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The last two days of our getaway found us in an historic hotel. We had a beautiful view overlooking the Mississippi River. Looking out at night from our eighth-floor balcony, the view was absolutely beautiful.

The day we arrived, we toured the restaurants, did some sightseeing, shopping, and enjoyed the Louisiana cuisine.

That evening we marveled at the uncanny view of the scenes just below our room. These were illuminated by hundreds of multi-colored lights. We turned the room lights down low but kept the French doors open, making love to the night sounds.

What is it about abandoning “routine” that makes Blue so wonderfully naughty?

For example, this morning after my shower I slipped into my short towel and intended to get dressed for our day. But as I walked toward Blue, I couldn’t take my eyes off her as she sat relaxed in the window seat.

Her hair was still damp, and she wore my unbuttoned white shirt. She absolutely glowed from our romantic evening last night.

Blue was sitting on the window seat with her knees up, exposing her panties. She was sipping her hot tea, enjoying the morning view from the eighth floor.

As I walked past her, I hesitated, gently stroked her face,  and told her how much I loved her. She grasped my hand, set her cup down, and seductively kissed my palm, and then my wrist, and placed my hand on her breast.

I looked into her jade-green eyes and smiled, waiting for her next kiss. Instead, she turned toward me, opened her gorgeous legs, and pulled me in between her thighs.

As she loosened my towel, it dropped to the floor. I was now totally exposed, my dick standing straight out. As she stroked it, her eyes flashed with desire.

The shirt she almost “wore” was unbuttoned and open, and both perky breasts were now exposed for my pleasure.

There was hunger in her eyes for more of what we enjoyed last night.  As she embraced my throbbing cock, I felt a surge shoot through my groin at this unexpected encounter with her.

I watched as my beautiful, sultry wife leaned in to lovingly kiss the head. One kiss, two kisses, then licking circles around the head … I was ecstatic!

She looked into my eyes and said, “This is my cock. It belongs to me and I love it. I  love to taste it, to feel it in my mouth, and feel it explode when I make you cum. Got it, mister? This cock is all mine.”

I was breathless! This otherwise demure wife of mine let all inhibitions go, and seduced me with her sensual words! My whole body felt electrified!

My hands gently grasped her head as she took my dick into her mouth. Even the sounds she made confirmed how much she enjoyed sucking me.  She enjoyed ravishing my cock.

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I craved to taste her flower, to give her an orgasm so intense it would leave her drained. But she wasn’t ready to give my dick up yet.

I wanted to take her right then and there! I thought she might be hesitant to “fk” me there on the window seat, so I told her I wanted to take her to the bed. But as she stood up and kissed me, she surprised me and said, ” No, baby… I want you to eat me right here, right now!” When she said that, I felt a pulse of energy shoot through me!

As we kissed, she quickly pulled the shirt off. With nothing on but her panties, she stepped up to stand on the window bench. Then she embraced my head and pushed her tummy against my face. My hands caressed her ass, and as I kissed down to her sculpted pubic area, I pulled her panties down and off.

I pushed her legs apart, and my finger found its way inside her moistening pussy. Her hips moved with approval.

I lifted her leg and began kissing her inner thighs. Blue’s aroma is so alluring, and I adore her taste. As she placed her right leg onto my shoulder for balance, I began eagerly eating her out. Her moans of pleasure drove my intensity.

Her quivering body alerted me that she was nearing her climax. And before long she had an explosive orgasm, moaning intensely, pushing her dewy flower into my face. Her hair fell wildly over her face as her whole body trembled with ecstasy … she went weak, out of breath.

Still breathing vigorously from her climax, Blue nearly collapsed,  moving down onto the seat. Recovering quickly, she turned and got on all fours, her face in the window, and begged me to “fk” her hard.  I guided my cock into her wet pussy, doggy style, as she groaned from the fullness she felt pushing inside her treasure.

Her breasts danced in the window to each thrust. She enthusiastically blurted out sexual expletives, threatening me if I climaxed too soon.

As I worked my cock inside her, my hands caressed her firm butt cheeks. Her gaze shifted back and forth. She looked back to watch me ravish her. Then she looked out the window, wondering if our nakedness was visible to people outside.

My shaft was glistening from her juices. Her vulnerable position gave me a full rear view of her assets.

Several unbelievable minutes went by as I bit my lip to delay climaxing. But I warned her it would be soon.

Blue demanded I fill her with my hot cream, so I stopped fighting my climax and intensified my thrusts. Her groans told me it was deeply satisfying.

In a few moments, I exploded and she took my love cream enthusiastically, squeezing around my shaft to milk every drop. I took in the beauty of her position as we slowly wound down.

Needless to say, we both needed another shower, but oh, was it worth it! I wonder what adventure we’lle up with tonight?