Our Family’s Little Secret Ch. 07

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tagIncest/TabooOur Family's Little Secret Ch. 07

That summer road trip was something I'll always remember. I got to know my sister again, and really liked her husband Greg. It was a bit of a shock when I realized that he would not only be my brother-in-law but, when I married Jeremy, my uncle-in-law as well. Well, relationships like that didn't seem to be really important in their family. We were all just fuck-buddies to each other.
In particular, I remember one night when we were at a nudist campground. The day was warm, but there was enough of a chill to have a fire. While we watched the flames flicker, they told me about an "oil orgy" the family had a couple of years back. It sounded too incredible to be true, but Stacie said it was something beyond sex, beyond love, beyond just tactile sensation, but it was a blend of all of those. "I've never felt so much like a woman, before or since," she said.
"It really sounds like something I'd like to try," I said. Stacie looked at Jeremy, who grinned back. That should have been my first clue.
When we got back from that two-month trip in mid-August, we were more than just four travelers. We'd bonded as a love quadrangle as well. My sister and I shared our guys equally, and even found time to do some lesbian love-making while the guys were fucking each other in the other bed in the camper. I'd never felt closer to her, I was delighted to be a friend-with-benefits to her husband, and I was deeply, deeply in love with Jeremy.
We'd planned to get married as soon as we got home. Jeremy's parents would plan the whole thing, and host it at their house. No churches for us! We wanted to do it in the nude, and have the whole family be naked as well.
Linda and Gary weren't the only ones there. Gary's sister Dee was there, along with her "plus one," a nineteen-year old boy named Rafael, who was her nephew. Dee was the one that had taken Jeremy's cherry, and it turned out that she'd taken Rafe's as well. So he was well trained in the arts of sex by the time he met us, or so she claimed.
Dee had the same Asian traits that Gary and his kids did, with her eye-folds, straight black hair, and dark eyes. Although she was in her forties, she was still slim, and could have passed for somebody in her twenties except for the slight sag in her breasts. She had a broad, toothy smile and a way of making you feel at home right away.
"So you're Julie!" she said as she hugged me. "I'm so glad to meet you! Jeremy is very special to me, you know, and I'm so happy that he's found a wonderful girl like you!"
And then Rafael hugged me. He was obviously aware of our sexual activity, because he already had a boner, short but thick, that he pressed against my cunt as we hugged. He was a Latino, short and stocky, with curly brown hair on his head, chest, and crotch, and a mustache to match. He had soulful brown eyes and strong hands, which rested lightly on my hips as we hugged. "I'm pleased to meet you, Rafael," I said.
"And I am glad to meet you," he said. "You are so beautiful! Are you Latina? Your dark hair and eyes and skin…"
"No, Italian! But I get that a lot!"
Well, it was pretty clear how the assignations would go. I asked Rafael to sleep with me, and Dee chose Jeremy. Linda picked her brother Greg, and Stacie tapped Gary.
Rafael turned out to be a pussycat in bed. He'd just broken away from his family, who turned out to be sexual prudes who wanted nothing to do with the rest of the family. So he went to live with his aunt, who not only gave him food and shelter but his first lessons in fucking. He was easy to guide, and willing to learn anything I could teach him… which wasn't much, since Dee had been pretty thorough. In particular, she cautioned him to be careful when he put his thick cock into a woman's vagina, so he wouldn't cause pain. He made sure I was plenty stretched out from finger-fucking first, and I was grateful for that.
When he finally penetrated me with his cock, he was so careful to make me comfortable that I had to coax him to be a little rougher. And he came fast, as if he hadn't yet had much practice with edging. But that was fine with me. He did stay hard long enough for me to show him the butt-grabbing technique that Jeremy had taught me, to set the tempo and direct his cock to the various parts of my vagina that I wanted more pressure on.
We all then took a break for dinner, which was soup, roast beef, baked potatoes and a salad, all prepared beforehand. We showed pictures and videos of our trip on the television, including a few we'd shot of each other fucking. It got us pretty aroused, so we paired off again for our final fucks of the day. I chose Gary, soon to be my father-in-law, and gave him the best fuck I could. He was the best cocksman I'd ever met, and I was always a little nervous that I couldn't meet his standard, but he always put me at ease. He'd do silly things like lick my ear and make me laugh as he pounded me. I could see where Jeremy's playfulness came from. And, boy, could he make it last! No matter how long it took me to achieve a climax, he would be hard the whole time, and cum at the same time I did. The fact that his cock was a little smaller than Greg's didn't make any difference at all.
The next morning was the day of the wedding. Six more relatives arrived and were introduced to me. It was supposed to be eight more; Linda's parents, who lived in Florida, were also invited, but they couldn't come. (Lars had come down with something, and didn't want to give it to the rest of us.) But Jeremy's sister Diane was there with her husband Barry. It was plain to see that Diane was pregnant, not only from the baby bump but from her glow. "When's it due?" I asked as we hugged.
"November. Maybe around the sixth. And it's a boy."
Then Barry hugged me. He was a lean, thin man with glasses and a professorial air. Only twenty-five and already balding, but his black chest and crotch hair was profuse. And his cock was a monster, eight inches long flaccid and God knows how long when hard. It hung down almost halfway to his knee. Interesting!
And not long after that, Linda and Greg's sister Lori, with two sons and a daughter in tow. I recognized the girl instantly. "You're Rosie!" I cried. "You were on the swim team at that other college that visited us. We competed last fall, remember? You came in second, and I came in third?"
"That's right! I remember you! Julia, right?"
"Close. It's 'Julie.' Short for 'Juliana' but nobody calls me that!"
"And 'Rosie' is short for 'Rosalynn' but nobody calls me that, either!" We laughed. I never dreamed that my competitor that day would end up being a cousin-in-law! I recalled her slim figure, even smaller tits than mine, barely visible under the swim suit, and beautiful blue-green eyes and a dazzling smile. Now, without a swim cap, I could see that she was a blonde. And natural, too! As she took off her clothes, I saw that her thin pubic hair was as blonde as the hair on her head.
And then, when we hugged, something flared in me. I wanted to fuck this woman, and see her cum and have her see me cum. And she evidently wanted it, too, because her mouth locked on to mine and gave me a kiss with lots of tongue. I felt myself shaking a little. The only thing that kept me from dragging her into a bedroom was my duty as a bride-to-be, and all the other people I had to greet.
I then hugged Lori, a slightly shorter and thicker version of her sister Linda. "Welcome to the family!" she said. She gave my slot a tickle, and we laughed.
And then came the twins. Jack, taller and hairier, hugged me and kissed me, and he was followed by Bob. Their cocks looked like copies of Greg's, both flaccid and hardening. But by the time the introductions had been made and drinks and sandwiches had been served, all the men had hard cocks. Barry's was the biggest by far, a good nine inches when erect, followed by Greg, Jack, and Bob, at a good seven inches. I knew this because they were laughing as they passed a ruler between them and announcing the results. Jeremy and his dad came in at six inches, and Rafael last at five. "Don't be embarrassed, Rafe," Gary said. "You're the thickest by far, and the gals like that!" Rafael smiled bashfully and passed the ruler back to Greg.
Well, the girls weren't passing around a tape measure to compare busts. Instead, they were telling me what the wedding was going to be all about.
"First, Barry is a minister, so he is going to perform the wedding ceremony," Linda began. "You exchange vows and rings, and then there's a family fuck, where all the men fuck you and all the women fuck Jeremy. Have you ever had a half a dozen cocks in a row in you? It's a trip!"
"All the men fuck me? Are you serious? I mean, I'm not turned off. I'm intrigued. Stacie said you do stuff like that when there are enough people. How does it work?"
"This morning, Gary set up our bed, the California King, next to the pool. You and Jeremy lie there, and the wedding guests line up in order of age. They'll be primed to cum in you, so you won't have long with each of them… maybe five minutes apiece. And then Jeremy fucks you, too. "
"Six guys in a row!" I thought. "No, seven! My God!" Just the thought was getting my pussy wet!
"And we ladies are going to fuck Jeremy the same way!" Lori added. "We promise not to make him cum, though, so he can cum in you last. After you fuck him, the ceremony's over, except for if some of the girls didn't cum when they fucked him. In that case, we make sure they get off, too."
"So it really is seven cocks cumming in me! And the big tarp on the lawn? What's that for?"
"That's for the oil orgy, right after the reception."
"Oh, my God! Stacie told me about that. Like that one, what was it, two years ago?"
"That's the last one we held. You're going to like it, girl!" With that, Lori gave my nipple a quick squeeze.
"Unforgettable!" I said. "That was the word Stacie used!"
"Well, let's get started," Linda said. "The men are all hard, and they've been told to get close to cumming. Hey, guys!" she called out to them. "Are you ready?"
The men nodded, and everybody made their way to the bed, which was strewn with rose petals and covered by a pink sheet. Jack was with Jeremy, acting as the best man and holding a little box that I knew would have my wedding ring. Linda produced vaginal vibrators for all the women, and we slipped the vibrators into our cunts. And then Stacie, as my maid of honor, slipped a bridal veil onto my head. It was the only piece of clothing in the place.
Barry tapped on a glass with a spoon. "Now we may begin. We are gathered here to bless the marriage of Jeremy and Juliana…"
And the wedding proceeded in the normal way, with the exchange of vows and rings, and the final proclamation and exchange of kisses. It would have been the same ritual you would have seen in any church or justice's office, except that we were all naked except for my veil. All the women had vibrators buzzing inside their vaginas and fingers tickling their slots. And all the men had hard cocks oozing with pre-cum. Barry himself had been stroking his long rod the entire time he was speaking. And Stacie had two rings for me to give to Jeremy: one for his finger, and another one that I slipped onto his cock.
They say that women don't respond to visual stimulation the way men do, and they're usually right. But the sight of all those hard cocks and wet cunts went right to my nips and my pussy. And there was the smell of the rose petals, too. I was lubricating the whole ceremony, and when Barry said "I now pronounce you husband and wife!" and Jeremy hugged me, lifted my veil, and kissed me, I was ready for cock!
And boy, did I get cock! I lay on the bed, with Jeremy next to me. I spread my legs wide to expose my pussy hole and somebody slipped a flexible plastic sheet, maybe two feet square, under it. Then Stacie pulled the vibrator out of my cunt. And I was ready for my very first gang-bang, on the occasion of my wedding!
First, it was Gary, my new father-in-law, fucking me with his usual flair, knowing exactly how to bring me close to a climax before his cock erupted in cum inside me. Meanwhile, Lori had removed her vibrator and straddled Jeremy, but took care not to arouse him too much. I had to thank these women for all their fucks with my new husband, because they knew his arousal pattern by heart and were able to adjust their fucking to it.
And as soon as Gary came and his cock slid out, it was Greg's larger cock in me, sending me even closer to the edge, as Linda straddled her son and rode him cowgirl, letting him fondle those breast that sustained him as a baby and gave him hours of fun when he was a man. As she rode him, she smiled at me and blew me a kiss. My new mother-in-law riding my husband on our wedding day, on the bed right there next to me! That was a sight I never dreamed I'd see! I smiled back as her brother's cock spewed his cum into me. Then she got up, replaced the vibrator in her cunt, and yielded her space to Dee, who had already removed her vibrator and given it to Linda.
And then it was Barry in me, his long cock impaling me. But he sensed when he'd bottomed out against my cervix, and every one of his subsequent strokes stopped a hair short of that. The family had obviously trained him well! And it was Dee riding Jeremy, the woman who had introduced him to fucking only a couple of years ago. I was so grateful to her for starting him off right!
The sensation of Barry's huge cock pulsing with his ejaculate, after five minutes of pumping, put me the ragged edge of an orgasm. And then a smaller cock replaced it, attached to a young man whose thrusts told me that he himself was close to an orgasm. It was Jack. He didn't last three minutes before he came, and his orgasm triggered mine. In the throes of ecstasy, I looked toward Jeremy as he was being serviced by my sister Stacie, now well practiced at the art of teasing him just the right amount. Boy, could those "Hollywood" tits bounce when she wanted them to! And I could see her "orgasm face," the one I'd seen so often in the past month. No surprise there! She was always a slut, and now she was in her element! I reached out hand grabbed her hand, and we shared our orgasms, sister to sister.
I was still cumming when Jack's cock was replaced by his brother's, nearly identical and as eager to cum. Bob knew how to give me the same cock action his brother did, and he lasted longer, giving Jeremy a little more time with his sister Diane than he'd had with my sister. I could tell from her groans that she was close to cumming as Jeremy stroked her baby-bump, her firm young breasts gleaming with sweat.
When Bob came, I was still riding the orgasm that his brother induced. And then I felt Rafael's thick cock plunging into me, its thickness sending me into a fresh wave of orgasmic thrills. He lasted the full five minutes, giving me time to observe Rosie impale herself on Jeremy's cock. There was no doubt that she was orgasming, too. She held her hand out to me, and I gripped it, and I could swear that our orgasmic energy was passing back and forth between us through our hands. The last time we were together, we were in adjacent lanes in a swimming pool, straining our muscles to compete with each other. And now we were side by side, our bodies straining with climaxes, our hands locked together in joy. It was the beginning of a special connection that I've had with Rosie ever since.
And, finally, it was Jeremy sliding his cock into me. After the previous six cunts that had hosted him, he was as primed as he could be. "I gotta cum, dear," he panted. "Right away!"
"Cum, my darling. Just cum." I whispered to him, and not a half a minute later, I felt his cock spasm inside me, adding a last load to my already overflowing cunt.
And then I heard the clapping, as we rolled apart. Linda was there with a turkey baster, which she shoved into my vagina. I looked at her questioningly, but she just smiled back. Then she took a credit card and scraped all the cum off the plastic sheet under me. When she'd collected all the cum and put it into a measuring cup, I was startled to see about a quarter full.
"That's going into the punch, dear!" Linda said. And that's exactly where she emptied it into. But first, there was one more part of the wedding ceremony to take care of. Stacie, Rosie, and I had all climaxed during our fucks, and Lori and Linda came while being masturbated by Gary and Greg as they were standing and watching us after their own parts were over. No surprise there, either, since they'd been doing that for over twenty years, and the men knew exactly what to do to get the women off. The feel of the men's fingers on their nipples and clits, the buzz of the vibrators inside them, and the sight of all that hot humping on the bed was all it took for the sisters to orgasm in each other's arms.
But Dee and Diane still hadn't cum, so after Jeremy and I stood up and Gary removed the plastic sheet, they lay down on the bed and let the twins eat and finger-fuck them to an orgasm as we all watched. It didn't take long, as they were both close to begin with, especially Diane. They held hands as they climaxed, and rolled over to hug and kiss each other in post-coital bliss. That was when we all gave each other hugs, everybody squeezing each limp dick and probing each wet hole.
Now that we all had orgasmed, Gary gave the signal to start the reception part of the ceremony. A large cake was unveiled, Jack and Stacie made their toasts to us, and we all partook of cake, sandwiches and champagne punch mixed with the semen of seven men! (Diane declined the punch, since she was pregnant, but made a show of wiping the measuring cup clean with her fingers, then licking her fingers dry while batting her eyes coquettishly, to the applause of the guests.)
After a while, all the men were getting hard again, and we women were in the mood for more loving. So everybody was waiting eagerly for the orgy to begin, especially Barry and Rafael, who'd never experienced one before. Stacie slipped me a half of a "magic brownie" as she ate the other half herself. "I ate a whole one last time," she said. "But I think it was a bit too much." Then she explained the "rules of the game" which were really just guidelines: don't spend too much time with any one person, try to visit everybody, try to stay just this side of an orgasm but let one rip when you feel the time is right, take a break in the pool if you think you need to but rinse the oil off first at the poolside shower. By this time, everybody was passing around bottles of this special water-soluble oil that Lori had gotten from someplace, and oiling each other up.
Can you imagine being oiled up by five or six people, and oiling them up in return? And lots of oily hands on my breasts and back and pussy, and my hands on lots of oily breasts and pussies and hard cocks? That alone was enough to get my motor running, but that was nothing compared to what started to happen when we all lay down on the tarp and started groping each other.
Everywhere I reached, there would be a breast of cunt or cock at hand, and I'd stroke it. Somebody would be at my crotch, fingering my clit, while somebody else would be sucking on my nipple. We were all making love to each other, teasing each other. I'd feel a finger snake up my cunt. From a guy or a girl? What difference did it make? I'd get finger-fucked for a few minutes, and then the finger would be withdrawn and replaced by another finger. Or two fingers. Or a hard cock. I'd maybe have another hard cock in my mouth, and a third in my hand, before they all found new friends. And then I'd just lie on my back and find two people sucking on my nipples while a third mouth was giving me head. As the bride, I was getting a lot of attention!

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