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My name is John and my sister's name is Rose and we are twins and 19. Mom is 40 and is a still a looker. I'd say she is 125, 5'6", has short blonde hair, blue eyes a nice ass and big tits, and oh those nipples…mmm.
My dad is 5'9", about 185, 41 and brown hair, brown eyes and a fairly large cock, bigger than mine.
Rose is 5'7", about 120, dirty blonde hair, blue eyes and is pretty hot looking for a sister. She has big tits too.
I am also 5'7", brown hair & brown eyes and around 160. I have an athletic build and a 7" cock.
We live in the boondocks far from everyone so there was no problem going outside without any clothes on. Once in a awhile, somebody would be lost and come up to the house and got an eyeful, but that was rare.
Mom and dad never hid behind clothes while in the house. My sister and I never wear clothes in the house. It isn't unusual for all of us to be watching tv when dad and mom get frisky.
Many a times we watch mom and dad kissing and dad's cock get hard and then mom would suck it or she would sit on his lap and we watch his cock disappear into our mother's cunt and they have sex in front of us.
Hell, my sister and I even sleep together in the same bed.
They only warning we get is 'don't get pregnant' and that was it.
It seems me and my sister were getting hornier and hornier every day.
One night as we were all watching tv my sister and I got into a little horseplay and before I realized it, my cock got real hard as my sister kept brushing up against it. Mom saw this and said, "Look hon, John has a big hard on. Rose do something for your brother."
"What do you want me to do?"
"I don't know…suck him off…let him fuck you…whatever."
"Mom, I don't want to do that."
"If you don't take of your brother, I'm going to smack your ass."
With those words, my sister looked at me and my hard cock. I said to her, "You heard what mom said. You got me hard now take care of me."
Without saying another word, she knelt down and took my cock in her mouth and started sucking me. I heard mom say to my dad, "Look, your daughter is doing a good job on her brother."
Dad answered, "Maybe you should give her some pointers," as he laughed.
It didn't take long before I was ready to cum. I yelled out, "I'm cumming," as I held my sister's head tight and shot streams of cum into her mouth. I laughed as a lot of my cum came out of her mouth and not down her throat.
Mom and dad clapped and my sister had cum dripping down onto her tits and nipples.
"There…you satisfied brother?"
"It wasn't great but it was ok." I said to her.
Then she got up and went to get cleaned up. When she left my mom said, "Have you two fucked yet?"
"No. Why?"
"Well, it's about time you two did. Don't you think?"
"I guess so."
That night after I showered and got into bed I said to Rose, "Thanks for sucking my cock today. You were real good."
"You're welcome. Was I really good?"
"I thought you were great. Sorry I came so much in your mouth though."
"That's ok brother. I just didn't expect so much cum. Next time I'll be ready."
"You want to do it now?"
"I'd rather you fuck me like dad fucks mom."
When she said that I got on my back and she straddled me, facing me. My cock was hard and sticking straight up. She eased herself down on my cock and I watched it disappear into her cunt.
"How does that feel sis?"
"Your cock filled me up. It's so big."
I then told her to start riding my cock by going up and down on it. She wasted no time in riding me.
"How is it sis?"
"Great. I like this."
As she rode me I played with her bouncing tits. She started riding me faster and started moaning.
"John, I'm going to cum."
"That's it sis."
"Ahhhh. I'm cumming."
Just as she came, I shot my cum into her. She fell off of my cock and onto the side, my cum oozing out of her.
"That was terrific John. Can we do it again?"
"Sure. We can do it all night.
"I think I am going to enjoy this."
For the rest of the night we fucked and played with each other.
In the morning I told her not to say anything to mom & dad for now. She said that was fine.
Mom made breakfast and me & my sister did our chores which we finished by noon. Mom and dad went food shopping after lunch and we went to our room. Sis and I started fooling around and before we knew it, my cock was deep inside my sister's cunt and we were fucking. It wasn't long before I came in her and she had an orgasm.
After we rested a bit, my sister said, "Why don't we do what mom & dad does?"
"What are you talking about sis?"
"Put your cock in my ass. Mom always liked that. Let's try it."
"Are you sure. It might hurt."
"Come on. I've seen them doing it often & she likes it."
With that, sis got on all fours and she lived my cock with her saliva and told me to do the same to her ass hole. After that, I started pushing my cock in her ass hole but it only went in so far, so we stopped.
"We'll do it another time." I said to her.
She was disappointed but we wound up fucking again before our parents got home.
After dinner we were in the living room watching TV when we saw mom moving about and noticed that dad was ready to get his cock in mom's ass. We saw him put a lot of lube on his cock and in her ass hole. We continued watching as he pushed his cock all the way in her ass. He then started fucking her ass. It didn't take him long before he came in her ass as she had an orgasm.
I looked at my sister and smiled.
I whispered to my sister, "You want to surprise them now? Want to fuck?"
My sister whispered back, "Yeah. Let's fuck."
Without saying a word, my sister started playing with my cock which was rock hard. Then she moved her hips and slid her cunt over my cock. In an instant my cock was in her cunt and she was riding me.
As we were fucking, our mom looked over and gasped…"Look hon, our kids are fucking."
Dad looked over and replied, "That's it son. Fuck her good. Cum in her."
Sis rode me harder and faster and as she had an orgasm, I shot my cum into her cunt.
Mom and dad were so happy dad said, "That was great kids. It's about time."
Then mom said, "Now, we have a surprise for you."
Sis and I both said at the same time, "What is it?"
"From now on, John, you can sleep with me and Rose you can sleep with your dad."
Sis and I looked at each other and I said, "You guys mean we can all share?"
"Yes." Mom yelled out. She continued, "John, come over here to your mother. Rose go sit by your father."
I went over to my mom and sis went over to dad. As soon as I sat near mom, she started kissing me. Her tongue met mine. My hands were all over her. Her nipples were so hard and erect they looked like little hard cocks. I started sucking them as mu mother pushed my face down on them.
Out of the corner of my eye I saw my sister sucking my dad's huge cock as he was fingering her cunt. By this time my mom was on her back, spreading her legs for me to slip my cock in her cunt. In a second my cock was in her cunt and I was now fucking my mother. As I started fucking her, I saw my dad shoot his cum all over my sister's face, hair and in her mouth.
After a few thrusts, I shot stream after stream big cum into my mother.
All four of us were spent and had big smiles on our faces.
From that time to the present, the four of us share each other regularly.

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