Our Secret – Part 11 (Mum’s Friend Jill)

Thursday 6.34 am.

Dean woke. He slid his hand to his hard cock. Waking up with a erection was a regular thing. He looked over at Jill asleep. Now he had a woman to relieve himself.

He slid out of bed. Her erect nipples poking through the thin sheets. He made his way quietly downstairs to his mothers room using her toilet. He didn’t want to wake Jill.

He went to the kitchen and put on the jug. He decided to make her breakfast again. He made her coffee and prepared her yogurt and fresh fruit.

He made her coffee. Decaf. He put it on a tray and made his way upstairs.


He got to his room and she was on her back. One breast poking out from the sheet. Her head to the side. He put the tray on the side table and leant next to her. He leant in and kissed her neck and her ear. She groaned and moved as he made his way to her cheek kissing her cheek, her eyes opening.

” Morning ” he said.

” Morning ” she replied. He kissed her lips.

” Whats time ? ” She replied.

” 7 O’clock ” he said.

” Already, do I smell coffee ? ” She asked.

” Yes and breakfast. He stood presenting her with the tray.

” Wow breakfast in bed. ” She said ” You shouldn’t have. ” She sat up the sheet falling to her hips. Her breasts hanging. She took the tray putting it on her lap. He sat in bed with her. ” This is so so nice. ” She said ” Thanks ” kissing his lips.

” I give mum breakfast in bed. ” He said.

” Bet shes not naked. ” Jill said looking down at her beasts.

He laugthed.

” I really enjoyed last night. ” She said. ” The sex was so good. ” She replied.

” It was. ” He said. She sipped her coffee.

” Its a shame I have work today. ” She said. ” Be nice to spend the day together. ”

” In bed. ” He said.

” Yes. Id rather be fucking you than working today ” she said smiling.

” Busy day at school. ” He said

” Yeh, well we have one more night together tonight, lets make the most of it aye. ” She said.

” Yeh. ” He said smiling at her.

” They say and talked as she ate breakfast. She finished


” That was nice. Now just a quick fuck. Will get rid if your erection. ” She said smiling. He put the tray on the floor and rolled over to her embracing her. There lips met kissing. He rolled onto her guiding his cock to her pussy sliding deep into her. He kissed her as he thrusted her caressing her breasts.

She groaned as he lifted himself up on his outstretched arms. Thrusting her hard. She moaned as she slid her hand to her pussy rubbing her clit feeling his shaft deep in her. It rubbed against her fingers as he made love to her.

Minutes later he cum filling her again with semen.

” Oh baby. I could get used to this. ” She said.

” Me to he replied. He was used to fucking his mother in the morning. Coming down stairs some mornings getting in her bed and fucking her.

7. 27.

She got up and showered in Deans shower washing the cum from her pussy again. She then walked naked downstairs wiping oozing cum from her. Dean followed naked bringing the tray down. She went into Rach’s room. Dean into the kitchen to clean up.

Five minutes later she came out wearing a black lace g sting and matching black bra to get a drink of water.

” Dressed for work. Is this lingerie day. ? He asked.

” No. ” She said. ” Cheeky arse. Just deciding what to wear. ” She said.

He turned hugging her. ” Something hot and sexy. ” He said. ” Now go, get dressed.


She turned. Dean loving the sight of her arse. He headed upstairs to his room. He sat on his bed. Putting his hands back leaning on them as he leant back.

He felt a wet patch. He looked back at the cum stains on his sheet.

” Gross ” he said smiling at the occasional stain on his mothers sheets. He stood up and smiled at her clothes on the floor. Her slacks and underwear, her blouse and bra. He thought he should take them down. But loved seeing her clothes on his floor.

He dressed in his uniform and made his way downstairs. Jill in the kitchen.

She wore a short sleeved slim fitting body con dress. In was a deep blue. Her zip undone he could see the black bra strap under it. The dress sat mid thigh.

” Hi could you do my zip up babe. ” She said smiling turning to him.

He stepped forward and saw the keyhole on the front of her dress. The material sort of twisted giving it some detail. He zipped her dress up seeing the black strap disappear.

She sat down putting on her heels. She kissed him good bye.

” I love a man in uniform. ” She said as she walked out. She could feel cum dripping into her underwear.

Dean walked upstairs and picked up her underwear and sniffed them again holding them in his hand and put them back on her slacks on the floor.

12 Pm.

She opened the door walking in. She went to the kitchen placing her bag on the bench. She walked into her room seeing Jill’s bag open and her clothes on the bed.

They were going to be surprised. She was back early. She went into her bathroom seeing Jill’s toilet bag. She pulled out the wrapped box of condoms.

” Still three there. ” Rach said smiling. ” Came prepared though good. ” She added. She took off her blue halterneck top and slid down her black pencil skirt. She removed her bra and knickers. She put on a pair of jeans and a singlet top.

She went into the kitchen and got a drink. She then walked upstairs to Deans room seeing his unmade bed. She saw female clothes on his floor. Jill’s slacks and G Sting. Her gold blouse and lack bra. The massage oil on the bedside table.

Rach sat on the bed leaning over picking up Jill’s underwear she sniffed it smelling Jill’s scent.

” What went on here ” Rach said. ” So Jill your fucking my son. Meaningless sex aye. ” She put her underwear back. She looked at the two towels on the floor. She checked the sheet seeing a semen stain on it. She felt jealous for a minute, nearly mad at Jill for having sex with him. She then smiled and found it quite funny.

She felt being home early would cramp there style. She decided a get a hotel for the night. She stood walking downstairs. She went to her room picking up her skirt and top. Putting them in her suitcase. Dean and Jill are probably having another night together.

She rang the local hotel and booked a room. Leaving at 12.31.


Jill unlocked the door walking inside she had finished early. She reached behind her back undoing the zip to her dress sliding it down her body. She took off her bra and downed her knickers. Deans semen stains in them.

She got into the shower washing. It was a hot day. She decided it would be nice to have tea on the beach with Dean.

She stepped out at dried. She returned to the room picking out her bikini. She put on a summer dress. A white off the shoulder dress with a flared skirt. She did her hair and looked in the mirror. The pattern of the bikini visible through the skirt.


Rach checked into the hotel room on the tenth floor. Opened the doors and stepped out onto the balcony overlooking the sea. The sea breeze blowing through her hair. She stood for a minute then stepped back inside opening a bottle of wine she poured a glass stepped back out to the balcony and sipped it.

She thought of her son and her best friend at it in her house. She felt jealous. She went inside and lifted off her tee shirt. She reached behind unclipping her bra taking it off. She rubbed her breasts and slid her hand to her jeans kicking her heels off. She slid her jeans and underwear off aware of the doors and curtains open. She was ten stories up facing the sea. She stood naked downing the rest of her wine. She headed into the bathroom stepping in the huge open shower. She waited for the water to warm up and stood under it the water running down her naked body. She washed herself with soap, washing her hair. She needed to be alone.


Dean walked in the door been greeted by Jill.

” Hi Baby ” she said how was school ? ”

” Yeh good. ” He said taking his bag off dropping it to the floor.

She hugged him and kissed him. He loved her in her dress and bikini. ” Go change and lets go to the beach and have dinner and a swim. ” She said.

” Cool ” he replies. He went upstairs and changed.

3 Pm.

They arrived at the beach. They drove around the various roads around the beach passing small car parks. He had his hand on her thigh his fingers under her skirt. They found a park towards the end of the road. They parked. Their were various bush walks around that lead to small inlets and pools. They leant in kissing.

” I’m fuckin horny. ” She said putting her hand in his lap over his togs feeling his hard cock.

” Me to. ” He replied.

They got out of the car, she picked her carry bag with a towel. She locked the car and they headed off up a track.

” Hold my hand. ” She said. They held hands as they walked. He felt proud to be with such a beautiful sexy woman. They carried on walking and talking walking through various sections. Coming out into a clearing then into bush. They cane to a spot a small track lead down to a small pool.

” Here’s nice. ” She said putting stuff down. She took off her dress and Deans eyes looked at her sexy body. A body he knew well naked. He took off his shirt. They walked in water and dived in. They played and splashed and cooled off under the hot sun.

She hugged him in the water and kissed him. He stood on the bottom. She wrapped her legs around him. He held her by her arse. His fingers wandering over her arse between her legs. His finger slid under her togs rubbing her pussy. They kissed she moaned. Her hand slipped under the water down his shorts feeling his cock.

” Oh fuck me. ” He said smiling. She slid his pants down pulling his cock out. He pulled her bottoms to the side and she directed his cock to her pussy. He slid it in and thrust her.

In the water they fucked. Both groaning quietly. The super horny experience made him cum quickly filling her pussy. They heard voices as two families appeared. His cock empty in her pussy she got off and re adjusted her bikini bottoms. He pulled his shorts up. They separated and swam together as the families with young children settled in unaware of the sex that had just happened.

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