Operation Happy Dad Pt. 04

tagIncest/TabooOperation Happy Dad Pt. 04

Dr Baxter called for a follow up, we talked about dad and what treatments he was using and the methods. I tried to play dumb like I didn't know all the answers she was looking for so she said she would like to see dad. She put me through to her receptionist to make an appointment. The doctor didn't have any spots available for 2 weeks, so I made a suggestion that dad could come in at the end of the day and slip in just after her last appointment for a short consultation. The receptionist said she would have to run this by Dr Baxter first for an approval. She was gone a minute or so and asked "Is Friday at 5 pm is OK?"
"Yes dad will be there at 5 pm Friday!" I Confirmed with her. Dad took off 15 minutes early from work and meet me at the doctors on Friday. The minute he entered the room I said, "God dad your gonna have a check up and you worked all day and stink like sweet and body odor!"
"Sorry Danni I actually had to work today, like manual labor work!" This made dad laugh because he very rarely has to do any heavy lifting. "I had to help parts dept ship some important orders and well you know parts for big machines aren't light!"
"Well dad you smell like you just got finished a work out at the gym!" The nurse took us into the main exam room and told the doctor that she would lock up on the way out, "Goodnight Dr Baxter." she said as she left. Dr Baxter asked dad a bunch of questions and he seemed to get a little embarrassed answering them in front of me.
"Hey I think I will head out and do a little shopping now, dad phone me when you are done and I'll come and get you!" Dr Baxter Informed me that they are going to do some tests and some therapies and they could be awhile. "Ill wait for your call dad." I replied as I left the exam room. I went to the front doors and thought if I go out I can't come back in and catch the doctor red handed, so maybe Ill just stay inside. I silently went to the exam room door and tried the knob but it was locked, shit shit shit. How am I going to find out if the doc falls for dads penis and how am I going to get any leverage.
I walked past the reception desk and there was a small door in the wall that said Security, it puzzled me because that's where I thought the exam rooms where located. The door was locked of course and I'm no locksmith so I sat at the admission desk and got out my phone I was scrolling thru Facebook when I looked up at the desk in front of me and all the keys that were hanging under the shelf. One had a tag that said security. I took the key and walked to the door, It opened easily and the room was not very big 4 ft by 6 ft with one chair in front of 6 large computer screens. The front of the building was showing its live feed and so was the back, the one for the front desk was off and so where the 3 exam room feeds, I pressed the button on the main exam room feed and wow there was dad taking off his clothes and sitting on the exam chair.
It was kind of boring, Dr Baxter was very professional so I started looking around the room and there were a bunch of memory sticks with dates on them. So this stuff can be recorded I thought. I took an old stick and stuck it in the computer slot and the pop up said what room do you want to record . I choose the main exam room. Do you want to record over previous recordings? I choose yes, a red light came on and it said recording session. Wow that was easy, so I sat and waited for dad to do what I told him to do.
The exam went fairly normal, I heard dad apologies for the way he smelled, Dr Baxter said "Please don't worry about it Mr. Thomas, you smell like a man to me!" Dad smiled and wow what a great smile he has, I'm so glad that beard is gone he looks way better now. I'd fuck him I thought to myself, oh wait I already did as I grinned. I stuck my hand between my legs and felt my juices flowing through my panties, fuck do I get hot at weird shit, Incest with dad, controlling dads cock, leveraging beautiful woman. I made a straight girl eat pussy and nearly drowned her in the process of dad fucking her to death. I am such a fucking bitch, I love it.
Dr Baxter asked dad about the Viagra and the PRP treatment that he never tried and then came to the Prostaglandin E1. "That stuff is magic Doc," dad said. They talked about the amounts dad took and the positioning of the needle, what was the best place to insert the shot. Dr Baxter looked at dad and said "OK are you ready,"
"Ready for what!" Dad said."
"Why to take a shot, so I can see what it does." Dr Baxter responded.
"Umm Okay Doc, I guess so, if that's what we need to do." Dads acting skills are really coming along I thought. "I'm not very good at the injecting part Doc and if we want this to work you had better do the shot!" As she got the shot ready dad laid back and tried to relax. She was very careful about placing the shot and as soon as she was finished she put a timer on her watch. Dr. Baxter scribbled some notes in her notebook as we waited for dads cock to become hard.
It is amazing for me to see my cock slowly grow without any manual stimulation at all, in my whole life that just does not happen very often, Prostaglandin E1 is fucking awesome. Dr. Baxter checked the rigidity of my penis every minute. At 5 minute mark I was half hard, when I got to the 10-minute mark I was fully erect and hard as a rock. I was in heaven this Gorgeous lady was manipulating my penis and paying it so much attention. I finally had a penis I could be proud of and not embarrassed about. I never noticed the tear rolling down my cheek when Dr. Baxter took a tissue and wiped it away, her smile melted me and I was lost. I closed my eyes and turned my head but the tears kept on coming so I opened them again. The smile on Dr Baxter's face blazed away as she held my hand saying, "I believe those are the happiest tears I have ever seen!"
Dr. Baxter did some tests and some new ultrasound measurements on my penis. Mr. Thomas I'm all done with your testing, how long does it take for it to go down? "Well doctor If I had to masturbate it usually takes two orgasms for my erection to go down."
"Is there any type of oil that you prefer Mr. Thomas?" As Dr. Baxter rumbled around in a Cupboard for a few minutes and brought out three or four types of lubricants. I picked up the baby oil and started putting it on my cock when the doctor came over sat in her rolling chair between my legs.
"Do you mind Mr. Thomas if I see how your gland areas react to different stimulation's?" I shook my head and smiled. "Would it also be OK if I do a verbal record of this so that I can keep notes while I work my hands?"
"I don't mind a bit doctor fly at it." Dr. Baxter stroke the base of my cock and ask me about the feeling from 1 to 10 I told her "2!" As she stroked the center of my penis she asked me what the feeling was like from 1 to 10 I said "three maybe four." She stroked the gland right below the head of my penis and asked what about now. I said "four maybe five!" She stroked the head of my cock, put her hand all around it, up and down, swirled it around it again and again. Before she even asked I said "six maybe seven!"
"That's a little odd, the head should be much most sensitive than the upper shaft. You probably have the same amount of nerve endings as a normal penis but because your penis is so large it spreads the nerve endings out so they don't cover with the same concentration in that area. Mr. Thomas does it feel any different when you are stimulated orally?"
"I usually couldn't have an orgasm when I only had manual stimulation from my wife, but shes been gone 3 years now so I guess I don't know anymore.
"What about other woman you have been with?" The doctor asked me.
"Nope! She was the only one!" I said in a whisper.
Dr. Baxter turned and went to her desk to get something and wiped the tears away while she was there. She organized a stack of papers as she gathered her composure, she forced a big smile on her face, turned and went back to her seat. " Mr Thomas!" the doctor began.
"Please Doc call me Steve!" I quickly replied.
"Steve manual stimulation rarely caused an orgasm, so can you tell me what did?"
" That's easy!" I said "My wife, she would play with me all the time. She knew just how to touch me and how long it took for me to get it up. Once it started to get hard she never let it go back down, she went to town on it and when it was hard she would take me in her mouth and within a minute or two I was coming up a storm! She did the same thing when we wanted to make love, but I would prime her pump first if you know what I mean Doc. So instead of taking me into her mouth when I was ready, she would jump up on me and ride me like I was the last man on earth. Sometimes I would flip her over into the missionary position and send her into heaven, We had a great sex life Doc, we really did. Dr Baxter smiled at me and just like she bent over and took the head of my penis in her mouth, it's amazing how my life has turned around in the last few months I never thought an incredibly beautiful doctor would be sucking on my penis in her office. I couldn't even dream of such a thing happening a few months ago.
Dr. Baxter had a very good technique, one hand on each side of my penis swirling both hands up and down the shaft of my long cock. She had her mouth sucking my head while she twisted her head from side to side, it seemed to catch all the glands under and over the head, It was fantastic. It took about 5 minutes for me to really get into it and I could tell the doctors arm and mouth were getting sore. I finally felt that tingle building up from my balls, I was about ready to shoot my load. I yelled "Fast as you can, fast as you can, now now!" Dr. Baxter give me the best blowjob I have ever had. She swallowed everything I had and when she was finished, she shot up with sweat dripping from her forehead, looked at me and gave me the biggest smile I've ever seen. Oh my god I think I'm in love.
Dr. Baxter walked over to her desk took off her white gown, turned around and said "Do you mind Steve if I take you for a spin?" Did she just say what I thought she said, my mind raced to process this question, answer her quickly for Christ sake my brain screamed. "Why certainly doctor I would be honored!" I said with a big grin on my face. That was the best that I could come up with.
Dr. Baxter stripped off her clothes and walked over to me, she was stunningly beautiful my eyes could not believe how perfect she was. She was almost to perfect, my mind raced with self doubt, she is too good for you Steve you don't deserve this amazing creature. I looked down at my huge hard cock and thought if she wants it, I'm going to give it to her better than anyone ever has or I'm going to die trying. This would be a great way to die I thought as I grinned like the Cheshire cat.
She bent down and smelled my chest and said "I absolutely love the smell of a real man!" I kissed her hard on the mouth and tried to act like a REAL man without being a dick. It was hot and wet and awesome I really wanted to warm her up before sex so I nibbled her neck and breasts an grabbed big handfuls of her ass while we kissed deeply and passionately.
"Oh my god you smell amazing!" the Doc screams as she buries her nose in my chest hair.
Wow Danni thought, I never pegged the Doc as having a sweaty boy fetish, from her little seat in the security room.
I tried to go down on the doc for a munch of her pussy but she said "no no!" I want your cock in me now. She broke free and grabbed a foam mat and rolled it out. "Lie down on your back Steve because I'm gonna ride the bull!" Doc Baxter hissed.
I laid on my back and waited for Docs gentle mounting of my big pole. Kneeling down on the mat the Doc rubbed my cock on her pussy lips and sank down onto the head, as soon as the head was in she immediately plunged down on all 10 inches of cock, I was stunned at the force of her thrust and said "Careful there Doc you don't want to hurt yourself."
"Don't you worry about me Steve I have dildos as big as you!" she said as she did a 10 inch hip slam into my waist.
All I could do is hang on for dear life as she went nuts on my shaft, bang bang bang full thrusts from top to bottom of my cock. Then she would be all the way in and do 3 or 4 hip thrusts backwards and forwards like she was trying to make her hole bigger, I have never felt anything like it, woman have always been somewhat careful that they didn't hurt themselves, but not the doctor, it was like she was trying to hurt my cock. It had only been maybe 10 minutes when I got that pressure feeling like I'm gonna cum, I did not want to cum before the Doc and pinched my hip as hard as I could to distract myself. It worked for another minute or so until she screamed "I'm gonna cum now!"
I have seen some great orgasms from woman bouncing on my dick but this was one of the most beautiful woman I could ever Imagine riding my dick to an orgasm that I can only describe as cataclysmic. Her body started to shake and her hips went into super speed, she squirted over my head and across the room, the second squirt got me square in the face and all the rest did as well. I opened my mouth to breath and it was filled with liquid shooting at me. I held my breath for a few seconds and I was so busy dealing with Docs Orgasm that I didn't even realize I was bouncing around under her having my own orgasm. Maybe I came a little after her but our bodies shook like we were being electrocuted at the same time. I had curled my head up and held my hands on the mat, all the muscles in my neck strained to help thrust up into the hottest pussy I've ever had.
Dr. Kelly Baxter Flopped forward onto my chest with our sweat and juices soaking our bodies. My cock still buried deep within her, she grabbed both sides of my face and kissed me like it was her last kiss on earth, I could feel the passion in her ebbing into my soul finally she released my face and sat up, my rock hard cock making a big protruding lump in the middle of her stomach. Doc put her hand on the lump on her stomach and wiggled it around gently laughing I could feel the pressure on my cock head buried deep inside of her. The picture of loveliness sitting on my waist playing with my cock from the outside of her body was to much for me to bear. so I spoke the only words that came from my heart.

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