Part 2 to sex during work

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By Selda Sex during work went to ongoing sex with Older man. Then ended up at a swingers and had first 3 some

We went to a house looked to be a nice area. Double story houses. There were couples inside. Atleast 30 people. People drinking wines. Every one just talking and mixing. Then there was a big bowl in the middle of the dinner table. All the men put there car key in. And then the woman picked a key out and who ever the key belongs to goes with her to a room. Then 2 woman went up and picked a key and they wanted a 3 some so the lucky man went with them. I went last. And there were 2 keys left. I picked them both up in each hand.. I was so nervous.
Then held my by my hands and took me to a room.
They took my clothes off. And they got naked. While one man was kissing me. The other was feeling me up. I was nervous as fuck. Then one of the men said. Relax baby. We will take care of you. They guided my hands on there cocks. So I was feeling both cocks and stroking them slowly. They were so passionate. I was being fingered in both my pussy and my anus. They asked my age. I told them I was 22. They then said wow. Still young and plenty to learn. Then they said are you ready for 2 men old enough to be you dad? I said I think I am.
Then I was down on all fours. And one man had his cock in my mouth. The other was fingering my ass. And rimming me. He then asked if I’ve had anal. I said no. He said then baby. This will hurt. They had put on condoms. He started to gently guide his cock in my ass. Bit by bit he pushed inside me. Once he was in he pushed all the way in deep. And held me close to him. . And the other man was kissing me deeply. And feeling my boobs. And squeezing my nipples I guess to focus the pain there.
Then he started fucking me. It was so sore. There was a burning sensation. Felt so tight. Then my nipples were being licked and sucked. Then he pulled out of my ass and laid on the bed and got me to get ontop of Him. He slid inside my pussy. And the 2nd man got behind me and slid inside me. It hurt more because he cock is bigger. They both fucked me and fucked me. They swapped again. Then I got spit roasted . Then we laid on the bed. I was in the middle. I was kissing one man amd he was ins8de my pussy again. The other from behind entered my ass again. He was pretty much spooning me. We were fucking passionately. Like making a 3 way love. The fucked me till they both cum while still inside me. I felt both there cocks pulsating inside me. They pulled out.
We laid there for a bit. And they were feeling me. Caressing my boobs and ass. And they said that they want me again. But not in this kind of place. Just text and meet. I gave my number. I wanted this so much. I loved it.
I asked there ages. One said 47. The other was 45.
We meet regularly. Sometimes the man that took me there to the swimgers watches me get used by others.

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By Selda #Group #Mature #Threesome