Our First Term Together

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tagIncest/TabooOur First Term Together

I met Kate on the very first day when we both moved into the Gower Street halls at UCL the same weekend. My parents helping me and hers helping her. A quick "hi" to each other as we lugged cases up the stairs. Then the awkward "please can you go now" to our parents without saying it. Hugs and tears and goodbyes. Then settling back into the communal kitchen to meet the people sharing. Kate was the nicest and easiest to strike up a friendship with. She was reading Law and I was reading Mathematics and Economics. But both of us enjoyed netball and had played for our schools, so the first evening we agreed to try that together.
Sure enough, we joined the UCL netball club and started what was called "light training". I found the drills exhausting but Kate was obviously a natural athlete and excelled. The first Saturday came and we had a friendly match within the club. I thought how much I would enjoy the energy and competition, the team bond and celebration. I thought how good it was going with a mate – Kate. Afterwards sitting on the changing benches, I asked Kate if she wanted to go for a drink later. She shook her head and explained that her boyfriend Martin was coming over that evening. This was news to me, and I asked about him. Apparently, they had been together for the last year. He was going to the University of Newcastle and was coming from their hometown to see Kate before the Monday when he was going up. We chatted on and I asked if she had had other boyfriends, but she said not. So I was expecting soppy sweethearts, though up till now it hadn't been how I saw Kate.
We got back from netball to our rooms. Kate's room was by the kitchen, so I decided that was where I'd be that evening. Around 6pm, a smart fit guy turned up – one I could imagine my parents not minding if I brought him home. It was Martin. No sooner had he arrived than they disappeared straight into Kate's bedroom. A few minutes later there was the sound of the bed rocking. "One" I said to myself smirking as, only a few minutes later, Martin was obviously cumming inside Kate. Apart from the occasional rush to the bathroom – shared too in the Halls – that was where they stayed till 9pm. By which point, I'd heard Martin do his duty and give Kate her orgasm and heard them have sex in what I assume was two more positions. At 9pm, Kate popped out just wearing an oversized t-shirt.
"Oh hey" she said blushing a little "you're here."
"Well, my plans didn't work out" I said smiling.
"Maybe next weekend" leaning down and kissing my cheek. Then I realised I was smelling their sweat and sex, as I plonked myself back in the armchair. Something I rather enjoyed inhaling.
She made some toast and spread it with Nutella. Then disappeared with the toast – and the jar – back to her room. Then there was conversation. Then there wasn't. Then there was the sound of Kate moaning. I thought about where I would spread the Nutella if I were with them and this time I masturbated as Kate obviously climaxed.
Afterwards there was more talking and less clattering of furniture. Martin was obviously spent. So, I went to bed and masturbated again. I knew then just how drawn I was to Kate. What I didn't know was whether she would understand my journey.
We carried on meeting after lectures and going training at netball together. Within the week though, she was referring to Martin as her 'ex'. Apparently, they had decided that the practicality of staying a couple if you were not seeing each other was not what either wanted. So, they had officially broken up. That evening we talked in her bedroom so we could open up some more. I asked her wouldn't cyber sex and phone sex work with Martin. She just laughed and said that he was way too vanilla for that. That was some admission and we carried on. She asked what I liked and I said that I kind of liked romantic love but kinky sex got me horny like nothing else. That sparked interest from her and she asked what my favourite kinks were.
"Thinking about threesomes, incest, anal, spanking all turn me on."
"Fuck. Have you?" I shook my head – choosing not to lie out loud. But I knew this topic wasn't going away between us.
"I get off reading erotic writing with those themes." And so, dear reader, I introduced Kate to the literotica site. I could see she was going to open her laptop the moment, I left. It was fun planting the seed.
We carried on for the next few weeks with lectures, tutorials, essays and assignments. Busy, busy, busy girls mixing and keeping fit in the gym and on the court. Then reading week came and she asked my plans. I said I was going home, and she asked if her friend Jenny could stay in my room while I was away. Jenny was another schoolfriend from home but wanted to see London. She was at Exeter University. So, I handed Kate my key before leaving and headed home for the week.
When I got back my key was in my cupboard in the kitchen. My room was tidy. The bedding had been washed. The bed was made and there was a bottle of Prosecco on it with a 'thank you' card. I put it in the fridge, looking forward to catching up with Kate. She got back mid evening looking cooler than ever in immaculate skinny jeans and a jumper that just folded around her tits. She seemed happy to see me too. I thanked her for taking care of my room and invited her to share the Prosecco. We went to my room with a couple of glasses and popped the bottle open. After a couple of glasses each, I asked whether I had left anything embarrassing in my room.
She grinned "Like you didn't know? We found the we-vibe on the first night. Interesting choice. Where did you get it?"
I glanced at her and said cautiously "My mum bought it me."
"Fuck – you have a different relationship to your mum compared to me." Kate was on her knees on my bed bouncing excitedly like the time I told her my interest in kinky sex.
"Yeah – well my parents have always been open with me sexually."
She stared with open mouth.
"They are swingers."
There was a little squeal of delight.
I grinned "So I guess there is something in my genes."
And so, we were onto kinky sex again. Drinking and laughing and getting more turned on. She admitted to reading the stories last week and was reading them with Jenny.
She and Jenny had 'practised' at school with boy-girl games, kissing and making out. Each one used to take turns to play the boy in their little games. But this week Jenny had turned up with a strap on to take the games to their conclusion. Reading literotica had just spiced things up and by the end, Jenny had started calling Kate "Sis" as she fucked her and when Kate had used the strap on up Jenny's arse, Jenny called her "Daddy".
The bottle was empty by this point and I wasn't hiding how I was touching myself as Kate described the things she had done with Jenny. She knew dirty stories turned me on and I was getting one of the hottest.
I pulled my panties down and said "Lesbian sisters?"
Kate smiled – I don't know if she said "sure" – we were instantly kissing and stripping and starting some drunk sex. She wanted to use the Prosecco bottle on me and within a few minutes she had the neck deep in my pussy as I was dripping. Then she got her mouth on my clit and made me cum on the bottle glass. Finally, I got to her snatch and worked my tongue on her slit. Quickly, I found she had a very big and very sensitive clit. I kept licking and staring at it. Then I experimented to get my lips round it and have a suck. It wasn't easy as she was humping each time, I tried taking it in. Eventually, I put my hand on her belly and pushed up. This sprouted the tiny penis-like clit out and held her down so I could suck on the beast. Within moments she writhed and screamed. Best orgasm I have ever given a girl. And then like sisters, we slept in each other's arms.
The next morning, we got through the awkward "you don't regret that, do you?" moment. I drew back the duvet so I could see her sexy body and she let me admire her. She did a bit of checking out on me, I'm sure.
Then I asked "Do you want to try the we-vibe, Mum gave me?"
Kate laughed and nodded.
"Mum fitted it on me the first time" I said.
"Show me" Kate replied.
"Get yourself ready" I told her fetching it and the controller.
She laughed and rubbed herself. "All ready, sis" she said once she was wet.
So, I fitted the dimpled end inside her, wrapped the heavy external end onto her amazing clit and switched the controller on. Within a minute, Kate was rolled over and humping on the bed as the vibe did its work on her clit and g-spot. I left her to have her climax and took my robe and made two coffees in the kitchen. By the time I got back, Kate was lying on her back with a sexy wet patch on the sheet between her legs.
"Mum has good taste" she said. Looking at me seriously "Am I awful?" Sigh – some rebuilding work to do, I thought.
And back to academic work and healthy sports we went. Depravity reserved usually for the weekends if we weren't with other friends around the college. Towards the end of term, in a late-night session with Kate, I told her about the swingers' party my parents go to every Christmas. This time I was invited, I told her.
"Oh my god that is so scary and exciting" she said. Kate was wriggling again like she does when we have these conversations.
"They are long-time members and apparently everyone's excited to meet me." I said nonchalantly.
"Mum and I can watch daddy fuck one of his regular partners."
Now Kate wasn't hiding that she was touching herself.
"Mum telling me who gives her the best orgasms – and it's two of the women" I tease, undressing as I continue the word foreplay with Kate.
We scissored and I couldn't help thinking of Kate's clit penetrating me. So good. After we both came, Kate simply said "Would your parents let you bring a friend?"
I kissed her mouth to say yes.
I arranged our tickets through my parents and even hustled £100 out of dad to buy us some lingerie. We ordered black satin open crotch camiknickers and hold up stockings on the Internet for delivery at home. Dad's name was on the address label so he had the fun of opening the parcel.
Dad also arranged a car to pick us up and drive us the day before. It was another moment of tension as I didn't know if they would 'approve' of Kate. I needn't have worried, apart from being very good looking, she is so easy to get on with. Dad thoroughly approved. Mind you, my take is that he isn't that fussy about who he sticks he cock into. But I got the impression meeting her beforehand and getting to know her over dinner with 'hands off and all will be good tomorrow night' was really was special for him.
Mum had booked us for a waxing the next morning. We went to the beautician's and in turn took our place on the table in the back room. Perianal and full pussy waxings for the three of us. And she was generous with the moisturiser as she rubbed it in the hot skin afterwards. It was like I could be on edge all day.
Arrangements were made and we arrived in two cars. Then mum and dad flanked us as we walked in. We handed our coats at the cloakroom and were given locker keys. Kate and I stripped to the camiknickers and stockings. Mum preferred the other direction and put her tights and knickers in the locker. She just had a short dress and heels on as we joined dad in a public room.
Dad wore a full dinner jacket and looked exceptionally smart as he greeted us. He had taken two Viagra while we changed to keep his stamina up I later found out. We sat and studied the room of mixed couples and small groups. A topless waitress in just a microthong brought us champagne.
We drank and I prompted Kate. "Was there something you wanted to ask?"
"Yes Abi – does your dad have a nice cock?"
I reached down to daddy's crotch, gave it a rub and felt for the zipper.
"Beautiful. Long and smooth that he keeps very well trimmed."
Daddy quickly wriggled his trousers and boxers to his knees.
"So lickable" I said signalling Kate to join me.
And so we began licking daddy's cock on each side, kissing when we reach the tip together.
There was a good atmosphere now. The club pleased to see new flesh. But they knew just who we were to mum and dad. And there was a tingle in that atmosphere. There was a tingle in daddy's rock-hard erection too.
Mum was watching admiringly as we started to fulfil daddy's desire. Kate was rubbing her clit inside her satin panties as she slid her tongue over his cock.
I took my camiknickers off so Dad could see mum had taken me for a waxing today.
The room was tense because they know that I was his daughter. I straddled daddy with Kate's face by my bum as she held his cock up for me. I wriggled to rub my pussy slit on his cock tip, feeling Kate's breath on my bum – excited that she had the best view in the room.
Kate licked my arse as daddy started to push his cock into my pussy. I just had to sink down against him, feeling his long hard cock enter me.
At that moment, the room broke into spontaneous applause as one of its founding club members started fucking his 20yo daughter. An orgy was breaking out in celebration and I continued to ride him slowly. The room was enjoying a good show. And mum was nearby now taking it in doggy from a younger man.
I leant back and bounced harder, getting daddy's cock onto my g-spot. Kate was licking dad's arse and balls.
"I need to cum on my daddy's cock" I whispered to Kate, touching my breasts and yelping. She sprang up and started sucking my tits. A dozen couples by now were fucking in the room – hetero and same sex.
Now Kate started rubbing my clit as daddy pumped from underneath. "Fuck i'm going to cum" I shout. My body going wild as the orgasm hit. My pussy floods and it takes daddy over the edge. I feel him plant his seed in me.
Kate is properly in the mood now and says "Take your daddy's cum deep in your fertile pussy, Abi!"
Daddy and I are both cumming hard. Kate is rubbing her stiff clitty as she watches us. I lift off so she can see his white cum inside my pussy. She pushes her face between my legs as she continues to rub herself, lapping at my leaky cunt. I lay spread, so she can feast. Kate pumps her hard excited clitty with her hand as she cleans me up. She knows just what she wants and needs.
Daddy moves behind Kate and slaps his cock on her arse.
"So, Kate – would you like to be sandwiched between a father and his daughter?"
"Yes, please sir."
"Then you had better ask nicely and say where you want to be taken."
"Please sir … fuck my needy little arse."
Daddy orders a woman nearby to pass him a tube of lube scattered on the coffee tables around the room. My eyes are rolling as Kate licks me and I hear the conversation – eager to tell Daddy later about our sex games at college.
Daddy sticks some lube on his fingers and readies up Kate's arsehole. She wiggles her bum at him. Then he fingers her up the bum hole, making her moan into my cunt.
Daddy winks at me as he plants his cock tip at Kate's rosebud. He pushes his powerful hips and pops through her waxed anal ring. Kate's clitty twitches obscenely as he pushes into her, leaking a puddle onto the floor. Daddy forces up inside Kate and she moans like a whore.
Daddy's pleasure is obvious. He takes Kate and admires her sexy arse, giving it appreciative slaps. She begins thrusting back at him and bouncing on his cock.
Daddy points to his cock up your arsehole for mum to see. She looks and smiles, having finished with her young lover. Mum comes and lays with me.
There are couples orgasming all around the room. And my mum comes and holds me, kissing me. We watch as Kate starts panting, sweating … twitching. Daddy is forcing hard and deep. I ask him how tight it is. He moans and says "tighter than you were on your 18th birthday, baby."
Daddy spanks Kate again as he fucks her. Her walls spasm and squeeze his big cock. And that's it … he spunks up her arse. Daddy's cock spasming inside my college friend.
Mum looks at Kate and says "it's ok Kate. just cum."
"Will you stroke and suck my clitty for me Abi?" sobs Kate. So, I switch around – my face against her pussy. Mum's against mine.
"Yess sister. Fuck this is so hot" says Kate.
I lick and suck the swollen clit – so big – I can get it between my lips again.
"Bob your head on it" she shouts
Sucking on it then bobbing my head, it is so big and throbbing with daddy still up her arse. Mum is on my cunt now.
Kate looks into my eyes, gratefully. "Fuck oh fuck oh fuck – yesssss" and starts cumming as I give her clit head like a cock. Kate's tits heave and her whole body pulses as the orgasm floods her.
"Good girl" says daddy, making Kate pulsate with pleasure again.
"Welcome to the club" says mum.
"And welcome to the family" i say "sis!" – grinning at Kate as daddy's cum leaks out her arse and she is covered in her own sticky mess.

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