Our Family’s Little Secret Ch. 05

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tagIncest/TabooOur Family's Little Secret Ch. 05

Well, the summer continued to be glorious, with the whole family meeting every weekend. During the week, Rosie and her mom were exchanging fucks with her brother, while in our home, Rosie and Mom were exchanging fucks with Dad and me. It was very free and easy. The rules of the family were followed: if you were horny, and somebody else was horny, you fucked. If you weren't, you didn't. Easy as pie.
And that was also the rule every weekend, when the whole family got together. I'd fuck Rosie at least twice a day then. She'd had enough cock from her two brothers, but was always up for fucking Dad and me. I was impressed by how swiftly her skill as a lover developed. Evidently, fucking her brothers every night gave her lots of exercise with her Kegels, and her skill at blowjobs was approaching my sister Diane's. She told me that her brothers were getting good at cunnilingus, but that I was still better. But then, her brothers hadn't had the benefit of my training under Mom and Aunt Dee. And I was screwing Rosie's mom Lori at least once a visit, and learning her turn-ons.
But we hadn't had any extended orgies since that first one. That is, until Uncle Greg came by in his camper with his new wife. He'd called ahead that they'd be touring the U.S. that summer and were planning to spend a week with us. When I saw the stickers of the two national naturist clubs on their side window, I guessed that they'd visited a few nudist resorts and campgrounds along the way. I also guessed that they would want to be out of their clothes as soon as possible, and I was right. They undressed the moment they were through the door.
Greg, who was in his early forties, had the same Scandinavian imprint that his sisters had: blond hair and gray eyes. But his build was stocky, he had a lot of body hair, and a neatly trimmed mustache and beard. When he undressed, I saw that he had the same sort of cock his nephews had… a shade longer than mine, and at almost the same size flaccid as it was erect. His bush was so thick that I could hardly see his balls at all.
Stacie, his wife of two years, was in her late twenties, and she was a knockout. I don't think I've seen a figure as hourglass-perfect as hers was. Wide hips, a slim waist, and breasts that, while not quite as ample as those on her sisters-in-law, stood out firmly and prominently from her chest, without a hint of sag. She didn't have the other women's prominent nips, either; they barely stood out from her brown areolas. She was southern European in heritage, with the dark skin, eyes, and hair of southern Spain or Italy. Her long, strong legs and broad shoulders marked her as a swimmer who kept in shape that way. She had a shy smile, with lots of teeth that somehow warmed your heart when she aimed it at you. She took her time gauging our reactions as she undressed, as if this whole nudism thing was still fairly new to her. But I quickly realized that, while she was used to being nude around strangers in a social setting, she was still wrapping her head around the idea of being lusted at by all the members of her new family.
We exchanged hugs, and I pressed my boner (which had been rising since I saw my new aunt starting to strip) against her neatly trimmed pussy. She chuckled and rocked her hips forward to increase the contact. No need for the usual protocol for nudism here! It was then that I guessed that she, too, was happy with our family's little secret, and that we'd be fucking in short order.
I found out for sure when we were having dinner. Greg told us that he'd let Stacie in on the secret before they were married. It was, in fact, a condition of their marriage. She wasn't a virgin when they married, having had a few boyfriends over the years, but didn't have anything like a steady relationship before.
"And now I get to fuck Gary and Jeremy, too!" she said. "I'm not ashamed to say that I have stage fright! I mean, just being naked in front of you people is something I'm just getting used to, especially when sex is on the table. And Greg can tell you that I'm not the most experienced lover."
"You look just fine to me!" Dad said. "And sexual performance really doesn't have anything to do with looks, unless you let it. Anyway, it's the job of us men to give you a good time. Just tell us what you want, and how you want it, and we'll do our best to please you."
"Well, then, let's start fucking," Mom said. "We usually let the women choose our partners. But Stacie, I recommend that you choose Gary first. He's had a lot more experience with women."
"Well, I'd rather have Jeremy, and I'll tell you why. I'm a swim coach for the girl's team at State, and I've had plenty of chances to share the pool with boys on their swim team, all the same age as Jeremy. To tell you the truth, I've seen a lot of cocks inside those Speedos and fantasized what what they looked like when they were bare and hard, and how they'd feel like inside me."
"Have you ever acted out on those fantasies?" Mom asked.
"Yeah, once in a while. The last one was graduating, so he technically wasn't a student any more and there wasn't an ethics problem. But he was a crappy lover, and he gave me VD as well. So that put my fantasies on the back burner. I have to tell you, I didn't really have a good lover until Greg came along."
"Well, when you spend more time with this family, you'll find out why," Greg commented.
"But Jeremy, you've got those fantasies bubbling up again! The moment you rubbed your cock against my pussy, you know? Would it be all right if I slept with you first?"
"I'd love that!" I said.
"And I'm going to ask my beautiful niece for a space in her bed," Greg said. "You've grown up so much, Diane! You're quite the young lady now! It will be an honor if you'd let me fuck you." Diane nodded, pushed her breasts together, and smiled.
"But when you finish with her, you've got to join me and Gary!" Mom said. "It's been years since we had a threesome!"
"Well, aside from that foursome we had on my wedding night! But that was kind of rushed, not like the old days when it was just you and me and Lori! Those were good times!"
Anyway, that's how I ended up with my new Aunt Stacie that night. She turned out to be a pretty good lover, which didn't surprise me, because Greg had been screwing her for about three years now, and he'd taught her all the tricks he knew. I started out with my usual foreplay of finger-fucking and cunt-sucking, just like Aunt Dee had taught me, and had her orgasming in a half an hour. Her pussy had a taste sort of half-way in muskiness between Mom and Rosie, with an additional note of something else that reminded me of autumn leaves. And she was wet enough to permit three of my fingers to fuck her and tickle her G-spot, after she helped me locate it. That was when she said, "Give me that hard cock of yours, Jeremy! Put it in me! I want to feel it inside me!"
I slid up her body, my chin smearing a trail of her pussy juice up her body, over her navel, and between her breasts. She reached down for my cock and fingered it for the first time. Confirming my hardness with a squeeze on the shaft, the positioned it at her entrance, and I slid in like a sword into a scabbard.
"How would you like this, Aunt Stacie?" I asked.
"Forget the 'Aunt!' Just Stacie! And right now, I want it slow. Have you been taught about vadge muscles? You know, setting the pace? Greg always wants that."
"First thing they taught me!" I said. "Just guide me." And that's what she did. Her muscles were strong, and with her coaching, I had her approaching a second orgasm within minutes. "Harder!" I heard her growl, and I responded by thrusting harder. "Faster!" I quickened the pace. I could feel my balls slapping against her perineum as I pumped in and out. I felt her clench her vaginal muscles as her fingernails raked my back. Her belly suddenly became slippery with her sweat. And she writhed under me like a mad woman in an ecstatic frenzy. Away I pumped, and heard her chant "Oh, oh, oh, oh…" And she gave me a final bear-hug that had me plummeting off the edge of control. My cock now had a will of its own, spasming and throbbing as I emptied my balls into my aunt's cunt.
I did what I could with what remained of my hardness, giving her another thrill before it went soft. She gave a low laugh, and said, "Well, that was nice!"
"Was it all right?"
"Shit, yes! It's been so long since I had a teen-age boy! I'd forgotten how… energetic it could be!"
"I tried to make it last longer, Stacie. Honest, I did."
"You did just fine! The first teenager I had, well, he shot his load almost the moment he was inside me. The other guys weren't much better. But you showed a lot of control. Someone has taught you well!"
"I did have a lot of training. From my Aunt Dee… Dad's sister, I don't think you've met her. And Mom and Lori. And I've been able to practice on my sister Diane and my cousin Rosie, who's Lori's daughter."
"I met Rosie and Lori at the wedding," she said. "Along with the two boys. Twins? About your age?"
"I'd like to meet them again!" she laughed. "In bed!"
"Well, you'll get your chance. Mom will probably give them a call to come on over."
"How long until you're hard again, dear?"
"Not long. I've only had one other orgasm today, with my sister. Everybody was so busy with preparations for you, we didn't have time."
"Well, let me make it up to you. I'm going to give your dick a sucking to get it hard again. What do you want to do after that?"
"Whatever you like. But I'd like to cum in you again. That last one was so good!"
"How about if I get you hard again? Then I'll mount you on top, and we'll finish that way."
"That sounds great! Then I can play with your tits, too! They stick out so much!"
"And they're all natural!" she said. "No help from medical science. Do you want to suck on them?"
"Are they sensitive? Like Mom's?"
"They are now, right after I orgasm. Not before, though. But go ahead. Just because my nips aren't as big as Lori's or your mom's doesn't mean that they don't get as sensitive. It's just that I've never breast-fed a kid like they have, I think."
"Your nips are fine. In fact, I'm getting hard just sucking them. Can I tit-fuck you when I get hard? There's some oil in the nightstand drawer."
"Of course, dear! But if you cum before I fuck you again, I'll be very disappointed in you, nephew!"
"I'll do my best," I said, and we laughed. Then she straddled me in the 69 position and took my soft cock into her mouth, savoring her pussy juices on it, rolling it back and forth with her tongue. She knew what she was doing, and I contented myself with lapping her pussy, teasing her clit with my own tongue, and catching my sperm as it oozed out of her cleft. Within minutes, I was getting hard again, and she rolled off me and onto her back.
I took the oil and smeared it over those lovely breasts, giving her nipples plenty of attention. She was groaning again as she pushed her breasts together, giving me a most inviting tunnel to fuck. She wasn't kidding about sensitive tits. She was flicking her nipples in time with my thrusts, and within five minutes she was into her next orgasm.
She must have guessed I might be close to mine, because she pushed me off her. "On your back!" she commanded. And then she was skewering herself on my oily cock. Those beautiful breasts dangled and swayed back and forth as she moved her hips every which way, pressing my cock head against every part of her vagina. I knew that technique very well; Mom called it the "meat dildo move," and loved to practice it on me. It was clear that Greg had learned it from her and had taught Stacie the trick. And because the move was familiar to me, I was able to last for a few more minutes before I said, "I gotta cum, Stacie."
She responded by burying my shaft inside her as deep as it would go and giving it a last squeeze with her vaginal muscles. There was nothing I could do but succumb to an orgasm that was almost an electric shock. And then she was on top of me again, her slippery breasts gliding across my chest. We kissed. I could still feel her cunt muscles alternately grasping and releasing my cock as it softened. And that's the way we fell asleep.
When I woke up again, I opened my eyes to see her smiling at me. Her hands were already at work, one fondling my "morning wood" and the other at her own cunt, squeezing her clitoral hood.
"Man, you really gave me a screwing last night!" she told me. "I've had a few other young lovers. None of them lasted half… a third as long as you did! You really are a chip off the old block! Your cocks even look the same!"
"How do you know? You've never fucked my father."
"Oh, yes, I have! Greg and I had a foursome with your parents the night we got married! That's the way they welcomed me into the family. I gotta say, your Dad is great in bed!"
I smiled. "Oh, yeah! Greg said something about that yesterday. Now I know why they sent me and Diane home with Lori! Well, if her boys come over today, you'll have two more young cocks to compare me to."
"Are you serious?"
"Why not? That's the family way. No one's properly introduced to each other until they've had sex."
"Boys and boys, too?"
"Not really, but if they want it to happen, it happens. I think that Dad and Greg have gotten it on. But I'll grant you that it seems to be more common among the girls."
"I can see how that would work. I mean, I never really thought of your mom that way. But when I came out of the bathroom this morning and saw her waiting, and she gave me this big hug, boob to boob, with all this cum running out of us, I had this urge to hug her back and kiss her and, well, you know."
"Hang out with Mom and Lori, and they'll probably have you wanting to get it on with them, too. I mean, that's how it goes with them all the time. And Diane, now, too."
"Do you want to fuck some more? I'm really horny!"
"Well, I'm pretty hungry, but we could have a quick one if you want."
"I do. I've been wanking myself since I woke up. And your mom's kiss really got my engine running. So forget about foreplay. Just stick it in!" Lying on her back, he spread her legs, grabbed my cock, and guided it into her. I explained the trick that Rosie and I had discovered, the one about her squeezing my butt on one side to signal that she wanted my cock to give her vadge more pressure on that side. She caught on right away, and I had fun twisting my back and hips to push my cock to one side or the other. Eventually, she decided that she wanted it rougher, and I gave it my best shot, plunging into her as hard and as fast as I could. It didn't take her long to achieve a climax, and it took even less time for mine to hit. Then we just lay there and sucked face as my wilting cock slid out of her vagina.
"Thank you, Jeremy!" She murmured. "Your fine young cock made a dream come true! But I don't think I can fuck any more just now."
"Well, let's get some breakfast. I think I smell some bacon frying!"
We met the rest of the family at breakfast, which was already waiting for us. "About time you guys got up," Greg said. "I thought I'd lost my wife forever."
"You can have me back now," Stacie replied. "Your nephew is very talented, I learned a new trick that I've got to show you! How was your fuck with Diane?"
"Oh, my! It's been a long time since I've screwed somebody so young and tight! I came twice last night and once again this morning! I'm a horny young goat again!" We all laughed. And Diane produced another round of laughter when she stuck her fingers into her snatch and smilingly held them up so we all could see their coating of gooey cum. "Anybody want some?" she asked, and when we all declined, she licked her fingers clean.
Later that morning, we heard Lori's car pull up behind Greg's camper, and her family piled out. Lori gave her brother a lover's kiss the moment she walked through the door, him naked and her clothed. "I've missed you, bro," she said. Then she stripped down, as did her children. When Stacie saw her new nephews with their rising boners, a grin spread over her face. But that was nothing like the look that Greg gave Rosie as he beheld her in all her youthful nakedness, small tits and nearly hairless cunt. I swear his cock started rising and twitching again at the sight.
"My God, Rosie!" I haven't seen you since the wedding! And I barely saw you then!"
"And now you're seeing me…barely!" She shot back. "You're looking good, Uncle Greg! You know, I haven't seen you naked in, what, ten years? Twelve? Not since Pappa took me away."
"That sounds about right. You were just a skinny little kid then. You've grown into a woman now."
"Do you want to see exactly what sort of woman I am now?" she asked, as she spread her legs apart, thrust her hips forward, and parted the folds of her pussy with her fingers, exposing her hole.
Greg was left speechless at this wanton display from a girl who looked so virginal (and was, in fact, a virgin until just a few weeks ago). The twins were grinning, and Lori had a smile on her face. She knew her brother well, remembering how she had aroused him back in the days before her own breasts swelled to maturity.
And Rosie knew just what to do. She danced up to him and gave him a lover's hug and a kiss full of tongue. He was her slave, and she knew it. I could only imagine what was going on in his head: right after his first fuck with a very young woman in a long time, here was one even younger. And tighter. And hornier.
Well, Rosie's kiss decided one set of assignations. It remained to see which of the boys Stacie would choose first. She whispered something to Lori, who whispered back. "Which one of you is Bob?" she asked.
"I am," Bob replied.
"I remember you from the wedding! You were staring at my tits the whole time!"
"Can you blame me? It was a lovely wedding dress. And so revealing! Forgive me, but I couldn't help but wonder what was underneath it!"
"Well, now you know! And you're a very handsome young man, did you know that? Such a lovely penis! And your mom says you know how to use it!"
Bob smiled. "Mamma's a good coach. And Aunt Linda, too."
"Well, let's get started! Where are we going to put everybody?"
Let's see," Mom said. "Diane, who do you want to fuck?"
"I'll take Jack, in my bedroom."
"And I'll take Gary," Lori said. "We can use the guest bedroom, Linda, if you want the master bedroom."
"That leaves me with Jeremy," Mom said. "We can use his bedroom, and Greg and Rosie can use the master bedroom."
"And Bob and I can use the bed in the camper," Stacie said. "It's all made up!"
And that's how we sorted it all out. As Mom and I fucked, she wanted me to hear every detail about how Stacie was as a lover. She had me re-enacting my previous night's tryst in every detail. We skipped the finger-fucking, since mom was plenty aroused already, and went straight to the tit-fucking and the cowgirl sex. As Mom rode me, I had to admit that her tits bounced a lot more than Stacie's did, and her Kegels, while maybe not as strong, were more educated and under her control.
There was another difference. I was hesitant about being rough with Stacie's breasts, since I didn't know her well. But I knew that Mom loved rough treatment, and mauled and slapped her breasts until they were red. I knew I could induce a climax by squeezing her long nipples as hard as I could, although the oil on her breasts made it hard for me to get a good grip. So I pulled her down onto me and took those nips into my mouth, sucking and biting them to ignite her orgasm, a fierce climax that triggered my own.
Well, no sooner did I cum into my mother's cunt than there was a knock at the door. It was Uncle Greg, with a big smile on his face. Mom rolled off me, stood up, and gave him a kiss. "How was your niece?" she asked.

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