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I’m Suzy, and I’ve been married to my husband David for 15 years. I’m currently 35, 5’10, 140lbs, have shoulder length brown hair, brown eyes, and measures 38-28-38″. David is 38, 5’11”, 175lbs, has blonde hair, blue eyes and has a 7″ cock. Five years ago we started spicing up our sex life by visiting sex sites online, visiting adult video stores and renting their movies. We also agreed to try what each other wanted at least once.
The first time that we involved someone else, was at a adult video store, where we both sucked cock and swallowed cum in the video booths with glory holes. Then we each placed personal ads on a sex web site, as a married woman, married man, and married couple. I always got more hits than him. We exchanged e-mails and IM’s, but didn’t give out our phone numbers, address, or set up a meeting. Finally we joined a local swingers club, that held parties for couples, singles and bi’s, and that’s where I got hooked as far as I was concerned, as I talked more and more with wives at the club, and the majority claimed how superior black cocks were. David said I should try a black lover.
Our interest then started drifting to interracial videos. We began discussing an interracial affair for me. He wanted to watch me getting fucked by a big black dick. I wanted it too. It was spontaneous. That meant that David would be a cuckold, so what about that? David said that he wanted me to take a black lover so bad, that he would deal with it. The idea of being a cuckold excited David, and me too. We researched cuckold websites and I teased David about how I would cuckold him with my black lovers. We watched many interracial videos back then. I accumulated a large number of interracial websites. I would masturbate, and he would jerk off. We tried personals ads on the websites, but nothing brought the responses we expected, until I posted a new ad with nude photos of myself, unknown to David. I requested a dominate well-hung black male that would turn David into a submissive cuckold, and make him obey our every command. I was really getting into this cuckolding thing, and I wanted his cuckolding to be an experience that we would always remember.
The responses doubled, and I selected three men, telling them I wanted to meet only for a interview, to finalize my choice. They all agreed. I picked my primary stud, and told the other two that I would meet with them soon and to be patient. I called Jason, who would be my primary lover and told him of my decision. He said that he was sure that I would pick him.
Jason was handsome, 25, 6’1″, 200 lbs., very muscular, very short hair and a 10″ cock. He was very knowledgeable about sex, cuckolding husbands, making other men’s wives their sluts, and was very commanding and authorative when he spoke, without being threatening. We talked for two hours, and he said what he would do and say to each of us, so that he could gage David’s reaction. He suggested different scenarios that he could use, based on what I told him about David and what degree of cuckolding that I had in mind, and to what limit David would go.
Jason suggested what the three of us meet that evening at a bar/restaurant at six pm. I eagerly agreed and called David after I finished talking to Jason. I told him that I wanted to go out that night, and he said of course, but when he arrived home, he had a sinus headache, which I knew could immobilize him for several hours.
I called Jason and told him of the monkey wrench in our plans.
He told me what to do, and to let David see how I was dressed before I left.
I paid particular interest to my hair and make-up. I wore David’s long sleeved white shirt, with the top 3 buttons un-buttoned, tucked into my black skirt, which was 3″ above my knees, black garter, beige hose and black 3″ heels. I sat down on the coffee table in front of David and told him that I was going out anyway, and was going to find myself a boyfriend.
“You don’t have to look for him, he’ll find you.” David said.
“Kiss me goodnight now, because when I come home, I’ll probably have his cum on my lips.”
“Oh yeah, I wish.” He said.
“Your wish shall be granted,” I said, and kissed him goodnight.
I drove to bar/restaurant and met Jason in the parking lot. He was a vision of carnal lust at first sight. We kissed, with each others tongue exploring the other’s mouth and our hands grasping at each others sexual parts, as we discussed our plans for the night. I drove as he directed me to a couple of his favorite clubs, where he said white single and married women go to meet their black lovers. He said he would take me and David tomorrow if everything goes alright tonight.
We arrived at my home at 10:45, the lights were on, meaning David was still awake. I was excited beyond belief as I opened the door and walked into the house. David was laying on the couch watching TV, and drinking beer. Watching the news.
I said. “Hi honey, feeling better?”
“A bit.” he said, as I walked between him and the TV and stood there so he could see me.
My hair and lipstick were slightly messed. My shirt was buttoned askew, and was completely outside of my skirt, while my skirt zipper was completely undone.
Then Jason walked in.
“I’d like you to meet a friend of mine.” I said.
He turned his head, saw Jason, and sat up on the couch.
Jason was dressed better, but his pants zipper was half way down.
“Why don’t you two get acquainted, while I freshen-up.” I said.
They talked about their jobs, and what sports they liked, and then Jason said.
“Suzy tells me that your swingers, and that you’ve been looking for a well-hung black stud to fuck her the way that she deserves. When I fuck your wife, it will no longer be a fantasy, it will be reality, and the consequences will be real. Suzy has already told me that she wants me to be her first black lover, but you have to give the final ok. After that there’s no turning back.
“Yes.” He said.
“And I also understand that you want your wife to take a steady well-hung black lover, or group of lovers and cuckold you?”
“Yes.” He said.
“You want to participate by performing cuckold duties, and watch?” Jason said.
“Yes.” David said.
“How long have you’ve been interested in inter-racial sex and cuckolding?” Jason said.
“Ever since I started researching sex sites on the web, about three years ago.” David said.
“And now your ready to step from fantasy into reality?” He said.
“I’ve researched it pretty good.” David said
“Well I wish you luck in your quest to be a cuckold. I’ll help you in anyway that I can.
“And me too honey.” I said, as I entered the room and posed for my men, wearing a black push-up bra, black garter, beige stockings and 3″ black heels, and carrying our video camera.
David’s mouth was agape when he saw what I was wearing. David was suddenly aware that I was dressed for some serious fucking. He was staring at my shaved pussy.
I said that my soon to be new lover wanted her pussy shaved clean, and had to do it for him.
“Yes, as of tonight, your wife is already a changed woman. She has already seen, felt, stroked and sucked my 11″ cock. Once she has felt my big black snake up her wet cunt, she’ll always want nothing less, are you prepared to lose her to someone’s longer, thicker cock?” Jason said.
“For a evening or a weekend, yes. on a permanent basis, no,” David said.
“For some reason, a lot of white men want to see me fuck their wives. Suzy says you may be one of those men.”
“Possibly.” David said.
“Would you like it if I fucked Suzy? Are you ready to ask me to fuck your wife? Are you ready to give your blessing. I want you to tell me that you want to see me fucking Suzy. Actually, it brings couples closer together. When I fuck a married white woman, I only do it with the husband’s permission. I take a lot of time to make sure that he is very invested in the process. There are a lot of ways to make him part of the experience. You would like it if I fucked Suzy? Are you ready to ask me to fuck your wife? Once we get started, there’s no turning back, your committed.”
David looked at me, and I nodded “Yes.”
Jason then proceeded to strip off his clothes, and David got his first look at Jason’s cock.
“Get on your knees, and ask me to fuck your wife.” Jason said, as I recorded the moment on the video.
David then looked at Jason, and told him. “Yes I want you to fuck my wife. I want to see your big black cock fuck stretch her white cunt, and fuck her deeper than anyone has before.”
“Come over here and show me and your wife that your really committed to this. Suck my black cock.”
David looked at me again, and said “that he was doing this for me, with his eyes,” and walked on his knees over to Jason.
His eyes were level with his raging hard, eleven-inch black cock.
Without saying a word, he put the head of his cock in his mouth. He told me later it had a musky, slightly sweaty taste as he sucked on more than half of it for several minutes.
“Yes. Yes, Sir, you do.” He pulled out and covered his face with his cum. He was on his knees looking up at him.
“Good, cuck.” He wiped some of his warm cum from his cheeks and placed his wet fingers into his mouth. He sucked hungrily, eyes closed, and head spinning.
“I promise to play by the rules. I won’t fuck her until she gives me permission, just like you did.
“Are you are all set to become my married, white slut Suzy.”
“Most definitely,” I said,
And your husband here is all set to become your cuckold. Aren’t you, David.”
“Yes,” He nodded.
“Suzy, you don’t mind if I make him my slut also? I’m pretty sure he’ll want some of my black cock also from now on. Would you like to watch him suck my cock, maybe lick your juices off my cock.” Jason said.
“And eat your cum from inside my pussy.” I said.
“Come over here baby. Let’s continue what we started in the car.” Jason said, as he pulled me into his arms and began a long tongue probing kiss, as I grabbed his cock and stroked it as I looked at David.
Soon I was begging him to fuck me, but he said that I was going to be his whore, and he would fuck me when and where he wanted. As he said that, I started to cum and he spread my legs wide and shoved that beautiful large black cock into my pussy. It was so tight that I didn’t think I could take it, but as he sank more and more of it into me, I knew that he could do what ever he wanted to me. When I could feel his balls tight against my ass he stopped and asked me what I wanted. I told him that I wanted him to use me, to fuck me, to make me suck his cock and be his married white slut.
He started moving his hips, pulling almost all the way out before he would slowly shove it back into me. He was making me loose control and he knew it. He picked up speed and began to really fuck me. At some point I became aware that I was screaming at him to fuck me hard and pound my married white pussy. He was fucking me better than I had ever been before.
“Whose cock fucks your cunt better, mine or David’s?
“Your cock fucks me best.” I said.
“Do you like seeing a black cock fuck your white pussy or a white one.”
“A big black cock.” I said.
Then he unloaded his hot, wet cum into my cunt, and then he pulled out and wiped his cock head oozing slimy cum on my lips.
“It was the most exciting thing I have ever experienced, and I loved being filled with his black cock and having so much of his cum in me that it ran down my legs and ass.”
“Don’t move.” He said.
He then turned to David and said. “Clean my cock. Suck your wife’s juices off my cock.”
David spent about five minutes licking and sucking him clean. He looked like he was enjoying his new duties.
“Now clean my slut’s cunt.” He said.
“You are going to be such a good cuckold, baby. Eat my pussy. Eat Jason’s cum from my pussy.”
“Next, from now on, this is my pussy, this is a black man’s pussy.” He pointed to Suzy’s pussy. “When we give you permission, you can go down on it, but your cock stays out of it. Your tongue gets in but your cock stays out. If you prove to be a good cuckold husband, then on special occasions your cock gets to go in. From now on, this pussy is for black cock only. That’s what you want, isn’t it?” Jason said.
“Yes, I understand.” David said.
“Fine, now get on top and straddle his mouth with your creamy cunt.” He said.
When I did that more cum started flowing out into David’s mouth.
He asked her if she was his slut and his whore, and I nodded yes. He asked if she would do whatever he told her, and again I nodded yes.
He said, “That’s good, because I know a lot of black cocks that would love to be in your sweet white pussy.”
“Good, I would like that.” I said while looking at David.
He picked up his cell phone while she continued to suck his cock and he told someone our address and told them to “bring the others tomorrow at 1:00 pm.”
Jason kept us both busy into the early morning hours. Jason’s cock was pleasuring me more than I ever thought possible. I wanted him in all my holes, and he granted my wishes, with David cleaning my holes and eating our combined juices.
Jason and I started taunting my husband with his requested cuckold status by focusing on his submission and humiliation.
“Oh honey, your so smart, how did you know that a big black cock was what I needed, to achieve the best orgasms that I ever had. I’ll never need anything than black cock from now on to keep me sexually fulfilled.”
“You looked so satisfied and comfortable sucking Jason’s big cock and balls. I bet you enjoyed taking his big loads of cum in your mouth, as much as I do, and you will be a slut for black cock, as much as I am.”
“Thanks for suggesting that your wife take a black lover. I love making my big cock available to married women. After about 10 years of being married, they’re ripe for some taboo sex with a superior black lover.”
“I’m going to turn your wife into a sex addict. By this time tomorrow, she’ll be a black cock slut. When she thinks about having sex, she’ll think only of sex with a black man.” “Whenever I tell either of you to do something, you’ll say “Yes Master.” Any other time, you can call me Jason, understand?” The next day, he had me wear the same as last night minus the shirt, skirt and panties when his friends came over the next day. There was a knock on the door and he told her to go answer it. She stood and went to the door. When she opened it, 4 more young black men walked in.
As they moved past her, they all grabbed her tits, ass or pussy. She went back to the living room and Josh said, “This is the new white married slut I told you about. She’ll fuck anyone I tell her too, and that’s her husband. He wants to give her to a superior black man, so she won’t be sexually deprived anymore. Isn’t that right slut?”
I said, “Yes master, I will fuck or suck any black cock you want me to. I need black cock now, and that’s all I’ll want anymore. I want to please you and all of your friends and make you proud of me.”
David said his cock was so hard that it hurt. He pulled it out and started stroking it while watching his lovely wife being a true whore for these strange black men. All of them took their clothes off revealing large, hardening cocks. They sat down and Josh told me to suck all of them until they cum in my mouth. I knelt down and began licking the first cock and then sucked him into my mouth.
He moved his hips fucking my face for several minutes until he groaned and I felt him filling my mouth with his seed. I swallowed it as directed and crawled to the next cock and repeated my performance. After I had the sperm of all five men in her mouth, Josh told me to lie down on the low table in front of the couch. I did and spread my legs offering my body to these black men. One stood between my legs and started rubbing the head of his cock over my pussy.
I moaned and begged him, “P-please fuck me, put your black cock in my married white pussy, please!!”
He told me to put his cock in my pussy. I wrapped my hand around his cock and shoved it in my body. He started ramming in and out of my body telling me I was a slut, and whore for black cock, that I would never want any other cocks in her except black. He was slamming his cock into me so hard that he was forcing me forward over the table. One of the others stepped up and shoved his cock into my mouth. They started a rhythm, fucking my pussy and mouth at the same time. I took a cock in each hand and began stroking them.
They were all laughing and talking about what a great cocksucker and fuck I was. Josh said, “She is going to get all the black cock she wants. I think the next time, we can take her to the club and have her fuck all the guys. She can do at least 25 guys, can’t you, slut?”
I just nodded with my mouth filled with black cock. The one between my legs started moaning and I saw his balls tighten. He slammed into me and held his cock in me as he filled my pussy with his cum. When he was done, he pulled out and I could see his sperm leaking from my pussy. I held my legs open wide and another cock was soon filling my body.
I looked at David and said, “I love fucking black men, It feels so good to have a black cock filling my pussy, you like watching me be a whore for other men, don’t you? Knowing that
I am going to cum for them, they’re going to fill me with their potent black baby seed?”
He said that yes, he loved watching me be a whore. All the while I was talking, Josh was slamming his cock into my pussy from behind, making me lunge forward on every stroke. He reached around and pulled on my nipples and I said, “Yes! Oh baby, please fuck me hard, I want my husband to see how a black man treats his whore!”
He started banging into me and he looked at David and said, “Your wife is a real black cock slut now, she is not going to be satisfied with anything but a fat black dick in her tight, white, married pussy. Isn’t that right slut?”
“Yes master, oh yes, fuck me, use me, I will fuck anyone you want, do what you want, fill me with your beautiful black seed! Fuck your new white married slut. Even my husband knows that only big black cocks were made to satisfy a woman pussy.”
For the next month, I was insatiable. I was like a kid in a candy story, and I needed all the black cock I could get. Many day’s David would come home from work, and find me sucking or fucking a big black cock somewhere in the house. Jason had to refer me to another six black studs, because I needed a big cock almost every day. After the first month, I slowed down to needing two or three guys a week, and I had David to provide his mouth or ass also.
It’s been three years now, and I’m still a fucking slut for black cock, and I have only one person to thank for introducing me to the world of inter-racial sex, and that’s my husband!

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