Out After Three Years in the Big House

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By Yvette (and Jimmy ) Released after three years in prison,thanks to my stupid God fearing Mother, she said she would do anything I wanted if I could ever forgive her.

Yvette writes ….

The first time my twenty one year old son Jimmy made love to me was wonderful , I had not had a mans cock in me for over five years ,in fact when Jimmy went to prison I hardly played with myself more than once a month for the three years he was away. . In one half day I had done oral sex on him and swallowed his seed, he said that blew his mind, and a few hours later we had sex for the first time, and that blew my mind

After a month of Jimmy being home, weekends were the happiest time of my life. One weekend when I woke up Jimmy came into my bedroom with coffee and donuts ,I said ” where did you get them” and he said ” up at the donut store, where did you think I got them the florists “? He said ” I though you might like breakfast in bed ” he said laughing. ” after all it had been a busy night for you,spreading your legs and making me have sex with you ” . I said ” WHAT ” and we were both laughing. I was so happy to see him standing there, he stripped off and took a donut out of the bag and forced his semi hard cock through the hole in the middle and said ” eat your breakfast” .I was laughing but I got up on my hands and knees and started taking little nibbles out of the donut until it eventually fell on the floor and he rolled me onto my back and pulled me so my head was off the edge of the bed and he pushed his now rock hard cock into my mouth.

I was gagging and coughing , I was having trouble breathing, his cock was going so far into my mouth he was blocking my airway and eventually I desperately pushed at his legs and I was trying to tell him to let me up . He lifted my head onto the bed and I kind of rolled onto my side coughing, while he stood there laughing. ” I thought I was going to die ” I said half laughing half still gasping for air . I rolled onto my back and I laid there and watched as he started to spread my legs and pushed a finger in to my pussy which made me wince. ” Whats the mater” he said and I smiled at him and said ” I am not used to being used this much, that big long fat cock of yours has made me sore in there “. ” You will be fine he said with an evil grin on his face, as his fingers rubbed backwards and forwards along my pussy lips. I held my breath in case he decide to push his fingers in me , but he just said ,” you choke when you suck my cock, your sore so you can’t fuck, what fucking good are you ,”he said laughing. I said ” don’t say that Jimmy when we get back home from shopping I will be fine,I want to get some cream from the pharmacy, let me shower and we can go shopping and get you new clothes ” .

Jimmy writes )…….

The next few weeks were very pleasant it was early summer, sunny hot and I was free , I picked up a job at the local Country Club working the bag room and the cart barn, I had caddied there from like the age of fourteen until I was seventeen ,so I did a bit of caddying some afternoons for extra money.
It was a six thirty start each morning so my Mother got woken up each morning around five thirty with me wanting a quickie , which meant I went off to work happy and she went off to work with a cunt full of my seed. By the time we had eaten dinner of an evening and sat having a drink my dick normally had started getting hard , I was a growing lad and I had lost three years of play time so Mommy found herself on her hands and knees on the front room floor sucking my cock ,before we went to bed and she got a good fucking most nights .

I didn’t have to work of a weekend ,they had a an old guy working there that had been doing the job for years Mother had gone to the clinic and started a course of DMPA, injections. When she told me she was going I said ” whats that” , and she said ” it’s like the pill but it is in injection form, and best of all I will not be having a period while I am on it”. ” I said that sounds great, I was wondering if you had fallen pregnant what I would call the kid ,would I say Hi kid I am your Daddy , or Hi Kid I am your Brother, or maybe Hi Kid I am your Dadbro ” , and she said ” that’s not nice” ,and of course that made me laugh even more.

Most Saturday mornings we went and did the weeks shopping, we would go in one of the ladies stores and buy something sexy for her where when she got fucked. She got regularly spanked,which she hated and I loved. If she had been naughty she would beg and plead but I never gave in, and depending on how naughty she had been depended on which implement I left on the kitchen breakfast bar when I got up in the morning before going to work . It sat there all day and evening and she would get more and more scared of it,every time she passed it the later in the evening it got. It was about eight in the evening that she would start saying she hadn’t meant to do what ever it was she had done to deserve the punishment , and that just made it all the more exciting for me.

I had several leather paddles ,a big wooden paddle that made her cry just knowing it was going to be used on her, several rattan school canes and the piece de resistance was an English Dragon Cane Rattans which when I put it on the breakfast bar before I left in the morning would terrify my Mother all day ,knowing it was going to set her bottom on fire that evening. She would call me several times during the day trying to make a deal with me ,promising me the world if I didn’t use it on her. By the time she came home from work she would be ringing her hands and hardly able to speak every time she looked at it she was so scared of the pain it was going to cause her.

Now in my defense she only got it if she had been really naughty, like the time she burnt dinner one evening because she was too busy chatting to her sister on the phone, and another time when she backed the car into the corner of the garage wall, she didn’t get THAT cane if for example she didn’t wash my favorite lucky shirt when she knew I was going to be caddying in a competition, then she got spanked with something much milder,although she still made such a fuss that she made my cock rock hard and when I fucked her after the caning doggy style she gave me some of the best orgasms I ever had,screami ng and begging me not ro grab or inch her poor sore butt..

Yvette writes )…..

Jimmy loved to humiliate me as part of my punishment for me not lying for him in court and him ending up in prison. Those three years had changed him from the nice sweet boy that would look at flowers in the garden to one that when he came home from playing golf would swing a club and knock the flowers heads off. He loved putting a leash and collar on me and making me crawl on my hands and knees around the house, he would carry a riding crop and flick my butt from time to time just for the fun of it although he knew it would hurt me big time.

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Just to make me feel stupid ,he would insert a flower stem into my butt while the flowers petals kept my butt cheeks apart as I was crawling around the floor .Other times he would push a couple of long peacock feathers into my bottom and I would have to bend over and dust the tv screen or the coffee table wiggling my butt from side to side while he watched half drunk and laughed . Much as I hated some of the things he did to me the one thing I tried to stop him doing was taking photos of me , I would beg him not to but with the modern day camera he could take hundreds of pictures of me and then store them on his computer. Occasionally he would make me sit naked on his lap and look at them, I could feel my face burning in embarrassment while he played with my boobs and pussy.

He loved tying me spread eagle on the bed and doing oral on me, and just before I started to climax he would stop and laugh at what he called me fucking the ceiling, raising my butt off the bed time and time again as if I was trying to fuck the ceiling while I begged him to let me reach a climax .Some evenings he would do it for two hours using his tongue and a vibe on me , but never letting me climax, Then when he got board with my begging and pleading he would make me climax, driving me crazy tongue whipping my clitoris. I often fainted for a few seconds, he told me once that when my eyes rolled into the back of my head and I fainted he knew I had had a good time. Then when I came around after a few seconds he would immediately start using the vibe on my clitoris again which was agony and pleasure added together and often made me cry out loud until I started climaxing again a few minutes later .

Jimmy writes)……

Then a crisis hit our happy home, we had our first major argument.I had caddied on the Friday and Saturday in an Inter Country Club Golf Event ,on the Friday at our club and on Saturday at a club about 20 miles away . Millie one of the senior girl caddies gave me a ride from our club to the event and then back home in the evening. Me and Millie had a it of a history it went back to the occasional BJ in her car when we were both like 17 and 18 and she came around to our house on the odd occasion when she was stuck with her homework , but it never developed more than that. She bought me home and parked outside the house and we were talking for a few minutes and then my Mother came and tapped on the car window , said hello Millie and then said Jimmy there is a call for you on my phone indoors ,I think you had better answer it.Millie looked at me and I looked at her and we both laughed, and it was about that very second I decided it was now time to butt fuck my Mother for embarrassing me like she had.

I said OK tell them I will call them back , and I said I will be in in a minute.I deliberately sat there for a few more minutes , in the cars door mirror, I could see my Mother hiding behind the front room and looking out at me and Millie . I said to Millie ” I have to go,give me a kiss goodbye” .She laughed and said,” is she looking “, and I said ” yes, she worries about me ,after three years inside she thinks I might do something wrong and end up there again,b ut I have no idea what she thought I would do in a car in daylight outside my own house.”

Millie gave me a big long kiss and put her hand on my cock which stiffened immediately. Fuck Jimmy she said this fucking thing feels bigger than ever. She laughed and said I always wanted to fuck you did you know that ,but I was scared I might fall pregnant but if your available any time give me a call and she gave me a peck on the cheek and I said goodbye.

I closed the front door,and my stupid Mother started shouting that I was late home because I had been with that girl, accusing me of fucking her and who knows what else, I had given up listening. I went to the fridge picked up a couple of beers and headed up the stairs to my own bedroom with my Mother standing at the bottom of the stairs crying and saying I didn’t love her anymore. Half an hour later I went downstairs to get the rest of the six pack , she was laying on the couch still crying but I ignored her because I knew if I started arguing with her it would end up in a mega fight, I decided to hold my tongue and wait until the morrow, to show her exactly what I thought of her embarrassing me like she had done in front of a friend.

I got up the next morning and went to get the donuts as I usually did on most weekend mornings,it was only a five minute walk up to the main road. I was in line when I felt a tap on my shoulder ,I turned and there was Aunt Susan. I gave her a kiss on the cheek and said ” what are you doing here” and she said
” der buying donuts “, and we were laughing. I said “how are you and how is is Uncle George” and she said ” at a conference in California” . She said ” shall I get you a coffee and you can sit and keep me company before you go home to your what is she now” and she whispered ” Mother or Lover” ?

Wow that felt awkward , but I just said ” fine” , and we ended up sitting at a table drinking our coffee. She said ” so what happened yesterday” and I guess I looked surprised, she said ” my sister called me last night all upset because you had gone to bed and wouldn’t speak to her, so whats going on there she has been so happy when ever I have spoken to her and I don’t just think it’s just because your home” . Susan said ” my sister couldn’t resist telling me how big and strong you are now and how she bet you could make some woman happy for hours, and she laughed and said my older sister always did think I was dumb,and couldn’t put two and two together,” and we both laughed.

I said ” my lips are sealed but if you have got a few hours to spare I am going home from here and your sister is going to wish she had not been born for making me look stupid in front of my friend yesterday “. Aunt Susan lent on the table and moved her head towards me, she reached out and took my hands and gently pulled me towards her over the small table and said ,” oh that sounds serious,and what part will I play in this wicked plot” ? I said “what ever part you want ” . ” Drink your coffee,” she said l” ets go,come on lets go ” , and we were both left half full cups of coffee on the table

The final part to follow.


I said do you want me t

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By Yvette (and Jimmy ) #Abuse #Incest #Mature