Our honeymoon become a living hell

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By JLM We went to a small island thinking it would be safe but it wasn’t.

I married my high school sweetheart. She give me her cherry at 17 after I told her that I was going to marry her someday. She’s 2 years younger than I am, and has the looks of a walking goddess. She stands 5′ 4″ with dark red hair down to her butt crack. She’s slim but, that makes her B cup tits look large on her. She keeps her pussy bare as a little baby, knowing now it turns me on.

We went to this tiny island in the Caribbean for our 12 day honeymoon. We had a well for water, but you had to pump water up the a holding tank on the roof to be heated by the sun. There was no electricity, no phones or cell service. We had a flare gun we could used if need for an emergency. We loved it and with being the only ones on the island we started walking around naked. My wife and me decided we wanted to start our family as soon as we got married, so and she was going to be at her fertile peak 3 days after we got to the island. We were so tried the first night we just fell asleep in each others arms.

On the second night as we were making love I felt like I was being watched. I pulled out getting up, only to get hit by something hard on the back of my head, as I was on my way down into the darkness, I heard my wife screaming. When I awoke with my head hurting bad, and my vision so blurred all in could make out was shapes. I heard and loud groan from a female then bodies slapping together. I tried to yell out but, something was in my mouth stopping me. I heard my wife ” No please, not in me please, you can’t do this. I will suck you off, or you can do it in my ass but not in me.”

All I heard was ” Shut the fuck up bitch. I will do what ever I want, and the others can decide for themselves what they want to do.” I heard her starting to say something but a very loud slap stopped her. The sound of bodies slapping together got louder as was the groans, coming from what had to be my wife as she was being raped in front of me. My vision had started to get to where I could make things out a lot better, and what I saw was my wife’s hands tied to the wood head broad, her legs spread wide open, as a huge black man was fucking her. I looked around the room seeing 2 more huge black men standing watching my wife with large cocks of their own.

I tried to get up but with my hands were tied to something behind me, stopping me from getting up. I heard my wife say ” Oh god this can’t happen. Your so deep please pull out please.” Her voice was breathless as her groan and moans grew louder, just before she had an orgasm. The slapping of their bodies was a lot faster, and harder with my wife going from orgasm to orgasm. I felt my tears running down my cheeks, as I knew she was not only being raped but, very much enjoying it. The slapped stopped with him pushed as deep as he could in my wife shooting his cum into her fertile, unprotected womb. He slowly got off my wife, looking worn out as the next nigger took his place pushing himself inside my wife.

She give a huge grunt, as his balls hit her ass. She did nothing to stop this guy from climbing in between her legs, and I was starting to get really pissed off at her. After a couple minutes she groaned that he was to big, and hitting cervix. He just laughed as he pushed even harder making her scream in pain. I tried my best to get free, but I was tied very tightly to the chair that was built into the wall. I tried to split out what had to be a dirty rag tied around my head and in my mouth, but it wouldn’t move at all. This guy had my wife’s leg bent back to where her knees were next to her ears. He just kept pushing himself as deep as he could in her fertile pussy.

He give a grunt as he said “There it goes, I knew it would open for me.” I think that’s what he was said, cause it hard to make out with my wife’s screams. He just started pounding her as hard, and as deep as he could go. I looked at the one remaining nigger and his cock had to be a good foot long, and as hard as a fucking rock. My wife’s screams had turned into moans like she was starting to enjoy being raped, by this fucking nigger. He had to been raping her for and good half hour when my wife moans turned to her chanting ‘ Yes, yes,,, yes YES YES DO IT, FILL ME!” As he started pumping his cum deeper than I could ever do.

As he got up off my wife I could see his cum dripping off his still huge cock as he said to his buddy, ” She loves our big black cocks in her, she will never want a tiny white man again.” I looked at my wife with her legs spread as wide as they will go as the 3rd nigger climbed between her legs. I could see she had her eyes locked on that huge black weapon. As he started pushing his cock in my wife, and she was pushing back on him. You could see she wanted him and, it was no longer a rape but a gang bang of my white wife. The first guy walked over cutting the ropes holding my wife hands, with her arms going around the one fucking her. It wasn’t long before she had her hands on his ass pulling him in as deep, as his bare black cock could go. She started humping herself against him as her orgasm grew.

When her orgasm exploded, it just didn’t seem to stop. She was now screaming for him the fuck her. When he rose up I could see her lower belly going up and down with his cock going in and out of her. After maybe 10 minutes she started asking him for to cum, to fill her with his fertile cum. I knew I had lost my wife, she never said those things to me, and never came like that when I was making love to her. I wondered if she just liked being used like a cheap hooker, maybe it was a fantasy of hers. If it was would that make her a slut. As I looked back up number 3 was blowing his load in her fertile pussy, as she had her fingers dug in his ass cheeks.

After he finally went somewhat soft he got off of my wife. Number 3 looked at me and said ” Fuck man is that what you call a hard on man? I call it a pin prick.” He started to laugh as number 1 come and kicked me in my balls. My wife shot up yelling for them, to leave me alone. Number 1 told her to shut the fuck up as he got this very large thing that looked like a paper clip, and put it on my cock near the base. My cock started turn a dark shade of red then, a dark purple and the pain was out of this fucking world. My wife start to beg this fucking nigger to please take it off. He turned to my wife and said ” I was just seeing in maybe a week if his cock would fall off like lambs tails do.” As they all started laughing at the pain I was going through. My wife then said that she would do anything they wanted if they would take that thing her husbands cock.

The one who put the clip on me said ” Anything, OK, it’s a deal.” As he grab the clip making tighter then before, pulling if off ripping my skin as he did. He walked over to my wife and told her to suck him off. My wife looked at me almost saying sorry with her eyes before, opening her mouth to suck this fucking nigger off. I couldn’t watch, so I kept looking at my bleeding penis. I heard her gag and then a slap as he told her to stop with that crap, and swallow him. As I looked up I seen him pulling her so her head was bent back, before he pushed forward forcing his somewhat hard cock down her throat. She was turning purple before he pull out enough for her to take a couple breaths, before pushing down her throat again until his balls hit her chin. She started to fight him, and number 2 and 3 grabbed her arms so she had no defense as he throat fucked her. I was going out of my mind cause I was sure he was killing her, and I couldn’t stop it.

She was getting just tiny bits of air, when did let her have a few more breaths, before he fucked throat hard shooting his cum in her throat, and straight down into her belly. He did pull out and rubbed his last bit of cum on her lips and face. He then slapped her face telling her if he felt her teeth again that he would pull each and everyone out of her head. The other two threw her back down on the bed.

A couple minutes later the 3 of them walked out the door, pissing off the deck that, I had been making love to my wife. That had to be a century ago, or so it seemed. My wife came over to me taking the gag out of my mouth as she said how sorry she was. She then kissed me hard with that niggers cum still on her lips, making me want to throw up. She asked them to give me something to drink before they gagged me again. They took turns fucking my wife more times that night then, I care to remember.

The next day the one I thought of as the lead, went away for about 4 hours and when he returned he told my wife that now everyone thinks you are going to stay for a few months, and that we asked him to bring us the food we would need. My wife was allowed to shower as I was allowed to go outside to take a piss, which burned like I was on fire, then take a shit. They all took turns fucking my wife, and soon they decided it would be fun to do her at one time. I just kept my eyes closed as they did things I didn’t think a human, would do to someone else. Number 2 had his cock in her ass, and thought it would be a great idea to pull out, and jam his cock down her throat without washing first. She threw up all over him, which pissed him off. After some time my wife asked them to maybe tie me up on the floor cause I was getting big sores from being tied in that chair. That was about a month into them being are jailers.

The way they took care of me sores was to open them up and put salt in the sore. Them loved watching me in mind blowing pain. It was going on 3 months with my wife not having a single period since we got here, plus she had been throwing up. We both knew she was pregnant. Now was it from our wedding night, or did I cum enough before I got hit on my head, on our second night here to have her in this condition? No I didn’t think so either. I’m sure there’s a little black nigger growing in her belly. One thing she now has orgasms very easily when they fuck her and she can now take them without much problems down her throat. I starting to think she would make a very good porno queen cause, Linda Lovelace couldn’t deep throat like my wife has learned to do.

The day came when these fucking niggers went away. It turned out they got arrested for stealing, one of them broke down after a few days, and told them of us out on this island. We were taken to a hospital where it was confirmed that my wife was pregnant, and about 13 weeks along. As for me the doctor say I have a very deep infection deep in my penis, and are hoping they can save it. We told our story to the cops, with all 3 having been charged with rape, kidnapping and a few other charges. We had our sworn testimony in front of a judge, and with the evidence against these 3 they pleaded guilty. They were handed life in prison with no chance of parole for 45 years each.

My wife who is going to give birth any day now, and just wants the babies, yes she has twins in her, out of her body. We have decided that we will raise them as our own, cause what had happened to me down there, has left me unable to get an erection plus, the infection also made me sterile. I just wonder once the babies are born, that in time if my wife will be wanting some huge cock fucking her again.

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By JLM #Group #Interracial #Pregnancy #Rape