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I came back to my house satisfied. I again masturbated tat day thinking abt tat. I went to her house and studied there and had a chat wit her. She said “rahul, I’m going to coiambatore tomorrow I might stay there for a week and i’ll come back. I already got leave” I asked “why u r leaving all of a sudden?” She said “I’m going to my home to rest there for a while and to see my family and relatives”. I “OK then have a nice time in u r native place. But after returning I may have lot of doubts in comp. And math u should clear it for me.” Said wit a friendly smile. She “wit pleasure i’ll clear all u r doubts”

The days went very hard without her I sighted the girls in my school but it not satisfied as her since I spend lot of time wit her than any other girls. I waited for her return. She did not returned after a week I was disappointed very much. She came 3 days late. I went to her house next day she was lying back in the resting back white chair reading some book. She was in red sari revealing her hip. I asked “y r u late? I thought u would have came back 3 days before” She “sorry little boy I had some works there.” I “okay now u have to clear my doubts” She “ya tell u r doubts”.

I asked her doubts and got cleared it. While I was wit her I saw the curvy parabola, side view of her breast many times. I was sitting in left to her I also saw the out line of her bra on the side. It really made me horny and my cock grew up. I went to my house masturbating 3 times tat night. I was a really good day for me. I noticed my self tat I was also good at my studies. I never driven back by those thoughts while studying this was my one advantage. But during free times I recollected those sexy thoughts and masturbated many times. I had exams coming so I was preparing for it hard for nearly two weeks I hardly never masturbated during tat time. I went to her house to have a chat as my ½ exams r over. She was in chudi with out shall tat day making me really horny. Since I didn’t masturbate for a long time it rouse to my extreme to see her boobs, it was big projecting out. If she makes a lean it will definitely show a good cleavage. She was standing in front of me and going through my exam question papers one paper fell down from her hand and she leaned in front of me tat was my lucky paper which gave me a chance to see. I saw the cleavage; a dark cleavage which was very sexy made my cock stiffer. Oh! What a pleasure tat was to see a real good dark cleavage in between two white spongy breasts.

She “rahul do me a favor. Please get this tube light fixed up on tat tube light stand. It is too difficult wit out a tube light here.” She gave me a stool and I stood up on the stool. She gave me a new tube light while I saw again a cleavage from top but not well as the previous one. I fixed it up then I came down. I went to drink some water in the kitchen while she was checking the tube light working. I had water and turned back I saw her running towards me. I was confused but she came running to put of the burning gas since the milk was boiling. I “y do u came running if u have said me I might have turned it off.” She “I didn’t think of it I was in a hurry to turn it off when I saw it from there. How foolish I am” I didn’t fail to see the breasts while running. Wow it was a holy sight. Her breasts moved up and down, jiggling through her green shall-less chudi, alternative shakes of her breasts. I again think over it in slow motion its heavenly sexy made me hot.

I soon went to my house to toilet and I saw I had lot of pre-cum over my underwear, pre-cums oozing out. I masturbated thinking of that nice sexy dark cleavage and the hot jiggling of breasts. I came wit three shots of heavy load of semen. I came back to rest after it. I masturbated twice tat night. I went to school and tat day made me really happy. Since I scored above 80{041eef37a7f5b4db29dcc3cd09231a71295f4b2233e89afb6c97dccfcef67ea6} in all my science subjects. So I was set free for ten days examination leave others who scored low are instructed to come to school for 3 hours per day for those ten days. I was lucky tat I got leave. During morning time kalpana went to office. I was left alone in home I spend some times in browsing centers reading stories and watching xxx movies then some more time studying. In evenings I went to her house and spent time playing games in her comp. And chatting wit her. Some times we went out for shopping and went to beach for spending time. She went out of station for two days abt her work. She returned back on Friday afternoon.

It was a Saturday morning nearly 10. I went to her house. I switched on the TV and I was chatting wit her abt her work in during those two days, she was in kitchen doing some thing. She came out applying oil on her head wit the right hand and an oil cup in her left hand. She sat on the resting back chair made off plastic which was quite similar as the chairs which we can see near the swimming pools, in which one can lie down. She continued wit her speech to me simultaneously applying oil on her head and hairs.

She “I was very much tired wit those works on tat day. The job required lot of work.” I “it seems u r going to take oil bath. Oil bath will really get rids all tiredness”

She was in greenish blue sari while she lifted her hands up and applying oil it revealed her 70{041eef37a7f5b4db29dcc3cd09231a71295f4b2233e89afb6c97dccfcef67ea6} hip to me and I saw her left boob projecting wit in her blouse. I saw her fully revealed hip, she tied her sari such tat it covers up to her navel so I can’t see her navel.

Tat scene excited me very much. She asked to do a really great job; I think u must have guessed what job it is. She asked: “rahul, please help me. My hands are paining due to tiredness, so help me in applying oil in my head.”

I accepted no one will ever miss this chance. I took the oil cup and poured some oil in my hand then I kept my both hand on her head and started to caressing it. She closed her eyes and relaxed herself. I was giving a slow and gentle massage on her head I must have really gave pleasure to her. I pressed her head wit my fingers to relive pain. I was massaging or more than 10-15 min. She must have enjoyed it. She: “please do it on my neck also, if u can’t then give it to me.” I: “no problem i’ll do it, u relax.” She: “don’t apply oil on my ears” I: “okay”. Then I proceeded to her neck, I took some more oil and caught her neck wit both the hands and pressed it. I massaged it completely, giving slow pressures on her spinal on neck. I also massaged her shoulders, but not fully since her blouse was covering. I was continuing it. She was sitting on the chair. She said to go on wit her back, she took her hairs to front, her was not fully visible her blouse covered the area between hip and neck. The portion just below neck was gaining my massage her back blouse pat was stained wit oil due the hairs then I came down to the region behind her hip I put some oil on it and massaged it. My finger tip touched her hip some time while caressing her back. During my first touch on her wit my finger tip she slightly shook her body and sat erect. I pressed the bones wit my fingers for reliving pain. This was my first experience touching a young lady (girl); my cock was already troubling me inside my underwear, requesting to release it. She was wearing a bra; the straps were visible through her blouse.

She suddenly said to stop. I was disappointed wit and asked for the oil cup. My session was over she took it and went; my cock lost its life and went to sleep. She came back and sat on the chair. She gave the oil cup back to me, I can’t understand it then I came to know tat she went to fill the oil cup while I saw the oil cup. I got my life back she asked me to go on. While I was doing my job on her back she asked: “give it to me if u can’t I‘ll does it.” I said: “there is no problem in it; u said u r hands were paining. U sits back and relaxes”. While I was doing my caressing on her back and back bone I was really staring on both the side of her hip and small folds in it. Then suddenly her pallu dropped, she was shutting her eyes I can’t see her front parts since I was behind her. She said to come back to her neck. Wow tat was a good chance I was daring at her cleaves and projecting breasts, jugs, boobs….anything. She then took her both hands to shoulders and pulled the sleeves of the blouse to her arms slightly not fully crossing her elbow revealing her remaining shoulders along wit her bra straps inside it. Wow sex devil was playing in my mind reflecting on my penis erecting. She asked me go on wit remaining part of her shoulders.

I was massaging her shoulders wit both my hands tightly and loosely applying pressures. It must have really relaxed her. Se was shutting her eyes and experiencing the massage.

She then: “rahul go on to my blouse at the back and unzip it.” Said wit her eyes in closed position. Then I saw at the front tat there were no hooks in it. I then kept my fingers on the zip and pulled it down slowly and released it. It opened as like a door opens the she said apply oil on the left out part. She asked me to wait a minute and lied down on the chair showing her back towards me, it was similar as the chairs near swimming pool in which people lie down and have sun bath. I was massaging the whole back. There was a disturbance, the bra strap holding the bra. I ran my hands over it while I was caressing her back. She: “unhook it, let it be free”. I unhooked it and it flew since it was elastic. The impression of the tight strap was on the skin. I gently caressed over the impression wit my finger tip. I poured little amt of oil on her back and ran my both hands top to bottom then I touched her hip on both sides and pressed it softly and caressed it some shakes were on the body. I was in extreme pleasure experiencing spongy hips and I inserted my fingers into the folds. She must be enjoying this very much. She remained wit her eyes in closed position and enjoying. She carefully removed her blouse and put it down wit leaving her bra. She done it lying in same position, her bra was covering even the side views. She stretched out her hand. She: “rahul, come to my hands”

I went to her hands and took her left hand. I applied some oil on it and started to massage it. I massaged on the fleshy sexy part, arms. I gave soft pressures. I then went after elbow and massaged. I caressed her hand and fingers. Then I took the right hand and done the same thing wow what a job. Really the guys who are in massage centers are very lucky. I felt some wetness on my dick it was my pre-cum. Her bare hands were in my hands, my hands playing on it. She said me to stop then she turned her self lying on her back. Wow! Wow! Wow! What a sight, heavenly sexy, delicious tats uncontrollable wow. Her jugs, boob what to say covered wit bra, fully exposed midriff region. But some unlucky things, sari covered the navel and bra fully covered the breasts. But I was lucky to see a chick like tat. She: “rahul, have u r hands below my neck.”

I went to the part below her throat. I poured some oil and massaged it. She was gripping her bra over her boob’s wit her hand, I was applying oil on her chest and not went down further. She took her hands, I was still doing this. She asked me to come to her midriff region. I went to massage there. She was enjoying the pleasure I can see it from her face. I was doing this, and then she suddenly released the portion of sari fixed to her petticoat. She said to pull the sari down I done it. Then lower her petticoat I was lowering I crossed her navel and went further, she said to stop. There was an enough exposure of her sexy deep navel. Wow it was so good and spicy. I was wondered to see such a sight. I think if I’d lower her petticoat further I can see her panty. But she said to stop.

She said me to proceed on. I went and touched her stomach and applied oil around her navel. I massaged her belly (of course not belly) leaving her navel alone. She must have been in great pleasure. I was daring her navel and doing my job. Her eyes were closed. I took the oil cup and poured oil into her navel well and filled it. I just pressed the portions surrounding her navel; oil ran down from her navel overflowing me massaged wit my palm over her stomach. Then my fingers went near her navel I slowly slipped my middle finger into her navel. She breathed long, her stomach went inside. She was not able to tolerate tat pleasure. She bit her lower lips slightly. I was drilling her navel wit my middle finger slowly and invaded it. I circled in her inner walls of her navel. She was inhaling very long and exhaled. Then circled my fingers around her navel, I was playing wit her fleshy stomach. I circled her whole stomach wit my hands and I pressed my thumb of both the hands over her belly. She out stretched her both the hands. Wow what a game I was playing only first time experiencing people can understand my pleasure. I left one by one my fingers into her navel and done the same.

She said “rahul its enough there and please go to my foot” I went to her foot and took her left leg and kept it on my lap and caressed it. I gave pain reliving pressures on the fingers. She: “come up” I ran my hands after ankle I lifted her petticoat up to her knee and massaged up to knees. She: “proceed by leaving u r hands inside my petticoat” I then took some oil and slipped my hands into her petticoat and felt her fleshy spongy thighs but I did not lifted the petticoat I can’t see her thighs clearly I was playing wit her thighs giving soft slow pressures and caress on it I went on I was near her crotch or nearly on her inner thighs. She: “stop there. U left a part incomplete.” I: “were?” She: “my pits, armpits” now only I remembered it, her hands were already outstretched I saw her hairless arm pits. I went and kept my palm on it caress it. I was doing it slowly, and then I went to her next arm pit. I finished my job in her arm pit, but there was no word from her so I continued doing it. She said: “my knees were aching please do some more there.” I went there and started to cress then gave some pressures. I touched her thighs then slowly I proceeded up but I didn’t lifted her petticoat my hands were in. I just made half a way on her fleshy thigh. She asked me to stop. I stopped and waiting for next, she slowly took her right hand to her chest and slid it in the part between her breasts, she kept her eyes shut, she caught the strap of the bra between her breasts and pulled it down, her bra went down to ground. Wow, I was in heaven no words can explain my feelings; my cock was rock hard and fully erect. She got awesome boobs. Wow those jugs are sexy which is handful. Her white sexy breasts had rightly placed black berry, black nipple which had normal size. She again outstretched her hand giving a good projection of her bare breasts. She: “rahul do here.”

She remained wit her eyes closed. I took my right hand to her left breast and touched the base. I pushed it upwards from the base wit my fingers. I did it again enjoying its movement. I started massaging the breast from the base area. I was pressing her boob wit my both hands it was fleshy and very sexy. I screwed it slightly from the base and softly caress it. I drew slow circles over the boobs. She was very much enjoying. She griped the chair very tightly due to excitement. She was biting her lips and left a very low hissing sound. I just circled over and over and I didn’t touched her areole or nipple. I saw her nipple was erecting. Wit my index finger I drew circles over her breast. I drew many figures over her breast circles, straight line….many slowly and gently. She remained wit her hands out stretched griping the chair tightly. Her breath speed increased. I hold her breast wit both the hands and pressed it, making her nipple protruding out. I then shook the breast lustfully; I was jerking it up and down. This time I started to squeeze it strongly I was pressing her breast strongly. She “rahul careful it’s slightly paining… it is soft”. Then I made it slow. I finished her left jug. Then I took her right jug in same way and I done all the things as done to her left breast. I never touched her nipples or the surrounding part.

Then I myself went to her thighs and started to massage it. She unhooked her petticoat and asked me to pull it down. I pulled it down and took it out. She was wearing a white panty. Her full fleshy thigh was now in my hand. I saw tat perfect triangle covered by her panty. Her panty was fully wet. I kept my both hands in her both the thigh. I started from her knee and massaged it thoroughly up to her crotch then running my finger up to her waist. I can feel myself wet, my cock was dripping my lust was growing and growing. My underwear was very much tightened by my erect dick. I was strongly massaging her thighs. I desired to enjoy her navel again. So one hand was massaging her thigh and another was circling her navel. I inserted my finger into her navel; I was finger fucking her navel. It was really giving great pleasures to both of us. She had really a great finger fuck on her navel.

She “rahul, y u left some part incomplete” I: “where?” She: “rahul don’t u know where?” I “sorry I don’t know where?” She: “u left incomplete some part over my sponges” I “ya, I planed to give different massage there…shall I give it now?” She “okay”

Now I got time to play wit those big buttons over her breasts. Her nipple was down so I wanted to get it erect. First I touched her left nipple wit my index finger then I started to circle the areole to make her excited I teased her nipple tip wit my finger again and again it started to get erect, wit another hand I pressed the boob squeezing out her nipple. It was now erect. I caught her nipple wit my index and thumb finger and pulled it forward continuously then I shook it well along tat her breast was also shaking then I screwed it. Now I slowly bend down my head near to the nipple and took my tongue out nearing her nipple she was watching me what I’m doing then wit my tongue tip I rubbed her nipple tip I pressed the nipple tip down by my tongue. Her nipple and my tongue were kissing lustfully pressing each other. I teased the tip very much then I started to circling the areole and another hand pressing the same breast. She can’t control herself I saw fast breathing, slight shaking of her body and often she released some hissing sound. Then my circling became harder and harder I licked the nipple very much it became more erect now. I licked the nipple tube sides. I caught the nipple tube wit my lips and pulled it I bite it wit my lips.

My lips were caressing her dark brown nipple. I bit her nipple wit my teeth

She “ouch, rahul slow wit my nipple” then I licked it again I bit it and licked it. Now I bit it slight harder than previous one she screamed “rahul it’s paining” then I inserted her nipple into my mouth and circled and teased it wit my tongue inside my mouth. I started to suck the tube softly and slowly then sucking both her nipple and areole. A natural babe was now in my hand I was very my excited and enjoying the sucking she. She was also very much excited griping the chair very tightly letting out some soft low moans “mmmmm…. Ssssss… aaaaa” I sucked it very much lustfully. Some more of her white breast was now inside my mouth I was sucking it very deep then I bit her breast softly. I was sucking up to my satisfaction sucking sound came out I got her breast to my throat. I gave deep suck she was moaning her very soft moan made me horny I was sucking and giving pressure to the same breast. Wow tat breast was very fleshy and sexy it is spongy, soft, big, simply a white spongy ball wit nice black button on it. I was very much fond of breast since it was my first time. My cock was troubling me very much asking to leave it free. I wanted to masturbate; I can fell the wetness in my underwear. She was shaking her body twisting her head left and right slowly due to excitement and griping the char very tight. I and kalpana were having great time. I was continuing wit sucking and slight biting. I was doing my service to that breast nearly 30 min. I released her breast from my mouth it was wet now. I gave kiss and a slight suck to tat breast. I partially cumed and partially controlled my cumming. I let her to get rest for a 5 min. She was closing her eyes and resting but wit left hand she was rubbing her left breast slowly I saw that and I hold her hand and kept it down, she opened her eyes and watching me then I myself rubbed her breast wit my hand we relaxed for a while. Now took her right breast in my hand and started doing all my service right from the beginning. She was very much excited and let out moans “mmmmmmmmmh….. Sssssh…. Mmmmmmmmm…” I bit her nipple “aaaaaaah…. Mmmmmmh…”

We both were very much enjoying the session. Most of her boob was in my mouth I damped her breast that was the best sucking session. My mouth slowly inch by inch moved up sucking her boob then came to areole and I sucked it very much suddenly she came out wit large moan “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah…” wit heavy breath and she rested. Then there was no movement in her body she was simply closing her eyes and relaxing me was sucking her boobs she must have cummed. But my desire was at extreme point so I can’t leave that jugs simply I was sucking then I reached to climax my underwear was fully wet I must have given a large cum. Then her boob was released from my mouth prison. I also relaxed but my one hand was pressing and playing wit her breast. Her nipple went down in few minutes then I was pinching slowly and playing wit it for few minutes.

She: “okay let’s move to next step” I: “where to go?”

Then she turned back exposing her white ass cheeks covered by her white panty to me and said “okay, do it on my legs, thighs and above it.” I was massaging her back of her thighs for few minutes. Then I: “shall I give same type of massage here too, above u r thighs” she accepted it so my mouth was going to play wit those cheeks. I pushed the part of her panty covering her ass into the deep valley and slightly squeezed the butts (buds). The I started to bite it inch by inch painlessly squeezing her another cheek I can’t control myself my lust had again grew up, getting my cock rock hard my middle finger slowly went into her valley and went inside the cloth and slowly getting my finger down it suddenly touched her anal hole I started to caress it wit my finger she was giving hissing sounds controlling herself. I was doing it for long time her both the cheeks had got my mouth massage she asked me to stop. Then she relaxed for a minute or two then she turned back exposing her jugs. I saw those hanging fruits it just turned me horny asking to treat it I just wanted to take those ripen fruits again to give fullest suck. I my self went down and took her boob in my hand and started to suck right from her nipple, my tongues were rolling around her breast I can fell her getting more and more excited. Her sexual felling was growing as like mine. I alternatively took both her boobs in to my mouth. I pressed both the boobs together getting the nipples closer and I licked it. I rubbed my cheek my whole face wit her breast she kept her hand on my head and started to caress my head along wit the hair.

Whenever I’m giving hard sucks, nice licks she pressed my head deep into her breast. I finished my second round of sucking I don’t want to go more as we may again get our juices out. I watched from her head to toe. She was very sexy I observed her each and every part her with balls dark brown erect erotic nipples deep navel well clean hairless armpits and her wet white panty my neighbor, comp teacher was nearly naked and was stripped and explored her body by my hands. That was my first times so I wanted taste each and every sexual parts up to my satisfaction. She “hold my panties elastic straps” I took her panty strap then she “pull it down and get it out of my legs” I slowly started to pull it down and watching her fully visible triangular area when I pulled it down her pubic hairs came into light getting into my eyes. Her panty was sticking to the hairs and it was dripping wet her hairs were fully wet up to her upper triangle. Panty slowly came out of thighs knees and fully out from her legs. She was closing her leg and so I couldn’t see her vagina. Kalpana was fully naked before me wit nice exposure of her triangle wit hair on it she was completely seducing me wit her nude body.

She “rahul go to bathroom get a mug wit water and the cloth from the hanger” I went and took the both then came to her. She: “wipe out the hairs completely” I damped the cloth and started to wipe her pubic hair over the triangle I wiped up completely and I tried to part her legs and to move further she said me to stop. She: “go to the telephone stand there is a white bottle get it”. I went and got it meanwhile she wiped her self in the pussy area. She asked me to apply the cream from the bottle over her hair. I took some cream in my hand and caressed her triangle she too took some and applied it down. I can’t get a glimpse of her sweet pussy my cock was throbbing inside my pant. We both completed applying. She called me to near to her, I went she got up and sat on the chair. She put her fingers on my shirt and un buttoned it then took my shirt out. She unpinned and pulled the zip down during that her hand pressed my dick. She took my pant out of y legs now I am wearing only my underwear which was already wet due pre-cum and one large cumming session. She kept her hand in my flat stomach and slid her hands into my underwear very fast and felt the erect rod one hand caught my cock and another balls. I was flying in heaven when I felt her warm hands on my penis. She massaged my cock,

I kept my hand on her thigh and went near her crotch she took out the hand from my balls and caught my hands nearing her crotch. She placed my hands over her breast and squeezed it over my hands then I myself started to squeeze it. She put her both hands into my underwear and playing wit my genitals and I put my both the hands on her breast and played wit it. I took her both the nipples in my fingers and pulled it up then I released it from the top it went down and was jiggling I liked it and enjoyed the jiggling of her breasts. I pinched her both the nipples she loudly screamed “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah….” And squeezed my cock hard I massaged her nipples screwing it and bending it, it got nice erection as my cock. She suddenly pulled my underwear down, my cock flung out. She took the towel and wiped her wet hands since it wet due to the wetness in my underwear and my precum.

She took some cream in her hands and applied it all over my balls surrounding the cock I had never shaven it and it was hairy I have only trimmed it. Then she took my hands and massages her boobs I continued playing then she lied down. She took the cloth and wetted it, she hold my head and pressed it on her breast the I rubbed my face over her breast running my cheek over her erect nipples, she was doing something down wit that cloth after a while she took my head up. I was surprised her triangle was clean hairless very smooth then only I came to know that it was a temp. Hair removing cream. I put my hands over it and felt it, it was very smooth, silky and tempting me. I pressed the crotch and slightly pinched it then I inserted middle finger between her fully closed thighs from the crotch I felt her hot, wet fleshy pussy my finger rubbed her pussy I took my finger in and out rubbing her pussy, then my another hand started to caress her thighs drawing circles, massaging it she slightly parted her legs I nibbled her vagina and increased my pressure on her thighs but she did not completely parted her legs still I can’t get the view of her pussy her legs were tight she was lowly moaning wit pleasure “mmmmmmmmh…… sssssssh…” then I bend my head down and licked her triangle and bit it her moan was now slightly louder. Then she began to part her legs I also helped her getting wide her thighs by pushing it.

I stopped teasing her pussy wit my finger she looked at me disappointingly but I was watching her wet dripping pussy, it was my first time to watch a pussy lively, it was pink, fleshy and shinning due to wetness. I parted the lips of it and exploring it, I touched the clit and widened it and I saw a nice hole. I was certainly inspecting that area, wow what a fleshy vagina, a clean hairless pussy in my hands my cock was dripping out wit cum. She “rahul, what r u doing, r u doing any research there” then I came back to my present world that a girl is waiting for my service. I was totally in seventh heaven first time experience is a great experience no words r there to explain it. I started to rub the firm clit, wit one hand I widened the lips and wit another I was rubbing it, I went closer and watching it keenly it was lubricating and was very much wet. My cock hit her thighs, and then I moved my waist slowly making my cock head hitting her thighs again and again. I massaged her thigh wit one hand and my mouth was playing wit the triangle, I nibbled her pussy gradually entering my middle finger into the hole I drilled her pussy wit my finger my whole finger was inside her she was enjoying my every move moaning in pleasure ‘aaaaaaaaaaaaah….. Mmmmmm aaaaaaah” then I took my wet finger out, finger fuck was over now then my tongue was getting down to her pussy, first I licked the lips then moved on to her clits I was licking and sucking her clits my sex devil was taking me wilder I licked it lustfully very hardly she was in great pleasure “mmmmmmh…..yes..yeees….aaaah…go on….”I invaded her pussy wit my tongue I bit her clits and lips she was shouting wit pain pleasure, my tongue circled her fleshy pussy I licked over the hole, while I was licking her hole wit my finger I nibbled the upper part. Then my tongue went into the pussy hole, I was sucking her pussy and kissing wit my lips moving my tongue in and out she was loudly shouting “mmmmmmh….. Aaaaaah… Yeees… yaaaa ….. Yeeees….. Go on…go on….” I rotated my tongue inside her pussy giving her more pleasure and sex pressure. Her waist was moving up and down my cock was oozing out wit precum it was very much dripping as her pussy I inserted my hands down behind her waist and massaged her ass buds, wit one finger caress her asshole my head was deep inside between her legs my tongue was playing naughtily caress the inner walls. My tongue licked her inner walls she suddenly caught my head and pulled it back wit a large moan “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah…..” Her juice squirted out like water from fountain wit out wasting time I inserted my finger and fucked it her juice again squirted out, it squirted out thrice, she lied down wit slight low moan “mmmmmmh” she closed her eyes and relaxing. I kept my hand over her navel and caressed her flat tummy what a great session, it was seducing I can never forget it in my life time that was great time every person does not get these pleasures, luckily I got one really it was great enjoying white breasts which are firm and fleshy, enjoying erect nipples, enjoying flat tummy wit great navel on it, enjoying white ass cheeks and finally fleshy, yummy, wet, hot and pink pussy.

She “take a chair” I took one. She stood up from her chair and came near to me she: “good u gave me a fantastic massage session it got my pain and tiredness out, u r different massage at different parts just carried away me very nice man” I smiled at her she suddenly took a cloth and wetted it then took my balls and started to wipe the hairs coming out easily along wit the cloth and completely wiped it out making it hairless. Then she took my cock and started to massage it squeezing my balls slowly she gave gentle strokes, nice jerks I was very much nearing my climax I bit my lips and moaning wit pleasure she suddenly stopped and kneeled down, she rubbed my cock over her cheeks lips she kissed my cock inch by inch and just sucked the fore skin which covering my cock head and took my cock inside her mouth and sucked it hardly, she took her mouth and pulled down the fore skin and started to tease my pink cock head wit her tongue wooooo it was amazing, awesome then took my cock into her mouth and sucked it inside she rolled her tongue over my cock, tat was great I was nearing my climax and suddenly took her head out but my cock pissed off my semen over her face and tits she again gave me slight suck and kissed my balls. I relaxed myself for a while taking a good breath my cock was again and again oozing some semen out. I got up wiped my cock wit the cloth and got myself dressed up I: “okay let us meet afterwards, I have to go” she: “u r a naughty boy, that day I saw u masturbating in my room” I can’t believe that

I: “how does u know” she: “that day I took bath and came out I heard the sound of a/c running in my room doubtfully I peeked through the key hole, I saw u r masturbating. Only that day u missed a call do u remember” I: “yes, and I saw u chatting in phone wit one towel through the same key hole” she: “u 420” she smiled at me I went near to her and pressed my right hand over her pussy and gave a suck to her breast then I said bye and ran to my home.

To be continued……

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