Our Family’s Little Secret Ch. 04

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tagIncest/TabooOur Family's Little Secret Ch. 04

After our last round of playtime, we were all pretty much fucked out. So we had a swim in the pool, followed by a second lunch, which we ate at the poolside. We talked about the concert that Jack, Bob, and Rosie had gone to, and what they were taking in school, and so on. I had a good chance to look at the junk on the twins, and noticed how their balls hung lower than the ones on me and my Dad, and how their dicks didn't get any shorter when they were soft, like mine and Dad's did. Somehow, the subject of sex didn't come up again, but the women disappeared into the kitchen for a while before reappearing. Rosie came back out first.
"What were you talking about in there?" I asked her.
She smiled and said, "You'll find out!"
Then Mom and Lori came back out. Mom got our attention and started to speak.
"Once in a while, when we have enough people, it's a family custom to have an orgy. That's right, everybody fucking everybody! Well, we have eight people here. I think that's enough."
Lori explained the rules. "First, this particular game we'll be playing is all about cocks, cunts, and cum. That's the focus, and not the closeness you get with your partner when you screw. The rest of our family fucking is about that. But here, the whole idea is that when you're getting a succession of cocks in a row, or cunts in a row, it's the variation that excites you. Linda, you have something to add?"
"Yes, I do," Mom replied. "This comment is for the young ones here. I know Jeremy has seen Gary and Dee fuck. And Gary and Diane and I have shared a bed last night. And maybe Lori has had her kids in bed, right? But those were all for extended sessions of lovemaking. That's not what we're going to be doing here."
She paused to take a sip of water, and then resumed. "You've got to understand that this is different from the family lovemaking we do. This is strictly an exercise in pleasuring cocks and cunts. Maybe tomorrow, or sometime later, we'll do another kind of orgy, a more free-form one where we take turns pleasuring each other without a timer around. But this is more of a game … a relay race, not a school dance. Understand?"
I nodded, and the girls and the twins did, too.
Mom finished off her drink and spoke again. "We've all had at least a couple of fucks by now, so none of the guys should be on a hair trigger, and all of the gals should be most of the way to a good buzz. Let's all go to my bedroom, and we'll start. First, though, we've got to get all the guys hard again!"
Rosie grinned at me. The boys looked at each other, and then at her, and then at Diane. It was obvious that they were as clueless about what was going to happen as I was. Dad brought out a box of about a dozen cock rings, all in different sizes. He slipped one onto each of our dicks before they were fully hard. "Better a little too tight than a little too loose," he instructed as he slipped one onto his own cock. "And those are yours to keep! A souvenir of the boys' first orgy! Now girls, get us guys hard, so we can test the fit!"
"What do us girls get?" Rosie asked.
"Nipple jewelry!" Mom said, as she held up a box of her own. She passed them out, and each woman got a pair of nipple rings, designed so that they could be adjusted to any diameter the girls wanted. There was a lot of giggling as the ladies slipped them on their long nipples and clamped them down. "Not too tight at first," Lori instructed. "The more you get turned on, the tighter they can get, but be careful not to constrict the blood circulation." Diane and Rosie looked at each other's bejeweled breasts and giggled.
In the bedroom, Mom explained the ground rules. "First, it's going to be the ladies' turn. Lori's going to get on the edge of the bed and have each of you guys fuck her in turn. You each have five minutes, or until you feel you have to cum. That's when you're going to turn it over to the next guy. If you cum, you're obviously out of the game. We're going in order of age… first Gary, then… I forget. Which of you two boys is older?"
"Bob is," said Jack. "By about ten minutes!"
"You go ahead, bro," said Bob. "It's time you get to pull rank on me!"
Lori spoke up. "And, Linda, you go ahead of me. You're the hostess!"
"If you want," Mom replied. "So the four guys will fuck me first, then they'll fuck Lori, then Diane, and then Rosie."
We all nodded.
"Let's get started, then." Mom resumed. "First Gary, then Jack, and then Bob, and then Jeremy. OK, let's start!" And she lay down on the bed so that her crotch was positioned right at the edge and spread her legs as she started the timer.
Dad was inside her in a flash, and they pumped merrily away for the full five minutes. It was fascinating to watch Mom's breasts bounce back and forth on her body, recoiling with each thrust, the nipple rings looking like little boats on a rolling sea. Then the timer sounded, he pulled out, and Jack took his place as Lori reset the timer. He, too, lasted the full five minutes, and Mom was well on her way to an orgasm. Another chime of the timer, and it was Bob pumping her and sending her into her climax. The vaginal contractions he felt on his cock must have been disquieting, because Bob pulled out before his time was up. "I couldn't last the full five minutes!" he admitted sheepishly.
"Did you cum?" Lori asked.
"No, Mamma. I could feel when I was starting to get close."
"Good boy, son! I'm glad you saved some of that stiff dick for me!"
And then it was my turn. I was thankful for my previous four orgasms of the day, because I had no trouble lasting out the full five minutes. Anyway, my mom's cunt was familiar territory to me by now.
After the first round, it was Lori's turn to be gang-banged. Again, Dad took the lead, giving her the full five minutes as I watched Lori's boobs ripple, so much like Mom's. Then Jack, doing the same. When it was Bob's turn, he had no trouble lasting the full term, I guess because he was used to his mom's cunt. I ended up the round, again able to last the full five minutes. Lori had been holding her own orgasm in check to keep from overstimulating her boys, but now she let it out full force, and she let me know by gripping my cock with her strong vagina muscles.
By now we were all sweating, and Mom brought in bottles of water for us. Now it was Diane's turn. It was her first experience with a gang-bang, and she gave a nervous giggle as she positioned herself on the edge of the bed, spread her legs, and regarded the four boners ready to fuck her. With a smile, she let her dad have his way with her for the full term, after which Jack gave her a rollicking fuck as she succumbed to an orgasm. It was apparent to me that those cock rings were doing their job in extending their stamina. Bob was next, but again he pulled out before reaching the full term. I took his place at my sister's cunt and we laughed as we fucked. Her second orgasm swept over her just as the five minutes expired. "Thanks, bro!" she said as I pulled out.
"Last round," Mom said. "Are you ready, Rosie?"
The girl nodded, and took her place on a bed that already had a gigantic wet spot. She also giggled nervously as she looked at her brothers' erections, and I suddenly realized that they'd never fucked before. Was she OK with this? And than I remembered how she'd had that talk with the girls in the kitchen earlier. They'd asked her and gotten her permission for this, I realized.
"The only difference between this round and the previous ones is that you guys can cum," Lori said. "In fact, if you last the full five minutes, it'll be a miracle!" Everybody laughed, including Rosie.
As she spread her long, strong legs on the bed, her facial expression changed. She was no longer the hesitant virgin I'd seen just that morning. Now she had a look of wantonness, a look of lust. "Gimme your dick!" was written all over her face and her body. Her pussy glistened with her wetness, mixed with the cum that Dad had shot into that lovely snatch earlier that day. Dad slipped his cock into her and must have given her a hell of a ride, because he lasted the full five minutes before he grunted and shot his jizz into her, sending Rosie into the first of a series of small climaxes.
No sooner was he out of her than she looked at Jack. The boy looked at his brother and said, "You go first, Bob." It was obvious he needed more time to collect himself. So it was Bob who had the privilege of entering his sister for the first time. So great was her reaction to that piece of long, hard meat that she began writhing right away. The poor guy didn't last more than two minutes before he, too, shot his load into her cunt.
Well, Bob hadn't last long, but neither did Jack. He was able to get in only a few quick thrusts before he slipped past the point of no return. Rosie didn't care. Her body, flush with the feeling of three hard cocks in a row thrusting into her, went to a climax that matched her brother's. She was already gasping for air as Bob pulled out of her and I sunk my rod into her cunt.
The three loads of cum that were in her tunnel made it super-slick, far more slippery than her juice alone could have made her. I felt her breathing hard as I pumped, her heels kicking into my butt and her hands raking my back. She had another climax as I pumped, and then another. Then she opened her blue-green eyes, smiled at me, and said in a husky voice, "Bring me home, Jeremy."
That kicked my libido even higher, something I didn't think was possible. I thrust in and out of her as everybody clapped and hooted. I don't think she heard a bit of it. Did I last the full five minutes? Hell if I know. I lost track of time. But when I came at last, I came with a force that actually strained my dick. It seemed like I was just spurting and spurting and spurting. As she writhed on the bed, she was riding the mother of all climaxes, the result of four dicks in a row depositing cum into a cunt that had been virgin just that morning.
As I pulled out of my cousin, her mother slipped her hand across the girl's cunt, trapping the cum inside. Mom then produced a turkey baster. Lori let the nozzle slip through her fingers and into her daughter's cunt, and Mom sucked out that four dicks' worth of cum and put it into a shot glass.
"Snacks, anybody?" she said. "It's time to initiate the kids properly into our family. I'm going to make some of 'Linda's Famous Bean Dip,' using the guys' cum as a secret ingredient! Be at the pool in five minutes! We're taking a short break before Act Two!"
Well, after the strenuous exertions of the last few hours, everybody felt the need for a swim. The star attraction, of course, was the bean dip. I'd had Mom's dip many times before, but this was the first time it had the "added secret ingredient." And, boy, was it good with the cum of four guys and one hot lady in it! And the rest and the snacks were really what it took to give us guys a chance to re-charge. The twins and I asked Dad, "What's Act Two?" and he just laughed.
I was wondering it was going to be a repeat of what we'd done before, and whether I could last for another series. Hell, I was wondering if I could even get it up again after five orgasms. I was still soft when Mom called us into the bedroom again. This time, there was a plastic tarp on the bed.
"I see you guys aren't quite at the point where you need to be for the next session," Lori said. "And we girls aren't going to be getting the sort of concentrated attention we had before. So we're going to heat ourselves up and give you guys a little eye candy at the same time. Try not to touch your dicks!" All four girls clambered onto the bed, and Mom passed out bottle of baby oil. Then they started applying it to each other, every inch of their skins below the neckline.
When they were done, they lay down and started making love to each other, slippery boobs sliding against slippery boobs, hands on cunts, hands on asses, tongues on clits, fingers in cunts, mouths on nipples, each back an expanse of glossy skin. All in slow motion, as though they had all the time in the world to pleasure each other. Of course, Mom and Lori had been feeling each other up since they were teenagers, and Diane was clearly no stranger to the action. But Rosie?
She'd said that she'd learned about G-spots from her mother, so she wasn't a complete stranger to Sapphic love, but she was taking to this like a duck to the water. And as the older women stroked her cunt and finger-fucked her and sucked on her nipples, they were showing her all they'd learned in how a woman's body should be treated. She was the first to climax. Before the half hour was over, each woman had been treated to a climax by the other three, usually with fingers buried in her cunt, one mouth on her clit, and the other two at her nipples. The scene ended with the four women in a group hug.
I don't have to tell you that after a half hour of watching this, all the guys were hard as rocks again, our cock rings straining at the pressure. That's when Mom sat up and said, "Enough of this! We're going to do this next bit the same as we did for the last one, except that it's going to be the guys who are gang-fucked! Starting with Gary, we girls are going to take turns fucking him cow-girl style. Five minutes apiece again, except this time, when he cums, his turn is over. Same for you guys when your turn comes. So if you want the full experience, try to stay hard until Rosie's turn. Understood?"
We nodded. The girls got up, wiping most of the oil off with towels that Mom had stacked by the bed. Dad stripped the oily tarp from the bed. We used the same line-up as before. Dad lay on the bed, his cock pointed straight up to the ceiling. Mom straddled him and sunk that cock deep into her cunt. Ride 'em, cowgirl! They fucked for five minutes, after which it was Lori's turn. I noticed that their boobs bounced almost identically; the sight was so mesmerizing that I had to keep my hand off my dick to avoid being overstimulated.
Then came my sweet darling sister Diane, now a woman who clearly enjoyed a good fuck. I could imagine her giving her father a nice vadge massage as she fucked, and he was clearly on his way to an orgasm.
And then Rosie, more beautiful than ever with some of the oil still glistening off her skin. She slid onto his cock for the third time that day, a seductive smile on her face. Maybe it was that smile, maybe it was a tight cunt that was still largely unfamiliar to him, maybe it was something else, but he lasted no longer than a minute. As Rosie dismounted, Mom was ready with her turkey baster to suck Dad's cum out of Rosie's cunt. It looked like cum was going to be on the menu again!
Dad slid off the bed and Mom licked the cum off his dick as Bob replaced him, his cock jutting high into the air as he lay on his back. Mom mounted him and gave him the full five minutes before relinquishing her place to her sister. That woman rode her son with the sort of proficiency that told me that they'd done this before, and she would be careful not to push him too far. Then it was Diane's turn. Either she wasn't as careful, the feel of his cousin's cunt was too much for him, because he pushed her off after only a few strokes.
"Come on, Rosie!" he croaked. "I don't think I can last much longer!" And, true to his word, he came within a few seconds of entering his sister. They laughed together as she slipped off him. Then Mom's turkey baster sucked the cum from her niece's twat once more.
His brother Jack didn't last any longer, though. He was writhing –either in agony or in ecstasy, I couldn't tell — as his aunt and mom cow-girled him; he kept his eyes tightly closed so he couldn't see their ample boobs bouncing. When Diane took Lori's place, he said, "I'm really close, Di. Be good to me, but not too good!" So she kept her tempo slow and steady, and he managed to last the full five minutes without difficulty.
But it was a different scene when his sister impaled herself on his shaft. Within seconds, a look of panic came into his eyes, and he gave a shudder, and then his hips lifted her off the bed as he ejaculated into her. "I'm sorry, Rosie," he murmured.
"It's all right, bro!" she said as she wiped the sweat from his brow and kissed it softly. "There'll be other times!" This time, there was so much cum that Mom had to position the nozzle of the turkey baster halfway down Rosie's leg to catch all of the dribbling stream.
And then it was my turn. Four cunts in a row, only minutes apart. I'd often dreamed of something like this scenario, but never thought it would ever come to pass, least of all with my mom, my aunt, my sister, and my cousin! I remembered Lori's words: right now, they're just cunts waiting to be fucked, one after another, nothing more. Treats for my cock. And treats for my eyes, too, as I watched their breasts bouncing up and down, and smashing into each other.
I handled Mom and Lori with ease, watching their spectacular displays of boob-bounce. They were really trying to get me off, working their cunt muscles for all they were worth, but I found myself on a curious plateau of sexual energy, close but not too close and not getting any closer. I did the full five minutes each with them, and another five with Diane, who wasn't as practiced a fuckmate as the two older women. But we'd fucked enough in the past two weeks to give her the experience that told her how much stimulation to give me with her cunt muscles, and when to back off.
But it was a different story with Rosie. She slid down my cock like she'd been doing it all her life, and regarded me with those blue-green eyes, no longer sparkling but with a sort of smoky gaze. The shy, innocent girl of that morning was gone for good. Now her libido had been ignited, a fire was raging in her loins, and her appetite for sex would be unbounded. I ran my hands over her flat chest and squeezed her nipples, now harder than ever as they were engorged by the constriction of the clamps. She responded with a full orgasm, an orgasm she'd been denied by by the precipitous climaxes of her two brothers. I felt her cunt convulsively grip my cock, as she'd never gripped it before.
I responded with a lunge that lifted her higher off the bed than Jack had done. The muscles on both our bodies were tight as tight could be; I could see every outline of her abdominal muscles. I heard her gasp, and gasp some more, and then give a sort of keening moan. I gave a growl of my own, and unleashed my sixth cumshot of the day into her.
Suddenly every muscle in my body went limp. I sagged back onto the bed, and she followed by lowering her body onto mine, her nips digging into my pecs. She began shuddering, and I knew that a final orgasm was sweeping over her as my cock softened inside her. Her sweat was streaming down her body, puddling on my belly and groin, already slick with my own sweat.
We both breathed hard. Then we heard somebody clapping. Then another. And then a third, and suddenly everyone was clapping like crazy. They hadn't wanted to break the moment they'd seen two of the most intense orgasms they'd ever witnessed. Rosie opened her eyes and smiled. No, she was not the same girl her father had sent off to visit her mother. She would never be that girl again. Once she'd seen Paradise, she'd never be content with Poughkeepsie! From then on, no day would be complete without an orgasm, or two, or three. Maybe she wasn't the girl for me, after all. I began to doubt that I could keep up with a sexual powerhouse like that, although I certainly wouldn't have minded trying to!
"That was the hottest thing I've ever seen!" Dad said. If I hadn't just cum four times already, I'd have jizzed right on the spot!"
"Yeah, good work, Sis!" one of her brothers said. "Can I be next?"
"Can you even get it up now?" she shot back.

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