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Hi I am a school guy. I’d like to share my experience. It’s a quite long story. I am at 12th std .com. Group at tat time our area has many houses. opp. To my house there is another which is for rental. Area is situated a bit long dist from heart of town. There is a college near to my house. Some of the girls studying in it reside the house opp to mine. I always sighted them. Some time I can see some exposes by them, from their house top floor while I’m in my house top floor. I often had seen them. Then one day they left the place and went, since their course is over. After that a lady (girl) came to reside there. After few days she made fried ship wit neigh. Including my mom. She is a mca graduate who was working in a nearby software company. And her native is tamilnadu (coiambatore). tat company had lot of branches and she was shifted here. Her name Kalpana.

She was a good figure I didn’t admire her at the first was in my way. I had many works preparing for my exam. I had some doubts in com. But first I didn’t intend to ask her. She was very friendly to my family. My mom and her chatted often. Some times I also talked to her. She asked abt my studies and so on. One day my mom and dad went to a marriage. I was instructed to get my house key from Kalpana. After my school I went to her house it was locked. Then after 15-20 min she came. She was from her office. Then she saw me and said “hi”, I replied too. She went into her house and asked me to come in. I went in and asked for key. She said “wait for few minutes I’ll get it” I thought tat she was a louse, for a key y I have to wait. Then she came to me wit cup of coffee. I was ashamed my self for tat thought. She was very kind. she said “I know ur mother will come only after 8or9 so have this coffee.” Then she gave me the key. She, “Rahul, give ur com. Books let me know what Is there In u r syllabus.” I took it from my bag and gave it to her. She had a glance over those and discussed some topics. She also said tat if u has any doubt then u can come to me and have it cleared. I went to home then contd. Wit my work. I am some what good at my studies scoring above or below 80{041eef37a7f5b4db29dcc3cd09231a71295f4b2233e89afb6c97dccfcef67ea6}. But I had keen interest in comp. I am also good in computers. I always lingered to gain knowledge in comp. And also in math. Tats enough abt me. let me tell abt Kalpana.

She looked good, fair, simple but some what modern her ages between 20-22. She was also from some what wealthy family. I was surprised tat she was alone. But she was almost alone from her 10th staying in hostel up to college end. She is not too fat she had good structure and nice sexy parts. I went to her home tat day to clear some doubt in comp. I was admired by her teaching. She teaches very well she. I was admired by her prog. Skills which helped to gain some know. U knows I was interested in comp. So went often to clear my doubts my mother also allowed it without any hesitation, full hearted. We became very friendly. I some times call her sister.

She often wears a full skirt covering up to her foot and shirt some times chudi. Wit or wit out shall. I never admired it. I was keen in my subject. I went to her house she was watching TV and it was quart. holiday and a Sunday too. I went wit my books to gain some extra know. in my subject. She was in thick light red cotton sari. I went wit some doubts and had cleared it. I went to her comp. To do some prog. In my home there was no comp. And I trained myself wit hers. Then again I came to request to teach on some topic out of syllabus. She took an started teaching. Now while teaching her pallu went down slightly then it came down slowly we were sitting on floor. She leaned down slightly and was writing some e.g. And flow charts on paper without noticing her pallu suddenly it fell down on her hands and I saw her valley but only for seconds she placed it back in a fraction wit teaching to me . The blouse was a low cut blouse I can’t see through her sari since the sari was made of thick cotton material. After few minutes it went down again but very slowly I can see her starting point of valley then it came down fully and again I saw the cleavage. now I noticed her very little bit part of her bra on left side was visible .she again placed it back I soon turned my eyes on book. She was wearing a white bra.

From tat day I was attracted towards her I started to watch on her private parts which are very sexual. But tat day was only my lucky day then after tat I didn’t saw her in sari.

One day I went into her house she was sweeping the floor .she was in skirt and shirt .she was bending and doing the job. I was standing back to her. I was admiring her big butts. for a while then I went in front of her to see any cleavage if there is a chance when she saw me she stood up and greeted me then contd. In her work but I cant see valley since the shirt covered up to her neck.

She then came back to teach me, while tat time I saw her breast through the shirt but it was not tat sexy as in sari. Some times she went to office wit sari. She usually gives the house key to mom. Tat day I went to get it. I saw her hip region then while turning I caught a sight of her parabola. Then after she often wore sari and went to office I saw daily her white spongy hip, but only some time the curvy parabola. Now my school re opened and I can’t see them again. I just can only admired her shapes. I went to her home tat day very casually. I had luck. She was wearing a tight t-shirt I caught sight of her boobs which was tightly cupped. This time I got heavenly chance to see those breasts. She was damn sexy in tat her normal sized body but projecting big handful breasts tat was like same as cine actress wear t-shirts. Tat day was my heavenly day I spent 1 hour admiring those jugs. After so many days I got tat chance. Tat I masturbated thrice. Only the person who experienced these things can know this. And it was my first time to see them very closely. But after tat I had the same experience as before.

One day I went to her house to practice some prog. In her comp. After 1 hour she came tome and said “sorry Rahul, I have to go to a party in my company, today is my friends birthday so I will leave by15 min soon finish u r job or u save it and continued. Tomorrow.” I said “no problem will finish now within 15 min”. After few min I finished my work and came out. oh I was dammed to it she was in a t-shirt as it was in tat day and she was wearing jean tat looked sexy. She was arranging herself to leave. While locking the door she asked “Rahul y can’t u come wit me to the party” I said “I’ll ask permission from my mom.” I ran to my house I saw my mom was preparing to leave somewhere she said me to look after the house. I asked her for permission, since there is no one to look after me she accepted to go wit her. Then I went wit Kalpana . She first went to gift shop to by gift It was evening 7 full traffic. From gift shop to her office I was driving her scooty since she said she cant’ manage heavy traffic. But there was a quite dist. In between us suddenly in a turning a bike came crossing us and I suddenly applied the breaks. Tat was the moment as in cinema she was pulled forward and dashed me on the back wit her spongy breast .her boobs was pressed on my back I never thought of it tat this would happen it was my another lucky day. Then I think over tat some times even cinema events occur real. She was seemed to be casual she was angry on the bike rider who crossed us. She cursed him but I thanked him. It was a fine Sunday morning I went to her home wit some to do some prog in her comp. I heard some water splashing sound. I guessed tat she might be taking bath. I went to the comp. Room the door automatically closes it self since the room was air con. I switched on the a/c and sat in front of the system working in it there was a phone ring and I continued

The phone rang but I continued my work in prog. But after a while again I heard the phone ringing so I stood from my chair, then the ring sound stopped and I sat back to do my work again after a few seconds I heard some talking and loud laughing sound of kalpana . I slowly came towards the door and peeked through the key hole to see what is happening . I was flying in space, I saw her talking in phone. The phone was straight opp. To door and it was a quite long dist. From the door so I could see her clearly. She was sitting on the floor and talking through phone and she made me to fly in heaven.

She was wrapped by a towel and showing her back to me but it was also covered by the towel. Her right knee was visible and some side part of her thigh was visible. That towel covered up to ¾ of her thigh. I was very much surprised to see tat sight since it was my 1st experience I was very much excited. I am getting these lucky things only some times. I can’t control my self.

I saw the towel level was lowering slowly, I think the knot must have loosed. Then it suddenly came down within seconds. Oh! Tat was a wonder full sight I ever seen. Her bare back was completely visible .she kept the hairs in front this made to see her back clearly. Unluckily the towel covered her butts I can’t see them she was sitting on the floor and continued her chat on the phone. Her soft fair white back made my cock got stiff thick rock hard. She never turned towards me, I can’t see any more. I saw her bare hands but it covered even side views of her breast. I can’t see even very inches of her breast. I can’t control my self just only for these sights since it was my 1st time. I slide my hand into my pants and underwear I felt my pre cum. If I have seen her whole things I must have cumed right at tat moment. She was doing some thing wit the towel I thought tat she was going to tie it again but she tied only at her hip. She was chatting for more than 20 min. She never knew my presence in the room.

She put back the phone and stood up and walks towards the bathroom which is on left to her so she turned left wow I saw her hip again but her hands were covering her breast. I was massaging my cock seeing these lovely sexy sights. Tat was wonderful sight I ever seen. I came back to the chair. I can’t control so I unzipped and took out the cock it was standing erect I gave fast jerks to my dick thinking about her. I cumed and relaxed my self. Then I came back to my position.

Then after few minutes the door was opened and it was kalpana standing out there in a little surprised position she was wearing yellow chudi. She asked me “rahul when u came in I have not seen u” I replied “I came an hour before I saw no one in home so I went to computer for doing prog. When u came to house?” I asked her as if I do no anything she said “rahul I was in my bathroom taking bath. Whether u heard the phone ring? It rang just ½ an hour ago.” I said “sorry I was wearing the headphone listening to songs. I can’t hear tat.” She was satisfied on hearing this. She: “tats okay continue wit u r work.” I called her and showed her the program and she made some corrections and worked it correctly.

I went out to and asked her “r u bathing r sleeping in bath room, u said u were taking bath an hour ago.” She laughed and said tat “I’m a lazy girl and I have to wash my clothes so it took tat long and u r the fool loosed a phone call since I was in I cant attend to it” I smiled back and thought tat I’m not the fool and u not noticed me watching u. I smiled myself inside my heart thinking abt her foolish lie. I came back to my house satisfied. I again masturbated tat day thinking abt tat.

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