Our Family’s Little Secret Ch. 03

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tagIncest/TabooOur Family's Little Secret Ch. 03

"Who's gonna get Jeremy?" Mom asked.
"We'll just have to share!" Aunt Dee replied. "Hey, let's blindfold him and fuck him in the pool! Let's see if he can tell our pussies apart when we're in the water!"
And that's exactly what the two sisters did. They blindfolded me and told me to put my back to the ladder and hang on to the rails. They'd swim up to me, grab the ladder, and position their pussies over my hard dick. Then they'd impale themselves on it and ride me for a few strokes, and then disengage. They took turns for quite a while, and I honestly couldn't tell whose pussy was whose. But when my sister Diane joined the fun right after shagging Dad, I could tell her pussy right away, because it somehow felt different from the first two… tighter, maybe. Or just slicker from the cum that my dad had just deposited in her. The session ended with the three ladies removing my blindfold and watching as Diane wanked me to an orgasm with my cock still submerged, letting me watch my cum as it spurted into the water and sort of floated in a cloud before drifting away.
That week passed with me getting pussy from each of the ladies at least once a day. The first thing we did was replace my double bed with a queen-size one, as a testimony my new sex life. They taught me all they knew about pleasing a woman, and introduced me to every position I'd ever seen in porn. And they also gave me exercises in "edging," to extend my ability to stay hard.
Diane preferred doggy-style, which was fine with me because I could play with her tits as we fucked. Mom liked cowgirl, and Dee liked missionary, but we'd tried every other one. And the ladies introduced me to things like pee play and light bondage. Dee even let me fuck her in the ass twice. She liked that, but Mom and Diane didn't care for it. I didn't care about it either way, since a fuck hole was a fuck hole, but I did whatever my lovers wanted. And as a special treat for the ladies, Dad and I sixty-nined one night, and sucked cock until we came into each other's mouth. "There's lots of flavors in sex besides vanilla," Mom told me. "You should sample them all when you're young and horny!"
Dee went home at the end of the week, so for the next week it was just the four of us. When Dad was at work, it would be up to me to keep Mom and Diane sexually satisfied. But if I'd just cum and they were still horny, they did what Mom described: they either masturbated on their own, or they sought out each other, and let me watch them make incestuous lesbian love right there on the bed. I learned a lot about what turns them on that doesn't involve a cock, and incorporated that into my own lovemaking.
Afterwards, we'd do exactly what we would have done if we hadn't been fucking: housework, watching TV, chatting, swimming in the pool, or surfing the Internet. The only difference from before was that we'd be in the nude, giving me time to appreciate the differences in their bodies. Diane had the body that Mom probably had before two pregnancies and a few years of breast-feeding, but they were equally beautiful to me. And and I learned to appreciate my own body, too, I discovered. There's no substitute for nudity when you want to feel everything in your environment… the sun on your skin, the nap of the towel you're sitting on, the breeze in the backyard. I vowed never to wear clothes again if I didn't have to.
The following Friday, my mom's older sister Lori came over for dinner, leaving her three kids, two nineteen-year-old twin boys and a girl a year younger, behind to go to a rock concert. I'd wondered if she was in on the "family secret," but I needn't have worried. She was unbuttoning her blouse the moment she walked through the door, and inside of four minutes she was as naked as we were. There was no mistaking that she and Mom were sisters. Although Lori was a couple of inches shorter and a little thicker in build, they shared the same smile and hair color. And tits. Lori had breast-fed her kids, too, and it showed in their slight sag and elongated nipples. And from what I could tell, their cunts were identical, down to the meat protruding from their cunt lips, although Lori hadn't bothered to shave her bush, but kept it neatly trimmed instead.
And their sexual appetites were the same, too. As we ate dinner, Lori kept playing with her boobs and flirting with me, with the inevitable result that I had a hard-on almost from the moment I sat down. It was understood that we'd be fucking after dinner, without a word being spoken. After dessert, when I stood up, she came over and said, "Let's go play now." Mom and Dad grinned, but Diane gave a mock pout. "What am I gonna do?" she said. "Just wank?"
"Come to bed with us," Mom said. "Your dad hasn't had a threesome in a long time. You're always welcome to join us, you know that! I want first crack at his boner!"
"You mean his first boner at your crack!" Diana replied, and we all laughed.
When my aunt arrived at my bedroom, the covers on my new bed were already turned down. She lay on her back, spread her legs, and said, "Now that you're fucking, show me what you've learned!" That was a challenge I couldn't resist!
"I'm going to last a lot longer if you let me cum first," I told her.
"Well, how would you like me to do it? A blowjob? A handjob?"
"Well, may I have a tit-job, please? Your tits are really sexy, and I'd love to have my cock between them!"
"I was just thinking the same thing! Go and get a bottle of baby oil!"
"There's one in the nightstand drawer." I fished it out and gave it to her. She oiled up those beautiful breasts of hers, and then put some oil on my cock and balls. She wasn't going to make this easy for me! But I let her massage her tits and bring her nipples to hardness. Her breasts were obviously as sensitive as her sister's were, and she was as capable of reaching an orgasm from breast stimulation alone. That must run in the family, I reflected. But as she approached a climax, she said, "Now slide it in and let me feel it!" and she pushed her breasts together to form a warm, snug tunnel for my cock.
I straddled her and shoved my cock between her tits. "Fast or slow?" I asked.
"Slow at first. I see you've done this before. With your mom? I thought so! You're so much like your father! Same size cock, same slow pace!"
After a few minutes of this, I knew I was going to blast, and told her so. "Faster now!" she barked, and she pushed her breasts together to tighten the tunnel. A few more strokes, and then I was depositing cum all over her chin and throat. She released my cock from the tunnel of her cleavage and brought herself to a small climax with a tweak of her nipples as my cock dripped the last of its load onto her breastbone.
I licked my cum off her body, to her delight. She rewarded me by giving me a long, deep French kiss. Then she broke it, saying, "Well, let's see what Dee and Linda taught you. I want you to eat me and finger-fuck me. You know how to do that, right?"
I laughed. "For the last two weeks, I've been in training! Let me show you what I've learned!"
And I did. I used every trick I could think of … the two-finger curl, the hand-flex, and this trick Dee taught me about tickling a woman's G-spot with one hand while squeezing her clitoral hood, massaging the clit without actually touching it. Lori liked that! It looked like I was giving her a series of electric shocks, jolting her body with each squeeze. And then I started in with my tongue, doing all the tricks I'd learned about teasing her cunt lips and clit. I did the "alphabet dance" and the "bite and suck" and the "tongue thrust" while my fingers were in her cunt.
Then I shifted to the "one-man-band" technique that Mom had taught me, with one finger inside her cunt, two more tickling her clit, and my thumb deep in her ass. She started writhing like a wild woman; her torso blossomed with the blush that I knew indicated her climax. Just like Mom, I thought. She gave me this sultry look, eyes unfocused. And then she laughed, a giggle about two notes higher than the one Mom made after her climax.
"How'd I do, Aunt Lori?"
"Oh, God! And with only two weeks training, on a pussy you hadn't played with before? You did just fine! I wish my sons were as good as cunt eating as you are!"
I paused. "You let your sons eat you out?"
"Oh, sure. And fuck me, too, for months now! They've been eating out your Mom, too, and fucking her. Didn't you know that?"
"Well, I should have figured that out," I replied. It made sense. Jack and Bob, who were a month older than I was, were going to college right here in town and living at home. They'd have been clued on our family's "little secret" by now. And that made me wonder: was their sister Rosie in on it, too? She'd turned eighteen last winter.
I was about to ask Lori, but she said, "You're getting hard again. I want to have you inside me now. Take it real slow. My cunt is over-sensitized from my last climax. Do it like I'm a virgin, OK?"
"I've never had a virgin, Lori."
"Well, I'll pretend that I am. Just pretend that I haven't had a cock in me, that I need to be familiarized with it, that I need to be stretched. In a way, every time we fuck somebody that we haven't fucked before, we are virgins again. Remember that!"
"Do you mean, don't take anything for granted? Don't assume you already know everything?"
"That's right! Every girl's cunt is different, and every girl's mindset toward sex is different. You already know how different Dee is from me, and how different your mom is from Diane."
"Okay, then," I said. "If you're a virgin, the first thing I should ask is: are you protected?"
She laughed, "Oh, yes! Like your mom, I had my tubes tied long ago! Two pregnancies, and I was done with that! So you aced Question One. Now, what's Question Two?"
"Um, if you were a virgin, I'd be concerned about your… your hymen, right?"
"If the girl is a virgin, it's worth asking. Some won't know until you fuck them, though, so you always have to proceed carefully and assume that it may be an issue. So take it slow, and make sure she's wet and ready, and insist that she let you know if she's uncomfortable. But right now, I'll be the kind of virgin that doesn't have a hymen."
With that, she gave me a kiss and said, "Well, wanna fuck this 'virgin' girl?"
"Top or bottom?"
"You keep asking the right questions! Some virgin girls like top, so they can control how much penetration they want. They should always have that option. But right now, bottom for me." And she opened her legs and spread her pussy lips aside, showing me a gaping and very wet hole, still slick from my finger-fucking.
Still pretending that she was a virgin, I pushed my boner in slowly, an inch at a time. Her Kegels were at least as tight as Mom's. It struck me by that letting her sons fuck her, she had lots of cock to exercise on. I felt her vaginal muscles squeeze me, setting up the tempo she wanted me to use. It was like a dance, a dance that Mom and Dee knew well, and that Diane was getting pretty good at, too. I used that tempo, thrusting in and out, a little more each time, until I felt myself bottoming out.
She picked up the pace, and I followed suit. The pounding became more intense, until my thrusts were practically lifting her ass off the bed. That wild women look returned to her face, the look of a woman slipping into a climax as easily as if she was slipping on a negligee. At this point, I'd lost control of the situation, and was just along for the ride, hoping to give her a little more action before my own orgasm hit.
We were both sweating like pigs, our bodies sliding against each other. The smell of sweat and pussy was overpowering. Her powerful legs, slippery with sweat, were clamping my hips and digging into my ass. And then she came again, her vaginal muscles squeezing my dick like there was no tomorrow. There was a sudden reduction of friction as her pussy exploded in wetness. She gave a keening wail as her climax swept over her. And the sound of that was what pushed me over the brink. I gave one last thrust and held it as my cock exploded in a gush of cum that added its liquor to a cunt already awash with her own juices.
We were both breathing like we'd run the hundred-yard dash, gasping for air. I felt her shudder with the last after-effect of her orgasm. And then I heard her say, "Clean me up, Jeremy."
"You mean, eat you out again?"
"That's right! I want you to suck all your cum out of my snatch, and keep in inside your mouth, and kiss me and let me taste it!"
Well, that was something none of my previous lover had asked me to do. But at this point, I'd do anything for Lori. I'd even walk to Hell on hot coals for her. So I slid out of her, and she pushed her cunt lips closed until I could position my mouth at her crotch. Then she opened them again, and I saw a stream of cum welling up, hers and mine. I clamped my mouth on her pussy and sucked that stream into my mouth, as much of it as I could. I swallowed a little, but I could keep most of it in my mouth, and then I slid back up her sweaty, oiled body. Our mouths locked, and our tongues explored each other, both of us savoring the smutty soup we'd concocted.
"You'll do," she finally said.
"What do you mean?" I asked. "Do for what?"
"You'll see," she said, but refused to say any more. And that's how we drifted off to sleep.
When I woke up, it was Diane in my bed, sucking my dick to hardness and cleaning off the mixed cum of me and Lori. I was used to this by now, since that had been her customary way of waking me up for the past week. And I was expected to return the favor, licking and finger-fucking her cunt until she decided I was hard enough to enter her. Then she'd turn around and set herself down on my half-hard cock; one of her kinks was to feel it get fully hard inside her. She'd spend the next few minutes riding me cowboy style, using her vaginal muscles to play with my dick and "mold it to hardness," as she put it. I swear they were getting stronger every day, although she still didn't have the knuckle-cracking strength that Mom had, or Dee had. Or Lori, too, for that matter. Give her time, I thought.
After I shot my load into my sister's cunt, she diddled her clit to an orgasm of her own as I softened inside her. Then we got up for breakfast, where I found that Lori had spent the morning with Mom and Dad. They'd just walked in when we sat down, Dad with his usual goofy just-been-fucked look on his face and Lori with Dad's cum running down her leg. Of course I had that same silly grin on my face, and my cum was still oozing out of Diane's cunt. We took our time with breakfast, and were getting ready to choose up partners again when I heard a car pull up in the driveway. It was Lori's children.
Bob and Jack started stripping the moment they walked in the door. They were wearing only T-shirts, shorts, and flip-flops, and no underpants, and were naked in under a minute. They weren't surprised in the least to see the rest of us naked, too.
Jack had fairer hair and was a little taller. Both of them had good looking bodies, hairier than mine, with dicks that hung down a lot farther than mine did when they were flaccid … maybe an inch more. I noticed that their balls also hung lower than mine or Dad's did. They weren't identical twins, but had some of the same Nordic looks that their mother had: thin noses and gray eyes. They both showed the sort of muscle you get from a lot of swimming.
As they said their greetings, I could tell that their dicks were rising. In particular, they seemed to be paying a lot of attention to Diane, who was coolly sizing them up to see whose dick would be in her first. Jack's looked longer, but maybe it looked that way because he'd shaved his pubes.
And then Rosie walked in, in a yellow summer dress and sandals. She had her mother's height and coloring, but was as thin as she could be. Eighteen years old, but her chest seemed to be flat as a young girl's, almost as flat as when I'd last seen her four years ago. She probably weighed not more than a hundred pounds, soaking wet.
She'd been living with her father ever since he divorced Lori ten years ago; he was now remarried, with a new family. I'd seen her as a teenager only once before, when she came to visit her mom and brothers, and they came over to use our pool. That was four years ago. She looked like any other kid of that age, although less developed. Now, at eighteen, I saw subtle changes in her shape. Her hips had widened to a more womanly form and her ass had filled out.
She gave us a shy smile, and then began undressing slowly, pulling off her sundress to reveal a low-cut pair of panties and a stiff-cupped bra, both a blue shade that made her exposed skin look even whiter and more naked than the covered parts.
It took me only a second to realize that this slow undressing was not from seduction but from shyness. She'd been naked around her mother and her brothers plenty of times, but this was the first time that she'd been nude in front of me or my family. She didn't mean for the effect of her tempo to be seductive, but that's how it affected me.
When she removed her bra, she showed me that she did have breasts after all, not much more than swellings on her chest, just big enough to squeeze a little, with nipples almost as large as her mother's. I wondered if those nips were as sensitive as the rest of the female line in her family.
And when she dropped her panties and kicked them aside, I saw a very thin and neatly trimmed bush that did nothing to conceal some fat pussy lips. Her body had the faint tan lines of a modestly cut two-piece swimsuit. She had the same swimmer's build that her brothers had, with long muscular legs, broad shoulders, and a flat stomach. And short blonde hair, and the most startling blue-green eyes, like turquoise.
And she was staring at me. At my dick, in fact. Which was rising at the sight of her naked beauty, so young, so fresh, so insecure in her nudity.
As expected, everybody started picking partners. By then, the brothers' cocks were almost fully erect, and it was plain to see they were about the same size, larger than mine or Dad's by almost an inch. When I saw Diane go up to Bob and give it a squeeze, I suddenly had a pang of jealousy, even though I had no claim on her affections. In this situation, I didn't even have the right to defend her as a brother should, since she didn't need anybody to defend her honor. But I'd just had my cock in her an hour or so ago, and my cum was still oozing from her cunt, and some primal urge told me to claim her as my woman.
But then I remembered Dee's words: "No jealousy!" I could see that she was right. If this free-love arrangement was going to work, I had to get that sort of thinking out of my head. So I just smiled as I saw the two of them head off to Diane's bedroom.
Then Mom came over to Jack and claimed him for her bed, pulling him by his boner to the guest room. They were free and easy with each other, and I realized that it was not the first time they'd shared a bed. Lori claimed Dad with her usual groin-to-groin hug, and off they went to the master bedroom. And that left me with Rosie. She was sitting on the sofa in the living room, her long legs tightly together. I sat down next to her.
"You know, you don't have to fuck if you don't want to," I said.
"I know. I want to fuck, but let me get used to this. I didn't learn about all this until last winter."
"Have you… you know… fucked anybody? Like your brothers?"
"God, no! I'd never even thought about it! And they never brought it up, either. They like girls with big tits, like Mamma and your mom… you know the boys have been fucking them all last year, right?"
"I didn't until last night, but I'm not surprised."

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