Our Secret – Part 10 (Mum’s Friend Jill)


Dean raced downstairs, a naked woman in his shower that wasn’t his mother. He got to her room walking into the bathroom. Jill’s toilet bag open. He saw the box of condoms. She said she didn’t have any. He smiled picking up the massage oil from Rach’s bathroom.

He stopped in the room picking up Jill’s blue G String sniffing it again. He smiled dropping it and returning to his bedroom. He heard her in the shower. He picked up her white g string sniffing it.

” Fuck yes. ” He said. He put his tongue on it tasting it then put it back. He didn’t want her to catch him. He took off his jeans and underwear his hard cock springing out. He walked to his bathroom with a erection. He wasn’t shy now, in fact he wanted her to see it.

He stepped in the shower. She had tied her hair up on her head.

” Hello. ” She said. ” Nice having a different bloke in the shower with me. ” She said.

” Really ” he said.

” Oh yeh. ” She replied reaching down grabbing his cock. She stepped in kissing him. His hands reaching to her breasts. She turned around her back to his leaning into him. He stood against the back wall, her facing the shower head.

He reached for the soap and started washing her front from behind his arms under hers.

He washed her breasts and stomach, down to her groin over her pussy and thighs.

” Oh that’s nice. ” She said as he softly lathered her skin. She stepped forward as he washed her back and arms. Massaging at the same time. Her shoulders and arms and lower back.

” You have nice skin. ” He said.

” Thank you, this is so nice baby. ” She said groaning.

” Good. ” He replied. ” I like to massage. ” He said.

” Your mum says your good at it. ”

” Dose she ? ” Dean said.

” Yeh. I you don’t do a full body. But she loves you doing her back and shoulders.

” I do, ” he said. ‘ I do do full body he thought’

Ten minutes later she turned to him smiling.

” Take me to bed. ” She said ” Make love to me. ”

He reached behind her turning off the shower they hugged their wet bodies against each other. He loved feeling her wet breasts against his skin. They kissed.

They stepped out and dried off. He led her to his bed. She got it and lay on her stomach. He picked up the oil and dripped it on her back. He rubbed it in over her shoulders and back. Up her spine and sides. He massaged over her bra line. Down to her arse kneading her skin. Over her buttocks and down her thighs, she opened her legs a bit as he massaged inside them. He massaged down her calf to her feet and did both legs. He then straddled her kissing her neck and softly down her spine to her buttocks kissing softly over her cheeks to her thighs.

She groaned and moaned as he kissed down her thighs, down her calfs to her feet, kissed her feet and toes.

He then rubbed his hands in reverse, where he had kissed up her legs and buttocks and back to her shoulders straddling her.

” Turn over. ” He said. She rolled over under him. She smiled as he kissed her lips.

” If you are as good fucking as you are as massage and making a girl feel loved and respected, I’m in for a treat. ” She said

He kissed her neck ” I hope so. ” He said.

” Sure you are baby. ” She said as he kissed down her neck to her breasts.

She looked at the clock it was nearly 11 o clock. Yes it was late yes she had to work next day, yes she was tired and slightly tiddly. But even been fully sober she knew she wanted to fuck him. She was aware of what she was doing, still able to make a choice. She opened her legs as he kissed around her breasts. Over her tattoos, over her nipples and circled them with his tongue. She moaned and groaned feeling loved and respected. Her husband hadn’t been sensual for years. She missed been made love to. Her husband seemed to just want to have quick fucks.

” Oh Deano. ” She moaned, ” Yes baby. He kissed down her stomach he her groin. He kissed her rose tattoo next to her clit. He sat up and massaged her thighs on the top down to her knees. Her pussy moist now. She badly wanted his cock. She wanted him to fuck her. But she was enjoying been massaged.

He reached her feet massaging between her toes. He then kissed up her legs to her to her groin. Her was kneeling between her open legs. Her shaved pussy in front of him. He looked at it.

She looked down smiling. ” Its all yours. ” She said.

” Cool ” he said.

” Touch it, it wont bite. ” She said smiling.

He slid his fingers over it feeling her wet moist pussy lips. She cupped her breasts fondling them as he gently and slowly rubbed her pussy. He leant in kissing her rose. With his fingers he explored her pushing in between her labias feeling her wet moist lips. Rubbing over her clit. Down to her vagina opening. He wanted to pretend it was his first time. That he was a virgin.

Fuck he knew every detail of his mothers pussy. If he was asked to paint it. He could paint and draw every detail. Every fold of her labias. Her vagina, her clit. The colour, the taste.

Jill’s pussy was nice.

” Lick my clit. ” She said sliding a finger to it circling it.

He leant in between her open legs putting his tongue on it circling it, tasting it.

” Ohhhhhh ffffuck yes. ” She moaned. ” Ohhh shit ” she said as he licked it and rubbed her labias with his fingers pushing his fingers to her vagina opening ” Put your fuckin fingers in me. ” She said.

He looked down opening her labias with his other hand seeing her moist hole leading inside her body like a tight wet cave entrance. He pushed his fingers deep into her. She gasped in
pleasure as he pushed deep into her pussy, slowly finger fucking her. He leant back in circling her clit and licking he out.

” Fuck that’s it. Oh fuck yes. ” She said. ” Your a fuckin natural ” she added. ” Oh shit your better than my ex husband. So much better. Don’t fuckin stop. Fuck I want your cock in me. ”

He smiled. She begging him for his cock. Hes better than her ex husband, hes a natural. Well heaps of practice. His mother taught him well.

He licked harder pushing his tongue into her more, tasting her beautiful tasty juices. Her wet pussy on his lips as his fingers finger fucked her love hole.

He pulled them out. Kissing up her body. He kissed again over her breasts.

” You like my tits don’t you ? ” She said.

” I do. ” He said. ” I love your tattoo. ” He said.

” My dove. ” She replied.

” Yeh and your rose by your pussy and the rose on your thigh. ” He said.

She reached down grabbing his cock guiding it to her pussy. She slid his knob down to her vagina and smiled as he pushed into her.

” Ohhh fuck. ” She said groaning as he slowly thrust her in and out. She held his chest with the palms of her hands as he thrust in her. In and out. She felt his hard shaft. Plunging her deep.

” Its nice. ” He said smiling.

” Yeh my virgin lover. ” She said.

” You have a nice body. ” He said changing the subject.

” Thank you. ” She said as he kept thrusting her in and out. She groaned and closed her eyes. She was totally relaxed, enjoying been fucked by her best friends 16 yr old son. Her pussy been pleasured in a way she had never been pleasured before.

He gripped her breast rolling it in his hand feeling her hard nipple against the palm of his hand. He kissed her lips. She lifted her hand placing it on his cheek kissing him passionately. Their tongues in each others mouths.

She moaned at his thrusts, his cock deep in her she knew soon her pussy would be full of another mans cum she was used to her ex husbands cum. But his was extra special. She let her body go relaxing it feeling him in her, on her, making love to her, kissing her, groping her caressing her. Been one with him. Their bodies pleasuring each other. She slid his lips to his chin kissing it. He lifted his chin. Her soft lips kissing under his chin.

She rolled him to his back. She slid down his body, his cock falling out. She kissed down his chest to his groin. He lifted his cock with her mouth sliding her lips down his shaft. One hand on the bed, the other on his balls caressing them. Her mouth supporting his cock sucking up and down his shaft, tasting his precum and her pussy juices on his cock.

She then straddled him grabbing his cock rubbing his knob over her pussy. She then slid down his cock. It entered her. She rode his rode up and down. Dean looking up at her. Seeing her breasts bounce as she rode him. His hands on her knees looking down at his shaft between her pussy lips. She rode faster

” Ffffuccck. ” She moaned.

” Oooh shhit. ” He said tensing.

” Fuckin cummm in me. ” She said

” Ohhh shit Jill. ” He said.

” That’s it baby, empty your cock in me. ” She said.

Seconds later he orgasmed. He cock filling her with cum.

” Shit ” he said.

” Oh yes baby. ” She replied.

She stopped and sat on him. His hard cock emptying in her. Semen dripping out of her pussy. She lay on him kissing him.

” That was nice. ” She said.

” Sure was. ” He said.

” Lets have a shower and go to bed. ”

They got up, semen dripped down her leg, and off his cock. They made their way to the shower getting in. It was 11.42.

Afterwards they got in Deans bed and turned out the light in each others arms.

” I enjoyed that, your a good lover. ” She said.

” Thanks ” he replied.

” What would your mum say if she found out we were fucking babe. ” Jill said rubbing his chest.

” Well have to keep it a secret. ” He replied still not believing he had just fucked her. She was naked in bed with him. The first two women he had fucked were his mother at 40 and his mothers best friend 38 he felt so lucky as he lay there, experienced and not a virgin.

” Oh we will. ” She replied. ” Our secret babe. ”

” Am I really better than you husband. ” He replied.

” Oh yeh, am I am not just saying that either. You are. ” She said. ” Quite a lot better, hes not as sensual as you. I mean a woman that you were wanting to have sex with. I said yes. But you wanted to slowly undress me, give me a massage first. Slowly work your way to sex. Like we have been together for ever. You didn’t want to just fuck me in 5 minutes. I felt you cared about me. Even this morning when you said Wow when I got dressed for breakfast, made me breakfast. That’s when I decided I wanted to have sex with you. ” She said.

” Really ? ” He said.

” Oh yeh all through dinner last night, I wanted to get home to fuck you. I undid my top buttons on me blouse. So you could see my bra and cleavage. ”

” Did you, for me. ” He said

” Yeh. Here we are, in your mothers house, in your bed. Naked and both just had sex with each other. ” She said.

” Cool aye. ” He replied.

” So cool. ” She said. ” I need to go to sleep work tomorrow or today she said looking at the clock 12.21.

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