a part of our sex life.

“You want to put your cock inside me there?” she expressed.  “I thought that is just for gays.” she said, still surprised.

Understand that Kate is from a very rural province in the Philippines.  Heterosexual anal sex is notmon in that culture at all.  In fact, her honest reaction was legitimate in the sense she never heard of any heterosexual couple doing such.  I explained that it is much moremon, though still practiced by a minority of western heterosexual couples.

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We went through the reasons I find it appealing.  We talked about variety, intimacy, thoughts regarding anal in a Christian marriage, size (she’s a petite 4’8″ and I’m 5’9″) and physical challenges that might be realized, worries about cleanliness/”poop concerns”, etc.  At the end of the day, I explained, I’m just an ass man.  I told her about the first time, shortly after getting married and staying in our luxury Manila hotel, we had 69’d and I had a perfect view of her beautiful dark brown rosebud.  I told her about while savoring the taste of her juicy pussy I couldn’t stop thinking about how I wanted to part that beautiful rosebud and and bury my cock deep into her asshole.

“You held this all in for this many years?” she asked with softpassion in her voice.  “Honey, I don’t ever want you to feel like you have to keep these things to yourself, hold them in, and not be open with me.” she said.

“I was so scared of how it might go for the longest time. I even worried about losing you, but came to believe after this amount of time your reaction wouldn’t be THAT extreme.”

“If this is what you want, then let’s give it a try.” she said, while holding me. She was defying her Filipino cultural norms.

Obviously, she could see the joy and relief I was feeling.  It was an incredibly happy and intimate moment.  We talked and held each other before she went to attend to our young daughter and leave me to sleep for the rest of the night.  As she left, I was on cloud nine knowing her soon-to-be dual purpose rectum would receive my cock.  I was so excited, I couldn’t sleep. I shopped on my phone for different anal lubricants and a few plugs to help with the “training” that I read is almost always needed.

It has been about 10 months since that conversation.  There was an acclimation period and I was afraid Kate would throw in the towel a couple of times. But my loving wife stayed the course, for my benefit.  I can’t say it always goes easy, and rarely can she take the entire length of my cock. We make a little more progress all the time.

Sometimes, if all goes well in just the right position, she can let me thrust freely. So far, that has never happened yet directly from behind, which is the ultimately goal.  Her bentpletely over would allow the most unrestricted access. I dream of being able to freely pound every millimeter of me into her.  There are plenty of detailed stories I will share in time. This story is about opening up to your spouse. I hope it’s an inspiration for someone, whether your situation is anal or a longing of a different nature.

It is amazing to think, when we attend her cultural gatherings, about the sex life we are enjoying.  I look around and smile. I am confident I have the most thoroughly sodomized (contemporary definition, not Biblical sin reference) Filapina wife in the room.  We have obliterated the shyness and reservations found in most such international marriages like ours.  I love Kate in every way imaginable.  Life without her would be unbearable and I strive to be the best husband I can be every day.  Also, I feel no shame or awkwardness in saying I absolutely love fucking Kate’s ass. It has enhanced our sex life tremendously.  I will indulge in sinking as deep as possible into her snug rectal warmth at every opportunity.