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Hello My Dear Readers…
I have always been fascinated by the thought of how our mothers would react if we gifted them something a little too intimate, and the following One-Part Story is the result of this very idea.
The plot is set in India, and is narrated by Urvashi – A Mature Homely Mother in her 40's.
I have tried to make the tale as interesting as possible, and I hope all of you will like it.
Happy Reading!!

My 24 year old son had finally found himself a job, and I was extremely proud when he handed over to me his Appointment Letter.
It had been 3 years since he had finished college, but his poor grades had resulted in him being rejected during the countless interviews he had attended.
I felt very relieved that he was getting on track to lead a happy independent life, at last, and I was certain this was the most joyful day of my life!!
But unfortunately for the loving female parent in me, my happiness was short lived – Because, it was not just the letter that my adult son had passed on to me!!
He greatly surprised me when he first told me he had a bought a special gift for me – Only to shock me even more upon realizing what he had purchased!!
I just stood stunned seeing my son give his mother the most unusual present, without any signs of hesitation!!
Standing in front of the mirror, a few moments later, wearing only a pair of panties, I excitedly watched as my long erect nipples gleefully stuck out of my firm boobs.
I never thought that this particular intimate-wear would ever touch my most private parts, and definitely not so soon!!
I still could not believe I was doing it – I still could not believe this was really happening!!
Everything felt so unreal!!
It was a heartbreak of sorts when my son handed me the very same pair of red colored panties.
I just did not expect an act so lewd from him, and the wide grin on his face made it even more difficult for me.
"No!! No!! No!!" I had kept shaking my head, in disgust, as I reluctantly accepted the thin shiny material from him.
"What Is This?!"
"Are you serious?!"
All sorts of questions had immediately filled my disturbed mind – But I asked him nothing. I was just too confused.
"What if this was all very normal for him?!" I then felt a faint voice from deep inside my own self ask me!!
Of course, he could have bought me anything else in this world, and it would have still made me happy. I would have been pleased even if he had got me nothing – A pair of panties that was only as good as a Thong was definitely not the best gift to give to your mother!!
But, he was always like that – My son always did the most unexpected things!!
I still remember one of the very first deeds he did after turning into an adult – It had only been a few weeks since my divorce with his dad, and I was just getting in terms with my new sad life.
The boy knew I had an interest in sketching, and that fine evening he suggested to me that I start focusing on doing something creative.
I knew he was referring to my forgotten habit of drawing simple yet beautiful portraits, and I assured him I would do that if somebody very interesting comes to my mind.
I was honestly in no mood to do any such activity, and I only wanted to make him feel he had helped with his plan, when I gave him that reply.
"Let's start right away, Mom…" he kept stressing, but.
"I don't have anything to sketch!!" I kept repeating.
"You can always draw me…" he then quipped.
"Rajath… You are just back after your classes, Rajath… Go take a bath, and let's have dinner together." I muttered, struggling to keep a happy face.
"I am going nowhere, unless you start!!" he was adamant.
"I don't want to do anything like… See… There is nothing here that I find worthy of being on paper!!" I blurted, making my disinterest clear, without any hesitation.
"Ohh…" he just let out a sad moan, and I knew my statement caused him pain!!
I was actually just depressed & dejected – I did not mean to say he was not good enough, or I did not like him!!
But I had made it seem exactly that way, and I knew I had to try and cheer him up!!
Urvashi : Rajath… See… It is just that…
Rajath : Mom!!
Urvashi : Rajath!! Wait… Let me explain…
Rajath : Mom!!
Urvashi : Rajath!! Please!! Why are you shouting?!
Rajath : No!! Wait!!
Urvashi : What?? Stop shouting…
Rajath : Close your eyes…
Urvashi : Why?!
Rajath : Close your eyes, and do not open until I tell you to…
Urvashi : What is it!!
Rajath : Just do as I say!!
Urvashi : Fine!! Okay!!
I closed my eyes, just like he wanted me to, straightaway – I did not want to give him more reasons to be upset, and I thought I will just play along.
I really did not sense anything unusual was about to take place, and everything was perfectly fine & normal.
But little did I know what was coming my way, and I will never ever forget the sight I was subjected to, when I opened my eyes upon my son's instruction!!
There he was, standing in front of me, in his barest form – With a flaccid cock that was already bigger than what his dad's was when fully erect!!
"Draw Me, Mom!!" he said in a very delighted tone, gleefully posing for me, while all I could do was run to my bedroom, with a mixture of emotions I still find impossible to explain.
I did not know what to do with a son who was so insensitive – I was even worried if he would hurt me, and I was literally hiding from him!!
But when I saw him hours later, he was crying – Not because he felt he did something bad when he exposed himself to me, but because he felt his mother did not love him.
"Now, why do you say that??" I tried to console him, though not wholeheartedly – He had just given me the shock of my life, and it was not easy for me!!
"Because you did not draw me!!" he replied, sounding completely guiltless, leaving me more worried about his sanity & mental growth!!
"He never meant any harm!!" I tried hard to convince myself, later that night.
"He was always a strange boy, who did not know what he could do & what he could not do!!" I kept forcing my mind to accept that he was still too innocent, maturing in his own way!!
And, I would have gladly been satisfied with believing the same theory, once again, years later, when he gifted me this pair of panties, if he had not cared to say what he said!!
"I know it is an odd choice, but I think you will really need them, Mom… All of your panties have too many holes in them!!" he had conceded in the most callous manner possible.
"What the hell!!" I wanted to scream, but words would just not come out of my mouth.
I wanted to slap him, I had had enough of his improper behavior – Yet, all I did was rush to my room!!
I was filled with disgust & shame…
I was hurt & scared…
I just could not trust he said that – His statement meant too many things!!
I was completely broken to realize what my son had turned into!!
As soon I entered my room, I slammed the door behind me, and threw away the pair of panties he had left in my hands – And I cried!!
I was sobbing vehemently, sitting on the floor, with my fingers trying hard to cover my mouth, and keep my whines as low as possible!!
But, only until the pungent smell of my fingers caught my attention – They were surprisingly sticky as well!!
"What is this??" I wondered, noticing thick white strands on my fingers.
"No way!!" I grunted, as it struck me about the possibility.
"Is this really… His…" I stopped in disbelief.
"This cannot be happening!!" I kept telling myself, banging the back of my head, on the wall!!
With a heavy heart, I painstakingly crawled to get hold of the very underwear I had forced away in anger.
"Shit!!" I felt like an idiot to have not noticed how wet they were, all this while!!
The white stains in my hands were from the pair of panties my son had gifted me, moments ago – And, there was a clear deposit of semen on them!!
He did not just give me the immoral present – He had also ejaculated on them!!
He had made me close my eyes, before he placed the Appointment Letter on my hand, and it clicked in my mind that there was all the chance that he stroked his cock standing right in front of me – There was no other time he could have shot his load on them, and still gift it to me so drenched!!
I wanted to catch hold of him and thrash him that very second!!
However, all I found myself doing was stuffing my cum-filled fingers inside my mouth, licking them clean with my wet tongue, and swallowing my own son's rich juices, in the most unbelievably raunchy fashion!!
It did not even take me a whole minute after that to strip out of my yellow colored cotton nighty, and everything else on my body!!
And there I was, standing in front of the large mirror, in my bedroom, wearing only the shining pair of thin red panties my own son had gifted me, brazenly admiring my almost naked self!!
The branded lingerie looked more Cheeky than a Thong now, but still, only just about managed to fully cover my hairy cunt!!
However, for some strange reason, I feel great wearing it – More importantly, it succeeded in giving to me all sorts of twisted ideas!!
I mercilessly got hold of the sides wings of my undies, and tried to pull them up as much as I could, making it's soaked crotch brush as much as possible against my lusty starving pussy.
"Ohhh Yeahhhh" I moaned, as I felt the satin material rubbing on the folds & lips of my vagina, and I was certain an orgasm was nearing already!!
I had not been touched ever since my divorce, and even before I parted ways with my husband, I was not satisfied with my sex life – But that was all going to change!!
I pressed my breasts, as I sat on the floor again, with my back resting against the wall, this time with pleasure.
I spread my legs wide, without the slightest of reconsideration, and touched my leaking cunt, through my panties.
I pushed my fingers exactly around the part that was still wet with my son's cum, and massaged whatever was left of his all over my vagina.
I repeated the act, even harder, a few seconds later, and this time also managing to feel the slimy texture of his seeds inside my love-hole!!
"Aaahhhhh… Yessss… Shiitttt… Hhhmmm…. Ohhhhh" I was cumming, and truth be told, this was only the second time I had climaxed my whole life.
"That is all what was required?! It was this easy?!" I wondered, even as I continued to tremble!!
It was definitely the most gratifying moment in a very very long time, but surprisingly, I wasn't done – I wanted more!!
Images of my son's soft yet big cock, he had once flashed in front of me, came back to my thoughts, compelling me to imagine how grand the view of his pole would be in it's hard throbbing state!!
I started to fantasize the scenario where my own boy was uncontrollably ramming me, and making me squirt like a dirty college slut!!
While the vision made me drip even more, the above comparison also instantly reminded me about my most infidel encounter, until then.
"You are one dirty college slut!!" my intruder had announced, looking straight into my eyes, as he gave me my first ever orgasm!!
I had married my ex-husband when I was still in college, and an unplanned pregnancy meant that I walked around with a baby bump during the final months of my Sophomore Year.
A very hectic schedule during the University Tests caused my body to badly tire, and all I remember is fainting in the Exam Hall!!
When I came back to my senses, I was lying down in a small hospital bed, completely uncovered!!
It was a horrifying experience to see my then saggy tits left exposed, even as my bulging belly saved me the pain of witnessing my fully undressed lower body!!
My clothes were nowhere to be seen, and I was left unattended in the nude, for hours!!
At one point of time, I fell asleep, and when I woke up I was greeted by the unsettling sight of a middle aged Gynecologist – It was my first ever run-in with a Male Doctor, and to make things worse I was in a Department that required him to feel my body!!
I could not believe he was having me in my most vulnerable form – I was stripped without my permission, and now I was being displayed in front of a man I had never seen before.
"Relax!!" he mouthed, as he put his gloves on, and without any further warning, he placed his left hand on my thighs as he used his right hand to part the lips of my pussy.
"Stop it!!" I cried, feeling terrified – I felt humiliated by the touch of a stranger.
He did pull his hands back immediately, but the sly smile on his face confirmed the obvious – He had easily understood I was dripping wet!!
"It had to be the cold air…" I said to myself, looking at the Air Conditioner – There was no other way I could be this moist!!
I continued to watch each of his actions, very carefully, and was relieved when I saw him remove his gloves, and walk towards the door – I was glad he was leaving, but only until his next move let me know he was only getting started!!
Locking the door, he straight away pulled his pants down, leaving me shaking!!
I did not know if I should try to get out of the bed OR scream for help, and by the time I had even reached a decision, he had already tightly grabbed my curly brown hair, and stuffed his rod deep down my throat, shutting me!!
My eyes were full of tears, and the Senior Doctor could make out this was the first time I was fucked in the mouth, and also, getting my extremely erect nipples pinched!!
When he ultimately jizzed into my oral entrance, and waited to pull out until I swallowed his spunk, I thought I was free to go as soon as I gulped the emissions – But before I was given my clothes back, another hour later, he had sucked on my melons, and played with my shaven clit, and even licked my sweaty butt-hole clean!!
He watched curiously as I struggled to quickly dress myself, and it was only when he noticed my College ID Card that he realized I was a student – He was an On Call Doctor, who had very little details about his patient, and was only doing to me what he regularly did to his pregnant tolerators!!
Just like the predator had hoped for, and established from his previous violations, the young wife in me was worried how my husband was going to react if I told him the truth about the incident.
After all, he was only 22 then, and I was not even 19. We were only starting a family, and we were also going to be joined by a third member very soon – I really could not afford to split with him!!
I did not know what to do, and the sense of helplessness was clear on my face, tempting the 50 year old man to have a little more fun with me!!
"You want the baby to remain safe, right?!" he asked me in a threatening tone, just as I finished putting my clothes back on, looking at my swollen stomach, and directing me to sit on the wooden table, by the side of the bed – I knew exactly what he wanted, and I had pulled my loose cotton pants down, along with my tight panties, without even waiting for his command!!
Dr. Raghuvaran V – I read his name on the badge attached to his coat, moments before I closed my eyes, as his thick long chopper slowly entered my leaking front hole!!
"Whose baby are you carrying?!" he asked me, bringing his face really close to mine, making me feel his breath on my neck, but at the same time, pulling his cock out.
"Your husband has any idea?!" he further taunted me, as he pushed his meat inside me, again.
"Tell me it is your ex-boyfriend from college who impregnated you… Tell me he fucked you inside the classroom…" he almost ordered, increasing the speed of his thrusts.
"Fine… Don't talk!! But please be notified of the fact that I won't stop drilling you, unless you tell me to cum inside your pussy!! So, you will have to open your mouth at some point of time!! Hehehe…" he knew how to have his way, but I was in no more mood to succumb.
"Cum Inside My Pussy!!" I instantly said, in the most unconcerned tone, hurting his ego, just like I intended to!!
My words slowed him down by a great margin, and I opened my eyes, feeling I had won the moral battle – Only to be made to understand that I was too small a prey for his experienced member, as he stuffed the entire length of his manhood in my twat, with one single shove, looking straight at me!!
"Ohh, Fuck Fuck Fuck" I moaned.
"Bastard!! Tear my pussy apart!!" I groaned.
"Deeper!! Babbyy… Deeper!! Make me Your Slut!! I want to be your Slut!! Urvashi wants to be your Slut!! Do me Harder!! Rip my Top Apart!!" I screamed.
"Cum Inside Me!! Fill me with your seeds!!" I shouted.
Raghuvaran : Whose baby is it?!
Urvashi : I don't know…
Raghuvaran : It wasn't just one guy who took you that day??
Urvashi : No!!
Raghuvaran : How many were they??
Urvashi : Many!!
Raghuvaran : 10?!
Urvashi : More than that… Ohhh Fuckk!!
Raghuvaran : Your ex-boyfriend brought his friends too??
Urvashi : Yessss!!
Raghuvaran : They all fucked you??
Urvashi : Yaaaa!! They made me their Whore!!
Raghuvaran : What about your Professors?? You suck their cocks for grades??
Urvashi : Hhmmm… Everyday!!
Raghuvaran : They also fucked you that day??
Urvashi : Yes… All of them!! Ufff!!
Raghuvaran : Who else took you??
Urvashi : Shit!! I am nearing!!
Raghuvaran : Hahaha!!
Urvashi : Fucking Bastard!! Don't you dare stop now!!
Raghuvaran : Hahahahaha!! Whose baby is it??
Urvashi : Please… Faster!! It could be anybody… Yeah!! Just like that!! Hhmmm… A lot of men fucked me that day… Aaahh… My ex-boyfriend, his friends, friends of my ex-boyfriend's friends, the professors, lab assistants, the office staff, the principal, the three sons of the principal, the son-in-law of the principal, the watchmen… All of them fucked me!!
Raghuvaran : Hahaha!!
Urvashi : They all came inside me!!
Raghuvaran : Who do you wish it is??
Urvashi : I am about to cum…
Raghuvaran : Who do you wish it is??
Urvashi : Please!! You can't slow down… Not Now!! I am begging you… I need to cum… I want to know how it feels to cum…
Raghuvaran : You have never cum before?!
Urvashi : No!! My loser of a hubby cannot fuck me well enough!! He has never given me an orgasm. I want to cum now!! You cannot stop!! Please make me cum!!
Raghuvaran : Ohh… So, your man… What was his name… Wait!! Where was your ID Card… Yeah… Sachin!! So, you are telling me that Sachin has never made you cum?!
Urvashi : Never!! Now, please fuck me!! Please!! Please!! Please!!
Raghuvaran : Does he even have a dick!! Hahaha!!
Urvashi : He has a pussy!! Fuck me now!!
Raghuvaran : Hahahahahaha!! So… Whose baby are you carrying?!
Urvashi : Aaahhhh… Yours!! It is yours!! You are the father to my child!! Fuckk!!! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! Harder!!
Raghuvaran : And where did I do you?!
Urvashi : You fucked me in front of the entire college!! Aaahh!!
Raghuvaran : You wish the boys in your college really treated you like a slut??
Urvashi : Fucking Yes!! Every single day… Ooohhh!! Every single day, I enter the compound of my college, desperately hoping somebody pushes me inside the stinking washroom, and rapes me!! Ahhh!!
Raghuvaran : Hahahaha!! You are one dirty college slut!!
Urvashi : Oh Yes!! Oohhhh!!! Yess!! Shitt!! Fuckk You!!! I am Cumming!! I am Cumming!! Ahhh!!! Oh My!! Fuck!!
Raghuvaran : Hahaha!! Take that, You Worthless Whore!!
Urvashi : Fuck!! Oh My!! Ohhhh!! This feels so good… I feel so… Gooooddd!!
Raguvaran : You are one bloody bitch!! Haha!!
Urvashi : I came… I came… Fuck!! Shit!! You came inside me!! Shit!! I need to go home!! Shit!! Now!! Where… Where are my panties!!

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