Oral Sex With My Aunty

Hi, to all N8story readers.  It is always very exciting in sharing about my various sexual experiences.  Now this is the story of having sex with my aunty when I visited our home town to attend a marriage.  I was doing my second year in the college.
When I reached my aunt’s house, I saw it was filled with people ever were.  My aunty greeted me with smile and put my luggage in her room and asked me to fresh up.  Since I travelled the whole night, I went straight to the bath room and took a nice shower and slept for while in my aunt’s bed.  After some time my aunt came to me and gave me a cup of hot coffee and started to enquire about our family and my studies.  In the evening we attended the reception and came back home very late.
Since there was too much of people in the house every one occupied the available space in the hall and the veranda and laid down for sleep.  As I was alone, my aunty asked me to sleep in her bed, which was already occupied by one much elder lady.  With little bit of hesitation I laid to one side of the bed, leaving lot of space in between myself and the old lady and fast asleep due to tired.
Sometime later i felt something heavy on my thighs and struggled to release but could not.  I woke up and found my aunt sleeping besides me and she has put her legs on my thighs.  I could see part of her wheat colour thighs as her saree as rolled up.  This view stunned me and I was gazing at her.  My cock began to grow hard and I started to squeeze my hard cock without knowing what to do next.
The next move came from my aunt, she took one more turn towards me and placed her right hand on my stomach and pulled me near her.  I didn’t resist this move and went closer to her.  Now my cock was touching her belly.  I was getting a wonder full feeling and gently stroked her belly with my cock.  Now my aunt’s hand grabbed my cock and she started squeezing it hardly.  I felt pain as my cock seems to grow bigger and bigger.  Suddenly with a jerk I ejected my cream in my aunts hand.  She seemed not to worry about this and continued to squeeze my cock.  I gently pulled my cock, wiped with my lungi and turned to other side and pretend to sleep.  That night passed without any other incident.  But I was excited and thinking about my aunt and dreaming as having sex with her in full swing.
The second day also went on like yesterday.  I really enjoyed as my aunt was squeezing my cock and slowly put my hand around her belly and hugged her lightly.  The famine smell of my aunt was wonder full.
During the day time my aunt was moving normal as if nothing happened yesterday night, but I took every chance to view her flat belly and her full bloomed balls whenever she bent down to take something.  By the evening all the visitors went back and I was left alone with my aunt.  Then I also started to pack my luggage to go back.  My aunty interrupted and asked me to stay for one more day.  I readily agreed which made my aunt happy.  She prepared some good food and we both enjoyed the food.   After watching TV for some time I went to hall sofa and prepared my bed.  My aunt called me from her room and told she does not mind if I sleep in her bed. 
I was waiting for this call and immediately went to the bed room and laid on the bed.  I saw my aunt and found her to be gorgeous than any other day.  She was with a very light makeup and having a bunch of lovely smelling Jasmine flowers.  The smell of the flower was awesome and made my cock erect, which made a tent in my lungi.  Aunt pretended not noticing this.  We were chatting about general things and suddenly become silent and went to sleep.  I was waiting for the first move from my aunt and it happened as I expected.  She turned towards me and clutched my hard cock along with my lungi.  I woke up and with courage held my aunt’s hand along with my cock and gently stroked her hand.
She was happy getting the right signal from my side and suddenly turned towards me and kissed me by inserting her tongue in to my mouth.   After a while, she said ‘ Dear I was waiting for this opportunity for a long time, hope you too enjoy this”.  I didn’t reply but proceeded further and stared removing her saree.  She cooperated and we both became completely nude.
My aunt was having a amazing figure, with perfectly sized firm boobs, flat stomach, slim waist and wide hips, with firm thighs and long legs and arms.  A perfect figure everyone will love to fuck her at least once in their life time.  She has close resemblance of actress Anushka.  Fortunately my uncle was working abroad and I had this chance of fucking my beautiful aunty.
I started playing with boobs by squeezing them and sucking at her nipples and licking her navel.  I slowly went down to her vagina and found it to be clean shaven and smooth.  The feel of the smoothness was wonderful.  She said that she had cleaned her pubic area by applying hair remover.  This indicated me that she want me to eat her cunt.  I went down on her and slowly started licking her vaginal mound.  She started enjoying by giving soft moans and asked me to go further down.  I went down and licked the vaginal lips and slowly inserted my tongue inside her cunt and tapped her clitoris with tongue.  On this action she arched her back and gave a short jerk.  A flood of her vaginal juice rushed out and filled my mouth.  The taste of her juice was awesome.  I drank all of her juice and licked her cunt clean.
She said “ Dear, I wish to have you in my bed every day as you are giving good pleasure for me by eating my cunt.  Your uncle never ate my cunt like this.  I love you”.  I said “Aunty, I you wish I can give you more pleasure” and she said ok.  I went to the kitchen and found a bottle of honey.  I made her to spread her legs and poured the honey in to her cunt by spread opening.  Then I bent down and started licking the honey from her cunt.  Once licking the honey from her cunt, I immediately kissed her and rolled the honey inside her mouth.  She liked this action and again ejected a shot of her vaginal juice.  This time she held my head by my hair and started pressing hard against her cunt and arched back with giving loud moan.  I started to lick her cunt more vigorously and she began to plead “ Leave me dear, I can’t take more, ooooh ahaaaaa”
Her moaning sounds made me excited,  she grabbed me and came over me and took my hard cock in her hand.  She applied honey on my shaft and guided my honey coated hard rock candy in to her mouth and started sucking.  She was making slurping sound as she was sucking.  Now I was feeling like flying in heaven and started giving soft moans.  I started to mouth fuck her in slow rhythm and she cooperated by rolling her tongue and giving deep throat.  Suddenly I came in her mouth and she sucked my milk by making a strange noise and drank all the cum.  Then she licked me clean.
After some rest we went for 69 position and enjoyed for the whole night.  This was the very first sexual experience with my sexy aunty, which I will not forget in my life.  She will be thrilled when I suddenly lift her saree and give a quick kiss to her cunt.  We will enjoy these kinds of thrill whenever we get chance at any place. We enjoyed sex on many other occasions. 
She was the most worried person when my marriage got fixed.  I consoled her not to worry and promised to continue this secret affair for the entire life.  We are still maintaining our sexual relationship.  Hope my aunt also read this story and enjoy herself.