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Hi, I am explaining a true story. I request you go through it and enjoy. My dad was in u.s.a and my mum and I was in Hyderabad. She stayed there for my education. She got 30 years while I was 10. Now I was 25 years. I was very close to mum and I used to be with in at every movement including in bath room. She and I after becoming nude she used to helped me in bath. I used in seeing mum nude and now and then I used to play with her boobs by laughing. She never tried to say no. In those days I was studying 5 class. It was Sunday. Both mum and I went to market and returned by walking. While we were crossing road, some one called mum and both stayed and he approached us. his name is gopal may be 35 years and my mum said to me that he is my dad friend. He was very happy on seeing mum at the same time mum is also happy. He is looking mum as if he wants to eat her and she is looking to him to eat his inner parts. he had taken mum to few yards and spoken with her and then we returned home.

At about 5 pm my mum said to me that gopal uncle and his friend were going to our house. For that she asked me to get some sweets, hot drinks, and panbeedas. I simply followed her directions. At about 8.30 pm she said to me that gopal uncle and his friend stay night here only and they are enjoying themselves party here. I said ohh. It was the matter. At 9.45 pm gopal uncle and some other man aged 55 with white hair, wearing full pancha and jubba with towal. He got big muschates in white in color. Gopal introduced him to mum as kullayappa; a rich man from his village got two wives. he came here on some work and he leaves tomorrow. My mum said hot water is inside bath room and asked kullayappa uncle to go to have bath. He said to gopal uncle something in his ears and all entered in to house> mum already arranged a table and on that glasses, brandy, pan beedas, sweets water and some pickel. Both gopal and kullayappa occupied tha table and started drinking. Kullayappa asked mum that how many kids she are having. She showing me said that I was only one son. they recollected my father and gopal uncle childhood issues for some time and kullayappa went to bath room and asked me to help him in bath room. Mum said to me go along with him and if he requires to help him in soaping his body. I said ok. Both we went in side bath room. Slowly he removed cloths one by one and before removing his underwear, asked me to get some drink from gopal. When I reach the table gopal uncles kissing mum deeply and saying her his cock is too big and she can enjoy heavenly movements to night. Soon after he saw me he left my mum and as per my request he gave me glace with brandy. I went to bath room and I found kullayappa sitting without cloths and pouring water on his body. He had taken glass from and completed fully and asked me to soap his body.

On seeing his huge body, lengthy dick with 3 inches thickness I got thrill since my cock is smaller. I started slowly soaping his body, and rubbing hands, back portion, front position legs. With soaping his legs he shown me his dick fully. after completing he asked me to soap his near parts of dick and rub it fully. I felt happy and applied soap to that parts touching now and then to his dick and poured water on his body. He asked me to get my father underwear by asking mum. I approached mum and said the same thing. She went to bath room to give him underwear and stood there without saying anything to him. Kullayappa uncle taken it and he came outside with underwear only on his body and occupied table and asked to pour brandy. he asked my mum to arrange dinner. My mum said to them she takes bath and after becoming fresh she will arrange dinner and went to bath room. Gopal uncle also followed her to bath room. I sat before kullayappa uncle and helping his needs on table. He asked me to get cigarettes from out side but cigarettes are available I my house since dad used to smoke. I brought it and kept on table. He said to me come near and don’t feel shy and get one cigarette. I got one and asked him to take. He opened his mouth to keep it. he catch my hand and said today night your mum will enjoy with us. she feels heaven with me. You can meet tomorrow morning while we leave house.

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Meanwhile mum and gopal uncle came to table and mum slowly completed arrangements all started dinner. Kullayappa uncle asked mum to take some brandy so that she can have fun with them. even though she refused to take it, gopal uncle says some thing in her ears and mum started drinking. Mum had taken three rounds and completed dinner. Keeping all like that, they went to bedroom and asked me to sleep in front of the room if they want any need then they call. Soon after entering into bedroom, both uncles made mum nude and they themselves became nude. Gopal uncle from front side, kullayappa from backside take mum into their hands and kissing both persons entire body. I am seeing the things clearly since doors are not completely closed. Gopal uncle sat himself before her and kissing her cunt, kullaye uncle kissing her neck. Then they moved mum to bed after laying on bed gopal uncle by opening pussy hole inserted his tongue inside it and sucking juice from there. Kullaye uncle stood backside of mum and inserted his sulli snake into mum mouth. Mum sucking it with pleasure, happy and getting his dick near to her and eaten half of it. More than that it was not possible since it was too big. kullaye uncle subbamma suck me harder ohh take it deeper to deeper pl they is something in your mouth. I never felt such feeling with any woman if your mouth is like this what about your cunt ohh, subbi I won’t leave you bitch gopal already started fucking and completed by cunming. He stood and asked kullaye to take position and he inserted his juicy cock in her mouth. Kullaye by taking his lengthy sulli in his hands, rubbed the mouth of her cunt which was with gopal juice and shooted with his powerful gun. Three fourth of his bullakaaye went inside mums pussy, and she with joy crying and laughing loudly ohhh kullaye I never enjoyed like this. Your dick ohh super fuck me forcefully.

Insert it fully. even it gives pain, I never bather kullaye pressed fully mum could not able to speak out simply by lifting hands towards kullaye folding hands my god give same joy throughout life kullaye got encouragement and happily moved more and more and made cum into her pussy.. And some portion on her face she happily rubbed it to full her face and leaving gopal, she catches kullaye sulli again started sucking she said are real man. One who satisfy female he really will be her husband…really you are hero I am your bitch here in after even if you ask me I am ready to take it inside my ass I feel it is my luck fuck me my asshole kullaye I am your gulam.. slave gopal thanks I never believed what you are saying morning but from so many days I am not getting sex from my husband hence only accepted really kullaye sulli is super and my pussy wants it kullaye said if she says he will stay here for some more days. gopal uncle advice mum, to allow him to stay for some more days and enjoy. She accepts happily. Said kullaye you can stay as many days he want. kullaye pleased with mum words and occupied mum pussy and started cleaning the juice of gopal uncle and himself. Mum not bothering my presence in house. Both gopal and kullaye… Enjoying with her as if it was their property. Myself completely confused and wants male and female sex at a time