Our Secret – Part 13 (Taking Stock)

Six months later.

She sat on the sofa her legs crossed. It was late and quiet. She wore a red satin gown. Her red satin slip and satin boxers under the gown.

A glass of red wine in her hand she pulled her fingers through her long dark hair. She looked at the clock. It was 10.17 Dean was out at his school dance. It had been months since she had taken him to the spot he was conceived. Jill was now settled in town with her new job.

It was Saturday night he was 17 now he looked so handsome and so much more mature in his Tuxedo a beautiful slim girl at his side. She flicked through the photos she had taken of him with his date. His girlfriend.

Her grown boy. She thought of all the sex they had together. She let him watch her dress. She missed his tongue on her pussy. He knew her body so well. The massage. He fondling. The caressing. Their bathtime. The spending time in bed together. She felt a bond with him. Not the bond most mother and son should have. She knew it wasn’t normal a mother and son have that relationship but it felt so good.

She stood up and walked up the stairs to his door. She looked in seeing his new room, his new bed. He was proud of it. His own bathroom now off his bedroom. He was nearly 17. He had a girlfriend not he was very fond of.

She walked in and sat on his bed. She picked up a shirt putting it to her face, she smelt his deodorant and his smell. A smell she had become so accustomed with. She looked around smiling.

She lay down on his pillows opening her gown up
looking at the ceiling. Her hand sliding under her nightwear boxers. Her fingers finding her pussy rubbing her clit she closed her eyes as she circled her clit pushing her fingers into it.

” Oh fuck. ” She said smiling as she slid it deep into her labias opening them rubbing between her wet pussy lips. She hadn’t had his cock for six months.

She missed his touch. Making love to him. Being his dirty fuckin slut. She drunk the rest of the wine. She fondled her breasts rubbing her nipples. She missed his mouth and tongue on them. Twice now she had to come to terms her son wasn’t on the end of her breasts. Once as a baby. Now as a teenager. She laughted at that thought..

She missed her pussy not been full of his semen. She missed him cum in her. So far no man had measured up to him.

She new she had to find another man. She agreed with her son it was a temporary affair with him. Now he was seeing other girl. She felt sad they had to stop fucking. It felt like a break up for her. She couldn’t see it that way. She kept rubbing her clit and breasts on his bed. The bed he was fucking his girlfriend in.

She felt lucky she had taken his virginity. She stood opening his drawer seeing Courtney’s clothes. She pushed her gown off. Lifted her slip off and pushed down her boxers.

She picked up a pair of underwear. A black g string, she slid it up her legs over her pussy. She picked up a bra putting it on.

” What are you doing ? ” She asked herself looking in the mirror at herself wearing her sons girlfriends lingerie. She picked out a black dress putting it on. It fitted. She walked downstairs to the kitchen wearing
her clothes. She felt good. It felt good. She walked back to her sons room and lay on his bed again fondling herself over his girlfriend Courtney’s clothes.

” Ohhhh fuck yes ” she groaned. Working her pussy over Courtney’s G String her legs open .

Minutes later she orgasmed. ” Fuck. ” She said ” Fuck. ” She got up and undressed putting the dress back and the bra. She took off the g string and sniffed it. It was wet smelling of her juices and pussy. She then put it back on rubbing her pussy again.

” Shit. ” She said. She stood as she heard a car pull up outside.

” Shit ” she put on her slip and gown picking up her boxers. She hurried downstairs and had time to put her boxers on closing her gown she sat on the sofa hearing the lock in the door unlock. He was home. She was horny.

” Mum’s up. ” He said.

” She wont mind ? ” A female voice said.

” No we have talked about it. ” Dean said as they rounded the corner seeing Rach sitting there.

” Your up. ” Dean said to his mother as she sat on the couch.

” Yes, Hi Courtney. ” She said to Deans date aware she was wearing her underwear.

” Hi Rachael. ” She said.

” How was your night ? ” Rach asked smiling feeling Courtney’s g string over her pussy and arse.

” Good, we had fun ” Courtney replied

” Oh ok good . ” Rach said.

” How was yours ” Dean asked.

” Mine. Oh good had a bath, watched some TV. Drunk some wine. ” She said smiling

” Cool. ” Dean said looking at his suspicious mother.

Courtney had just turned 17. She had been friends with Dean for two years. She was 5 ft 10. Slim athletic figure with a D cup bust. She wore a spaghetti black strapped dress to her knees. With two side splits up the side stopping just below her groin. Her long blonde hair hung down her back.

” That’s ok. ” Rach said shifting in her seat. Deans eyes moving to his mothers cleavage. Putting things away in his room she noticed things. Evidence he was seeing a girl sexually even though she said it was ok.

Sometimes she counted the condoms. Even underwear of Courtney’s in his drawers. She had even snuffed a worn pair in the washing pile.
She almost felt guilty she had. Sniffing her sons girlfriends underwear. She had her own drawer with underwear, bras jeans and tee shirts. Even skirts and dresses hung in his wardrobe. Even her jewelry on top of his drawers. Perfume and make up in the bathroom.
She Gosh she even saw a box of tampons in his drawer.

Rach sort of felt jealous of her son. Like a ex boyfriend that she lived with and still had feelings for living with her and seeing other woman. She had to tell herself its her son. Yes shes had sex with him. But again both knew it would have to stop one day. The day had come. Rach knew she had to move on now.

She watched as they turned. He lead her up the stairs and heard the door close. She sighed and sipped her wine.

” I still cant believe your mother lets me stay. ” Courtney said to Dean as they hugged and kissed.

” Shes pretty liberal. She knows that I’m growing up, and would rather me be having sex at home that somewhere else. ” He said.

” Wish my parents were like that. ” She said. ” They still think I’m a virgin. ”

” They think you stay in the spare room at my place. ”

” Yes. ” She said.

They kissed. He thought of his mother downstairs. Many times they had sex.

Rach turned off the lights and went to her room knowing her son was having sex upstairs.

Courtney took off Deans bow tie and shirt. She kissed him running her hands down his chest. She opened his trousers pulling them down his cock hard. She grabbed it and stroked it as he kissed her cleavage squeezing her breasts.

” Oh yes. ” She said moaning quietly.

He unzipped her dress pushing it off her. It fell to the floor. They fell to the bed kissing there hands feeling each others bodies. She played with his cock. He unclipped her strapless bra pulling it out dropping it to the floor.

Rach came out her door and quietly went up the stairs. She stood outside his room in the dark. She could hear them.

Dean leant down sucking Courtney’s breasts squeezing them.

” Oh baby. ” Courtney said ” I like that. ” She added.

Only I call him baby. Hes my baby. Rach thought fondling her breasts squeezing her nipples through the fabric on her gown and slip.

Dean kissed down her body to her groin kissing over her black g string licking her.

” Ohhhhh ” she groaned as he pulled them down revealing her young teen pussy. He slid them off her legs dropping them to the floor. He returned to her pussy licking her clit and labias. Rubbing her pussy he slid his finger inside her pussy finding her G Spot rubbing it as he licked her clit and labias.

” Fffffucccck Dean. ” She said. ” Fuck your good. ” She said.

” Thanks ” he said getting up kissing her lips. He grabbed a condom and put it on his hard cock. They got into bed and he slid it deep into Courtney’s pussy.

The thrust her. Rach listening to her son fuck his girlfriend. Rach played with her pussy underneath Courtney’s g string she was wearing closing her eyes leaning her head back. She fondled her breasts hearing Courtney’s moans.

She had told Courtney that she knew they were fucking so don’t worry about having to be quiet. It was more Rach to listen to her son fuck his girlfriend.

Dean groaned as he slapped against her groin his cock thrusting his 17 yr old girlfriends young pussy.

” Oooh yes. ” She said ” Fuck me. ” She added. ” Ohhhh yes baby. ” She said again. Deans breathing changed as he cum. He filled the latex cover over his cock as it emptied. They lay and kissed. Dean got up. Rach stood hearing
the shower. She went down stairs and went to her room.

Ten minutes later footsteps came downstairs to the kitchen. Rach got up and casually went to the kitchen.

” Hi. ” Courtney said dressed in one of Deans long tee shirts that just covered her arse.

” Hi ” Rach said ” Just getting a drink. ”

” Me to. ” Courtney said smiling at Rach knowing that Courtney knew she had just fucked Rach’s

Sunday night.

9 Pm.

He sat on his mother bed. He heard the car pull up. The footsteps of her high heels. She unlocked the door and came in.

” Home Dean. ” She said.

” In here. ” He said. She walked in her room.

” What are you doing in my room ? ” She asked.

” You smell of sex.. ” He said.

” Well you wont fuck me anymore so I need it somewhere. ” She said wearing a short black tight halterneck dress and black strappy heels.

” Using protection ? ” He asked.

” Are you my mother. ” She said.

He held up Courtney’s GString. ” Id like to know how my girlfriends underwear got from her drawers in my room, to your washing basket in your bathroom. ”

” Oh opps. ” She said putting her bag on the bed kicking her heels off.

” Explain ” he said.

” Sorry. Ok I was putting things away upstairs and I might have snooped it your drawers. Seen her underwear and got naked tried them on. I heard you come home. I didn’t have a chance to take them off and put them back so I got dressed raced down stairs and hoped to put them back today but forgot. ” She said

” You tried my girlfriends underwear on. ” He said.

” Sorry baby. You fucked my best friend. ”

” That’s not the point. Stay out of my room. ” He said.

” Deano. ” She said.

” I mean it mum. ”

” Ok baby. ” She said.

” Stop calling me baby. I’m 17. ”

” Ok baby. ” She said.

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