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tagIncest/TabooOpening Up To My Mother Pt. 03

Hello My Dear Readers…
Nothing compares to the love you people give me.
I was actually worried Part-2 might flop, and I am very pleased to know that the episode could be enjoyed.
This is the the final part of the Series, and will see more familiar figures from my erotic universe making an appearance. I have tried to make the cameos feel as less forced as possible, and I expect the result to be an interesting read.
Also, this is planned to serve as a direct pathway to what you can expect from Ayan & Mona in the future. I really want to carry their story forward, and I will be keeping you updated.
Throughout this episode, there will be instances that has the potential to question the very existence of the entire plot – I did say in the beginning that I would be taking certain liberties with this Series, and I have taken plenty of them here. However, I have still been extra careful while writing the same.
As mentioned earlier, the only aim was to deep dive into the untold events in the life of Ayan & Mona – If you rate the Series based on how progressive the story was, there will be disappointment. But, if you are kind enough to accept this as an attempt by a Son & Mother to know more about each-other, sensually, I am very hopeful of a better opinion.
Though initially planned as a simple spin-off, the extended edition of Sexting My Mother has ultimately grown big enough to be a full series on it's own, and this is easily the most complete tale I have written so far.
Another fact about this particular episode is that it has more number of words than in any work I had previously submitted – Editing this was a difficult task, and I really hope all of you will like the finale.
The following is an immediate continuation, and reading the earlier parts may make this more exciting.
Happy Reading!!
Mona : Hahaha!! Your loss!!
Ayan : I cannot believe this… I cannot accept you did that… But… How did I miss out on it?!
Mona : Haha!! I really wish I could see my son's calm & composed face, right now!! Hahaha!!
Ayan : If only I had checked the right side of your bag!!
Mona : Lol!! Well… Consider yourself lucky I am giving you a second chance…
Ayan : I now wish that the trip never got over… One more day, and I would have definitely taken you!!
Mona : You should not have hurried… You were the one who booked the flights… You wanted to rush back to college!!
Ayan : I booked the tickets well in advance… I had no idea we would be doing this!!
Mona : Hahaha!! A train journey would have been perfect… A long train journey… One as twisted as my Arun & your Neema's!! Lol!!
Ayan : Or even a never ending bus journey… Where we have the back seat for ourselves!! Shit!!
Mona : Haha!! I would have even gladly walked all the way from Delhi to Home – Oh Yeah, Yes!! If you agreed to fuck me once every 5 minutes. Lol!!
Ayan : What is the guarantee?! Hehe…
Mona : Well… I would simply be walking the entire two thousand kilometres fully naked!! Isn't that very thought enough guarantee?! Hahaha!!
Ayan : Mom… Wait!! You still haven't told me when you first saw me naked… Can you just please tell me when that was?!
Mona : Nah… You were supposed to know when I saw you naked. You did not – Not my fault!! Sorry.
Ayan : Come on, Mom… I tell you everything. Don't do this to me… I don't think I can breathe anymore until I know the truth!! Please!!
Mona : Hahahaha!! Yes!! But, I ain't tellin you shit!!
Ayan : Please, Mom!! Stop being a Rock for once!!
Mona : You know it!! You know when I saw you naked!! You are just not in a position to admit everything we have been doing!!
Ayan : What?! You are just lying, Mom!! Nothing ever really happened before Delhi!!
Mona : How can you be so sure?? And, why should I lie now, after all this?!
Ayan : I don't get it… You are just messing with me!! When did you ever see me naked!!
Mona : I have told you from the very beginning that I have always been seeing you naked!!
Ayan : Okay, fine. I have no idea. You Win!!
Mona : Okay.
Ayan : Okay!!
Mona : Okay…
Ayan : Mom, Please!! Stop this. Just tell me!!
Mona : Who is Diana Mariam?! I noticed you are friends with her in Facebook.
Ayan : What??
Mona : Who is she?? Who is this Diana?!
Ayan : How does that matter?? Why don't you first give me an answer to my question.
Mona : Who is Diana Mariam??
Ayan : What the hell!! You don't know her… What difference will it make?! Why can't you just stop fooling around, and tell me when it was that you saw me naked!!
Mona : I have seen you naked many times. I lost count, actually!!
Ayan : Why do you have to make everything so hard, Mom?!
Mona : Ayan… Tell me who she is. I want to know!!
Ayan : Why are you so worried about her??
Mona : I am not!!
Ayan : Then what is it?!
Mona : I just want to know…
Ayan : Ok… Did she send you a message??
Mona : No… Why?!
Ayan : I am just asking you…
Mona : Why do you sound worried?! Does she know something about my son that could bother his mother??
Ayan : Stop it!! There is nothing… Why don't you just tell me the truth!! It is as simple as that…
Mona : Tell me who she is, and I will think about sharing the truth with you!!
Ayan : She is in my Friend List – You saw her there!! So, she is my friend.
Mona : Your friend?! Like a friend who studied with you in school??
Ayan : Okay… My Facebook Friend.
Mona : When did you meet her??
Ayan : What do you mean by that??
Mona : What is so confusing here?? I asked you when did you meet her!!
Ayan : Why do you want to know all that??
Mona : Tell me…
Ayan : I haven't met her.
Mona : You sure??
Ayan : What?! Of-course!!
Mona : Why?? You did not feel like meeting her??
Ayan : We just talked Online.
Mona : Talked?! Who talked to who first?? You don't talk to her anymore??
Ayan : Why can't you simply tell me when you first saw me naked?!
Mona : I already told you, Ayan. I have been telling you that for a long time now – I have been telling you that very very early into this conversation of ours. I have always been seeing you naked.
Ayan : You are irritating me!!
Mona : Okay… Sorry. Bye!!
Ayan : Mom!! What is this?!
Mona : How do you know Diana Mariam??
Ayan : Fine… Have it your way… But, stop being so stubborn!! Okay… So, we met online, Mom. We never had a meeting in real – We never had a chance. And, to be very honest, I haven't even seen her face yet. Neither has she seen mine. I mean, she has seen me in the pictures I upload… But, she has none in her profile.
Mona : I don't get it… Why are you stressing on the fact that she has seen your face only in pictures you upload?! How else is she supposed to see you face, if you haven't met her in real!!
Ayan : Mom… We are just… You know… What people call Internet Friends!! Yeah?! You understand, now?? She is my chat-mate…
Mona : Chat-mate?!
Ayan : Yeah…
Mona : Just chat-mate… Or…
Ayan : Or?? What are you hinting at??
Mona : Is she your sex-chat-mate?!
Ayan : Are you fucking crazy?!
Mona : Don't swear.
Ayan : What made you ask that question?? What are you trying to prove??
Mona : I don't like it when you lie.
Ayan : I am not lying.
Mona : You cannot lie, Ayan… You cannot, if you want the truth from me. So, stop lying!!
Ayan : I don't know what your problem is… But, I don't want to fight with you, Mom…
Mona : Then don't!!
Ayan : Fine… She started texting me a year ago… More than that actually… I guess. And, we slowly started talking about our relationships, and soon about the physical intimacy we shared with our partners. It did not take a lot of time before we started telling each-other about our fantasies. We did not even realize when we had started sending sex messages.
Mona : So, it is not just your mother you sext with!! You have a lot of women!!
Ayan : Mom… Please!! That is not how this is… I have been sexting only Diana.
Mona : And, how often have you been sexting her??
Ayan : Okay… I don't want to hide this from you… Very often!!
Mona : Everyday?!
Ayan : Almost everyday…
Mona : Even as you continued dating your girlfriends?!
Ayan : Err… Yes.
Mona : Ahaana has any idea??
Ayan : Not really… She did ask me if I am doing something that would hurt her. But, she does not know…
Mona : You never felt you were cheating on her??
Ayan : Mom… I don't know how I should explain this to you… It was just too easy with Diana. I mean, she made me feel so good. We talk about a lot of things. I don't know why, I just feel she understand me perfectly.
Mona : Hahaha!!
Ayan : What?!
Mona : Nothing.
Ayan : Tell me…
Mona : You been exchanging pictures too??
Ayan : What?? No!!
Mona : Yeah?! You sure?? I think you have already admitted to doing that, though not intentionally.
Ayan : Well… Yes…
Mona : With your face cropped out??
Ayan : Mom…
Mona : Yes OR No!!
Ayan : Mom…
Mona : You have been sending her naked pictures of yours, haven't you?!
Ayan : Mom… Please!!
Mona : Tell me…
Ayan : Yes!!
Mona : Okayyyyy… So, she has seen you naked!!
Ayan : What does this have to do with you, Mom?? Why can't you just stop harassing me like this!!
Mona : I need you to tell me everything, Ayan. I deserve to know… Have you seen her naked?! Tell me!!
Ayan : I don't remember, Mom…
Mona : Stop bullshitting!!
Ayan : I have, Mom!! You cannot ask me all this…
Mona : I can, Ayan… I can… Did you like it??
Ayan : I am not liking this!!
Mona : Hahaha!! Did you like seeing her naked?? That is what my question was!!
Ayan : I don't remember…
Mona : Okay… I understand… This must be difficult for you… Did you text her today?? No way you can forget that…
Ayan : No!! I did not text her today.
Mona : What about yesterday??
Ayan : Well… Yes!! But, we hardly talked. We didn't talk at all, actually. I had sent her a message, and she did not reply… I was texting you, Mom…
Mona : What about the time in Delhi?? You did not miss her when you were in Delhi with me??
Ayan : Why would I miss her, Mom!! She is just a very casual something…
Mona : I thought you said she was special!!
Ayan : I don't know, Mom… Maybe, I did miss her.
Mona : You were upset I was there with you, and you could not text her??
Ayan : Come on, Mom… I wasn't upset. There was no way I could talk to her all those days, anyway. She had gone to attend a Yoga Camp, in an Ashram.
Mona : She shared all these details with you?? I think you two are very close…
Ayan : It is nothing serious, Mom… We are just good with each-other.
Mona : You still haven't told me if you liked seeing her naked…
Ayan : Oh, Mom!! You are one stubborn human being… It was okay…
Mona : Okay?!
Ayan : Yeah… Just okay!!
Mona : Just okay?! Seeing her naked only made you feel okay??
Ayan : Yeah…
Mona : All her pictures were just okay??
Ayan : Yes, Mom!!
Mona : Aaahh, Diana!! You are one horny seductress!! This is the hottest thing I have seen my whole fucking life… I would die to have those tits in my hands for real… Your pussy is worth a billion dollars, Babby!! I so wish I could at-least sniff your hairy hole… I will gladly be your sissy slave if you would even let me lick your naked feet clean!! You know you never have to pay me!! You do not even need to feed me. I will survive just on your scat!!
Ayan : What??!!
Mona : You don't understand??
Ayan : How dare you?? What the fuck!!
Mona : Exactly…
Ayan : You just crossed all lines of decency, Mom!!
Mona : Oh, yeah?! I crossed a line?!
Ayan : You should just not have done that!! You were not supposed to!!
Mona : What makes you say I am not supposed to do that??
Ayan : Stop arguing for nothing!! You should be ashamed of yourself for logging into my Facebook Account.
Mona : I thought you said you wanted me to be your wife. Your wife has the right to check what you are doing on Social Media!!
Ayan : You just cannot access my chats like that. You betrayed me… You are such a disgrace!! I hate myself for talking to you all this while!!
Mona : Ayan… I understand you are angry. But, don't be so rude to me… You are hurting me. I did not do any of that!! I did not log into your account!! I did not access your chats.
Ayan : Oh, yeah?! Really?? You expect me to believe that?! How else do you know the exact messages I sent her?? You were spying on me, all this time!! You are so cheap, Mom…
Mona : Ayan!! Stop it. You have got it all wrong!!
Ayan : You are wrong here!!
Mona : I am not!!
Ayan : No wonder Dad left you!!
Mona : Hahaha!!
Ayan : What??
Mona : Hahhaha!!
Ayan : Stop laughing!! This is not funny…
Mona : Hahahahahahahaha!!
Ayan : Fine… Laugh!! Cry!! Do whatever you want, and just get lost!! You are worth nothing!!
Mona : Hahahahahahahahahhahahh!!
Ayan : Stop it!! Stop ridiculing me!! What you did is a crime!!
Mona : Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!
Ayan : Where did you get that text?? I checked my Account – It says it is connected only to my mobile. Is Diana in contact with you?? You better answer!! How do you know her?!
Mona : Lol!!
Ayan : What is happening here?! I just checked my chat with her, and she hasn't come online since last week. She did not even see the message I sent her yesterday. How long have you been in touch with her?! I need to know, Mom!!
Mona : Loool!!
Ayan : No…
Mona : Lol Lol!!
Ayan : The Text you sent me… You did not copy it. You typed each word… And, there is a mistake. You used the phrase 'whole fucking life'. I had said 'fucking whole life'. You did not just forward this message to me. Neither did Diana send you the same. All our conversations are in Private Mode – I just reconfirmed that. One cannot Copy or Screenshot. One can only save it for Offline Reads. You typed this message down, Mom… Either you have an extra-ordinary memory, and can remember each word in almost the very order Diana told you, or you have hacked into her account!! You got to tell me what you exactly you have been doing!!
Mona : Lol o Lol!!
Ayan : What is this!!
Mona : Lol Lol Lol!!
Ayan : Wait…
Mona : Lool Lool Lool!!
Ayan : No way!!
Mona : Lol o Lol o Lol!!
Ayan : No fucking way!!
Mona : LooooooL!!
Ayan : Mom?!
Mona : Haha!!
Ayan : No way!!
Mona : Hahaha!
Ayan : Mom!!
Mona : Hahahahaha!! Lol!!
Ayan : Mom!! It was you?! You are Diana?!
Mona : Excuse me?!
Ayan : Mom!! Enough of this hide & seek!! You are Diana Mariam?! I was talking to you?!
Mona : Nah… I am just some no good worthless female, who was abandoned by her husband, and who is a shame for her adult son.
Ayan : I did not mean that, Mom. I was just too shocked. I feel so embarrassed… About everything in that chat… You do know this is something so unbelievable!!
Mona : What is so unbelievable here??
Ayan : The very fact that you are Diana Mariam – That I was talking to you all this while!! Shit!! This is unreal.
Mona : I don't know what you are talking about… I don't know any Diana Mariam!!
Ayan : Come on, Mom… Please!!
Mona : Oh, Sir!! Kindly do not talk to me with respect. A low woman like me does not deserve that… I kindly request you to continue with your verbal abusing!!
Ayan : Mom… I am sorry I was rude… You do realize how shocking this whole revelation is. I just did not understand any of it!!
Mona : I am done texting you, Ayan… Bye!!
Ayan : Mom, please!! Don't do this to me… I am begging you to stay… Leaving you was Dad's biggest mistake. I cannot afford to make the same. I need you, Mom!! I am sorry I said all that.
Mona : Okay… But, still, Bye!!
Ayan : Mom… Please… Stay!! I have been thinking too much about us… This just cannot stop right now.
Mona : Hahaha!! Idiot!! Fine… Lol!!
Ayan : So, it was really you?!
Mona : Maybe…
Ayan : Please, Mom!!
Mona : It was me, Ayan!! I was the one talking to you in Facebook… I am Diana Mariam!!
Ayan : I really cannot accept you actually did that…
Mona : I have been addicted to you for so long… I had to do something, Ayan!!
Ayan : Still… How did you get the courage to?!
Mona : It was a matter of survival, Ayan!! I wanted to be with you so badly!! It is as simple as that.
Ayan : You could have told me, Mom. I had no idea it was you. I am not upset, but I feel so bad and guilty!!
Mona : I couldn't tell you, Ayan… You would not have talked to Diana if you knew she was your mother.
Ayan : I would have…
Mona : No!!
Ayan : Yes, Mom…
Mona : Maybe, you would have… But, definitely not how openly you talked to her!! You would never have told me all those intimate details…
Ayan : Wait!! Stop!! What about the photos we exchanged?? What about the photos she sent me??
Mona : I send them…
Ayan : I mean… Yeah, I know that!! But, where did you get those pictures??
Mona : What do you mean by that??
Ayan : I am talking about the naked pictures we exchanged!! Well, obviously, we traded images without showing our faces… But still, how did you manage to get the photos ready, with the exact poses I asked for??
Mona : You are so dumb, My Dear Son!!
Ayan : What?! Why can't you answer my question for once!!
Mona : Hahaha!!
Ayan : Are you trying to say… What?? Noooo!!
Mona : Yess!!
Ayan : It was you?! You were sending me nudes all along??
Mona : Finally!!
Ayan : You were the nude person in the nudes being sent to me?!
Mona : Oh, My Ayan!! Hahahaha!! Yes Yes Yes!!
Ayan : Do you even realize I have half of my phone's memory filled with naked pictures of yours?! Mom!!
Mona : Why are you feeling so disgusted?? Lol!! You send me plenty, too… Ten times more than what I sent you!! I had to subscribe to Cloud Storage to keep your pictures.
Ayan : Fuck!! I had no idea it was you!! I cannot believe I never found out!!
Mona : I thought you will catch me the very day I send you an array of pictures from your bedroom – Laying on your bed!!
Ayan : I had no idea!! You gave me no clue!!
Mona : Maybe, you were a little too careful about admiring Diana's body!!
Ayan : Mom… This is so unfair!!
Mona : I did tell you I have always been seeing you naked, Ayan.
Ayan : Who would have guessed?! And you said that only hours ago. We have been doing this for so long…
Mona : I had stripped down for you wearing the same Saree I wore the day of my wedding. The same attire that is on so many pictures framed in our house. You just got distracted!!
Ayan : I would have found out if any of it distracted me, Mom…
Mona : Hahaha!! I take that as a compliment, Ayan!! My body too!! Haha!! But, I seriously thought you will confirm Diana & I were the same person, at- least today morning – When I sent you that picture of myself… As the real me… From the real me… But, you were least hit!!
Ayan : I could have never guessed it was Diana!! She was always very bushy!! You tricked me there, Mom…
Mona : She was!! Until, she shaved!! Hahaha!!
Ayan : No wonder the legs looked so familiar… Yet I let myself be hooked onto the mole around your pussy, so easily!!
Mona : Your Fault!! Again!!
Ayan : I was so used to seeing Diana with her very covered, almost fully black, crotch, I had no clue about how she would look clean & shining!! I had been feasting on her body for months now. I just did not know it was my own mother!!
Mona : Hahaha!! Yessss!! You just did not know… I am glad to know you are so smart. Diana Mariam is pleased!!
Ayan : Shut Up!! This could have turned bad, Mom. You should have warned me in some way… I feel so relieved I did not show any the pictures you send me as Diana, to my friends!!

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