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This is a story about my husband and I opening up and then living out our fantasies. It is about me having sex with other men with my husband's knowledge and agreement. If you believe that married people should not have sex with other people or that open marriages are the devil's work, you should not read this and move on. However, if you enjoy sex and can understand that two people can be deeply in love and still have sex with other people with the full knowledge of their spouse, or even just like to fantasize about it, then you will hopefully enjoy this story.
John and I had been married for three years when my husband popped the question. Not that question, but the one I wasn't ready to answer. "Tabby, what do you fantasize about when we are having sex?"
We had just had sex. Good sex, but it was the regular, well regular for us. I can't complain about our sex, at least not compared to what my girlfriends tell me. My husband is loving, attentive, we kiss a lot, he takes his time kissing my neck, just behind my ears, and he sucks on my earlobes before he makes his way lower where he spends a lot of time on my boobs. That man loves my boobs.
I have big, big, boobs and by the time I was 18, I was fully developed. I am 5' 5" tall and weigh about 125 lbs., of which about 10 pounds is boob! I have 34DD natural boobs that gravity will never let pass the pencil test but for their size, they hold up pretty well. They are round and firm and my nipples are big and spend most of their time trying to tear through whatever I happen to be wearing over them. They are half an inch long, thick, and love attention, and when they get it, they grow another Ā¼ inch.
I typically get at least one orgasm orally from my husband who is very good at cunnilingus but truth be told, by the time he finishes with my boobs and my nipples, I am usually on the verge of orgasm and when his tongue touches my clit, I am typically out of the gate with number one.
My husband also has a nice cock, not too big, a little above average at around 7 inches and pretty thick which fills me up nicely. If he were to describe our sex in terms of cars (which he did once) he would say it's like driving a BMW, luxurious but also sporty. It drives smooth and fast on the open road and is a blast to drive on a curvy mountain road. In my husband's terms, it's a car you wouldn't mind driving every day for the rest of your life.
After a nice drive on the open road with a few slick curves at the end, the sex we just had was good, so why the question about fantasies? This isn't something that we have ever discussed before and I wasn't comfortable talking about it. I sometimes feel bad because I think I'm some kind of closet pervert with some of the fantasies I have. I know everyone does it, whether they admit it or not; all women, and I'm sure all men fantasize.
My friend Tammy talks about it all the time and hers are pretty specific. We'll be having coffee and she will just come out and tell me that she had a fantasy the night before about some guy she dated in college that had a curve in his penis that made her scream every time they had sex.
My fantasies tend to be more about things I have never done before and they aren't typically about anyone I know, they are just nameless, faceless people. Yes, I said people. I sometimes fantasize about other women too but that is a whole different subject.
So, when John asked about my favorite fantasy, I just choked and told him that it was he and I having sex on a romantic beach on a tropical island. He looked disappointed. Then I asked him what he fantasizes about. I could tell that he was a little uncomfortable but he took a big breath and he started to tell me.
I was more than a little shocked. He told me he fantasized about watching me have sex with another man. I mean, why would any man want to watch his wife with another man? It wasn't making sense to me and I guess the look on my face was letting John know that I was having a hard time understanding. He kind of shrugged his shoulders and tried to verbalize his feelings but he really couldn't explain why that would be exciting to him. He said that he thought that I was the most beautiful and the sexiest woman that he had ever met. He even said that he sometimes felt that I was more than he could handle but that still didn't explain why he wanted to watch another man fuck me.
I sat up and started asking questions and I could see that he was growing more uncomfortable. I asked if in his fantasy, he was hiding in a closet watching or was he using spy cameras to watch while I cheated on him. He was getting very flustered and he said it was none of that. In his fantasy it wasn't cheating. He had agreed to it, arranged it even and he was right there watching.
The more I pressed the more he seemed to back away from it and finally just said, "Tab, just forget I even mentioned it. It was just a passing fantasy. He even got a little angry and turned it back on me.
"Really Tab, sex with me on a tropical beach is your big fantasy? You and I have done that like 10 times. You can't tell me that you never fantasized about sex with another man, a movie star, a fireman, a professional athlete? Come on, I know you better than that." He seemed almost angry.
He kept pushing and pushing and I was starting to get mad and finally I blurted out, "Okay, if you really want to know I fantasize about being a slutty fuck toy for two guys with big cocks, letting them use me however they want! I fantasize about a threesome with you and another woman, and yes, once in a while I fantasize about a fireman putting out a fire in our kitchen and then fucking my brains out over the kitchen table!" Is that what you wanted to hear?"
I was almost in tears but John was smiling and he reached over and pulled me into his chest and hugged me. He leaned down close to my ear and whispered, "Finally, Tab you are such a sexual being and you have all of this nonsense that you keep wrapped up in this straight jacket of a head of yours. I want us to be open and honest and share our thoughts and our fantasies. I would even love to see them come true for you.
"Sure you would," I teased. "You want to watch a fireman fuck my brains out in our burned out kitchen."
John sat back with a thoughtful look on his face and said, "I would like to watch that but I don't think setting our kitchen on fire to lure him over is a good idea. Besides, they don't just come by themselves to the fires you know, there would be about 10 of them."
"Oooooh, I didn't think about that," I purred. "That sounds even better!" Then we both broke out laughing.
We didn't talk about it again until the next morning at breakfast. I could tell he was hesitant to ask me but John wanted to know if I was serious about fantasizing about the two guys with big cocks. I started to say no because I didn't want him to think he wasn't big enough for me. But I decided that if we were going to share, I would be honest.
I told him, "I do have that fantasy but I don't want you to think that it is because you don't satisfy me. I think you are perfect and I wouldn't change anything about you. It's just that you know I slept with other men before I met you and there was one that was pretty big and it was a different experience. It's hard to explain. On one hand, sex was really good. He stretched me in ways I had never experienced before and, well, like I said, it was good but I couldn't do it every day. I would be sore for days afterwards and that was uncomfortable. Please don't let that bother you or think that I think less of you."
He looked at me and then grabbed my hand and pulled it between his legs. He was as hard as I had ever felt him. He said, "It doesn't bother me, it's making me incredibly horny thinking about watching you take a big cock like that, let alone two of them."
I reminded him it was just a fantasy and I didn't think I could ever do it. And, I would never do it if I thought that it could hurt our marriage in any way. It's just a fantasy and sometimes I think about what it would be like to just be a sex object. No love, just sex and two big cocks make that even more interesting to think about.
Again, he said that he would love to see it and if the opportunity ever arose, he would be all for it as long as he was there to watch… and protect me.
We didn't talk about it for several weeks until one night when I had several glasses of wine and we ended up in a 69 position with him on the bottom and me on the top. I was getting really close to cumming from his oral talents and his cock was buried to the hilt in my throat when I felt one of his fingers enter my pussy followed quickly by another and then another. It wasn't long until I felt what I thought must be a 4th finger pushed inside me. I was so wet there was little resistance but it was really stretching me. I could feel his thumb rubbing my clit, switching off with his tongue once in a while. Then I felt him pull his hand out of my sopping pussy and then something much bigger than his fingers pushing against my pussy lips. John felt me start to pull off of him and reached up to grab my head and force it back down until he was buried in the back of my throat again.
Whatever it was, was pushing further past my pussy lips and it was big. It felt both soft and hard, like a cock but it didn't have the warmth and I realized it was some kind of dildo but had no idea where it could have come from. I have a couple vibrators but nothing like what I was feeling. I needed to breath and as I finally managed to pull my mouth off of his cock, he pushed what felt like 6 or 7 inches of the dildo into me and I heard myself moan like a whore.
It was thick, really thick, and I could tell there was more to come. It was stretching my opening and filled my pussy completely. When I felt is start to pull out slightly, it felt like it was pulling my insides along with it. Then he pushed it back in even further. I was speechless; all I could do was moan as he stuffed me with that big fake cock. I had never had anything that big in me before. I don't remember the guy that I mentioned before being this big or ever feeling as full as I was and there was still more pushing into me. My pussy was on fire, being stretched to the limit but it was that odd mix of pain and pleasure that made my pussy ache. I felt like I should tell him to stop but I didn't want it to stop. I could even tell the dildo was shaped like a real cock. I swear I could feel the shape of the huge head and the veins along the shaft. Every time he pulled the big cock out, the ridge under the head scraped along my g-spot and sent a jolt of electricity running through my entire body followed by another jolt of that pleasurable pain every time the big cock pushed against my cervix.
Then, John pulled my mouth back onto him and I swear he felt bigger pushing to the back of my throat. I was stuffed at both ends and I started to cum. It was huge. I even felt myself squirt a little although I was so stuffed, I think it just flooded John's face. I was bucking and squirming like crazy as wave after wave crashed over me. John had stopped fucking me for a moment but then started up again. It wasn't more than a minute before I started cumming again. This time, John just kept fucking me with the big dildo fast and furious and I could feel his fingers, wrapped around the base of the dildo, hitting my outer lips every time he sunk that thing into me.
I was cumming constantly after a few more minutes and no longer had John in my mouth. I could hear myself moaning like I was somewhere outside of my body listening to the sounds of a woman in the throes of a never-ending orgasm. And then everything went black.
A moment later, I opened my eyes and John was holding me. I felt a void between my legs and realized that the big dildo, once it was removed, had left my pussy gaping.
John looked at me a little worried and asked if I was alright. He said, "I think I lost you there for a minute." I looked up at him and asked what happened.
John said he thought I had either fainted or just passed out from the sheer force of my orgasm. I had to agree. I looked around the bed and saw the big fake cock lying on the bed near my feet. It had to be at least ten inches long or maybe even longer, and looked to be as big around as my forearm. John saw me looking at it and smiled. He said, "I think you like our new toy."
I was still having trouble putting words together and I was seriously having aftershocks pulse through my whole body. I just nodded and then John kissed me. I lay there for a long time trying to go through what just happened in my head. I had never passed out like that before and it was a little scary. Even scarier to think that it was due to the most intense orgasm I had ever had. Heck, it was the most intense anything I had ever experienced.
Later, as I was falling asleep I realized that John hadn't cum but I was too tired to do anything about it and resolved to take care of him in the morning.
I slept really soundly and finally woke to the smell of bacon. It was after ten which was very strange because I never sleep that late. As I started to get out of bed, I realized how stiff and sore I was. I almost couldn't get out of the bed. When I staggered into the kitchen, John noticed that I was walking tenderly and he came and gave me a hug.
I felt better after breakfast. We didn't talk about the night before except that I asked him where he got that thing. "What thing?" he quipped, then he pointed at his dick and asked, "This thing? I've had it since I was a kid."
"Haw, haw," I retorted. Not that little thing, I'm talking about that giant thing you impaled me with last night!"
"Oh that," he chuckled. "I got that on Amazon. You seemed to enjoy our new friend. I think we should name him Dick, maybe Big Dick. What do you think?"
"I think that we should refer to it as Dick the Impaler. I am very sore this morning. We are going to have to keep that thing in the drawer for a while but it was fun."
We did keep it in the drawer for a while but I admit that I checked on it a few times, just feeling the girth and holding it in my hands, feeling the weight and marveling at the overall size. I couldn't imagine there were too many actual humans with something that size but it made me wet every time I looked it.
It was about 2 weeks later that I was alone in the afternoon and horny. I pulled out my laptop and found a video of a tiny little brunette that was being fucked hard from behind by a guy with a big cock. It looked like it was about nine inches long and very thick and it was stretching that poor girl's pussy but she was loving it. She had big boobs, like mine, and they were swinging wildly beneath her. She kept turning her head back toward him and telling him, "Harder, fuck me harder!"
I watched for a while and was playing with myself when I reached into the drawer in my night stand and brought out Dick the Impaler. I started out just rubbing it along my slit, feeling the plastic veins against my wet lips and over my clit. When another guy walked into the room of the couple I was watching on the video and pulled out his huge cock which he quickly slid into her mouth, I had to feel that monster inside me.
I slowly pushed the giant head between my lips and into my wet hole. It took a while for me to get it to go in and once it finally slid past my inner lips, I immediately felt the burn as my opening stretched to fit that beast in. I slowly pushed inch by inch of the thick plastic cock into my pussy and the burning soon turned to pleasure as it completely filled my pussy.
I kept watching as the girl was spit roasted by those huge cocks. I had one hand on my hard nipple, twisting and pulling it just like the guy who had his cock buried in the brunette's mouth was doing to her and I was slowly fucking myself with the plastic cock, pushing it deeper each time.
On the screen the two men flipped the girl onto her back and traded places. Now she was on her back, her legs spread and held up by one man while he fucked her fast and hard. The other man had his cock buried deep in the girl's throat and he began fucking her mouth while he pinched, pulled, twisted and slapped her huge tits.
I was speeding up my own fucking and I was so wet it was running down my thighs and down to my ass. The girl on the screen had several orgasms before but she and I both had a big one when both men pulled out and squirted cum all over her face, her tits and her belly. As soon as they were done, they left the room, the girl was still laying there alone, slowly swirling her fingers through the copious amounts of cum covering her body.
I was fantasizing the same thing happened to me except that I still had Dick stuffed deep inside me. I had enough energy left for one more orgasm before I would have to get up and shower, before my husband came home. I went for a second time, imagining it was me that was spit roasted between two big cocks and getting covered in cum and I came, an even more intense orgasm than the first one.
After that it became an afternoon ritual with me. I watched that same video over and over, each time imagining it was me. It wasn't that hard because the girl's body looked a lot like mine so it was an easy leap to my fantasy. Every day, it got easier and easier to take all 10 inches of that fake cock and pound my pussy until I came.
I tried to stop because I was afraid that I might become too loose for my husband and he might notice, but I couldn't help myself. My poor nipples were getting a workout too. I love to have my nipples played with, rough even. I had to be careful not to leave bruises I was pulling and twisting them so hard. I also wanted to experience what it would feel like to have my big tits slapped around like the girl on the video. Once I got going, I liked to have my ass spanked while fucking which John seemed to enjoy doing but he was never able to spank me as hard as I might have liked. It scared me a little to think how much I enjoyed that.
The next Saturday, John spent most of the afternoon in his man cave and I thought about going to our bedroom for my afternoon ritual but I couldn't find my laptop. I looked around for a few minutes in our bedroom and then went down into our living room where I ran into John. He was carrying my laptop and had a big smile on his face. I started to panic. I was always careful to go to the privacy mode so he wouldn't know I had been watching porn but I couldn't remember if I had shut everything off the last time I used it or not.
I found out quickly that I had not shut down the website the last time I was there because John kept that shit eating grin on his face while he started taunting me about watching porn. I know I must have turned 12 shades of red having been caught red handed.
I pulled the laptop away from him and told him he shouldn't be snooping on my computer. He just smiled and grabbed my arm and pulled me in for a kiss and a full body hug. That's when I felt the bulge in his pants push up against my crotch. He kissed me long and deep and then dragged me toward the bedroom.
I dropped the laptop on the nightstand and John began pulling my clothes off. I was naked in about 10 seconds because I hadn't bothered to put on panties or a bra so it was just my shorts and a t-shirt for him to remove. It took me a little longer to undress him while we continued to kiss like teenagers.
Once we were both naked, John pushed me back onto the bed and literally dove between my legs, shoving his tongue straight into my wet pussy. He quickly brought me to an orgasm. Once he had licked up most of my girl cum, he stood up and hooked his arms under my legs and pulled them up onto his shoulders. He pushed his cock all the way in to my wet snatch in one smooth movement and began fucking me slow and deep.

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