Outdoor Sex Is Fun! Find Out How.. | Outdoor Sex Tips

Having sex in the same bedroom or in the couch becomes boring after sometime. If you want to bring a change in your sex life, it is time to become experimental. Its not just about the sex positions but also the place. Get out from your bedroom and explore the outer world!

Balcony: Instead of using it only as a sitting place, try having sex there! Making love under the fresh air just outside your bedroom keeps you comfortable. If you feel shy to have complete sex in the balcony, just make out there. Continue the rest of the session such as intercourse in the bedroom. Flipping places makes you more excited to have sex!
Garden: Imagine having sex on the grass. While you get cozy with your partner, you see greenery and colorful flowers around you. This will be a huge turn on for women. This is because it is filmy! Women love romance in the filmy style. Add a spice to the idea of making love outdoor by organizing a dining table. Have a candle light dinner before you turn her on!
Beach sex: Having sex outdoor especially on the beach is just amazing! If you have seen your lady in a sexy bikini, you would obviously get tempted to make love to her then and there. Do not think if the beach is empty or there is a small cottage for you two to make love privately! Get out in the open and enjoy having sex under the water or on the sand.
Car: This is one of the common outdoor place to make love. Having sex in the back seat of the car is nothing unusual. Be it a make out session with a new chick or romancing with your partner after a dinner, the back seat of the car has been used by many couples! The small cozy space on the back seat is erotic. If you have gone out for a date and the situation has excited you two, just land up on the back seat! Pull up the window glasses before you jump on her.
Outdoor sex tips:
  • Make sure the location is empty. Pick up a spot where you two will not be interrupted by the crowd. Interruption can be a major turn off for any couple. So, always choose a lonely spot.
  • Carry a blanket. Women are not comfortable to lie naked outdoors. They are shy to reveal their assets so openly. So, carry a blanket to prevent your neighbours from watching a free time!
  • Pick up the right time. Having sex outdoor at a time when people are hanging out in the balcony or garden can be shameful. Pick up times when no one comes out like the middle of the night.
These are few things that you have to keep in mind if you want to make love outdoors!